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Illegitimate Government Crashing American Republic

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Published on Apr 21, 2014
Alex calls out the Boston Marathon's unprecedented police state apparatus, a culmination of military might quickly becoming the norm at public and sporting events, and runs down the events of last year's marathon, including the FBI's various missteps and the suspension of the Fourth Amendment for residents of Watertown.



* * * *

If a city fire department wants to avoid a cut in manpower, wanted an increase in pay, and wanted more, hugely expensive, unneeded equipment, maybe they could just purposely burn down the tallest building in the area. They could then be in charge of the investigation of the fire and find patsies to blame the fire on.

Does this sound familiar?

Police who solve the crime problem would then face budget cuts, layoffs, and would have an absolute reduction of power.

In Stafford Springs, Connecticut, and at Troop C Tolland State Police Headquarters, roll call, is about protecting state official criminal interests, rackets, prostitution, drug dealing, break-ins, terrorizing citizens, armed revenue collecting, and property confiscation.

The self-employed and honest small business owners stand in the way of police interests. Families, religious institutions, gun owners, independent minds, and those who will stand up against tyranny are all enemies of the international corporate/banker police state.

It is getting bad all over the US. No state is without corruption and infiltration.

Police encourage gang members to rob and beat citizens. I worried that I would be arrested when a member of the [Diaper Gang] tried to hit me in the face with a 2x4 with nails in it when they attacked me on my property jumping me in the dark ... because I fought back and did not know the age of my attackers.  

Police refused to protect and serve. They are under no obligation to protect and serve. They are guards of the state and don't care about serving any average citizen. Citizens can go to prison and lose everything when they are attacked on their own property.

It happened to me:

Saturday, April 19, 2014

There should be a petition to deport Billionaire Michael Bloomberg

Former New York City Mayor and Billionaire, Michael Bloomberg, [found here with story].

Anyone who has a billion dollars, how did they "make" this money? Are they psychopaths with international criminal connections?

Bloomberg wants to tell you what you can eat or drink. He wants to dismantle the US Constitution so that he and his friends will have an easier time abusing us, confining us, ripping us off, torturing, and murdering us. 

The international organized crime and banker cartel that has us all under stealth occupation wants us disarmed and wants house to house searches of all houses by police, corporate/banker contractors, and/or military.

Bloomberg wants to end the 2nd Amendment. Bloomberg wants to take on the NRA and all gun owners to have them disarmed and prosecuted as criminals.

I believe Bloomberg is the criminal. If he wants and America without laws for the occupiers and without a Constitution, maybe Bloomberg should be sent to a place without a US Constitution.

Maybe we get off our butts and start a petition to deport Bloomberg.

This is why I talk the way I do:


Hidden Agenda Behind Rise Of "Domestic Terrorist Label"

Text with video:

Published on Apr 19, 2014
Lee Ann McAdoo and Alex Jones break down the hidden agenda behind the rise of the "Domestic Terrorist".

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Living in the US Surveillance Police State

Whenever I wake up and have had police waiting for me, to follow me around wherever I go, following me in while I shop, I leave that area.

[My experiences being on the Connecticut State Police Secret Enemies Arrest or Harass on Sight List] [and here].

I lived in Derby, Connecticut, temporarily to work by the hour doing carpentry and painting. That was in 2008. I would go down to the local Irish Bar. There were surveillance cameras in the bar. Every time I went down to the bar, an "off-duty" police officer would sit next to me, the stool right next to me when there were so many others open along the bar, and then strike up a conversation with me, asking where I live, what I do, and about my politics. I quit going to that bar, and then was followed around by Derby and State Police wherever I went, including officers in uniform, following me around inside where I shopped even following me to the bathroom. I then left to go home to Vermont after quitting that job in Connecticut.

In Stafford Springs, Connecticut, back in the early 1990's powdered cocaine dealer Peter Panceira picked me up by my neck, bit into my ear, and punched me several times in face because I requested that he not sell drugs near my home and family. I dialed 911 after being attacked and was bleeding down my chest to my underwear after the attack. Stafford Officer Fat Frank Prochaska re-interviewed Panceira's drug customers whose first sworn statements said they did not know the individual who attacked me, then changed their statements saying I attacked Peter Pancieira. Fat Frank arrested me 6 weeks later in front of my wife and told me that while I was in lockup he was going to go back and have sex with my wife who he was infatuated with, [her picture].

