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June 11, 2004
Are U.S. Courts still racist, but now just a little more slick about it?
Are there Black and White sections in prison?

Does it matter what race you are, what you do for a living, or where you live, on whether or not you are arrested, or even how severely you are punished, if at all?
Well, when I was serving time in a Connecticut Prison for overreacting to being beaten from behind during a robbery attempt on my property, I met Mathew Barron, Connecticut Inmate # 300850, formerly of Danbury, CT. If his claims are true, Connecticut State Courts need a serious looking into, if not so, nationally to see that citizens are treated fairly and Constitutionally.

I had a lot of time to get to know Matt, an African American, about age 40. Seemingly very intelligent, head shaved, a lady’s man, had the record for being the fastest runner out of probably 1000 inmates at Bergin C.I., Storrs, Connecticut. Matt claims to have been active in the bar business as a bartender, possibly having invested in his own bar in the past.

I served time with him in the ‘Black’ section of the prison, which seemed to house mostly Hispanic and African American inmates as compared to the better facilities, the White section, or “Country Club,” section of the prison.

The showers were inferior, the water from the water fountain was almost hot and heavily chlorinated, the roofs leaked, and we have to bring 5 gallon buckets that doubled as rain catchers to fill up in the showers as the water usually ran down the wall, not on you, in the ‘Black Section’ of the prison. The water would only make you more thirsty and using it to bathe caused sores on the skin for too many inmates.

Matt’s story as I remember it being told to me:

Matt claims he had a restraining order against his white girl friend in the medical field for stalking and harassing him. Matt claims he woke up to her in his home where he woke up to the sharp pain of being slammed in the face with an iron, he claimed he fought her off and called police.

He claims that he was also arrested and charged with Assault in the 3rd degree for defending himself, and his ex-girlfriend was charged with felony assault. He claims that his ex-girlfriend violated her restraining order, committed a felony while on probation and served no jail time, just had her probation extended. Matt who claims to have helped during the 9-11 clean-up as a worker there, ended up having to serve a full year in prison for having to defend himself.

* * * *
If this story is 100% or even partially accurate, shouldn’t we all be just a little concerned about the fairness of our courts?

Are they to punish certain races, occupations, and those living in certain geographic locations more or less severely based on bias and prejudice?

Do certain power brokers, politicians, judges, and police officials have an agenda, target individuals, and act out on personal vendettas?

* * * *
Tom DeCiantis, Connecticut Inmate #273332, claims he, while on probation, got angry with a man that had talked to girl he like at the bar he worked at in Ellington, and that he attacked the man severely breaking his nose, almost the guy’s jaw, causing permanent scarring and severe pain, was caught jumping on the individual when police arrived. Allegedly just after slamming he guy over and over into a brick wall. Tom claimed he was drunk and on drugs at the time of the incident.

Tom claims he was on probation during the incident, and alcohol or drug consumption was a violation. For Tom’s assault while on probation, he was sentenced to a $250 fine, no jail time, nor additional probation.

He allegedly got another DUI, while on probation, and tested dirty in his urine for alcohol and drugs, possibly for a fifth, sixth, or even seventh time, possibly including cocaine. He was allegedly given chance after chance and his probation officer felt he or she had to violate Tom.
He ended up getting sentenced to four months in prison for the violation of probation and possibly should have gotten a year or years for all of his offenses, just while on probation.

* * * *
Tom Alcutt, a police informant story (link expired)

* * * *
Peter Griffin, Connecticut Inmate # 306810, claims he was/is the owner of the Cadillac Ranch, a country line dancing bar, and another Connecticut hot spot. Peter claimed his father retired as did the Connecticut Alcohol Enforcement official whom he bribed for protection and to stay out of trouble. Since the official had retired Peter claimed he didn’t know what new Connecticut Official he was supposed to bribe to stay out of trouble.

Peter claimed that he was targeted for his property and assets by over zealous drug enforcement agents. It only takes three arrests under the nuisance statute where your property and business can be seized and the State and Law Enforcement get to split the booty.

Peter claimed that a drug dealer and a customer were offered immunity or some type of deal to do a drug deal at Pete’s bar. Pete claims he was the number 3 arrest, and because he supposedly ‘knew’ about the drug deal he was charged with accessory and with conspiracy and all the other charges of the other 2.

Peter claimed the other 2 only got a slap on the wrist and he was charged with felonies facing 9 or more years in prison. Peter claims he wanted to preserve his marriage and see his children grow up, so he claims even though he is innocent, elected to plea to the charges and serve a year and a half in prison and be labeled a felon for the rest of his life, unable to vote, or operate in the love of his life, the bar business.

