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Published on Sep 2, 2014
Hidden Knowledge: Corporations; how they came into being, how they have changed, how they are run and how they are the key to the erosion of society, erosion to the rights and lifestyles of people, etc

The Corporation (Full Documentary)

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Who is a worse felonious criminal, Jeb or Hillary?

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Who is a worse felonious criminal, Jeb or Hillary?

1.4 Trillions Dollars! You’ve been sent the bill. You will never be able to pay down the debt you’ve been assigned.

Bushes made money off both sides of World War II, funded the Nazis and profited from Concentration Camps!

CIA, Cocaine Trafficking, profiteering with Central Bankers

Wars make these people more money. It makes you more of a debt slave.

What is the Clinton body count? How many died to cover up the Clinton CIA cocaine trafficking, banking scandals, and sexual deviance?

Hillary is allegedly as bad a serial womanizer as is Bill.

Did Hillary kill, or have killed, Vince Foster in the White House and then have his body smuggled out?

If Vince Foster lived and testified against Hillary, she’d be serving serious prison time.

Why the F is the UN controlling all US land, resources, and energy?

Is the UN and UNESCO just a front for the biggest criminals in the history of the World?

Why are you letting international criminals make you pay for them recording all of your conversations, using your devices to spy on you, and tracking all you do for their protection, not yours?

If you have no privacy, aren’t you a prisoner, a slave?

Word search Stark Raving Viking blog and look for posts near the date of the posting of this video for more on this theme

The ATF Fast and Furious Program used US Taxpayer Dollars to send guns to Mexican Drug Dealers for murders to be Committed so the 2nd Amendment could be attacked

With Obama’s and US Attorney General Eric Holder’s knowledge, and even fostering of this program does this make them accessories to murder and stealing your tax dollars for criminal activities?

Why isn’t the Barrack Obama Regime prosecuted using RICO?

You pay huge taxes and most of the US Public Transportation system is either non-existent or 3rd World equivalent

Billionaires want to tax you to breathe. It is called the “Carbon Tax”

Under UN Agenda 21 type rules you can go to prison for collecting rain water or for paying cash at a neighbor’s yard sale.

Most wood stoves are banned. Fireplaces are not going into homes and some are being removed.

It is allegedly proposed to ban barbecues, matches, lighters, and civilian use of fire.

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Central Bankers, produce Debt Slavery for Wars and Conflicts

The concept is not new. As long as there have been money changers and money storage, there has been psychopaths' greed satisfied.

History repeats itself.

Corporations that produce war, police, conflict, and prison supplies need more strife and unrest. They don't care where they cause it. They are crapping in their own nest, the US, UK, and other places.

Meanwhile, most Americans care about a scandal about the inflation of footballs, not their future and freedom being ripped off from under their feet.

Is paying taxes, treason? Are you funding international organized crime and endless wars?

Revealed; The Men Who Own and Run the U S Government

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Published on Jul 25, 2013
Discover the truth about the men behind the curtain who own and run the U.S. Government.

These men are totally evil, ruthless, greedy and vicious individuals who will stop at nothing to gain control of the world and the enslavement of us all.

They are now taking steps to control and shut down the internet because it is the last means for people to come together, and voice their opinions freely.

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Gold from the Global Debt Facility to Replace Paper Currency

Have the world's elite been caught perpetrating the biggest Ponzi Scheme in the history of the world?

by Karen Hudes, J.D.

"I am an economist and lawyer practicing in Bethesda, Maryland, a suburb of Washington DC. In a nutshell, I studied economics at the University of Amsterdam, went to law school at Yale, then went into private practice in securities law, worked for 8 years at the Export Import Bank of the US, and for 21 years in the legal department of the World Bank."

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What is the binding non-religion of the Corporate Globalists?

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What is the binding non-religion of the Corporate Globalists?

Look for Stark Raving Viking blog post dated May 3, 2015, or click link with video for more

Torture is “Legal” in governments controlled by the Corporate Globalists

It is not about respect, they want your fear for your submission

Are bi-polar people merely biological robots, born without a soul, or possessed by demons?

