Thursday, November 29, 2018

Take a life to appreciate time?

The above pics [found here]

All sorts of sick titles, or comments could be put with the above photos.

Some of the top ones might be:

(1) Hey Migrants, welcome to America.

(2) Avoid impaling timbers.

(3) Vlad the Impaler lives

(4) This is why you don't complain about a lover's small penis

(5) No trespassing beyond this corpse

(6) FBI de-sensitivity training site, please have your ID, ready for sign in

(7) Free Speech Zone

(8) America's new Statue of Liberty

(9) I promise that I will keep it shaved next time

(10) I promise to never express conservative views on twitter, facebook, or on youtube ever again after my mistake.


We have trademarks and copyrights for the lyrics and music for our band, "Obligatory Salute"

We love Collective Soul

Mitch's last line is fascinating

"No, you don't have a lot of time. We want you to shut up right now."

Wednesday, November 28, 2018

Trump should run for a 2nd Term

When McCain/Palin ran against Obama was there any difference in what the American people would have gotten for "leadership"? Was there any difference between Romney-Care and Obamacare? When you have both candidates on both sides sold out to globalists, international corporate organized crime, and banksters, what does that say?

As much as I hate billionaires who are out to permanently wreck American sovereignty and historic identity, I like, and respect Donald J. Trump.

I like and respect Vladimir Putin's nationalism and support for the betterment of his own people. I personally don't believe there is improper collusion between the Trump and Putin Camp.

I do believe the Hillary Clinton camp is responsible for Russian collusion, and there are blatant acts of treason.

The email issues of the Clintons is minimum incompetence, and most treason, obstruction of justice, racketeering, crimes against humanity etc. If just one intelligence operative was murdered in China because of leaks, the person responsible should be punished as accessories to murder and also charged with treason. Those who have committed treason should not be the ones in the DOJ, FBI, CIA etc. out to prosecute anyone they can in the Trump Camp.

We the People need Donald J. Trump to continue to rattle the cages of the Deep State, globalists, and Dema Commie Rats.

stevengerickson at yahoo dot com (I am into email only once or twice a month FYI)

My issues with the Deep State and the bleepholes in the international police union and UN?:


[click here] for:

Deport the UN

If the UN is using outside the US money, or US taxpayer money, to bring about harm of average Americans in America, to American Sovereignty, or to US economy, it is an Act of War.

How is almost the unfettered influx of aliens into EU countries working out? Rape, robbery, murder and other crimes are off the charts in the areas with the most migrants. Are EU country residents getting any representation for their taxation? The UN wants the same abuse to occur in the US.

The UN is funding mass migration into the US to destroy the unique flavor of the US.

The UN needs to be deported out of the US.



Friday, April 06, 2018

Is Homeland Security trafficking in drugs to Commit False Flags?

According to my now deceased friend, Homeland Security had been something that was waiting in the wings way before 9/11. Rich Murzin was a retired Hartford Connecticut Narcotics Detective. He, and at least one of his sons were in the US Coast Guard Reserve. The US Coast Guard rules for themselves is that they don't have to treat Americans with any respect for the US Constitution. So, they have extrajudicial opportunities. That was the basis and rise for US DHS Homeland Security.

Without oversight, having to obey laws, what would an International Police Union which wants more dues, do. Well, the US Constitution is in the way of more members, more dues, and more power. Why not align with the UN, George Soros, international banking criminals, and corporate organized crime?

Rich Murzin told me he had evidence that Connecticut State Troopers were paid Homeland Security overtime. It was reported in newspapers that Connecticut State Troopers were claiming to have worked Homeland Security overtime, had falsified time sheets, stolen from US taxpayers, committed fraud, and felony theft, and did not get punished and did not have to pay the stolen money back.

When someone like me blogs critical of a politician, police, or someone high up in the corporate and banking international criminal empire, you can be put on a list. Police can then go after the target, a "Big Mouth", like me.

Rich told me an officer hour doing Homeland Security overtime, or duty, can cost taxpayers $200 to $500 per officer hour. States get $100 per day per inmate for those who are jailed. Why not give as many US citizens criminal records as is possible? 