Peter Panceira was not arrested for attacking me and biting into my ear, only I was. I faced a year and a half, no deals and thousands of dollars in fines. I beat the case because I refused to pay $15,000 to get a lawyer and defended myself. There was no lying lawyer scumbag to sell me out like Attorney Michael H. Agranoff did, [that story].

LT Trapp of the Stafford Police was stalking citizens at gun shows to figure out how to get military type "assault weapons" from the rightful owners for his private collection. Trapp had asked me to become a Stafford Police Officer, undercover, to help beat up citizens, set up gun owners and the self-employed for arrests and possible prison, and to help police with their criminal rackets. I refused.

Trapp told me that police would not serve me, and if I got into any more altercations or reported crimes only I would be arrested. So, when 3 members of [The Diaper Gang] attacked me on my property trying to whack me in the face with a 2x4 with nails in it, I fought back and didn't report being assaulted and being able to fight them off fearing I would be arrested not knowing the ages of my attackers.

Then 19 year old Jaybone Drice (sp?) nephew of a police officer chased me inside my house carrying a "snubby" revolver because I would not let him sell cocaine, heroin, pot, and run prostitutes off my front lawn. I had a gun in my house, so Jaybone ran out of my house, no shots fired, because he was okay being in my house, possibly to shoot me, but was not okay with me having a gun too, so he ran out. I reported that incident to the Connecticut State Police tips line. Like always, there was no investigation. I no longer have any guns because I could not secure my home, or guns, from break-ins probably orchestrated by the Connecticut State Police. I still have no guns as I am giving police no excuse to kick in my door and just shoot me for breathing.

I later got prison for being attacked by another police informant who was stalking me for weeks, telling me he would kill me, and who punched me and then threatened to cut my penis off if I did not turn over my wallet. He attacked me in my dark driveway. I pepper sprayed Brian C. Caldwell to end the attack. I made the mistake of hiring Attorney Michael H. Agranoff for over $17,000 and Agranoff sold me out and I was then railroaded to prison. [That story]. 

stevengerickson At yahoo dot com

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Is Cynthia McKinney Part Of the Klu Klux Klan?

Text with video:

Published on Apr 9, 2014
Alex talks in length about the absurd assertions made by Hank Aaron about people who oppose Obama and his agenda.

Breaking: Eyewitness Report of 9/11 CIA Insider Trading

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Published on Mar 28, 2014
On Thursday's Alex Jones Radio Show, Max Keiser revealed breaking news about an eyewitness to CIA insider trading on 9/11. We review the long history of investigations into financial data that point to advance knowledge of the event.

This is where I stayed while working in Derby, Connecticut:

Text with below video shot in 2008:

Post 9-11 everyone does background checks. Landlords, employers, potential dates ... they all can easily do background checks.

My last paycheck for a week's work was $2600 and some change AFTER taxes. I had $500,000 in real estate, a vintage Corvette, European vacations, a trophy wife ... life by the balls. I have $4 to my name and might get paid for building some wooden stairs for a landlord tomorrow ... maybe.

I came home late from work, tired, had nothing to drink, I was jumped, and was told my balls would be cut off if I didn't give up my wallet. I had already taken a beating from behind. The potential mugger left my property in an ambulance, I left in a police car.

I received a year in prison for resisting being mugged. My national honor society daughter has nothing to do with me since I went to prison, sentenced to a year. Welcome to my daily life, today:

Ex-con's illegal apartment (2008)

Wednesday, April 09, 2014

So what about Fort Hood shooting and School Stabbing?

So, how many people died because of Obama's Drone program today, this week, this month, this year?

There are millions of people in the US. There are bound to be stabbings and shootings. Yes, it is a bad thing, but has your life stopped today?

The state does a lot to terrorize and to bait and switch our attentions spans.

Our country has been hijacked by international corporate organized crime and banker cartel. That should be the main news story and everything else, fluff.

