Sunday, June 30, 2013

Degenerate Art and Self Expression

The above picture, Ernst Kirchner, 1915 a self-portrait as a soldier says quite a lot without words. I found it here.

Art is expression. So, is music, writing, and movie making. What censorship is lurking just beyond your computer's screen?

Writer, Verbal Provocateur?

Abraham Lincoln might actually be accurately portrayed as being the scumbag that he is, and was, at about 1 hour 2 minutes into the video.

American Masters: The Education of Gore Vidal (PBS Documentary)

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Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Some Cops will just ripoff your cash if you have it

Some police officers and police departments across the US will just rip off your cash and steal your assets, property, and even your children if they feel they can get away with it. Departments and officers themselves profit. Lawyers, are too often, part of this organized criminal activity. The US is not alone in this abuse. As the UN's Agenda 21 kicks in, just expect [more official abuse]. 

The "Good Ole Boy" network down South has long been known for stopping African Americans on highways and rural roads and just ripping them off. Some officers go for the bonus of beating African Americans to a pulp, and then charging them with arresting arrest and assaulting an officer after their police victims have been ripped off. 


The below was cut and pasted [from here].

Highway Robbery: Tennessee Police Are Seizing Cash From Out-of-State Visitors In Policy Called “Policing For Profit”

It appears that anyone visiting Tennessee this summer should leave their cash at home. A New Jersey man has encountered an outrageous policy among police in that state to seize large amounts of cash from out-of-state visitors without any probable cause of a crime. The practice brings a new meaning to “highway robbery.”

A professional insurance adjuster, George Reby, was traveling through the state from New Jersey when he was stopped and asked by Officer Larry Bates if he had large amounts of cash. He said that he did — $22,000. The officer demanded the money and said that he was confiscating the money on suspicion of drug activity. That is it. The mere fact that he was carrying a large amount of cash was enough under this policy to seize the money. The police know that many out-of-state travelers never come back for the cash and they are then allowed to keep the money for their own uses at the department.

Even though Reby explained why he had the money, it did not matter. The fact that he completely cooperated in allowing a full search of his car did not matter. What mattered was that the police wanted the cash.

Bates admitted that he did not arrest Reby because he did not commit any crime. However, he reminded drivers that “[t]he safest place to put your money if it’s legitimate is in a bank account. He stated he had two. I would put it in a bank account. It draws interest and it’s safer.”

Bates said that he was right to take the money because “he couldn’t prove it was legitimate.” That of course flips the normal presumption under criminal law, but it is an example of how police powers have increased in this country.

To made matters even more authoritarian, Tennessee law allows a judge to sign off on the seizure in an ex parte proceeding. Reby was never informed of the hearing. Only the officer’s account is considered at such hearings.

While Reby insists that he offered to show proof on his computer as to the source of the money, the offer was not reported to the court. Bates simply stated “common people do not carry this much U.S. currency.” He noted later that “a thousand-dollar bundle could approximately buy two ounces of cocaine.” Of course, ten dollars can buy drugs as well as a thousand dollars can buy a jet ski.

Bates also said Reby had a criminal history despite the fact that it was 20 years ago and did not result in any conviction. He also said the money was hidden in the car despite the fact the Reby consented to the search and told the officer about the bag (and gave the bag to the officer).
It takes months for travelers to get their money back and many give up. In Reby’s case, he was forced to travel back to Tennessee to pick up the check and was given no apology for the abusive seizure. Bates will not be disciplined.

The policy in Tennessee is a disgrace, but neither local prosecutors or judges appear motivated to stop the obvious abuse of travelers. Putting aside this case, the seizure of property has become a huge bonanza for prosecutors and police across the country. The threshold showing for such seizure is now so low that they can seize first and ask questions later. It creates a perverse incentive for police officers and their departments when such property and cash ultimately can be claimed by law enforcement. One obvious reform is to stipulate that police and prosecutors cannot benefit from seizures — removing the incentive for broad seizures.

The Tennessee policy makes its recent slogan “Follow Me To Tennessee” sound a bit more menacing. However, they may want to go back to it. The new slogan does not quite fit with its seizure policies targeting out-of-state travelers: “Tennessee- America at its best.”
Source: News Channel 5 as first seen on Reddit.

Monday, June 17, 2013

Miss Alabama on NSA Prism Scandal

Domestic spying was completely illegal prior to 9/11. It still is against everything the US Constitution stands for. International bankers and corporate organized crime wants to complete domination of all governments, all resources, and to control you.

It is so trendy to love being spied on. But in the real world, do your really know who is sifting through your data? Spying can go back in time. All conversations that are recorded and all emails can be sifted through at a later date. Anyone can be framed for anything. Anyone's data can be used to get that person fired from their jobs, lose their home, their family, and to face state sponsored terrorizing, beatings, jail, and even being murdered.