Police, after the OKC Federal Builing Bombing were paid federal tax dollars to infiltrate the Militia. They were given special permission to wiretap, infiltrate gangs, organize their own youth gangs, manufacture evidence, use informants to set up targets, commit perjury, beat up, and railroad to prison gun owners, the self-employed, farmers, ranchers, and the politically inconvenient.

A police operative can beat up a citizen. The thug can demand money from the target of police to not end up in prison, because the thug works for police. In my case, Peter Coukos who claimed to have helped the CIA kidnap children for sexual purposes, said he could either have me arrested again if he made a complaint to police that I had threatened him with a gun. He said I either had to pay him $30,000 cash, or I would go to prison, lose what I had left, and my only daughter would be estranged from me for the rest of my life.

I didn't pay Coukos the $30,000. He owns my rental properties for a song. I was railroaded to prison. My daughter has had nothing to do with me since I was railroaded to prison. I am disowned by most of my family. The IRS is seizing anything I legally make and I can't fly, can't take a bus without being harassed by the TSA, and US taxpayers have paid 100's of thousands of dollars, if not millions, for the man hours to harass just me.

Peter Coukos, besides demanding that I pay him $30,000 cash, said I must submit to letting him fuck me in my ass at least once a week back in 2002. If Coukos was getting the benefit of US taxpayer dollars to beat up citizens, make false statements to police for arrests, and profit with police, also profiting from extortion, is paying US Federal Taxes illegal, because it supports organized crime, the harming of children, sex slavery, and the nullification of the US Constitution.

Did I pay US Federal Taxes to literally be fucked in the ass?

I did not give in to Coukos. Jail Guards at Storrs Prison told me that if I didn't stop complaining in letters I was mailing out, I should be fucked in the ass to get me to chill. Guards told me that if I was raped, the rapist could say it was consensual, sex in prison is illegal, so if I report being raped, I would be labeled a sex offender for the rest of my life.

So, days later, an inmate who had lost an eye in a shotgun blast from a police shotgun ricochet against the armored car he was trying to rob, had two African Americans grab each of my arms after I got out of the shower pinning me up against the bathroom wall. The armored car robber pulled my pants down, and started masturbating with hand lotion, getting his cock hard. I asked him if he wanted to keep his remaining eye. The African Americans, said I was a cold hearted mother fucker and let my arms go.

I asked the armored car robber if he still wanted to fuck me. He punked out. To the guards shurgrin, I then ran the block. My bunk was made and my laundry was done by other inmates, guards had to come to me when two inmates had a dispute for me to resolve, and I took a percentage of the armored car robber's Sports Betting take.

When I got out of prison, I had to go see Parole Officer Eric Ellison. I was out of prison just a couple of hours. He told me if I talked to news reporters and complained about any prison guards, police, officials, or judges I would be violated and then spend the rest of my life in prison. He told me to empty my pockets. I did. He then had me out my hands out on his desk to frisk me.

Eric Ellison jammed his erect cock still in his pants, in my ass crack with my pants still on, and asked, "How do you like that?"

It was about 10 or 15 seconds later that he had a "Happy Ending."

I wrote two letters to the editor printed in newspapers the next day. I called the ACLU, even though I hate lefty scumbags. Ellison then refused to meet me when I reported as required. I would wait in waiting room at scheduled reporting, and then was sent home after. At last hearing, he walked out of his office and said, "You are someone else's problem now."

I haven't been yet raped in the ass yet. But why should I pay Federal Taxes, or even file IRS forms, if I am paying taxes to literally be fucked in the ass?  

Wednesday, April 04, 2018

Wipe out the Patriots. Is US DHS using S. African Tactics to wipe out the Politically Inconvenient?

Scroll down in post for videos. This blog, and anything on youtube/google is probably going to be censored off the internet if it is anti globalist, anti big bankser, anti GMO, anti International Organized Crime, or anti Oppression of the Masses. So, if you like a blog, video, or whatever you see here, you best make your own personal copy to share before it's too late. You might want to see more here and click links while you still can.

Image is of Steve Erickson on Bourbon St. in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. I was given the code name, "The Big Apple to the Big Easy," because I fled New York City to be left alone by DHS and TSA. I worked as an insurance adjuster being promoted 3 times, and had an office with the head of the storm for a certain big insurance company and was let go after my full background check came in.