My own father would do this seemingly for hours

My father is a former [Monsanto Executive], allegedly in [InfraGard], and a proponent of Secular Humanism

From age 2 or 3 I remember numerous incidents of my father trying to poke me in the eye with a lit cigar

Up until age 16 when I called him out to fight me, my father would just come over gain pleasure by giving me pain

I haven’t talked to him in about 4 years, yet his psychological abuse continues to haunt me

My father told me that he didn’t enjoy his childhood, therefore he would not allow me to enjoy mine

It is people like my father who bring you Monsanto GMO “food” for you to be the test subjects. Crap they won’t eat themselves.

My father didn’t want me to watch television, especially with him. I was told I was not good enough to watch sports with him and was being lazy the very few times he allowed me to.

The first time I played catch with him at age 4 or 5, the 2nd throw back, he drilled the baseball as hard as he could into my face saying I throw like a girl and he didn’t want to even have to look at me.

First time I walked around the corner at about the same age, my father threw a basketball in my face telling me to go to the basement as he didn’t even want to look at me.

My father told me that because my Mother is short, and that I have asthma, I was worthless, weak, never going to amount to anything, wouldn’t be able to play sports, and that I should not waste my dime calling him from jail as he wouldn’t care. I was 5 at that time.

My Monsanto Executive Father didn’t want me to have friends, because he grew up on a farm in North Dakota without indoor plumbing and electricity as he had no friends growing up.

I was punished for joy, especially on my birthday or during holidays.

My father ruined every relationship, or potential relationship with women and girls, since the current one. He tried to turn my friends against me. And, my business partner, since I was in my 20's, my father has tried to poison his ears any time he’s talked to him.

My father tried to destroy my relationship with my future wife the first time he met her. He screamed at me. I met her in Lithuania and she is a former model.

Before I was even out of High School, my father was trying to get the police to arrest me for something so he would not have to pay for my college and could kick me out.

I had quit talking to my father just after a family gathering where he screamed at me for no good reason in front of my wife. It was weeks later a police officer in Stafford Springs, Connecticut, Fat Frank Prochaska started slamming me against my own house saying I was “Mud People” for being part Sicilian, and that my wife should be with him and that I didn’t know the right people to have a pretty wife.

“Fat Frank” Prochaska after slamming me into my own house said he was going to call my father on me and that I was kicked out of Connecticut but my wife could stay.

From about age 3 my father would burst into the bathroom and start slapping me or punching me for using 5 Kleenex or for using more than 10 little sheets wiping my ass after taking a dump. It is pretty unsettling having your father listening outside the bathroom door ready to burst in.

Why am I typing all this as part of the rolling script? Well, it is individuals like my father who are the billionaires, corporate organized crime figures, officials, and bankers who are in charge of everything. They decide your future and the fate of all of us.

Like my father ...

Check links.

Word search “Spurned Child Syndrome” not in quotes.

Word search Steven G. Erickson

There are 3 police informants who told me I would have to do as they say, or lose everything, being retaliated upon for life by the police, and in courts, and be permanently estranged from my daughter being disowned by my family.

1. [Barbara Satal] She told me that she left her husband for me and had been offered $10,000 by the Connecticut State Police to set me up for DUI and a Police Beating where I would also be arrested for assaulting an officer. She told me that the State Police would enforce a “no dating policy” where I couldn’t date and that I would lose my rental properties, contracting business, my daughter, and go to prison. I called her bluff and lost.

2. [Peter J. CoukosCoukos] ruined at least 3 of my romantic relationships. One was pregnant with twin boys. Who after being terrorized by Coukos, got an abortion and refused any more contact with me. Coukos while punching me in the back of the head, told me he’d make a false accusation that I threatened him with a gun unless I paid him $30,000 cash. Coukos also stated that he had bribed Stafford Springs, Selectman John Julian $5000 to get [my rental properties] from me. Coukos said if I did not pay him I would go to prison and be estranged from my daughter forever. I called his bluff and lost.

3. My Father My father told me unless I did what he said, when he said, visiting me in prison, telling me I wasn’t allowed to lodge complaints against police, [Judge Jonathan J. Kaplan], or Attorney Michael H. Agranoff or anyone else involved in incidents leading up to my false arrest and imprisonment, or he’d see to it that my daughter would have nothing to do with me and that he would X me out of his family. I called his bluff and lost.

