Thursday, September 21, 2006

Are Minority Officers held to different standards than Whites?

All Police Misconduct is bad. All officers should be considered innocent until proven guilty in a fair court of law.

Officer accused of firing Taser at stepson steps down

I am not making any statement about the above story of an officer with an ethnic last name, but in Connecticut officers that are white can either get away with or almost get away with murder, rape, robbery, and beating suspects. Threatening those that lodge complaints against police officers do so at their own risk. There are no checks and balances, it is a myth.

Can cops rape, rob, beat, and murder with immunity?

Police in the USA concentrate on Revenue Collection Areas, not Crime Areas

Whoever has the most political connections wins no matter the evidence or the type of case, over and over and over.
Connecticut State Police Officer kills ex-wife and self at courthouse.

A Questionable Police Force regarding Ethics Investigating Ehtics

Abolish the Connecticut State Police

A Connecticut State Police/Gov. Rell Scam?

Connecticut State Police involved Murder/Suicides

Should State Courts face certification inorder to decide Death Penalty Cases?

Are U.S. Courts still racist, but now just a little more slick about it?
Are there Black and White sections in prison?

Does it matter what race you are, what you do for a living, or where you live, on whether or not you are arrested, or even how severely you are punished, if at all?

Well, when I was serving time in a Connecticut Prison for overreacting to being beaten from behind during a robbery attempt on my property, I met Mathew Barron, Connecticut Inmate # 300850, formerly of Danbury, CT. If his claims are true, Connecticut State Courts need a serious looking into, if not so, nationally to see that citizens are treated fairly and Constitutionally. click for more

A pattern of abuse

Heather Specyalski

The History of Abuse of Citizens arbitrarily caught up in the legal system
A governor, a State Police investigation outcome for sale to highest bidder, a blowjob, and a rigged court. Yes, I'm talking about Connecticut.


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