I had a Lithuanian wife in Stafford Springs, Connecticut, that a Connecticut town cop wanted for himself because he had Polish ancestry, was taller, and was a cop, even though he was living with his mother. He told me he was like, "James Bond," ridding America of those who are the enemies, like the founding fathers, which are gun owners and the self-employed. The founding fathers are traitors, and terrorists, who usurped legitimate authority according to the international police union. Some dumb as a box of rocks officers, believe this, or just wanted to rape, rob, steal, and be an armed gang of thugs because it's fun to be a psychopath.

So, I was according to Stafford Springs Connecticut Constable Frank Prochaska, not deserving of my wife, house, new vehicles, contracting business, should be making only $10 per hour for my work, so I had scammed all that I have. Stafford Springs, Connecticut, Police Officer Frank Prochaska told me he could be my friend, and let me leave the state, leave my wife, leave my house, and I could retain my driver's license, contracting business, and he would put me on the "cooperative list," and he could then pursue my wife with me out of the way. If no, I would be put on the "(International) Police Union Enemies List," which became the US DHS terrorist watch list and I would have problems with taxes, government, police, and the courts, no matter where I hid in the US, or abroad.

How much did just one horny, dumb as a box of rocks, can't collect shopping carts at Wal-Mart stupid cop living in his Mom's basement cost you millions in Homeland Security overtime  US Federal Taxes, and expenses, to ruin a guy who just thought he could raise a family, own a home, be independently employed, have a concealed carry pistol permit, and pursue the American Dream?

I had a friend, Rich Murzin. Rich Murzin was a Hartford Connecticut Narcotics Detective. According to Rich, he defied his Hartford Police Captain and arrested a Mafia Heroin Dealer who allegedly paid protection to the police captain in Hartford who oversaw the drug trade and other rackets for more important people, including a cabal of judges. Rich Murzin busted the dealer, his captain retaliated and Rich is now dead, and his entire family has suffered for decades, no one is safe who took Rich into their heart.

When Rich was no longer a police detective, had lost everything except his family, and was a guard at a grocery store, we'd play a game. I would write something in my other blog exposing public corruption, the Connecticut Governor, police, court corruption, or out Mafia type activity of officials and then call Rich Murzin. We had a code. I was not coming to visit him.

Rich Murzin would count the official cars running in the parking lot of the grocery store where he was a guard and see how many detective cars were parked and for how long. The most he counted was 9 in a supermarket parking lot. The Detectives waited about 4 hours just to see if I may show up. According to Rich they were getting Homeland Security overtime, plus expenses, of $200 to $500 per  hour per officer.

I broke no laws. I didn't leave my wife when a dumb as a box of rocks police officer told me to leave my wife so he could have a chance at her. I didn't. I was put on a list. I cost you 100's of thousands of dollars, if not millions of your federal US tax dollars if you pay them. I could just say over my cell phone that I was going to meet someone, not show up, and a platoon of officers was there to suck up overtime, Homeland Security screw your life over style.

I feel guilty that Rich Murzin died of a "heart attack", and that AJ Fontaine died of "the flu" within hours of each other a week, or so, in 2011, when they said they had information that Homeland Security, the Connecticut FBI, and the Connecticut State Police were planning a mass shooter drill that would go live if going well to end the 2nd Amendment. They also talked to me about officials having planned a mass bombing outside of Connecticut with other agencies.

The IRS is seizing all that I earn legitimately. I can never pay back my bogus bill. I can't drive a car registered to me and not get BS wherever I go. I can't take a bus somewhere without someone taking out a TSA laminant and giving me BS.


Do I like Donald J. Trump? Yes, I do.

Do I like Vladimir Putin? Hell yes, that guy seems to believe in the family, national sovereignty, self protection, his nation, his people, and Russians could even get the 2nd Amendment when the US loses it. Putin seems to care about his legacy. I believe Trump does. I just hope, and pray, that Trump hasn't been compromised by the globalists.


BREAKING : Alex Jones & Katie Hopkins Debate Laura Ingraham & Threats On Her Life [Direct link to video]


Friday, March 30, 2018

Vladimir Putin adopts US Constitution because America Dumps it?

I didn't read the article that the above image was lifted from, but it was found [here]. 

