Wednesday, August 30, 2006

To Die in an American Prison is not Extraordinary

as it can happen to absolutely anyone at anytime.
Your life is one second away from completely going down the tubes. Officials can ruin you with a number of keystrokes on a computer.

State Officials, Especially Police, Judges, DCF, and Prison Guards can belong to a Liar’s Club.
Any citizen can be sent to the zoo. Prison and being sent to a Mental Hospital can be handed out like candy.

I spent 100’s thousands of dollars and years of my own sweat fixing up boarded up multifamily houses. A person would think that this behavior would be rewarded and criminal behavior such as prostitution, selling crack cocaine and heroin, fencing stolen goods, and being a lifetime common criminal parasite might be frowned upon.

Doing the math, you can understand the jobs and the collecting of undeclared taxes. If a system without checks and balances is allowed to fail beyond repair those individuals that educate other are in for a world of an American Twilight Zone.

Peter Coukos, a self admitted, bi-polar, crack smoking, prostitute seeing, alcoholic psychopath was allegedly offered a pistol permit by State Police Trooper Mulcahey and Stafford Officer Prochaska to harass my then 14 year old daughter and I out of Stafford Springs Connecticut.

There were police officers openly threatening me and soliciting those on probation to make false statements for an excuse to arrest me. I had alerted the public of the cop and court game in what I wrote in newspapers and tried to fix their screw the public game by proposing laws to elected officials.

Connecticut State Troopers told me I would be kicked out of the State and confined in a Prison before any events took place, what!!!???

Kristine Blake (click for story), a former worker for the Department of Mental Retardation had all sorts of false allegations and statements concocted to railroad her for being a whistleblower, they should have checked to see if she was actually in the country before making up all sorts of crap.

The only thing that saved her from getting arrested and then railroaded to prison after the ball had already been sent in motion was passport stamps saying she was out of the country at the time of the frame job. No liar or perjurer or police officer was even disciplined.

I was renting cars and hiding in my house for maybe years before they finally got me, there were too many failed attempts to count. I got jumped and beaten on my property. I pepper sprayed the police informant and Connecticut State Police Officers were ready to lie and refuse to take witness statements and complaints before the deal went down. I was told I “confessed’ in lock-up and that Sergeant was never investigated and two Connecticut State Troopers were never investigated for perjury as they said I had never asked to make a complaint regarding be attacked on my own property in the dark from behind.

Anyone that knows me I really can’t shut up, even to save my life.

That event police knew beforehand would happen, meant I was to be locked in prison, heavily fined, with the harshest, strictest conditions possible. A felon was given immunity for threatening my life, stalking me, and beating me, because self-defense is not legal in Connecticut, what!!!???

I was labeled a snitch by police and guards for my first day of prison. There was not enough room so I was placed near an entrance packed in like a sardine on a prison cafeteria floor and because I was near the entrance was woken up every 10 minutes or so and went for a long period of time, sleep deprived.

I was assaulted in prison.

I was punched from behind in the kidney and went down. I was carried back to my bunk by other inmates. I did not report the crime to guards as they enjoy inmate on inmate torture and assaults.

Two African American men that worked out regularly used to hands each to pin me against a wall and an inmate that had lost an eye in an armored car robbery pulled at my pants from behind with hand cream and a towel in his hand telling me what he was going to do to me. I asked him if he wanted to keep his remaining eye and my wrists were immediately released and I faced him directly.

No, I didn’t get raped, but could you survive this?

For having invested 100’s of thousands of dollars and years of my life, paying taxing, being an honest citizen mean that I should have to bend over for any prison guard to show him or her my anal orifice and place my ball sack to one side or the other, having to drop my pants anywhere at anytime for any prison official?

Threatening to sue for civil rights abuses or trying to get an official prosecuted might mean prison for ANYONE.

Being in Connecticut might mean that again lies will be told to send me to prison. You in your state are not safe either.

So it is not far fetched that I could die in prison and be guilty of no crimes.

Political Prisoners are being put in US prisons everyday at your expense.

Rules aren’t followed and there is no accountability.

And yes, I do blame Bush directly for a system that will do this to any American.

Go ahead, wave your flag now.

-Steven G. Erickson a.k.a. blogger Vikingas

Arthur L. Spada, former Connecticut State Police Commissioner, click for post post contains most of my story

What is prison really like?
click for post details of my confinement

Monday, August 28, 2006

Giving Credit where credit is due

Del Simmons the father and webmaster of allowed me to blog from the beginning of when blogging was a new phenomena, by giving me an account to blog on his website. So, here I am now.

Children in schools were told to ask bloggers questions of what they think regarding politicians for class assignments. It was before the tarnish inflicted by the corporate media regarding lurking pedophiles on the Internet. There might be a greater amount of pedophile priests just in Boston then there is in the World of the Internet on, but who is telling that news? was getting 5000 to 6000 hits a day during a large part of its history. The search engines for, “Connecticut State Police Misconduct”, “Connecticut Governor John G. Rowland”, Governor M. Jodi Rell, Connecticut State Police Commissioner Arthur L. Spada, Leonard C. Boyle, Connecticut State Police Colonel Barry, Lieutenant Wack, Rockville Connecticut Judge Jonathan Kaplan, and so many others would have peace without being exposed for their crimes, had it not been for

Thank you, The Internet, where Al Gore is not the Father of the Internet.

Note: I am now hanging in a circle where Al Gore is thought of as “sexy”. I am thinking both “yucky” and where is my equal? Being a little on the Green side does have its benefits, but being a political activist there is no sex, damn it!