Farmers who even give away raw milk are being treated like drug dealers and arrested as felons losing everything. Bankers and organized crime do not want community leaders, self-sufficiency, or any transactions that do not involve them. In Louisiana it is a crime to buy an item such as a lawnmower from a neighbor for cash at a yard sale. It that really a crime or something international criminals do not want us to be able to do? Small business owners and the self-employed are enemies of the state. Farmers are terrorists.

Prior to 9/11, police tried to recruit me in Stafford Springs, Connecticut, to be part of their cop gang. They wanted citizens interested in becoming police officers and others who were on probation for having committed crimes to work for police. Police wanted criminals to break into houses to steal legal guns from gun owners. Police wanted small business, the self-employed, and investment property owners who were not affiliated with police, lawyers, or organized crime to lose their business, property, and be railroaded to prison if they got mouthy. I refused to break laws for the Connecticut State Police. I refused to lie and make false statements to break up families and for police and lawyer revenue collection and asset confiscation.

[Peter J. Coukos] was allegedly given dibs on my rental properties for sexually harassing my then 14 year old daughter and helping set me up for prison and to lose my properties. Coukos maintained good credit while becoming a crack cocaine addict. Knowing this, police offered Coukos a gun permit for assaulting me and helping police terrorize me out of Connecticut upon my release from jail for having resisted being beaten on my property by a police informant. [my open letter to Connecticut Governor Dannel P. Malloy].

So, spying is about ripping you off. Spying, wholesale, is not about making you safe. It is about making you a slave.

[NSA, CIA, you, and Operation Phoenix]

Monday, June 10, 2013

Survivors of USS Liberty tell more about Israeli attack

Text with below video:

Earnest Gallo remembers the day like it was yesterday. Not too different from any other service day. But he says that all changed when from a lower deck he heard an attack coming from Israeli forces firing upon the USS Liberty.

On June 8th, 1967, Gallo says 34 US servicemen died in the attack. Another 174 were wounded. They were honored over the weekend during a wreath-laying ceremony at the tomb of the unknown soldier at Arlington National Cemetery.

The Israeli regime paid nearly twenty million dollars in compensation to the victims and the US government since then. However, survivors say there has never been an extensive investigation as to what happened despite numerous letters sent to lawmakers.

It's been 46 years since the attack on the USS Liberty. Veterans and survivors of the attack came from around the country to be here. They say it's an important event that more Americans need to know about.

Several US politicians were invited to come to the ceremony. None responded to the requests. Some say that the true details of what happened were covered up by the president at the time, Lyndon Johnson, but are still ignored to this day.

Other veterans say that that the United States is not acting in its own best interests where money to foreign wars has overshadowed much needed domestic services.

Like the brave men who kept the Liberty afloat after the attack, veterans like Gallo say they will continue to push for the truth to be known on that fateful day.

One observer noticed that the wreath commemorating the USS Liberty only remained in place for a few minutes before it was replaced by another wreath from a different entity.

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The NSA/Edward Snowden scandal is breaking. Check out the video at the bottom of [this post].

Tuesday, June 04, 2013

Defending the practice of beating baby seals in head?

Video, is embedded below. [Steven G. Erickson's video channel]

Destroying the family unit, population control, winning the minds through control, and Agenda 21, the elite UN policy to end independence, self-sufficiency, and self-employment globally.

Spy agencies like the CIA aren’t tools of the government. They are the government. Crossing the Rubicon is having CIA operate domestically conducting Black Ops and having Military check points inside a country. Citizens are being conditioned to be inmates, not citizens. Yes, the TSA molests children right in your face.

In Alaska, remote Russia, and other points on the globe, some populations are dependent on seals to live remotely. Should all citizens, using any excuse be kettled in cities which will become prisons. There is 100% trapping of all cell calls and internet usage. Surveillance cameras are strung up everywhere. Police are under no obligation to protect and serve you, they are guards for international organized crime, bankers, the cabal of lawyers, and the government.

"Cow Sharing" or providing others with raw milk is a crime. International corporations are out to control all farming, all land, all business, all government, all resources, all energy. We have been invaded by a country without borders. The UN is international corporate organized crime. The elite have long used and filled the ranks of the CIA and other organizations.