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Synthesizing Natural Gas and Methane to High Octane Gasoline

When big international corporations are involved in anything and are involved in co-opting governments, all the we the peoples of the world are screwed. This post expanded [here].

There are some interesting technologies that a garage or backyard tinkerer could go a long way with ...


Putting the below Wikipedia entry [found here] below before it possibly disappears. 

Syngas to gasoline plus

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Syngas to gasoline plus (STG+) is a thermochemical process to convert natural gas, other gaseous hydrocarbons or gasified biomass into drop-in fuels, such as gasoline, diesel fuel or jet fuel, and organic solvents.

Process chemistry

The STG+ Process
This process follows four principal steps in one continuous integrated loop, comprising four fixed bed reactors in a series in which a syngas is converted to synthetic fuels. The steps for producing high-octane synthetic gasoline are as follows:[1]
  • Methanol Synthesis: Syngas is fed to Reactor 1, the first of four reactors, which converts most of the syngas to methanol when passing through the catalyst bed.
    CO + 2 H2 → CH3OH (methanol)
  • Dimethyl Ether (DME) Synthesis: The methanol-rich gas from Reactor 1 is next fed to Reactor 2, the second STG+ reactor. The methanol is exposed to a catalyst and much of it is converted to DME, which involves a dehydration from methanol to form DME.
    2 CH3OH → CH3OCH3 + H2O
  • Gasoline synthesis: The Reactor 2 product gas is next fed to Reactor 3, the third reactor containing the catalyst for conversion of DME to hydrocarbons including paraffins (alkanes), aromatics, naphthenes (cycloalkanes) and small amounts of olefins (alkenes), typically with the carbon number ranging from 6 to 10.
  • Gasoline Treatment: The fourth reactor provides transalkylation and hydrogenation treatment to the products coming from Reactor 3. The treatment reduces durene/isodurene (tetramethylbenzenes) and trimethylbenzene components that have high freezing points and must be minimized in gasoline. As a result, the synthetic gasoline product has high octane and desirable viscometric properties.
  • Separator: Finally, the mixture from Reactor 4 is condensed to obtain gasoline. The non-condensed gas and gasoline are separated in a conventional condenser/separator. Most of the non-condensed gas from the product separator becomes recycled gas and is sent back to the feed stream to Reactor 1, leaving the synthetic gasoline product composed of paraffins, aromatics and naphthenes.


The STG+ process uses standard catalysts similar to those used in other gas to liquids technologies, specifically in methanol to gasoline processes. Methanol to gasoline processes favor molecular size- and shape-selective zeolite catalysts,[2] and the STG+ process also utilizes commercially available shape-selective catalysts, such as ZSM-5.[3]

Process efficiency

The STG+ process converts approximately one MMBtu of natural gas into more than five gallons of 90+-octane gasoline, which is one of the highest process efficiencies in the industry.[4]


As is the case with other gas to liquids processes, STG+ utilizes syngas produced via other technologies as a feedstock. This syngas can be produced through several commercially available technologies and from a wide variety of feedstocks, including natural gas, biomass and municipal solid waste.
Natural gas and other methane-rich gases, including those produced from municipal waste, are converted into syngas through methane reforming technologies such as steam methane reforming and auto-thermal reforming.
Biomass gasification technologies are less established, though several systems being developed utilize fixed bed or fluidized bed reactors.[5]

Comparison to other GTL technologies

Other technologies for syngas to liquid fuels synthesis include the Fischer-Tropsch process and the methanol to gasoline processes.
Research conducted at Princeton University indicates that methanol to gasoline processes are consistently more cost-effective, both in capital cost and overall cost, than the Fischer-Tropsch process at small, medium and large scales.[6] Preliminary studies suggest that the STG+ process is more energetically efficient and the highest yielding methanol to gasoline process.[7]


The primary difference between the Fischer-Tropsch process and methanol to gasoline processes such as STG+ are the catalysts used, product types and economics.
Generally, the Fischer-Tropsch process favors unselective cobalt and iron catalysts, while methanol to gasoline technologies favor molecular size- and shape-selective zeolites.[8] In terms of product types, Fischer-Tropsch production has been limited to linear paraffins,[8] such as synthetic crude oil, whereas methanol to gasoline processes can produce aromatics, such as xylene and toluene, and naphthenes and iso-paraffins, such as drop-in gasoline and jet fuel.
The main product of the Fischer-Tropsch processs, synthetic crude oil, requires additional refining to produce fuel products such as diesel fuel or gasoline. This refining typically adds additional costs, causing some industry leaders to label the economics of commercial-scale Fischer-Tropsch processes as challenging.[9]