Peter, probably has more knowledge of the system, how corrupt it is, and it doesn’t matter if you are guilty or innocent as the powers that be decide the outcome, many times, before there is even a ‘show trial’.

* * * *
Other bar owners in another part of Connecticut, Stafford Springs, that did not play cards and eat lunch with the Selectman of the town at that time, found themselves in prison, or forced out of business or go to prison.

What does that say?

Business owners that are not connected to the cronyism, graft, and corruption in Connecticut Town Halls are a target for their assets, property, and to be put out of business to bolster the profits and assets of the privileged.

* * * *
What about the story of another landlord [link expired] threatened and facing prison for threatening to sue for civil rights violations, proposing laws forcing police to protect and serve ALL residents, and being outspoken?

More on Donald Christmas of the Thompsonville section of Enfield, CT. [link expired]

* * * *
[www.freespeech links are expired]
Ok, doubters, does my story now make sense? Picture of my former property in this post, and my story found with this one.

* * * *
If shit like this is ok with you, maybe you should remain quiet, just don’t ask a tried and convicted, “Big Mouth,” like me to fight for you or to expose your injustice.
Because, I just won’t care either.

-Steven G. Erickson (Vikingas)

Getting Tarred and Feathered

Disclaimer: The contents of this post, and of all of my posts, emails, letters, and what is printed in newspapers, is to my best belief and knowledge, and represents my opinions, solely.
Posted by Vikingas at June 11, 2004 09:44 AM TrackBack

Anybody that wants to join me, help in the fight, represent me legally in the fight against civil rights abuses of the police and the courts, sue the prison system for covering up abuse, misconduct, and hiding abuse from federal prison inspectors, wants to sue Connecticut for being racist and unfair, or has thought of a lawsuit, class action, or not, that somehow involves me, my fight, my cause, please write me at:

Steven G. Erickson
PO Box 730Enfield, CT 06083-0730
Posted by: Steven G. Erickson at June 11, 2004 10:24 AM

Posted by: Clifford W. Thornton, Jr. at June 11, 2004 10:28 AM

* * * *

To: Arthur L. Spada, Commission of the Connecticut State Police, to your lackey, Governor John G. Rowland, and to others that either told me to “shut or else,” and leave the State and/or wanted me silenced,

Message: FUCK YOU …
And how do you like me now?

Oh, and by the way,

Posted by: Steven G. Erickson at June 11, 2004 11:08 AM

The prisoners themselves add to the segragation that takes place in a prison. Blacks hang with blacks, latinos with latinos, whites with whites, and then the innocent huddle in the corners and wait to get shived and raped.

There are gangs in prisons and alot of them are based on race. Is it the prison system or the mentallity of the inmates???
Posted by: Gordo at June 11, 2004 11:51 AM


Posted by: Clifford W. Thornton, Jr. at June 11, 2004 12:16 PM

I encourage all of you to visit the web site listed below. It shows and tells everything Steve is talking about and more.
Please visit

Posted by: Clifford W. Thornton, Jr. at June 11, 2004 12:35 PM

It is society itself, segragated housing, education,etc,etc. So when going to prison it is business as usual. You hang with the people you know, the people that look most like you. As long as we live in pockets of isolation we conjure up our own perceptions, these perceptions become our realities but are not necessarly the truth

Posted by: Clifford W. Thornton, Jr. at June 11, 2004 03:02 PM

Cliff's link as noted above (click)

Posted by: Steven G. Erickson at June 11, 2004 11:28 PM

About Cliff's comment: Erik the Viking made it a post of its own now....
About Gordo's question, is this a system racism or does it have to do with the inmates: I think that this is a classist argument (which I don't disagree with) that may also apply to the correctional officers.
Posted by: Ranadeb at June 13, 2004 01:07 AM

Steven G. Erickson and Vikingas are one in the same.
No, the link above is not for something already posted, that is separate and stands on its own.

Posted by: Steven G. Erickson at June 13, 2004 09:53 AM
Someone is as pissed off as I am about police bullshit and where are country is going, she left a comment and this link in this post comment section.

She alleges that her 10 year old son was shot in the back of the head by a neighbor alone with her son in Huntington, West Virginia.