Another Connecticut Conspiracy to deny Human Rights and the Ability to Sue Government

Official Connecticut, is about lies, thuggery, and retaliation.

The below, tells how far Connecticut and Officials with too much power can go:

Supreme Court Overturns Mother's Conviction In Son's Suicide

12:23 PM EDT, August 28, 2006 Associated Press

NEW HAVEN, Conn. -- The state Supreme Court on Monday unanimously overturned a mother's conviction for contributing to her 12-year-old son's suicide by creating an unsafe and unhealthy home.

Judith Scruggs of Meriden was convicted of risk of injury to a minor in October 2003 after her son, J. Daniel, hanged himself with a necktie in his closet in January 2002.

She said he killed himself because of constant bullying at school and filed a federal lawsuit against Meriden school officials contending they should have done more to stop the bullying.

Scruggs was thrust into the national spotlight and legal experts said they believed it was the first time a parent had ever been convicted in connection with a child's suicide.

In Monday's ruling, Justice William Sullivan wrote that the law used to convict Scruggs was unconstitutionally vague and ordered the trial court to acquit her.

"The state has pointed to no statutes, published or unpublished court opinions in this state or from other jurisdictions, newspaper reports, television programs or other public information that would support a conclusion that the defendant should have known that the conditions in her apartment posed an unlawful risk to the mental health of a child," Sullivan wrote.

Messages seeking comment were left with attorneys in the case.The case inspired a new state law requiring schools to report bullies to authorities, and many school districts revamped bullying policies.

The attorney defending Scruggs argued in court three years ago that no psychologist or counselor ever testified that her filthy home was a factor in her son's death.

Scruggs was sentenced to probation rather than jail time. The state Supreme Court weighed whether the evidence was sufficient and whether the law she was convicted under was too vague because it does not indicate that failure to provide a clean home environment is criminal conduct.

Authorities testified that the Scruggs home was so dirty that the medical examiner had to climb over heaps of debris to get to the boy's body.

The above found here on the web.

Who can you trust?

Babara S. Sattal
Were your federal tax dollars used to pay her to date and ruin me to further cost you, the federal taxpayer?

Telling Connecticut Government my thoughts, live at the Capitol

Added Aug. 29, 2006, at 7:05 AM EST:

Court Ends Scruggs' `Hell' Reverses Conviction Linked To Son's Suicide
August 29, 2006 By LYNNE TUOHY, Courant Staff Writer

The state Supreme Court has reversed the felony conviction of Judith Scruggs in the high-profile case in which a jury determined that her cluttered and dirty home contributed to the 2002 suicide of her 12-year-old son, J. Daniel Scruggs.

In its unanimous ruling, the high court concluded that a provision of the state's risk-of-injury-to-a-minor law is unconstitutionally vague in that it makes no reference to poor housekeeping being a potentially criminal act.

"There were several explanations for Daniel's state of mind and behavior ... including the relentless bullying that he endured at school and his inherently fragile psyche," Senior Justice William J. Sullivan stated.

The Supreme Court sent the case back to the trial court with instructions to enter a judgment of acquittal, meaning Scruggs cannot be tried again.

Scruggs, 55, of Meriden, said Monday she feels vindicated by the ruling, but has been living under a cloud since her October 2003 conviction. She was sentenced to probation and community service.

"It's been emotional," she said.

"No parent contributes to their child's death. To say so is extremely damaging to any parent who's lost a child. Not only that, but John Q. Public looks at you like you're guilty.

There's no place to live.

No one gives you a job.

It's been hell.

"Kevin and Maryellen Murphy are close friends of Scruggs, and their son, John, was Daniel's best friend. Kevin Murphy said John raced to Scruggs' apartment when he heard about the court's ruling. Kevin Murphy said the ruling is a relief, but not a surprise.

"Right is right," Murphy said.

"When we found out, it was like, wow, it's about time. This poor lady's been through so much. We watched our best friend be crumbled by the system."

"She's still Judy," Murphy added.

"But she's become so sad. It's hard. We try to hold her up and support her, but she's like an emotional wreck. Just them alone accusing you of hurting your own child, then adding insult to injury by saying you can't have a job because you're a convicted felon; you can't have housing because of the publicity. She's been through the mill."

Evidence presented during the trial showed that Daniel did not bathe regularly, was distraught over intense bullying by other students at his Meriden middle school, and sometimes would defecate in his pants during school. During the four months of school before his death, Daniel was absent 45 days and was tardy 29 times.

Two justices in Monday's ruling wrote separately to emphasize that investigators from the state Department of Children and Families had visited Scruggs' home just days before Daniel hung himself in the closet of his bedroom.

Not only did they close the case file on Daniel, but they instructed his mother to keep him home until a new school could be found for him.

"Only days before Daniel's death, the agency of the state of Connecticut that is dedicated to protecting children from abuse and neglect had, by its conduct and words, sent a clear message to [Judith Scruggs] that the department saw no significant cause for concern regarding Daniel's health and welfare," acting Chief Justice David M. Borden wrote in a concurring opinion joined by Justice Richard Palmer.

"Indeed, the department's message was that [Scruggs] should keep Daniel home from school in the very conditions that the same state of Connecticut, through its criminal prosecution arm, later charged created an unreasonable risk to his mental health," Borden said.

Sullivan appeared to embrace this point of view when the justices heard arguments in the case in April.

"If DCF closes an investigation at my house, I have a right to assume that what I am doing is proper," Sullivan stated during the arguments.