Methanol to gasoline

The STG+ technology offers several differentiators that distinguish it from other methanol to gasoline processes. These differences include product flexibility, durene reduction, environmental footprint and capital cost.
Traditional methanol to gasoline technologies produce diesel, gasoline or liquefied petroleum gas.[10] STG+ produces gasoline, diesel, jet fuel and aromatics, depending on the catalysts used. The STG+ technology also incorporates durene reduction into its core process, meaning that the entire fuel production process requires only two steps: syngas production and gas to liquids synthesis.[1] Other methanol to gasoline processes do not incorporate durene reduction into the core process, and they require the implementation of an additional refining step.[10]
Due to the additional number of reactors, traditional methanol to gasoline processes include inefficiencies such as the additional cost and energy loss of condensing and evaporating the methanol prior to feeding it to the durene reduction unit.[11] These inefficiencies can lead to a greater capital cost and environmental footprint than methanol to gasoline processes that use fewer reactors, such as STG+. The STG+ process eliminates multiple condensation and evaporation, and the process converts syngas to liquid transportation fuels directly without producing intermediate liquids.[7] This eliminates the need for storage of two products, including pressure storage for liquefied petroleum gas and storage of liquid methanol.
Simplifying a gas to liquids process by combining multiple steps into fewer reactors leads to increased yield and efficiency, enabling less expensive facilities that are more easily scaled.[12]


The STG+ technology is currently operating at pre-commercial scale in Hillsborough, New Jersey at a plant owned by alternative fuels company Primus Green Energy. The plant produces approximately 100,000 gallons of high-quality, drop-in gasoline per year directly from natural gas.[13] Further, the company announced the findings of an independent engineer’s report prepared by E3 Consulting, which found that STG+ system and catalyst performance exceeded expectations during plant operation. The pre-commercial demonstration plant has also achieved 720 hours of continuous operation.[14]
Primus Green Energy has announced plans to break ground on its first commercial STG+ plant in the second half of 2014, and the company has announced that this plant is expected to produce approximately 27.8 million gallons of fuel annually.[15]
In early 2014, the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) allowed Primus Green Energy’s patent covering its single-loop STG+ technology.[16]

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A Perfect Circle - The Thirteenth Step (Full Album)

Sunday, April 12, 2015


Do you think there is anything to the video below?

Text with video:

Published on Apr 8, 2015
Second Update regarding Jade Helm thanks to Dahboo777, and we thank Dahboo777 for keeping us up to date on Jade Helm.

Note: The part on Russia is my theory, it does not mean it will most certainly happen.

Dahboo777's channel is


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The Crisis of Insiders running US Courts

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Do we the people get representation for our taxation?

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Friday, April 03, 2015

WTTC all minorites (actually the majority) to the (assumed) WBC (White Boy Club)

White Boy lawn jockey photo [stolen from here, a lawn jockey history blog].

It is truly us against them. We have to know who "them" is.
To our brave and honorable US Troops, who joined for the right reasons, but have been wronged, "You can't give your life for your country, if your country really doesn't exist."
"America, the country that F's over Americans and Bombs the Rest," - Steven G. Erickson
The Clergy in America are supposed to turn in their flock if they are being potential leaders, religious, have an independent mind, are self-sufficient, and are considered a terrorist in corporate/banker/billionaire run America. Christian priests and leaders are getting tax dollars to be informants. Religion is considered mental illness by the elitist occupation of the US and most of the world. Muslims extremists are funded with US taxpayer dollars for banker purposes. There is nothing wrong with that religion as practiced by average people, who are people not being used by bankers, billionaires, and international corporate organized crime. 
Are we going to do the less than 1/10 of 1% bidding by doing in each other?
Why don't we identify those who want to kill all of us, sterilize all of us average people, rob us all, and go medieval on them, before they go medieval on us?
We have got the numbers.We just need to get along better.
The land, resources, and energy is ours, not theirs. We do not need them. They need us ... Before they get their robots online, let's have our own bread and circus, except it will be the elite who are literally fed to the lions, okay?