If Law Enforcement acted as Advertised, street crime and drug use would be vastly reduced. Posted by: Steven G. Erickson at June 23, 2004 12:18 PM

* * * *
* * * *

Recovered post, photos are missing, and most links no longer work

6655 posts and 29259 comments since April 9, 2003

Can cops rape, rob, beat, and murder with immunity?
(Pictures of victims beaten by police, a 1978 Silver Anniversary L-82 Corvette, and the house I fixed up from a boarded up condition and lost because I was beaten and nearly robbed on the left side, half way down the driveway, in the “Read More” section below)
Background posts:
Is Rape not Rape if Committed by a Police Officer?
Police easy on Police for Misconduct
Perverts, Rapists, Thieves, Frauds, Liars � oops, did I mean the police in Connecticut? (Should adult police officers be able to screw 16 year olds?)
Should a White Police Officer get away with allegedly executing an African American? (he got a year suspended sentence after appeal, what!!!???)
People’s Republik of Konnektikut Kommissar
Do you have to be White and Male to be inside the Connecticut Police Hierarchy?
Are Cops screwing the Homeland Security Fund for overtime not worked?
Dear Mr. President
Dear Governor Rowland
Are U.S. Courts still racist, but now just a little more slick about it?
Assault on Small Business and the Individual
Videotapes are shown to Connecticut juries on how to find a defendant guilty, but not innocent. So if you are not offered a deal by the prosecutor you are almost automatically found guilty and get the maximum prison sentence, fines, and harshest conditions.
Story below the fold: The Fourth Reich, Connecticut
The Fourth Reich, Connecticut
If a brokerage director is told of wrongdoing of his traders he/she could be charged with obstruction of justice, conspiracy and other crimes for doing nothing. If someone in the corporate world misappropriates funds just once, they can end up in a Federal Penitentiary. When a business person gets caught falsifying records it is an illegal act. Why should those in the private sector be severely punished and even sent to prison for a 5 minute misjudgment when elected and unelelected officials can break the law for years and little or nothing is usually done?
I watched Channel 3, a Connecticut Station, yesterday, Arthur L. Spada, the Commissioner of the Connecticut State Police was being interviewed. The former Governor of Connecticut stepped down amid a federal corruption probe. The Lt. Governor, now governor, asked Spada, and other Commissioners of other Connecticut Departments to resign because of perception of association with corruption of the Rowland administration.
Spada seemed quite arrogant when it was brought up about his chief of staff being arrested for fraud and theft, and about other illegal and/or unethical behavior of other officers. (information) Spada appeared to say it was business as usual and all allegations would end up being found unsubstantiated. What???!!!!
Rape, robbery, murder, assaults, and other crimes committed by Connecticut police officers should be punished as severely as any average citizen but they are not. Connecticut Internal Affairs can refuse to even do an investigation, nor deny a citizen�s complaint. But, then again if a citizen was trying to make a false accusation they would be immediately and thoroughly punished. Complaining about police is a good way to ruin your life and get kicked out of Connecticut, penniless, jobless, and without family and friends. I know this from experience.
So if Spada had covered up misappropriation of homeland security funds, misused his 2 chauffeurs for golfing on duty, falsified records to cover it up, demoted the high ranking police woman because he didn�t like high ranking women, covered up for his own and other police officer�s illegal behavior and misconduct, shouldn�t he be put under federal investigation and punished if found to have broken state and federal laws?
Spada has been known to be very unforgiving to officers that have forgotten to salute him or dare disagree with him as his ego is perceived to be the size of Connecticut, but his actual stature is of a bug faced little pipsqueak, in my opinion.
Of course Spada should be punished if he broke the law.
If Martha Stewart can be labeled a felon for a slight mistake, if she did anything wrong at all, shouldn�t someone that thumbs their nose at the law and the U.S. Constitution almost daily receive a severe sentence much longer?
Of course the official should?
Speak out and demand it.
-Steven G. Erickson (Vikingas)
I had figured I had pissed off Spada from what legislators and the former Governor�s aid told me. Connecticut State Troopers were openly threatening me if I didn�t leave Connecticut.
I had been proposing laws directing police to serve and protect everyone equally and to have civilian oversight, had been writing scathing letters to editor upsetting police further, and had told local politicians I intended to sue the Connecticut State Police for violating my civil rights.
Connecticut State Police allegedly pulled over a woman I was dating twice on her 45 minute ride home from my house, searching her twice, once when she left my home, and again when she arrived at hers, according to her. She said she couldn�t see me anymore as she didn�t want to get arrested and/or harassed for seeing me as officers allegedly told her I was bad news and not to see me.
A retired police officer then routinely flooded my Somersville, Connecticut, 2 family with raw sewage leaving the water running. I cleaned up the huge messes 3 nights in a row after working all day contracting. I faced serious charges for negligence and health code violations as the retired cop called officials he knew. I avoided a 6 month prison sentence or worse as the Somers Sewer manager didn�t go with the conspiracy.
A woman that I gave a ride home one night, after she asked me, was on probation for an offense, she had been asking me advice on how to get her 2 children back. Connecticut State Police were aware that I had brought her home and allegedly told her she would be violated on probation and wouldn�t get her kids back if she didn�t claim I sexually assaulted her. I didn�t, so she refused, and allegedly was violated on probation and sent to prison for not going along with the Connecticut State Police ploy.
A number of police informants and others were allegedly asked by Connecticut State Troopers, and local Stafford Springs, CT, police to help harass and threaten me out of Connecticut. A legislator�s aid warned me to get out of Connecticut before the Connecticut State Police retaliated for my Big Mouth and activism.
I was then arrested and sent to prison for overreacting to be beaten and robbed on my own property. Although my assailant had been found to be threatening, harassing, and stalking me before and after, had threatened my life while demanding money from me. Only I was arrested and sent to prison for having used pepper spray which is legal.
I knew my trial was fixed and assumed Arthur L. Spada had been pulling the strings to get me railroaded to prison and out of Connecticut. So the day before sentencing I sent Arthur L. Spada an email that I requested that he remove the Community Policing U.S. Department of Justice webpage (COPS) from the Connecticut State Police website citing the policies weren�t being followed and sent a copy to the U.S. Department of Justice.
Arthur L. Spada was a former Rockville Court Judge and I was being tried by Judge Jonathan C. Kaplan, a judge I tried to have removed for bias before I was in any trouble. So if Judge Kaplan freaked out on me, I would know that Spada was illegally acting in collusion with Kaplan at the Rockville Connecticut court.
Those that had criminal records committing assaults, robberies, rapes, and even armed robbery (one guy got 10 years probation), and other crimes could keep from going to prison. Most citizens are given a first offender program and their charges are erased. I had only an option of going to trial or pleading guilty to using pepper spray and going to prison for a year and a half.
Judge Kaplan did freak out at sentencing after I had sent the email to Spada, so I know they acted illegally in collusion and I was railroaded. I figured that a federal official would later go through my trial transcripts and right a wrong. If they do, information in this post is helpful.
This post gives the reader a feeling of how ridiculous me being sent to prison was.
I had spent 100�s of thousands of dollars and years renovating Connecticut investment properties. 2 were boarded up eyesores, and were works of art after countless trips to Home Depot and 2 tractor trailer deliveries and my day after day hard work. Criminals and drug dealers weren�t punished but I was for believing in the American Dream and having a Big Mouth.
My case is not unique, it is happening over and over. Here is another one.
* * * *
Dear U.S. Representative Simmons of Connecticut
The Death of Shame in America (Bill O’Reilly of the Factor, Fox News, asks Connecticut citizens to march on Hartford and demand Rowland resign, Dec. 2003)
* * * *
Victims of Connecticut Police Brutality:

