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Police State Computer Hacking

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I am embedding a video, uploaded from December 8, 2011, because my brand new top of the line, gaming computer is jacked and I don't get sound from the video and the program doesn't work. It worked fine for [this video] not that long ago. I have lost too many expensive computers since the late 1990's due to being politically active to even count.

Word search the case of a Connecticut child early education teacher, Julie Amero. She was given a hacked laptop to teach children by her superiors. Porn popped up. She faced 40 years in jail and when convicted may have only been given 30. She lost her baby as she was pregnant, and her whole life has been ruined. [That story]

[Blog post to go with embedded video, click here]. In December of 2011, anyone who was commenting on the [ website] would notice that the comment that they typed in the dialogue box for commenting posted up on the site very differently. Words could be missing, letters and complete sentences were missing. The resulting gibberish made commenters look crazy.

Another virus that is has had its various form from the 1990's highlights the text you type in blue and it all disappears. Word type programs can get jacked. If your computer recognizes a disc drive or a USB storage device that isn't there, your computer has been hacked and a 3rd party is collecting all the data, files, and who you interact with, and your passwords from your computer.

I don't know how many numerous times I spend 2 to 8 hours writing a post, or working on video, where nothing I wrote, saved, or was trying to post could be posted or even be found saved on my computer. It is beyond frustrating. I guess normal people at that point just give up.

Servers in for near Atlanta Georgia fried multiple times after I posted embarrassing facts about the Connecticut State Police and court system. And at the same time a power surge occurred at the Wales, Massachusetts, horse farm I was staying at. And at the same time there was a power surge at Chris Kennedy's house in Ellington, Connecticut. Computers, televisions, microwave ovens, the furnace, and all electronics fried even the ones on surge protectors.

The neighbors to, the horse farm, and Chris Kennedy suffered no power surge. I left Connecticut pretty much permanently after suffering an entire body first and second degree burn which lasted for a 30 second burst that seemed like an eternity, inside Kathleen Dickson's Connecticut house. I had worked 7 days a week, 7 AM to 7 PM for about 7 months, just prior to that as an insurance adjuster down in New Orleans area after Hurricane Katrina as "green" adjusters were only allowed to work up until that point. I recovered, hiding in Vermont, New Hampshire, and the State of Maine.

I was an insurance adjuster working on the Gulf Coast of Mississippi and down in New Orleans, Louisiana, after Hurricane Katrina hit. I taught classes to other adjuster about basic video camera use and how to edit video and how pulls stills out of videos. I had two brand new HP laptop computers. One a rugged, that actually had touch screen capability back then could allegedly be run over a truck while closed and still work after. The value, $4500 [shown in this liveleak video]. I had another brand new HP laptop value, $1600. Both worked fine. I returned to the State of Connecticut, and emailed Connecticut legislators about police and judicial misconduct from Kathleen Dickson's house. Within 2 hours both laptops computers ceased to function. Ms. Dickson's desk top computer's fan shut off, the computer's system all became overloaded and overheated, and her computer fried along with mine.

Kathleen Dickson had similar experiences before. When her "Zone Alarm" firewall software showed that the Connecticut State Police or Connecticut Department of Administrative Services were trying to access her computer, bad things happened to her computer or two her. Kathleen Dickson in Connecticut US and Lisa Masterson (aka Elena Cook) of the London area of the UK both discovered there was fraud in testing and treatment of Lyme Disease. Both were scientists and understood the chemistry and cooked scientific fraudulent findings. Connecticut Department of Administrative Services hacked both of their computers an ocean apart. Then the police raided their homes, took away their children, and put each of them in a mental hospital, an ocean apart. [General post on Lyme Disease]. When corporations and big drug companies are ripping the public off in the tune of millions or billions, those who expose can pay a high price or the ultimate price.

Kathleen Dickson may have cost Glaxo Smith Kline and Baxter Pharmaceutical a billion dollars or more after exposing fraudulent treatment and testing, and the conspiracy to put a dangerous Lyme Disease vaccine on the market called Lyme-Rx. For that she lost her Connecticut home, her children, for a time her freedom, and is now living in Alabama penniless and ill health without a car. Dickson was listed as an expert witness during her testimony in front of the FDA. 