I was told by Tolland Troop C Connecticut State Police Sgt., now Lieutenant [Samuel Izzarelli], that I was a target of police for being a contractor, as all contractors are drunks, and for being a landlord, because all landlords are slumlords. I broke no laws. Pre-9/11 in Stafford Springs, Connecticut, and in other test cities there was allegedly 100% tapping of phone, 100% official trolling of internet usage, and 100% looking at what you own, what you have, and if there are any young hot women or girls. Police were taking inventory, going after potential leaders, illegally confiscating guns, property, and assets, and were financially wrecking small business owners and the self-employed who are not mafia, police, lawyer, or government affiliated, pre-9/11. It has only gotten worse. [my saga]

[Target on the Secret Police arrest on sight, Enemies List for blogging critical of a governor]

[Getting Made in the Police Mafia]

[Corbett Report: Jan Irvin on CIA, MK-Ultra, LSD and more]

[RT America, Baby Seal Documentary, source]

It has only gotten worse after the elite almost eradicated the family farmer. Agenda 21 is killing off populations, jailing us in new city "living", sterilizing us, dumbing us down, making us sick, killing us, and robbing all that can be taken. Hail, Hail our masters in the UN.

What happens to the US economy when the Fed quits just printing 85 billion dollars a month to prop up the economy? What is already happening in Europe? What is happening in China? [James Corbett of the Corbett Report and Dr. Stan take your questions]

[History of the banking elite ripping you off, video here]

Saturday, June 01, 2013

Taxed for Feeding Trees?

The global elite want to tax you to breathe. Taking in Oxygen, you exhale Carbon Dioxide. The Carbon tax is a tax on breathing. Since when do bankers own all the air because they say so? They keep taking miles, not inches. We the people keep cowering in the corner in massive numbers. Bradley Manning stood up, turned in criminals for War Crimes and where did that get him? Do you remember Nixon, the Pentagon Papers, and the War in Vietnam?

I do.

Where are we today?

[This is where I ended up, and this is why I posted the above, below, and all that I do].

stevengerickson At

Monsanto is truly an evil corporation. I lived under the uncomfortable umbrella of Monsanto. It paid my father's paycheck. My father's father broke it down for me in one pickup ride he and I took when my age was still in single digits. We took a long drive near his farm in Fargo, North Dakota. Something my father said he never got with his own father. That is too bad, maybe my father would not be the equivalent of a Nazi sympathizer today. My grandfather, a family farmer, told his grandson, me, in the early 1970's what was to be ahead in my life. He was right. I owe it to him to be at least half the man he was. I am not a pandering whore to the international organized crime banker syndicate, the global corporate police state.

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Bilderberg to Greet Alex Jones with Extra Security

Text with video:

Published on May 31, 2013
Hertfordshire Police are wary of potentially violent provocateurs that could hijack peaceful protests at the site of the 2013 Bilderberg Group meeting in Watford, UK.

In a conversation with Hertfordshire police liaison officer Steve Lee, Alex Jones was told that authorities will be vigilant in ensuring that any such provocateurs were shut down immediately and will not be allowed to ruin the event for law-abiding demonstrators.

Jones told Lee that the prime suspects for staging anything violent would be the Bilderberg Group itself, given that they staged a fake bomb threat at the 2011 meeting in St. Moritz.

Police from more than three jurisdictions will be involved at the event which is expected to attract hundreds if not thousands of demonstrators who will protest against the secretive Bilderberg Group's complete lack of transparency and its role in shaping world affairs behind closed doors with total contempt for the democratic process.



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Subversive Home Beer Brewing, Fun and Informative?

Text with video below:

Do you want to take control of what you put in your body? Do you trust corporations to handle, provide, and decide your food and beverage choices? Do you like quality, doing things yourself, and making like-minded friends?

Well, joining a beer brewing cooperative might be for you.

I think I might really start breaking the law, and start "cow sharing". Getting raw milk from cows is considered a major crime by the international corporations. Police Raids on farms are like they are going after drug factories. Corporations like Monsanto don't want you growing your own non-GMO poison crops. Do some word searches on the terms in this paragraph.

If you hate the big corporate world police state, then grow a garden, brew your own beer, make your own wine, can your own food preserves in glass. I intend to hike in the woods of upper state New York, Vermont, New Hampshire, and Maine while the UN and our international corporate organized crime owners still let us use and enjoy the vast lands. I know I need to pay the world criminals taxes to breathe under our current armed occupation. I don't have to like it. I can have fun, protest, and live all at the same time.

I am currently, and still, a [target on the police state enemies list] because I blogged critical of a governor, rigged courts, and police in the state of Connecticut. [We are all corporate inmates of a world police state].

In Louisiana, bankers saw to it that it is illegal to buy items from your neighbors for cash, especially at tag sales. Bankers and international corporate organized crime wants their hands in every transaction. They want complete control. That is why all telephone calls are recorded. That is why all internet traffic is monitored. They do not trust us to just go about our business and enjoy liberty.

Live free or die.

I will enjoy my life as long as the police state graciously allows me to breathe. 

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