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ATF sends Snipers after those who film?

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Published on Apr 8, 2014
One of the many armed bureaucracies that the Federal government has created to "harass our people and eat out their substance" is going to war with a rancher in Nevada. It is a tale of how our liberties die and how Agenda 21 will be rolled out.




How Freedom Dies and Agenda 21 Rolls Out


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Obama's Affordable SpyCare?

Image was [found here]. 

Has Obama done ANYTHING for the American people? Or, has he served his CIA, UN, and the international corporate organized crime and banker cartel that has us, and other nations, under stealth armed occupation?

Try word searching, "Obama's Porn Mother", not in quotes. Do you want to see Obama CIA and Banker Whore Mother pose naked? [Video]

The Affordable Health Care Act has gotten scores and scores of Americans fired. It has gotten many from full time jobs to part time jobs.

When the government is involved in anything there is fraud, there is waste, there is profiteering, there is domestic spying, there is torture, there is rape, there is murder, there is enslavement.

Criminals in corporations are brought into government to regulate their industries. Insurance companies wrote the legislation. Monsanto wrote the Monsanto Protection Act so when you are poised, maimed, suffer, and die because of their GMO poison food Monsanto scientists and executives are not criminally or civilly liable. Nice huh!!!???

Obama is a complete whore and needs to be prosecuted for crimes against humanity and for what he as a Constitutional Lawyer to dismantle the US Constitution.

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GOP Seeks To Cover Obama And Democrats From Total Political Annihilation

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Published on Apr 7, 2014
Alex discusses the republican back door manipulation of Obamacare. They are using the hegelian dialectic to manipulate the public's awareness.



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Goverment Gears Up For War On Americans

Text with video:

Published on Apr 7, 2014
Alex plays a video on NSA spying on Americans and how they criminally are getting away with whatever they want taking away our rights at every corner of the US.



Major Corporations Given Obamacare Exemptions

Text with video:

Published on Apr 7, 2014
Alex talks about the waivers that were granted to companies (such as McDonald's or other fast food chains) and other organizations that provided inexpensive bare-bones health plans known as "mini-meds," in what the administration called "a bridge" to 2014, when the law would be fully implemented.




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Nirvana - MTV Unplugged Full Concert (HQ)

I posted this so I can go back here and listen to this ... over and over again ... myself. If you find yourself here, enjoy!

Text with below video:

Published on Feb 13, 2014
MTV Unplugged In New York DVD Grabado En Vivo De La Banda Estadounidense De Grunge, Nirvana, En Los Estudios Sony Music En Nueva York El 18 De Noviembre De 1993.Disfruta El Concierto Completo En Formato (3D SBS) Dejo Link De Video Donde Explico Como Convertir En Formato Normal (2D)
Como Descargar Videos HD y Convertir (3D) a (2D) http://goo.gl/0soi95
Lista De Canciones:
1. About a Girl
2. Come As You Are
3. Jesus Doesn't Want Me For A Sunbeam
(Eugene Kelly/Frances McKee; The Vaselines)
4. The Man Who Sold the World
(David Bowie)
5. Pennyroyal Tea
6. Dumb
7. Polly
8. On a Plain
9. Something in the Way
10. Plateau
(Kirkwood; Meat Puppets)
11. Oh, Me
(Kirkwood; Meat Puppets)
12. Lake Of Fire
(Kirkwood; Meat Puppets)
13. All Apologies
14. Where Did You Sleep Last Night?

2002 Staind - MTV Unplugged FULL SHOW

Stone Temple Pilots - MTV Unplugged '93 [Full Concert]

Chris Cornell - Unplugged In Sweden (Full Album)

Soundgarden - Badmotorfinger (Full Album)

Text with video:

Published on Apr 2, 2013
1. 00:00 Rusty Cage
2. 04:25 Outshined
3. 09:36 Slaves & Bulldozers
4. 16:32 Jesus Christ Pose
5. 22:23 Face Pollution
6. 24:47 Somewhere
7. 29:11 Searching With My Good Eye Closed
8. 35:39 Room A Thousand Years Wide
9. 39:45 Mind Riot
10. 44:34 Drawing Flies
11. 47:01 Holy Water
12. 52:08 New Damage

Support the artist:


Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for "fair use" for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research. Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statute that might otherwise be infringing. Non-profit, educational or personal use tips the balance in favor of fair use."