[ post of Kathleen Dickson audio interview with Steven G. Erickson]

Imagine going into your own bathroom and having diarrhea as part of suffering from Lyme Disease and then seeing what just happened and the color of your poo described on a Scientific Chat Board. [That Story]. In the short time I spent at Kathleen Dickson's house, on the Sci-Med site, a troll commenter said "check your mailbox Kathleen". A letter that her lawsuit was dropped by the court had just arrived. She got another such message from the site that her furnace needed to be cleaned because the smoke out of her chimney had color. I went out side, right then, and sure enough, there was colored smoke and her furnace did need to be cleaned. It had just been cold enough to use it that day, or just days before. I believe that type of harassment was meant to scare her and make her feel she had no privacy.

With the Edward Snowden NSA Spying leaks we all realize we have no privacy.

Prior to 9/11 because I had written letters to the editor printed in newspapers and/or had contacted elected officials attempting to redress grievances, both protected under the First Amendment, exposing public corruption, police brutality, and judicial misconduct in that State of Connecticut, the Department of Administrative Services and the Connecticut State Police set out to spy on me. They told me that they were going to break up my marriage, make me estranged from my daughter, make me lose my home, contracting business, and either put me in prison and then kick me out of Connecticut, take me for my last ride in a police cruiser trunk with my teeth kicked out while in handcuffs, or I could just leave the state and shut my mouth permanently. I was then attacked on my property by a police informant, railroaded to prison, and my probation officer, Angela K. in the Manchester office told me that I had 2 hours to pack up and be out of Connecticut, or I would spend the rest of my life in prison. So, upon release from prison, the Connecticut State Police did kick me out of the State of Connecticut. [That Story]

Besides the Police State probably costing me my marriage, definitely causing my daughter and I to be permanently estranged after my false arrest, rigged trial, and imprisonment, loss of my home, contracting business, most of my friends, estrangement from most of my family, they definitely caused me 10's of thousands of loss in fried computers and equipment from hacking and power surges that hit just where I lived, or my friend lived, or even the servers where was housed near Atlanta Georgia.

My anti-virus software just crashed and I am getting all sorts of error messages, so I should just post this while I can. Check out my video on my channel before this, the sound is messed up. The post before that, I tried twice to embed a video and could not, so a link to that video had to suffice.

I do not know what it is like to have lived in spied on central, the former USSR, but I do know what it is like to live in an F'd Up Police State, USA.

Text with video:

Uploaded on Dec 8, 2011
More info:

Word searching John A. Kissel, Enfield, Connecticut State Senator or Connecticut State Police Colonel Thomas "The Duck" Davoren used to go to my posts. External sites for those search results can give your computer a virus.

If you trust youtube, google, and microsoft this post on Davoren "Faces of a Police State" should be safe:

The Skippy on Lyme Disease Fraud

Text with video:

Uploaded on Nov 12, 2006
Connecticut Officials and/or Yale University are allegedly involved in one of the biggest scams ever, involving Big Pharma, Corporate Fraud, racketeering, obstruction of justice, and running a state like a Mafia organization. A State and corporations should not be able to operate as a syndicate defrauding citizens and the world. The numbers tell the story. Kathleen Dickson shows the Patent numbers, the dates, and the percentages for accurate testing of Lyme Disease. Someone would have to disprove the math and all the claims that have documents to disprove her case. There is no personal attack or conflict of personalities when "just the facts ma'am" are produced. Applaud a woman sick with Lyme, a former research scientist at Pfizer for having the courage to speak out. She tool LymeRix off the market after testifying in front of the FDA. She has been retaliated against as a whistleblower ever since. You now have the facts, pass them on to others, let law enforcement know that you expect them to go after the bad guys.


Ritt Goldstein fled the State of Connecticut seeking political asylum in Sweden after making the below video exposing Public Corruption, Judicial Misconduct, and Police Brutality::

I, Steven G. Erickson, was going to do a public access television show with the two individual mentioned in the below video. Both died with hours of each other of "natural causes" before I came down to expose how the Department of Children and Families was involved with police and the courts acting like organized crime and profiting from the distribution of illegal narcotics:

The below video is old, but police still hire police informants to beat citizens up, murder citizens, to make false statements, and/or to terrorize the general public, encouraging criminals to break laws, paying informants tax dollars. Criminals are even paid to deal illegal drugs, commit vandalism, and break into houses for police:


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