Okay, I am being sarcastic. But with GMO Monsanto poison food, and the drug corporations making you sick so they can then heal you, why would you want to raise a family in a country that is anti-family?
Vladimir Putin seems to be pro gun and pro self defense, pro family, pro sovereignty, and pro success of his own country, a swirling cesspool that is the US is less attractive. I do hope that Trump can pull a rabbit out of a hat. A one point in history, immigration into the US almost stopped, and exodus out, actually happened, and Russia was one of the destinations out.

I was in Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, and Poland in the 1990's. I longed to go back to America because the lamps in the rooms might be spying on me. I wish I was back there left alone, unlike the nightmare of being self-employed, politically active, outspoken, and pro US Constitution in the US.

Why would I say any of this?:

[click here] for:

Support the 2nd Amendment because you HATE US Constitution Dismantlers

Image of FBI and Connecticut State Police target for being a Constitutional Extremist, Code Name: "Big Apple to Big Easy,", picture of Steven G. Erickson, having gone from New York City to the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina in the aftermath to help out. Picture taken on Bourbon St.



Monday, March 26, 2018

Police Breaking into Houses to steal legal guns, cash, and valuables?

Scroll down in post for videos. Please forward this post to Donald J. Trump, the Atty General, or appropriate authorities not helping operate the Deep State. 

What happened in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina? Police and military was going door to door kicking in doors beating up grandmothers, wanting to shoot citizens in their own homes, arresting citizens, taking guns and other valuables. It was a dry run, tactics are in place for when gun confiscation happens.

I was told by a US DHS Homeland Security insider that State Police who get Homeland Security overtime allegedly carry street date rape drugs. They're for date raping. If a suspect is set up for an arrest, is beaten up, tortured, or made a patsy, the police then have a victim who can't remember what happened. 

Police were listening to all my phone calls, trolling my internet use, and tracking me using my cellphone. Them giving me no privacy didn't work out well for me. They utilized information to cause major havoc in my life. The International Police Union wants the self-employed, small business owners, farmers, contractors, concealed carry permit holders, and gun owners targeted for being processed, ripped off, and to be unable to have firearms, a covert program paid for with federal tax dollars in the aftermath of the Oklahoma City Federal Building Bombing

In the mid-1990's, police were getting federal tax dollars to go after gun owners, concealed carry gun permit holders, the self-employed, independent journalists, and the politically inconvenient.

Police would use thieves on probation to break into houses to steal legal guns, cash, and valuables. Police would split the booty with criminals after the police stood as lookouts. Police would watch as vandals on probation smashed windows in homes of targeted individuals.

 I wanted to become a police officer in Stafford Springs, Connecticut, and LT. Trapp walked me through the process of becoming a police officer. Police were targeting gun owners and self-employed to give criminal records and to get business for lawyers and and business in the courts. States get federal dollars for prison inmates. The more inmates the more a state gets in federal funds.

Organized crime gets your tax money to run, build, and supply prisons and other facilities.

Police are encouraged to use honey traps to arrest their dupes. Drunk driving, buying drugs, or just getting beat up by cops and then getting charged with assaulting a police officer.

Call the FBI to report the above corruption, and the FBI will go after the whistleblower and/or the police will go after you even harder.

It was thought that I had $30,000 cash in my home. Police wanted my guns that I no longer have, and the cash that they thought I had. Connecticut State Police, Troop C, were looking outs when "JT" Turner broke into my garage, lodging himself part way in, cutting his abdomen on broken glass. The fire department got him out, and he was taken away by ambulance.

The State Trooper didn't arrest JT but suggested that he sue me and/or file charges against me for his injuries having attempted to break in my house! Stevie Carver was smashing my windows and Connecticut State Troop C officers were in their cruisers laughing.

Former CIA Asset, Peter Coukos, who claims he helped get 4 to 8 year old boys, and girls, his preferred sex partners, as sex slaves for pedophiles and use by CIA.

Coukos paid Selectman John Julian $5000 cash to have police terrorize me out of my rental properties so Coukos could buy them like it was a fire sale. 

Peter Coukos was sexually harassing my then 14 year old daughter, and her friend Leanne, leaving death threats for her on my answering machine. Peter Coukos told me that I would have to pay him $30,000 cash, or he'd make a false claim and I'd be arrested, go to prison, lose everything, and be permanently estranged from my daughter.