Results of going to a Dave Mathews Concert in Connecticut
* * * * I lost this:

I lost these, a 3 and 4 family house in Stafford Springs, Connecticut, and a 2 family house in Somersville, CT. I was attacked on the left side yard of number 5 and used pepper spray and lost eveything.

I had spent 100�s of thousands of dollars and 4 years fixing them up, sometimes 7 days a week and was working all my waking hours. At the time I was attacked I had finally started having a positive cash flow after 4 years of not having it. I would have owned all 3 houses in about 13 years and would have been able to retire on over $6500 gross monthly rents.
These two houses were boarded up when I bought them for $50,000 in 1998, and nothing worked, most windows, doors, and walls were smashed. No electric or plumbing was in working order. Teen drank and sold drugs and prostitutes serviced serviced their customers. The front yard was overgrown with small trees and was filled with debris.
I had a close relationship with my daughter, an A student, a dog, a quality of life, a home, and the ability to dream, before I was railroaded to prison.
Arrogant, egotistical Connecticut State Police officers including, the top cop, Spada, wanted to make my American Dream a Nightmare and for me to go to prison and get out of Connecticut for having said things they didn�t like, proposed laws they didn�t like, and for trying to force them to protect and serve all of Connecticut�s citizens.
For me, it is still too ridiculous to believe this actually happened and supposed public servants could be such lying, megalomaniacs, bent on wrecking lives of whomever they choose, with no real rhyme or reason.
Angering just one police officer could be the end of all you know.
For a $17,000 plus fee my lawyer said he wasn�t allowed to defend me per instructions of the judge at trial. So I had no defense and could only be found guilty.
Posted by Vikingas on 07/26 at 12:56 PM