Pearl Jam - Vitalogy (Full Album)

Text with video:

Published on Aug 12, 2012
Dave Abbruzzese -- drums
Jeff Ament -- bass guitar, standup, vocals, photography
Stone Gossard -- guitar, vocals, mellotron
Jack Irons -- drums on "Hey Foxymophandlemama, That's Me"
Mike McCready -- guitar, vocals, slide guitar
Eddie Vedder -- vocals, guitar, accordion

Released: November 22nd, 1994
Produced by: Brendan O'Brien

Last Exit - 0:00
Spin the Black Circle - 2:53
Not for You - 5:41
Tremor Christ - 11:34
Nothingman - 15:46
Whipping - 20:19
Pry, To - 22:58
Corduroy - 24:04
Bugs - 28:35
Satan's Bed - 31:21
Better Man - 34:52
Aye Davanita - 39:21
Immortality - 42:17
Hey, Foxymophandlemama, That's Me - 47:48

Guns N' Roses - Use Your Illusion II (1991) (Full Album)

Text with video:

Published on Nov 25, 2012
The follow-up album to GN'R's "Use Your Illusion I", in its entirety.

1. Civil War
2. 14 Years [7:42]
3. Yesterdays [12:04]
4. Knockin' on Heaven's Door [15:20]
5. Get in the Ring [20:56]
6. Shotgun Blues [26:38]
7. Breakdown [30:01]
8. Pretty Tied Up [37:05]
9. Locomotive [41:53]
10. So Fine [50:35]
11. Estranged [54:42]
12. You Could Be Mine [1:04:06]
13. Don't Cry (alternate lyrics) [1:09:50]
14. My World [1:14:34]

Appetite for destruction - Guns N´ Roses Remastered (Full Album)

Text with video:

Published on Mar 8, 2013
Guns n' roses full album

(00:00) Welcome to the jungle
(04:28) It´s so easy
(07:50) Nightrain
(12:13) Out ta get me
(16:29) Mr Brownstone
(20:15) Paradise city
(27:00) My Michelle
(30:39) Think about you
(34:29) Sweet child o´ mine
(40:22) You´re crazy
(43:38) Anything goes
(47:04) Rocket queen

Appetite for Destruction es el álbum debut de Guns N' Roses, publicado por la discográfica Geffen Records el 21 de julio de 1987,En 2003 ocupó el puesto Nº 61 en la lista de Los 500 mejores álbumes de todos los tiempos elaborada por la revista Rolling Stone.

Benghazi: Obama's Cover-up & Conspiracy [Full Report]

The below video describes what is really wrong. Why should you care?

Well, international banking and corporate organized crime want you to fund their crime wave with your US tax dollars.

You pay, you agree.

Be a good citizen inmate.

Don't vote for lying lawyer scumbags who are out to sell you out and enrich themselves. Vote independent. When it is time, peacefully protest out in the street and refuse to let the occupiers to have their criminal business as usual.

Corporate organized crime and bankers profit from wars and treating you like an inmate in a US Police State. UN Agenda 21 is there plan.

Wake up. Act.

Should Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton be placed under arrest, handcuffed, have their fingerprints and mugshots taken, held in county lockup until their trial? 

[Steven G. Erickson video uploads and favorites found here]

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Who is that rider?

What do I mean? [Well, I posted it here].

Steven G. Erickson video favorites and uploads [can be found here]. 

Text with video:

Published on Jan 21, 2013
The Deepest End
Gov't Mule
John The Revelator

Stevie Ray Vaughan Tin Pan Alley (with Johnny Copeland)

Sunday, March 30, 2014

TSA Culture of Humiliation & Enforcing Our Corporate Slavery?

Picture an article was cut and pasted [from here]. Click to get all links to go with article, from original source.