Coukos told me I could avoid prison if I gave him $30,000. Coukos was allegedly to split the money with Stafford Springs Resident State Trooper Mulcahey and Stafford Officer Fat Frank Prochaska, the pair who had told me that I was kicked out of Connecticut, and if not, I would go to prison.

Even if you don't have guns, how do you think you will deal with having thugs in your homes looking for guns and valuables. If you're a woman, and good looking, imagine these dirty thugs with their hands all over you, beating on you before you are raped.

Steve Spellman, Rep for International. Police Union, legislative liaison to legislators told legislators to ignore what I was reporting on police misconduct to Senator Anthony Guglielmo, John Kissel, and Rep. Mordasky, telling them I would be taught a lesson, lose everything, lose contact with my daughter, get beaten and go to prison.

I proposed Civilian Oversight of Police. Those who do this, get their information sent to the Commissioner of State Police, and your picture and information is passed to area departments to distribute at roll call to beat, kill, and/or set up target for prison. Ritt Goldstein also proposed Civilian Oversight of Police and was so terrorized and abused by police, he fled to Sweden seeking political asylum.

I have dialed 911 and police either didn't show up, or showed up hours later to bang on my door singing, "Oh Stevie Boy, Oh Stevie Boy," over and over, chanting and laughing. Around the same time police would drink in former Mayor of Norwalk, Bill Collins' driveway, throw their empty beer bottles on his porch, putting police union bumper stickers on his porch. Police were telling the mayor, that they were in charge, not him.

Think police will protect you when needed?

Think again.

With the NDAA and Patriot Act being passed, all of the above is "legal". Court cases are decided by insiders before the case is even held. It is a puppet show. That is if you can even get a court case, with the legislation you can be jailed without charges, tortured, and murdered. You have no rights. 


For Lawyers, Judges, Police, Prosecutors, police informants, operatives, assets, and their Organized Crime Friends, it just one big party at our expense.


A former prosecutor was charged early Sunday with driving under the influence and possessing marijuana and a handgun after leaving a birthday party at the Essex home of Chief State's Attorney Christopher L. Morano.

"I made a damn stupid mistake," Peter W. Soulsby of Marlborough said Thursday. [more]



More information:

Alex Jones Infowars videos are [found here]

SEIU goon Union, Big Banks, Drug Money Laundering & You [Direct link to video]

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Friday, March 23, 2018

Foreign Money coming in for PSYOPS to end Gun Ownership in America?

Foreign Money coming in for PSYOPS to end Gun Ownership in America?

Scroll down in post for video

Above image [found here]

Billionaires, international bankers, and owners of major corporations can seize vast land, resources, energy, and control if they can use the UN and international police union as their tools.

If you are American, you've already given up your privacy, because you might be a terrorist if you want a private conversation and your finances and assets out of view of the insiders who want to steal all from you.

Removing the 2nd Amendment, means you shouldn't have property rights, Free Speech, or anything else in the US Constitution. If outside agitators are funding the anti-gun movement, then the push is a stealth invasion to undermine Americans to be enslaved in the system like the EU in Europe. In Europe, violent migrants from the war torn 3rd World are being brought in to destroy borders, bankrupt local government, and enslave populations dismantling human rights for former citizens who became mere residents, without representation for their taxation.

If a gun ban can be secured in the US, the International Police Union can make more money hand over fist for union dues. The UN could then become an armed occupying force in the US, erasing the US Constitution eliminating Free Speech and any real representation for our taxation. There will be a worldwide erasure of basic human rights.

A retired police officer friend of mine who was on the ground floor when US DHS Homeland Security was being built, told me that a large percentage of police officers and officers who are being paid Homeland Security overtime are carrying date rape drugs. One reason is to rape, another is so police who beat up, torture, or set up for false arrest, citizens have no idea the abuse that they have suffered, and who is to blame.


AMC's "TURN: Washington's Spies," can be found on Netflix. Spoiler alert: citizens in a town loyal to the crown are stripped of their guns, their property can be confiscated at will, and are mistreated after they become disarmed. Women can be raped, and you can be robbed of your life and property by those armed troops occupying your town. In modern America, that can be Armed Police and Troops and a disarmed Modern America.