One of the police officers who responded to the reported suicide on Jan. 2, 2002, testified that the apartment was "extremely messy and dirty, very cluttered," and had piles of debris and laundry and a foul odor.

After the jury returned its guilty verdict, Scruggs' trial attorney, M.H. Reese Norris, asked Superior Court Judge Stephen F. Frazzini to order an acquittal. Frazzini declined, saying "any layperson with common sense could conclude that the squalor and home living environment here created a risk to Daniel's emotional health."

The Supreme Court disagreed.

"We recognize that there may be generally accepted housekeeping norms and that it may be common knowledge that, all things being equal, a clean and orderly home is preferable to a dirty and cluttered home," Sullivan wrote."

"The same could be said of any number of conditions and actions that affect a child's well-being."

"It may be common knowledge, for example, that drinking milk is healthier than a constant diet of soft drinks, reading books is preferable to constant exposure to television programs, large cars are safer than small cars, playing computer games is safer than riding a bicycle, and so on," Sullivan added.

"All of these comparisons, however, involve virtually infinite gradations of conduct, making it extremely difficult, if not impossible, for an ordinary person to know where the line between potentially harmful but lawful conduct, and unlawful conduct lies or, indeed, whether that line exists at all."

Sullivan distinguished the Scruggs case from a line of cases in which the court has upheld convictions for risk of injury to a minor when children were in the proximity of drugs in the home.

"We do not rule out the possibility that a home environment could be so squalid that an ordinary person should be expected to know that it poses a risk to the mental health of a child," Sullivan wrote.

"The testimony in the present case established, however, that there was no sign in the defendant's apartment of rats, mice or other vermin, animal or human waste, or rotting food or garbage. Moreover, the trial court found that the conditions were not so bad that they would pose a threat to a child's physical health."

In a footnote to its ruling, the court said "much of the clutter consisted of Christmas-related items, such as presents, cards, wrapping paper, books, toys, seasonal decorations, knickknacks and other items suggesting that [Scruggs] had attempted to provide a cheerful holiday for her children."

Senior Assistant State's Attorney Leon Dalbec Jr., who argued the appeal for the state, took issue with the court's tying the condition of the home to Christmas-related items.

"Anybody who saw this evidence knows the house was filthy," Dalbec said.

Senior Assistant State's Attorney James Dinnan, who prosecuted the case, could not be reached for comment.

"It was a terrible case," Dalbec said of Daniel's suicide.

"The prosecutor was just doing what he felt was best, but the court felt otherwise."

At the time of Daniel's death, Scruggs was working full time at a Meriden school and another 20 hours a week at a Wal-Mart store.

She is hoping, with her conviction vacated, that she can now find a steady job.

"I went from 60 hours a week down to nothing," she said.

Contact Lynne Tuohy at

Smoking Gun Text
contains testimony I gave March 21, 2006, Hartford Capitol, Connecticut

My Open Letter to Connecticut Chief Justice William J. Sullivan
If felonies and other crimes were committed by Judges and others under Sullivan, is Sullivan guilty of obstruction of justice, conspiracy, and other crimes? Should Sullivan be arrested?

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Friday, August 25, 2006

Notifying Official Scammers of their Scams

[Faxed to:
Rell 860-524-7396
Committee 860-258-5976]

August 25, 2006

To whom it may concern at the Connecticut Governor’s Office and the Committee to Reform the Judiciary:

I testified at 2 of the 5 Judicial Reform Committee hearings. I believe it is widely known in all 3 branches of Government in Connecticut that there is massive fraud, perjury, profiteering, racketeering, and retaliation against those that dare try to really do something about the massive Connecticut Criminal Syndicate and crimes committed. Unless there is outside investigations and honest prosecutions of official criminals in Connecticut the abuse will only continue and the latest pretend Connecticut Government we care program is just another taxpayer paid farce.

The world is being ruined internationally out of Connecticut, just ask the UK’s Lisa Masterson (click for more info) who dared try and expose the massive Yale University, Smith Kline Beecham, Baxter, and Official Connecticut worldwide Lyme Disease testing, vaccine, and treatment scam.

If a citizen is critical of Judges, Police, Official Connecticut, threatens to sue for civil rights abuse, has a legitimate complaint against officials, or wants to expose Connecticut Corporate Fraud the citizen is covertly investigated and illegally set up. The police and the courts are complicit.

The Department of Administrative Service, DAS, in Connecticut, seems to be the ultimate power and the ministry of information. The awarding of contracts, the official secret investigations of citizen internationally, and the funding of black bag schemes to protect the Integrity of an Official Criminal System is just plain Un-American and illegal.

Those within the system that complain are set up.

Others in an official department are enlisted to lie and manufacture evidence against those that dare break the code of silence.

Doctors start prescribing drugs to whistleblowers after they are evaluated. More and more drugs are prescribed until the complainer is confined in a mental hospital. There is insurance and Medicade fraud and these doctors are part of the Organized Criminal Syndicate that is Official Connecticut.

I spent 100’s of thousands of dollars purchasing boarded up rental properties in Connecticut. I had 4 yellow page listings for my small businesses. I should have gotten a good citizenship award, but instead Connecticut decide taxpayer money should be used to maliciously investigate, terrorize, falsely arrest, and hold as a political prisoner for testing Free Speech and Redress of Grievances, supposedly protected by the First Amendment, complaining too many citizens were having their 14th Amendment rights violated by official Connecticut.

I helped start a crime watch in Stafford Springs, Connecticut. I wanted to see downtown youth succeed and thrive. I interacted with elected officials and was often printed in newspapers. I cared and saw what was wrong. Official that are too lazy and corrupt to act in the Public’s best interest took notice and rallied to shut me up permanently.