The FBI uses US taxpayer dollars to cause racial division. Have you heard of Hal Turner, the White Supremest, racist, New York City/New Jersey area radio host paid US taxpayer dollars to cause racial hatred, division, and violence between people who live next to each other and would normally just get along, go to work, raise families, and go about life? [Hal Turner Diaries]

Things didn't work out so well for Hal. He pissed off the Jewish Mafia in the State of Connecticut. It includes the Black Robe Mafia (Judges) and the Lawyer run legislature in that state.

WTTC means: "Welcome to the Club"

Chicago Gang and Urban Slang terms [found here].

International Bankers, Billionaires, and Corporate Organized Crime believe We the People are that Stupid. Are we? [Billionaire Bastard Playing Cards Stark Raving Viking blog post]

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Grateful Dead, LSD, Acid Test, Society, Changes, 1960's

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If you ever wondered how the great experiment started watch the documentary, "Magic Trip". This is only a clip. [more here] scroll down in post.

Do you know who Ken Kesey is? Have you seen the movie, "One flew over the Cuckoo's Nest"? Did you know that the CIA was experimenting using anyone they could find to test the effects of LSD, willingly and unwillingly?

Let the genie out of the bottle and bust the people who take a sip ...

If you want to see what is was to walk out in public, hang out in groups, and have a good time, watch this clip. See what is missing today? I am not glorifying the drugs, just look at how far the Police State has advanced.

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Safe-Use Condom for getting Constituent Services from Government, Vote Independent!

Cartoon condom image stolen [from here].

Safe-Use Condom for getting Constituent Services from Government, Vote Independent!

Republicans and Democrats have sold out to billionaires, international bankers, and corporate organized crime. Politicians like California US Senator Diane Feinstein can go into government worth 10's of thousands and become worth 100's of millions while still "IN" government!

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Cops can get free drinks, lap dances, and sex at Strip Clubs

Scroll down in post for videos 

[This Video Blogger] has seen where cops got free admission, free drinks, free food, free lap dances, and free sex near Bourbon St., New Orleans, Louisiana, during the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina 2006.

When I worked a 24 hour convenience store in Springfield, Massachusetts, years ago third shift while I attended college during the day, officers would pull over women, especially over weekend nights, and let women get out of DUI and/or marijuana arrests for giving officers oral sex, or for spreading their legs in back of the cruiser, one rear door open to the woods side of the car, submitting to police officer coerced sex which should be considered sexual assault and rape.

Officers would bring prostitutes into the dairy case of that Pasco Rd., store sit on dairy crates 3 high, and collect "protection" from prostitutes in the form of oral sex. Springfield Officers investigated a "solved murder" an extra 6 months of overtime spent at home and out drinking at bars. Officers would bring mostly minority suspects to the enclosed dumpster area, letting off frustration, and beat and torture suspects until bleeding hanging flesh could be seen hanging off off the brick wall.  

3 off-duty Linden New Jersey/New York City are police officer drank heavily at Curve's Strip Bar and ended up in a wrong way crash versus a tractor trailer truck on Staten Island Long Island New York. 2 officers are currently dead from their March 20, 2015, Friday crash. [Story and video on yahoo].

During my time being considered as a police officer or operative for the Troop C, Tolland, Connecticut State Police, I learned a few things in Stafford Springs, Connecticut, best revealed [by this post].

Officers can do drugs, drink and drive, and even rape women, and underage girls, if they are White, Male, and in good standing with other officers and the International Police Union and/or SEIU, goon union. Officers who drink on duty, or off duty, are almost immune from DUI and other laws the rest of us worry about, and/or have respect for.

Should there be Civilian Oversight of Police where officers would need to submit to Civilian Arrests and prosecution by a People's Grand Jury?

John McAfee breaks down how police can spy on everything you do and say, especially scooping up any sexy pictures or videos on your phone or computer:


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Operation "Toto" Pulling Back The Curtain: Full NSA Interview

Text with below video:

Published on Mar 18, 2015
Alex Jones talks with NSA Whistleblower William Binney about his experiences and what he thinks needs to be done to fix the country.

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