A Look at the Series: TURN: Washington's Spies [Direct link to video]


Alex Jones, Infowars videos can be found here: 


[Direct link] to below video.


IRS taking 100% of your pay, How to Survive [Direct link to video]

Thursday, March 22, 2018


Scroll down in post for video. Suggest that you make it full size. 

A police officer who was part of the program to illegally seize guns and was paid federal tax dollars to covertly help end the 2nd Amendment, Free Speech, and nullify the US Constitution, decided he should have my wife, not me. I was threatened with having problems with the IRS, with police, and the courts and for the rest of my life if I did not comply with him telling me that I was kicked out of the state of Connecticut, had to abandon my wife, or else.

100% of whatever I earn, if I can get a job, is at risk. I can't get assistance. The courts are rigged. I contacted the FBI and USDOJ. I contacted anyone willing to listen. Getting word back from high authorities, the US Constitution does not apply to me, and I have no rights unless I am a member of a protected group, like minorities, transsexuals, homosexuals, etc.

I'm a White Male, and I am not going to sleep with another guy, nor have my junk cut off to be a tranny just to have rights in the USA!

[Direct link to video on youtube]


More information:

Sunday, March 18, 2018

600+ page views abandoned, 2 page views per day after posting again.

600+ page views abandoned, 2 page views per day after posting again. Is Google, YouTube, and Blogger, the host of this blog about censorship?

I haven't been blogging here for over a year. But still checking the stats. 

So, abandoning this blog, I got over 600 page views per day, and then posting, only 2 plus? 

What gives?

Posting free, isn't free. 

If actual costs were charged, then there would be competition. 

If we pay taxes to spy on ourselves, I can see why Blogger, YouTube, and Google services are "free". 

Those who want the US Constitution honored, are under attack. We are being put on lists.


On another note, I would like to congradulate Vladimir Putin on his continued success in leading Russia. I admire his dedication to national sovereignty, and his dedication to the Russian family, traditions, and his caring, period.

Absolutely disgusting Police Misconduct is not Uncommon in the State of Connecticut, and in Most States

Click on top banner of most blogs to go to newest posts. Scroll down to bottom for video. 

Connecticut State Police and other police in other states are getting their instructions from their International Police Union, and the UN. I consider this treason. For decades the police union wants to dismantle the US Constitution. Police are getting federal tax dollars to break laws and go after citizens who are considered "Constitutional Extremists," totally violating the US Constitution with their current behavior.

There is no holds barred as far a police misconduct, and brutality, since 9/11, the Patriot Act, and the NDAA.

Once you are a target, on the secret police enemies list, you may never get justice, may end up dead of "natural causes", in prison, broke, and/or go crazy after all of the abuse.


Excerpt [link to more]:

Connecticut Cops, Guns, drugs, money, "suicide", and Police Misconduct?

From Bad Cop News:

NORWALK, CONNECTICUT - Criminal charges will not be filed against two police officers drawn into the investigation of former Lt. Thomas Cummings, who was charged with sexual molestation, police and Judicial Branch sources said.

But an internal police investigation is under way, and Lt. Michael King and Sgt. Stephen Couture could face disciplinary action, said William Curwen, president of the police union.
The criminal investigation into the officers has ended without charges filed against them, Senior Assistant State’s Attorney Richard Colangelo said last week.

King, a 24-year veteran, was investigated for downloading pornographic material on his department computer and the police computer assigned to Cummings, Colangelo said.

Couture, who has 23 years on the force, last month was stripped of his command of the Youth Bureau. He was investigated for speaking to Cummings at the start of the probe into sexual abuse allegations against Cummings, Colangelo said.

Sources with knowledge of the investigation said Couture told Cummings immediately that he was under investigation by Colangelo, but withheld that information from his superiors for three days.
Reached on Friday, King and Couture declined to comment.

The officers’ conduct came under criminal review during the investigation of Cummings, which began in October.

The investigation began after a 15-year-old Weston boy told one of his high school teachers about his sexual relationship with Cummings, a source close to the investigation said.

[click here] for more.

Alex Jones and Infowars programs can be found here:


Jimi Hendrix On An Acoustic Guitar(Only known 2 videos RARE) [Direct link to video]


Green As the Crow Flies [link] is a cool blog. I cut and pasted the below blog roll from there. 

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