The Connecticut Sheriffs were a target of the covert Connecticut State Police defraud the taxpayers, goon squads. I wrote a letter to the editor in their defense printed in two newspapers at the close of the 1990’s. A woman was paid to date me, set me up, and even to plant false evidence. That and other attempted set ups failed. When unlimited taxpayer dollars and manpower is involved in ruining citizens, displacing them out of their homes, taking their children away, making them lose their small businesses and jobs, breaking up their marriages, police preventing a citizen from even dating, and the blanket retaliation, no one is safe. How much does it cost to ruin productive citizens and ruin small businesses?

Is Connecticut fostering faith in Government and the Justice System?

I would like to know the top officials that ordered my ruin as they are responsible for so many other crimes and mass abuse of so many. It is ok to investigate citizens, but it is not ok to send out goon squads to prevent racketeering and official fraud from being exposed and official criminals from being punished.

Until wrongly ruined citizens are vindicated, attempts at undoing the harm official Connecticut is responsible for, and the Official Abuse System dismantled, why should anyone move or continue to live in Connecticut?

Unless something is done, there should be a fence built around Connecticut and border guards set up to regulate entry of Connecticut Official Criminals and their Corporate Criminal friends into the United States from Corruptikut.

Official Connecticut is an international human nature embarrassment.

Please actually do something to correct the across the board problems. No officials or departments actually discipline actual bad behavior, perjury, and other crimes unless it is for retaliation for exposing official criminals or for breaking the official code of silence.

I am posting this letter to you at

Prove you are not criminals that are part of the problem, but part of the solution. Show me.

Thank you,

Steven G. Erickson
PO Box 730
Enfield, CT 06083

For information on Connecticut's Lyme Crime, click here

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Thursday, August 24, 2006

Your Brain on Lyme Disease

No, the above is not chicken, it just might be your autopsy photo of your brain if you contract Lyme Disease, which is not curable. It is Connecticut’s Fraud on the World. Mothers and Others are victims even worse, when they try to expose the organized crimes and racketeering of Yale University, Smith Kline Beecham, and Official Connecticut. Lyme can be passed on to children congenitally, meaning Lyme can be spread from the Mother to the Unborn Child.

Kathleen Dickson’s children were taken away after she wanted treatment for her Lyme infected kids, three of them, that were congenitally infected. There is a great effort to silence her. Having her kids available and still in her care would prove the fraud scientifically. Scientific proof would sink Yale, Connecticut, and some Big Pharma Goons and Other Criminals.

The Department of Administrative Service, DAS, in Connecticut, is Lyme Disease Cover-up, MI-5. Governors, Legislators, Judges, Police, Citizens, and others can be investigated and ruined covertly out of the DAS. Contracts and other business is rewarded out of the DAS. Taxpayer dollars, federal and state, are being stolen from you without your consent to commit international crimes.

Is this ok with you?

Research for yourself, the science is the proof (click)

The CDC has the proof, are they protecting you? (click)

* * * *

added Oct. 4, 2006, 9 AM EST:

The alarming facts about testing of Lyme

1) Here is the Steere original report in which he remarks that Lyme is like the trypanosomes: click here

Although he says that data was not available on the serology of Relapsing Fever, there actually was such data: click here

This second article is a very comprehensive article and you should read it about three times. In it you will find that rodent brains were the storage media and that the bug sheds (blebbing) surface antigens (flak).

2) The second example of the clarity in which it was understood that Lyme was a relapsing fever borreliosis and changed surface antigens, necessitating serial Western Blots is this CDC document from 1990: "Significant change in IgM and IgG antibodies..." in serial Western Blots. (Page 20 of that CDC publication.)

3) Dattwyler and Luft at the FDA in June 1994, suggest that the way to test for Lyme is to do serial Western Blots: See where I circled what he said.
The Igenex Paper, where Nick Harris says about what I said to the FDA 3 years later:
Click on page 3533 click here:

Fikrig picked a fragment of Borrelia flagellin which resulted in a protein, against which only Lyme victims' band 41 reacted. That made the test SPECIFIC (an FDA rule) to the diagnosis of LYME, and not some other infection that had produced an anti-flagellar antibody.

One of the rules of a method validation is SPECIFICITY, or that, the test does not detect something else, with some degree of certainty.

Here is that patent, in which Yale makes the identical claims of validity to the US Patent Office: click here

"Infection with B. burgdorferi induces a strong humoral immune response. *Early* in human infection, antibodies are generated primarily against the 41-kDa flagellar protein. In later stages, antibodies to the outer surface proteins OspA and OspB, among others, appear [J. E. Craft et al., "Antigens Of Borrelia burgdorferi Recognized During Lyme Disease", J. Clin. Invest., 78, pp. 934-39 (1986)]. .."

Proof, click here

"2.1 Methods of Treatment

"An important aspect of the invention is the recognition that Borrelia VMP-like sequences recombine at the vls site, with the result that antigenic variation is virtually limitless. Multiclonal populations therefore can exist in an infected patient so that immunological defenses are severely tested if not totally overwhelmed.

"Thus there is now the opportunity to develop more effective combinations of immunogens for protection against Borrelia infections or as preventive inoculations such as in the form of cocktails of multiple antigenic variants based on a base series of combinatorial VMP-like antigens. "
All of that means that they only test we can use for all kinds of Lyme is a borrelia-specific flagellin antibody test, since flagellin does not change. It is not a varying antigen.