I recently had a bad flashback. I was lying in bed trying to fall asleep when I was hit with a vivid memory from my time as a Transportation Security Administration officer at Chicago’s O’Hare Airport. It was 2008, and I was conducting a bag check when three of my TSA colleagues got into an argument with a passenger at the checkpoint. Things got pretty heated.

The subject of debate? Whether mashed potatoes were a liquid or a solid.

In the end, of course, the TSA agents had the last word: Since the potatoes took the shape of their container, they were determined to be a liquid—specifically, a gel. That’s the official TSA line. “Liquids, aerosols and gels over 3.4 ounces cannot be brought through security.” The potatoes were forcibly surrendered.

If you’re anything like me, you may have thought, “Well, mashed potatoes are technically gelatinous, so…”—which sends one down the rabbit hole of bureaucratic absurdity that ends with a passenger looking a TSA officer in the eye and saying, “Do you really think my mashed potatoes are a terrorist threat?” And the officer, if he or she is just an all-around tool, saying: “Ma’am, possibly. Rules are rules.”

I’ve had a lot of flashbacks lately—nearly buried memories that have come flooding back ever since Politico Magazine published “Dear America, I Saw You Naked,” [link] my first-person account of working for the TSA and anonymously blogging about my adventures in airport security.

Another one: It’s 2010, and a passenger is trying to bring her live goldfish through security. One of my co-workers informs her that the fish can go through but the water cannot. The woman is on the verge of tears when a supervisor steps in to save the fish’s life.

And another: Working alongside a screener who always demanded that pacifiers be removed from infants’ mouths and submitted for X-ray screening before the babies and their mothers were permitted to pass through the metal detectors.

Perhaps the biggest surprise to come out of what I now see as the life-changing experience of having my story go viral is the realization of just how much I still have left to tell about my six years at the TSA—the strange checkpoint happenings, the colorful passengers and the outrageous, real-life TSA characters.

Americans took my initial report as confirmation of what they always dreaded about a humiliating experience so many millions of them had shared. But I also realized that there was a part of the story I hadn’t fully told: about a government agency and its leaders, and how they came up with the absurd policies that turned me and my colleagues into just-following-orders Mashed Potato Police.


[READ MORE, page 2 from source]

Primary Source Confessions of an Ex-TSA Agent


Soon after the article went up on the Politico website, I sent a note to my editor marveling at the fact that I had 30 new Twitter followers, up from a grand total of 240. I’d thought my article would get passed around in government and civil-liberties circles—a curiosity story of an anonymous TSA blogger unmasking himself, and that would be it.

Little did I know that within a few hours I’d be getting an average of three emails a minute—in the middle of the night—including interview requests from Good Morning America, Today, NBC Nightly News, The Kelly File and many others. And while my 30 new followers had at first seemed like a big deal, a few days later I had more than 5,000. Stephen Colbert even joked about my story. Stephen Colbert!

I got more emails in response to the article than I had in my entire year and a half writing my blog, Taking Sense Away, even when I revealed on the blog that the “nude” scanners didn’t work and that TSA employees were making predictably awful jokes about passengers’ bodies. I got only one piece of hate mail in response to my Politico Magazine article: an anonymous message that informed me that I was a “goon” because, it said, “Once a TSA goon, always a TSA goon.”

A few people did reach out to warn me that I am almost certainly being monitored by intelligence agencies now that I have revealed myself as a critic of the TSA. “My ex-husband is now a senior executive at the NSA at Fort Meade,” one said. “The NSA will probably track you.”

I’m not sure how credible these warnings are, but after being the subject of two official government responses—in which TSA denied and downplayed the claims made on my blog and in my essay—it’s hard not to worry that I’m being watched. I’ve received so many letters making this point that I now take it for granted that my every online move is being monitored by someone, somewhere. If the truth is more banal, so be it: I’d much rather be paranoid and wrong.

Most of the responses from current and former TSA employees were just as supportive as those from the general public—and that was another surprise. Quite a few read like letters from inmates: “Hi Jason. Remember me? We worked Terminal 1 together for a year-long bid. I am so glad you made it out and are doing something interesting with your life! Patting down crotches all day was the worst, wasn’t it?”