Guess I was wrong about the British culture not taking a lead from the United States. We are only a small island country equivalent to the size of one of your states, but our Prime Minister allegedly takes his lead from your President.
Last year the police were given powers to arrest any citizen if they suspected that a crime was about to be committed - for even the most minor offence!
Combined with their statistical conviction “targets” set by our government they now have powers which resemble those granted to Hitler’s blackshirts in the mid 1930’s.
There many fair and decent policeman in our country, but it is human nature that in there among the decent ones are the power crazed bullies.
Posted by

Jane Parsons on 03/06 at 04:16 PM #

* * * *
* * * *

Downtown Anywhere USA
Ex-Teen Addict Agrees To Plea
Prosecution Drops Murder Charges

June 23, 2004, By KEN BYRON, Hartford Courant (

NEW BRITAIN -- Ashley Chicerchia, the former teenage prostitute and crack addict who helped organize and execute a robbery in which a Turkish immigrant was killed, pleaded guilty Tuesday to robbery conspiracy. ...

Chicerchia, who has been in jail for nearly three years, entered her plea in New Britain Superior Court and may be released immediately after her sentencing next month.

The felony murder charges in the case are to be dropped in return for her guilty plea and for testifying against her co-defendants.

Brian Preleski, assistant state's attorney, said Tuesday in court that the man who committed the killing, Eric Kelsey, was convicted last year with the help of Chicerchia's testimony.

"The defendant has cooperated fully and completely and at great personal risk to herself," Preleski said.

Chicerchia began cooperating with police and prosecutors within 24 hours after 27-year-old Omar Celik was killed in August 2001, Preleski said.

Chicerchia said hardly anything Tueday when she pleaded guilty to conspiracy to commit second-degree robbery. She will be sentenced Aug. 26.

Her plea bargain calls for a seven-year sentence that would be suspended after she serves three years. But the judge can also suspend the sentence immediately in return for the time Chicerchia has served. She was arrested August 2001 and has been incarcerated since.

Kelsey is serving a 40-year sentence. Hector Fermaint and Juan Morales were also arrested in the case.

Fermaint pleaded guilty this month to conspiracy to commit first-degree burglary. He is expected to be sentenced to eight years July 6. Morales is due in court Thursday.

Chicerchia testified during trials this year and in 2003 that she had the idea of robbing Celik's roommate and planned it with Fermaint, Kelsey and Morales. On the evening of Aug. 15, 2001, she visited Celik's apartment and persuaded him to leave the door open.

The three men then barged into the apartment and started beating Celik. Chicerchia testified that Kelsey then stabbed Celik. All four left the apartment without stealing anything.

Celik, who was 27, had been in the U.S. only a few months. He was working at a diner in the city and saving money for his wife and young son, who live in Turkey.

* * * *

The Hartford Courant did a series of stories with pictures, �Heroin Town� which describes too many downtown areas in Connecticut and across the USA.

If it takes a newspaper story to start to cure a problem that goes back more than 40 years in the particular town being talked about, something is vastly wrong in Connecticut, and most probably across America.

The Hartford Courant piece showed mothers and others on the town green shooting up heroin as children played soccer in the background.

Drug policies are to blame.

Quality of life issues are ignored as the main agenda for most authorities and police is to collect as much revenue as possible from those that are mostly honest, and hardworking as we can pay fines and have assets and cash that can be taken.

Read newspaper articles most drug law enforcement is for taking property and cash.

In Connecticut if 3 addicts just show up on your property, commit crimes, and if the police actually arrest the criminals, YOU the property owner could possibly lose your property as all it takes is 3 arrests on your property for Connecticut authorities to seize your house under the nuisance statute.

If you are lucky as the now former homeowner, you aren�t charged with more charges than the common criminal parasites that can just show up with you unable to do anything or get help from police (downtown).

Addicts and common career criminals are very useful for police in their revenue collection duties, otherwise there would not be so many of these, informants.
-Steven G. Erickson (Vikingas)

* * * *

[expired links below]

Police in the USA concentrate on Revenue Collection Areas, not Crime Areas

* * * *

Abolish the (Connecticut) State Police

Is Rape not Rape if Committed by a Police Officer?

An open letter to politicians asking them to do something about this situation

The Crack (Cocaine) Section at Motel 6

Are responsible, independent citizens punished severely by law enforcement and the courts while the irresponsible and dependent are either ignored or get a slap on the wrist?
Posted by Vikingas on 06/23 at 09:00 AM


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