Sunday, August 20, 2006

Haiti is alleged to be bio-weapons effectiveness testing ground


The Stealth transmission of HIV is too slow if it were to be used as a bioweapon. Dried urine that has been bolstered with bugs can be spread anywhere, including on dessert sand. There are bugs that are best suited to spread stealth infections to a populace or army. Antibodies aren’t produced and a vast number of people can be rendered ineffectual, and the immune system is compromised to allow other infections to take hold masking the true source of the compromised immune system. Infecting populations and then studying treatments and testing for possible vaccines can be done on vast numbers of people that are considered genetically and racially inferior by a select group of war mongers and their corporate friends in their bid to rule the world with deceit and immorality. The problem is that these bush (not capitalized means not the US Prez) chemists and wannabe poison distributors aren’t the top of their classes and disseminate lies even among their own to best suit themselves and financial situations. Sleaze begot sleaze.

Some information is assumed and cannot be verified. Too much can be independently verified. Those that can teach and lead others to the information have to be very afraid if their numbers are small.

The smoking gun, a US ARMY .pdf click here

More information click here

The US allegedly sold the best stealth infection delivery systems to Saddam Hussein the then head of Iraq to be used to kill as many Iranians as was possible. Is something really starting to stink under your nose?

Lisa Masterson, a Lyme Activist in the UK, is the target of cover-up crime central Connecticut, The Department of Administrative Services (DAS) and the US Military Power Structure. There is hacking into of computers and the holding of political prisoners beyond the borders of the US to silence those that have the science and proof, independently verifiable, to the world. Click here for more on Lisa Masterson.

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Thursday, August 17, 2006

Story on Baby Seal Beating Factory, Pictures at 11


I have felt with some leads to some of the stories that have been dumped on my lap the last month or so, are just that, baby seal factory beating stories where I am supposed to take pictures, do interviews, watch these beautiful animals ground up in a blender, and then served to me with a smile as a tasty frozen drink. I am sickened enough not to want to blog here, here, and here.

I have thought of throwing my press pass in a campfire, but my sick and twisted side is watching various car wrecks happen in slow-motion in front of my eyes, so I want to know the ending. I hope it is not a cliffhanger, so I may decide to make a clean break, take the next fork in the road, and go on the path that is the rest of my life.

My tinfoil hat goes off to those in the REAL media that report stories knowing both sides of a story are both sleazy pieces of crap, telling lies, manufacturing evidence. There are always two sides to every story. The more pure someone claims to be, the longer the potential fall from grace is.

There is something said for my maybe going off to an island somewhere warm, with my beaten and well preserved typewriter, and I would like to throw my laptop in a swamp, but will not, as it is the closest thing to something NASA built with a keyboard and screen capable of working below twenty degrees below zero to a temperature where I cannot type as water boils at 212 and the computer can be used to 240.

Before I arrive at my private island please make sure I have enough bottles of my favorite 12 year old single malt Scotch for a drink or two per week, a solar powered fridge for making ice, and I will need a female specialist to rub oil on my back (now taking applications) as I do not want to get the oil on my typing paper soiling what I will write offline.

Ok, call me sick, but I can have my fantasy here, especially on Free Speech Central,, can I not?

I hope not to have any internet, newspapers, or television on my little island.

Maybe it is a dream, maybe it is reality, maybe I will require postal service that comes every 6 months or so.

Who knows?

Yours truly, the Baby Seal Factory Reporter Wannabe Guy, Steven G. Erickson a.k.a. Blogger Vikingas, secret agent screenwriter, BS Artist Extraordinaire

[fess up now, who slashed my name in red, was it me?]

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The Connecticut State Police didn't like what I wrote about them in newspapers, so they sent in this stalker

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

An Environmental Disaster Way Beyond the Exxon Valdez Alaskan Oil Spill?

The Exxon Valdez story click

* * * *

An Environmental Disaster Way Beyond the Exxon Valdez Alaskan Oil Spill?

Simple bio-weapons can be engineered to wipe out everything, including cockroaches worldwide.

The secrets of bio-weapons dangers and proliferation is in actually reading military journals and books written for the heads of related Pharmaceutical, Chemical, and Medical industries. The CDC is basically military and police, what they are advertised as is only a small sideline.

Spirochetes and Leptospira are in frozen brains and/or dried urine. This form of life that permanently infects and destroys cells usually can’t be cured or treated effectively. One of the most ancient life forms is also the most effective bio-weapon known that is life based and living. Something that could survive the sulfur rich early earth, is a very hardy beast indeed. A book that will scare you into acting against Big Pharma and US Gov. Asshole Inc. would be to read “The Biology of Parasitic Sprirochetes” by Russel C. Johnson, copyright 1976.

An Alaskan Style Exxon Valdez Oil Spill along the Connecticut coast might be paled in comparison to the Genie that has escaped its bottle.

Dried urine has been spread over vast amounts of sand. Lyme Disease also has been unleashed most likely somewhere in Connecticut and is now a worldwide scourge without a cure. Effective treatment requires over $100,000 a year in treatment that will never end until the patient actually dies.

Meningitis and so many other diseases are either misdiagnosed Lyme or are the result of the complications of Lyme or dangerous ineffective treatments or vaccines for Lyme. There is no possible way to vaccinate against Lyme. You need to get antibiotics shortly after a tick bite or your brain and spine will permanently be infected by an ancient form of cell corkscrew poking holes in healthy cells and destroying your body and mind.

You might be safer to live in a low level radiation fall out zone than in a Lyme infestation zone which is spreading from Connecticut to Canada and the rest of the world.