But some TSA employees saw my essay as an attempt to smear frontline workers. They were angry that I seemed to place responsibility for the agency’s problems squarely on the shoulders of low-ranking employees, rather than focusing on upper management and underlying organizational problems.

That was the argument in the email that gave me the most pause, a note from one of my former co-workers at O’Hare: “Obviously, TSA is not my dream job,” it said. “Sometimes I go home crying. I’d love it if you wrote more about the incompetency of the managers who got their jobs because of who they know. What you did will definitely make my job harder, because who will be attacked? Every worker on the floor in a uniform. Am I angry? No. But write more. Tell about those unqualified managers who take no part in the checkpoint operation, and who humiliate their workers. I know you’ve seen it all. Tell them.”

It’s an important point, and in fact that was my goal in launching my blog while still working on the TSA payroll: to call attention to the agency’s systemic flaws, while also defending the good, hardworking members of the nearly 50,000-deep frontline TSA workforce.

The agency was the product of a panicked national moment—fertile soil for poor decision-making—and irrationality was etched into the TSA’s DNA. Like most passengers, the average screener regrets the atmosphere of “permanent emergency” that has permeated airport checkpoints since 9/11,a reactionary culture passed down from TSA leadership year after year. And yet the most common concerns among TSA screeners usually stem from organizational flaws closer to the checkpoint floor.


Jason Edward Harrington is a writer and MFA candidate in the creative writing program at the University of Mississippi in Oxford. Follow him on Twitter @Jas0nHarringt0n.

[Read more from original source, page 2]


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Interesting blog and post

It is [found here].

I was trolling who was viewing my [main blog] and found that he, or she, linked to [this post]. There might be some major developments into 9/11 justice because of RT's Max Keiser. Alex Jones of Infowars fame can be considered what should be mainstream news and what Defense Contractor owned media paid for with US tax dollars ... Conspiracy Theory ...

I figured there must be a reason why my WiFi connections suddenly burned and my ability to use my computer ceased until I used the way back machine on my computer to send it back in time when it worked correctly.

It seems that when I post something controversial, this happens. So, I consider my computers frying or getting infected by some NSA virus is a political activist's version of a standing ovation. Is being the new version of an American Patriot, believing in the US Constitution, the worst form of subversion to the corporate/banking organized crime global network that have us under stealth occupation?

I post videos I make and like [here].

stevengerickson AT yahoo dot com

I blog because this is [what was done to me].

[Click Here] for:

Smart Meters talking to Car Black Boxes, Laptops, & Cellphones?


Sunday, March 23, 2014

Questionable Death of "Cowboy", African American in Stafford Springs, Connecticut

Image [found here].

I witnessed a lot of blatantly racist activities in Stafford Springs, Connecticut, that was overt, official, and nothing was done about it.

Cowboy was a good looking African American well over 6' tall with biceps and a personality that drew people in, male, female, all races in a social situation. Men could be intimidated by his athletic stature. I have had drinks with Cowboy at either Lark's Cafe, the Finish Line, or Springs House. At that time I didn't know Cowboy's dirty little secret.

Cowboy was getting oral and regular sex from some of the hottest young girls in town.

The Connecticut State Police would hang out at the Stafford House of Pizza or another Pizza Place in another town famous for its potato pizza. The Connecticut State Troopers would sometimes talk openly. I was a contractor and ate out pretty much every meal at the time. I caught many conversations that the troopers probably did not want heard.

The troopers hated any non-white and and any white guys, who were not cops or other officials or someone important, getting the most desirable young girls, and of age women, in the area. Husbands and boyfriends could be stalked by trooper just for having a wife or girlfriend a police officer wanted, even if the woman was happy with her significant other and had shown no interest in any cop. The cop could get the guy fired, set up for arrest, and a guy could be framed and go to prison and not even have a clue why, White, Black, Asian, or Hispanic.

A mother of two, with large breasts, was known for giving oral sex in a very unique and extremely pleasurable way. She would not openly ask for cash, but if someone donated money to her on occasion, she was open to whatever. At that time I had no interest in a single mother. I also knew of her vice, she like to smoke heroin.