Those that have connected the dots scientifically are in danger of being locked away or even killed. Just ask Lisa Masterson in the UK or Kathleen Dickson in Connecticut USA.

Kathleen Dickson was listed as an expert in FDA hearings that slapped Yale University and Smith Kline Beecham in the face regarding a vaccine, Lyme testing, and/or the pharmaceutical Lyme-Rx.

And, AFTER, was locked in a mental hospital with her kids permanently taken away with illegal Connecticut court proceedings, let out if she agreed not to expose corporate and official criminals, she has reason to be beyond pissed off.

Kathleen Dickson would be best to talk to scientists in scientific journals. Kathleen is hard to follow and there is so many violations of law and crimes against humanity, she is discounted as being crazy. Take out the adjectives and what people perceive as her personal attacks and rants, there is pure, undeniable science.

Kathleen Dickson will be more than upset with this line, “What if you have to have Einstein translated through Jerry Springer?”

The Crime against Humanity is probably worldwide and Ground Zero is probably the Connecticut. So, do you want to buy Connecticut real estate and support Corporate and Official criminals with some of the most outrageous and unfair declared and undeclared taxes in the US. So you don’t live in Connecticut or the USA, you’re still paying.

It is time for you to wake up. Comment anonymously on the above here.

you may email me at

-Steven G. Erickson a.k.a. blogger Vikingas

Friday, August 11, 2006

The Bigger Meaning of Life?


Teen Drowns Right In Middle Of Grief Counselor's First Date In Two Years

August 11, 2006

ANKENY, IA—In a turn of events local grief counselor Maggie Hedrick described Tuesday as "typical" and "[her] life in a nutshell," the 32-year-old’s first date since entering her 30s ended abruptly Sunday when the lifeless body of Washburn High School sophomore David Schiller was found in nearby Big Creek Lake.

Enlarge ImageGrief Counselor

"The waiting is the hardest part," says Hedrick. "At least David's parents don't have to go through that."

Schiller, who could literally have chosen any other day in the last two years to achieve a reported blood-alcohol level of .22, fall out of his canoe, and ingest three gallons of water, opted to drown on the one evening Hedrick had plans to meet and have dinner with an actual single male.

"Why is it no one ever jumps off a building or dies in a car crash when I’m stuck playing solitaire at home?" Hedrick said. "I pulled weeds from my garden all day Saturday. Where were all the drownings of teenaged boys with their whole lives still ahead of them then?"

While Hedrick acknowledged that no one is ever prepared for a tragic loss of the magnitude of Schiller’s death, she said she should have nonetheless seen it coming, given her personal luck. "Helping family members through the grieving process is never easy," Hedrick said. "But it’s especially heartbreaking when you have to ditch a handsome guy who also happens to like early-20th-century architecture."

Teen Drowns Teen R


Emergency rescue teams, working with what Hedrick called "speed and efficiency on a level I’d never before seen from them, of course," recovered Schiller’s body less than 40 minutes after Hedrick and substitute teacher Jeff Lindenbaum, 30, met for dinner at a local seafood restaurant. Approximately 15 minutes later, Hedrick received a call from Ankeny police summoning her to the scene of the accident, as if her immediate presence would somehow bring Schiller’s bloated, waterlogged corpse back to life.

A report issued Monday by the Polk County Coroner’s Office put Schiller’s time of death somewhere between the moment Lindenbaum arrived at Hedrick’s residence with a bouquet of fresh flowers at 6:34 p.m. and the very instant both realized that the other also had wishes to someday raise a family at 6:58 p.m.

"I don’t want to sound insensitive, but David’s parents will have the rest of their lives to mourn the death of their only son," said Hedrick, who claimed to have a "pretty good idea" how Howard and Janet Schiller felt when they heard the news. "Initial denial of a tragedy is a natural and understandable human impulse. What’s another two or three hours, in the grand scheme of things?"

"Don’t get me wrong, it would’ve been a whole different situation had the date been going badly. In fact, I would have probably welcomed Schiller’s death if that had been the case," Hedrick added. "But Jeff and I were really hitting it off."

Although Lindenbaum left a message on Hedrick’s voice mail late Sunday night, he has not called again since, leading Hedrick to fear that a rare opportunity for a serious relationship may have been "totally blown."

"David’s death has affected not only those who knew him, but also those who had never even met him," Hedrick said. "Not even once."

"I don’t know exactly how Howard and Janet are handling this, as I’ve been too busy wondering if Jeff will ever call me again to actually pay attention, but I imagine they must feel responsible on some level," continued Hedrick. "While it’s just a hypothesis, there’s a possibility that if both parents had paid more attention to their son, I would be getting laid right now."

"What a tragic waste of a night," she added.

More Onion News

Thursday, August 10, 2006

The Popping Balls of a Narcissist?

I have been told about a man that keeps impregnating women and for the most part refuses to support them and does everything and anything he can not to.

Then there is the pot smoking and drinking.

Add in the trying to strand and inconvenience the mother(s) of his children, allegedly. I need proof from satellites and my own tinfoil hat squad to confirm the identity of the perp, before I go posting any names, ok girls? (or should I say ladies as I don’t want to be accosted and ruined out on a golf course)

I am one for non-custodial rights of parents, grandparents rights, and for not throwing all and everybody possible in prisons to massively defraud the Federal Taxpayers.

I am trying to place a face or name on the individual or know if he truly even exists or not. I get some interesting, “out there”, and just plain misleading stuff in my email. The African Scams regarding somebody wanting me to cash their million dollar check for a handsome fee to be paid to me is just pissing me off to no end. I guess that is a whole altogether rant.

Back to the rant at hand, overheard at the “juice bar” as I am staying away from the hops and the 12 year old Scotch, Single Malt, that I like so much over ice, something very, very interesting as I heard too many times on the show, “Laugh In”.

Not that I think I have a drinking problem, but the story, I think is fictional of a guy named [snipped] that a bunch of women [kiddingly] may have suggested they take out on a golf course, step on his hands with steel tipped golf cleats, take an anvil off a golf cart, and ask the guy if that hurts before the other one goes, “Pop”

You “girls” are just plain sick. Don’t even put thoughts like that in my head, or I just may never drink again and make sure that if I actually think I might have an opinion, I’ll ask the first available woman what it should be, then again … I’ll probably stay off a golf course if I see a bunch of dangerous looking women trying to hide an anvil and mallet from my sight.

* * * *

added August 12, 2006, at 3:07 PM:

Do you wear plastic shoes, don't eat meat, and does your fat ass rarely leave the couch?

Golf declared illegal especially for married white men on weekends

This post names names and wasn't meant to be funny (here), a person should be able to write what he or she wants in a letter to the editor and complain to police when vandals and criminals threaten one's life, family, and home. Police should do something about heroin and crack cocaine dealing, not falsely arrest a property owner over police laziness and arrogance.

The above were equally fun to write.

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Busting Stones


I’ll bust stones anywhere in the world I so choose.

Click on picture for larger view. It was taken yesterday. I am lifting and busting stones to square them off. 6 to 7 tons of rock was moved or broken, 4 tons placed in the wall. I moved 600 to 700 lb pieces along the ground and could break the flatter pieces under 6 inches with 3 blows of my hammer. The smaller stones weigh about 30 pounds. I placed a stone, I picked up off the ground of about 250 pounds and placed it on the wall. I am enjoying this as I have been mostly employed the last year processing insurance videos, processing insurance claims, writing insureds checks, and riding a desk with 2 or 3 laptops and all sorts of devices and cords going everywhere ... messy, messy, messy.

Beating the hell out of rocks is therapeutic.

Sunday, August 06, 2006

Lies Inc.

Corkscrew Infections of the Brain and Spine, Real Estate Values, and the Biggest Worldwide Fraud out of Connecticut.

There are too many big name, powerful people that will lose everything, including their freedom, if the this massive crime is really exposed.

Report crimes to official criminals, expect retaliation, expect to be arrested, expect being locked away in a mental hospital of prison.


Truth Before:

Syphilis is a spirochetal disease as is Lyme. There hasn’t been any real improvement in the treatment of this corkscrew brain and spine infection in over 100 years. Please check out this link:

(Paul Ehrlich, and salvarsan for Neurosyphilis- no improvement in the treatment of spirochetal diseases over 100 years)

It was “WELL-KNOWN” that spirochetal diseases were permanent infections of the brain before Yale and Allen Steere got ahold of “Lyme disease”:

Jay Sanford, Uniformed Services University School of Medicine, Bethesda, Maryland, Page 391, The Biology of Parasitic Spirochetes, 1976

"The ability of the borrelia, especially tick-borne strains to persist in the brain and in the eye after treatment with arsenic or with penicillin or even after apparent cure is well known (1). The persistence of treponemes after treatment of syphilis is a major area which currently requires additional study (3,5,10,11).”

Mark Klempner (now a provost at BU and head of a CDC bioweapons lab in Boston) discovers that the biggest gun antibiotic, ceftriaxone, does not kill all the spirochetes:

Mark Klempner discovers that Lyme borreliosis is a brain-damaging illness, and a specific marker for the enzyme that degrades the nervous system:

Mark Klempner discovers that there is a genetic link to the Multiple Sclerosis presentation of Lyme disease:

Mark Klempner (and UCONN) later said Lyme was hypochondria:

The “Infectious Diseases Society of America” are a clueless assholes, and think they can provide no references for their spin, or else cite the literature that is 180 degrees from what is “WELL-KNOWN” above: (The following writer is an Infectious Disease Writer and is lying.),0,6496374.story

The July 31 Other Opinion article by Dr. Raphael B. Stricker is filled with inaccuracies and misleading information that can only contribute to the public's misunderstanding and unfounded fears about Lyme disease.

For example, the "small group of scientists" whom Dr. Stricker states are impeding effective treatments for the disease is in fact the 8,000-member Infectious Diseases Society of America, the nation's largest professional association of infectious disease experts. Ironically, it is Dr. Stricker who represents "a small group of scientists." The International Lyme and Associated Diseases Society, of which he is president, has approximately 200 members, many of whom have a vested interest in promulgating long-term treatment for Lyme disease because they make their living off such treatment. Here's what else Courant readers need to know:

The IDSA Clinical Practice Guidelines for Lyme disease, which Dr. Stricker dismisses, were developed by a panel of world-renowned experts in Lyme disease, doctors who are researchers and who regularly treat Lyme disease patients. The guidelines were created based on stringent rules of evidence-based medicine, which includes a thorough and objective review of published scientific research. This comprehensive review also included research submitted by members of Dr. Sticker's organization. The guidelines undergo a rigorous peer review and must ultimately be approved by the IDSA board of directors, who are all infectious-disease specialists and leaders in the field.

Despite claims that many people suffer from "chronic Lyme disease," a thorough review of published research reveals no credible scientific evidence that the disease persists after appropriate antibiotic treatment indicated in the IDSA guidelines.