The mother of two allegedly got busted and was given a task. Police allegedly set the mother of two up with some extra potent heroin and asked her to get friendly again with Cowboy. Cowboy dabbled, or was, a regular heroin user along with freakish libido. Cowboy was gotten rid of after State Police said he would be disposed of. They didn't say how for me to hear. The mother of two was on probation and could be used to do any dirty deeds, or the bidding, or any officer, and I assume sexual gratification of any officer or probation officer who so decided.

That is how things work.

Cowboy was found in a car with a needle in his arm.

If you know Cowboy's real name please comment to this post or make an email of stevengerickson At yahoo dot com. I can keep you anonymous if you like. I believe Cowboy was murdered around, or about the late 1990's.


A Pizza Parlor owner in competition with the Stafford House of Pizza, the pizza establishment in with town hall and the town and state police had some competition back in the 1990's. A son of a man and woman originally from Pakistan owned a pizza place and stayed in the apartment above. That owner of the pizza place could be mistaken for Hawaiian and hung out, and used his jetski on Staffordville Lake, an unofficial "White Only" beach and lake. There are Hispanics and African Americans who go to the lake, but they can get the notice of local and state police for choosing themselves to spend more time in places like downtown Rockville (Vernon) where White Officers feel minorities belong.

That pizza parlor owner was popular with the ladies, women the State and Town Clowns thought they should have dibs on.

Police began parking in front of the rival pizza place and somewhat harassing the customers who came for pizza. The health and building inspector were like white on rice.

That pizza parlor owner went out of business and was run out of town.


A Stafford Springs, Tolland Connecticut Troop C Hispanic Trooper was openly mocked and harassed for not being white. White officers were harassing a hermit who wanted to keep to himself and who live in a trailer on someone else's land.

3 officers were harassing the hermit so bad that a shoot out ensued and 3 officers were wounded. The Hispanic officer was blamed for not giving the other officers information and was suspended. I don't believe this to be the case as the White Officers were not sharing information with the Hispanic Officer. When I had a break in and wanted an officer to take my complaint, the White Officers refused to, but told me, "Deputy Spic" would take my complaint. He did and was polite, unlike the White Officers.

That also occurred sometime around the late 1990's. White Officers were also sexist and very abusive to female officers and staff.


I was asked to be a police informant for police to become a police officer. The other version of a police informant is a criminal, druggie, prostitute, DUI guy or gal, or alcoholic on probation or out of prison. The police are about revenue collection, property confiscation, retaliation, and running their rackets.

I refused to ruin the self-employed for business loss, set up legal gun owners for gun confiscation, and to help beat up or set up police targets for arrest and prison. I was appalled that officers would act as lookouts for criminals breaking into houses or for vandals destroying property. I was appalled that police seemed to run and profit from prostitution, heroin, and the crack cocaine trade.

I refused to be of service and to keep quiet about what they were doing, so they toasted me. [That story]


Back in the 1990's police were illegally tapping phones, bugging homes, and surveillance cameras were being strung from light poles in Stafford Springs, and other test cities in Connecticut and across the US, in the UK, and in other countries. I was later told it was part of UN Agenda 21.

Police knew 99% of all the crimes that were going on. They were part of it and were Crime Farming. If they solved the problem they would have their numbers and power reduced. So, maybe 99% of all crime could end by taking all the domestic spying mikes and cameras off-line and put video cameras with audio facing inside of police cruisers. It would at least reduce rapes and sexual assaults ...

[The Bigger Picture]


[The Stafford Springs Connecticut Diaper Gang]

"Purple Hayes", an alleged Police Informant who thought his drug dealing partners were police officers had the tables turned on him. Get used by police and when they are done using you, you go to prison or may even end up dead. [David Hayes and Stevie Carver]

[Hartford Narcotics Detective's sons abducted by police and beaten because the Hartford Detective busted a Mafia cocaine and heroin dealer against his captain's orders?]


[Talk about the Jewish Mafia running Connecticut and you just might get whacked? The story of Rich the Fixer]

Rich once told me, I could get commercial or rental properties for a single dollar all over Connecticut, especially in Hartford with "free loan money" to renovate if I was Jewish or affiliated with his organization, which I assume to be the Jewish Mafia.


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