There is valid scientific evidence documenting that more than 50 percent of patients diagnosed with "chronic Lyme disease" never actually had any form of Lyme disease. In one published scientific study, the majority of such patients were found to have conditions that, because of the misdiagnosis of chronic Lyme disease, were not properly diagnosed or treated.

In fact, Lyme disease is a tick-borne bacterial infection. In the vast majority of cases (95 percent to 98 percent), the disease is successfully treated with a two-week course of oral antibiotics. A small number of patients may require longer treatment of up to one month. These facts are supported overwhelmingly by the most current published studies.

There are a very few patients treated for Lyme disease who continue to have symptoms after the recommended treatment. The long-term antibiotic therapy advocated by Dr. Stricker and his colleagues can endanger these individuals, cause needless suffering and may promote the development of drug-resistant "superbugs."

We encourage anyone who is diagnosed with so-called chronic Lyme disease to get a second opinion. We strongly advise that people with Lyme disease avoid long-term antibiotic treatment, which is ineffective, costly and potentially very dangerous.

IDSA members have been at the forefront of preventing and treating Lyme disease. Our singular mission is to find out what is best for patients. We believe that our guidelines represent the best that science has to offer.

For reliable, scientific-based information on Lyme disease, we would direct your readers to sources such as the websites of the American College of Physicians ( and the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (, as well as that of IDSA (

Martin J. Blaser, M.D.
Infectious Diseases Society of America

Lies Afterward.

Your tax dollars at work.

First Lyme and Syphilis are very serious and well-known to be incurable, chronic infections of the brain, and suddenly viola! None of this history of research occurred. In fact, Paul Ehrlich is a figment of Lyme patients’ imagination.

* * * *

Plum Island, the Bio-Weapons Research Center below Connecticut above the land mass of Long Island, New York:

USDA and DHS Working Together

Aerial view of  Plum Island

At the Plum Island Animal Disease Center, the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) has an important job.

We work to protect farm animals, farmers and ranchers, the nation's farm economy and export markets... and your food supply.

Plum Island is located off the northeastern tip of New York's Long Island. USDA activities at Plum Island are carried out by scientists and veterinarians with the department's Agricultural Research Service (ARS) and Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service (APHIS).

We're proud of our role as America's first line of defense against foreign animal diseases.

We're equally proud of our safety record. Not once in our nearly 50 years of operation has an animal pathogen escaped from the island.

In 2003 the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) joined us on the island, taking responsibility for the safety and security of the facility.

Telling Connecticut Government my thoughts, live at the Capitol

Click Here for my Aug. 1, 2006, Connecticut appearance on CTN at the Judicial Reform Committee Meeting at the Hartford Capitol, Connecticut

To view my 5 min appearance use the slidebar to go to about 1:25 in the video.

The VHS or DVD copy shows more of my facial expressions direct toward Vince Valvo at the center of my sight at the meeting.

Thursday, August 03, 2006

A Painting Contract for Militant Lesbians

I painted for two Militant Lesbians in Western Massachusetts in the mid 1980’s. I could be a Militant Lesbian myself as I, too, dig women, don’t agree with the mainstream government line of crap, but I couldn’t be one of them, due to my having a penis. Prejudice sucks.

I passed off most of what they had to say, because I didn’t buy their whole Bible thing.

They had a copy of a Lesbian Bible, but I had no interest in reading it. There was peace, just women, somehow children spontaneously appeared, there peace and harmony was everywhere. Then the Sun went Supernova and humans had mutations called “Males”

They were a very violent race of mutants and they subjugated women and there was war and evil. There was no longer the Lesbian Garden of Eden. These silly women though they could train these brutes to be their slaves and serve them. Teaching them the arts was a waste of time, they used everything else to build weapons and wage war, keeping women as sex slaves.

So, because I didn’t buy into their religion I didn’t tap their wealth of knowledge. There simple observations that can be traced to proven, written down facts.

“Media” and “Marty” claimed to have previously lived in Arizona. The Arizona mental hospital system allegedly decided that Marty was mentally ill for being a Lesbian and cut three of her four frontal lobes. I told a Lobotomy is where surgeons go behind the eyes and fry all the frontal lobes, so some Lobotomy patients have black eyes after their brains get scrambled.

The Lesbians claim that they were persecuted by being labeled mentally ill, having their kids taken away, being forced out of their jobs, being beaten, put in prison on bogus charges, discredited, and ruined.

That was allegedly the Arizona 1970’s and previous eras, plan, for eradicating Lesbians. You could check your gun in at a bar, drink, but if you were a woman, don’t dare lick a certain something.

Connecticut treats Divorced Fathers and those that turn in official criminals like Arizona treated Militant Lesbians.

Prejudice really does suck.

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Connecticut Cop Covert Squad to Ruin Big Mouthed Citizens

Protest Police Brutality or write a letter to the editor critical of Connecticut Cops and they’ll use taxpayer dollars to investigate you, arrest you, bring a bogus trial against you, and you will go to prison at taxpayer expense.

Political Prisoners do exist, I was one.

I wrote about Connecticut State Police being jackasses to their brethren the Connecticut Sheriff’s Department.

It was a pissing contest for political power and cash.

The Sheriffs were being followed around, harassed, and even arrested by the Connecticut State Police.

There was Connecticut State Police propaganda printed in the newspapers and aired on Connecticut News Broadcasts.

I was compelled to write my first letters to the editor and was printed on the same day in the Hartford Courant and the Manchester Journal Inquirer, the same letter to the editor was printed in both, a first, for my first, and was not a policy of either paper to reprint another’s printed letter to the editor. I was printed sometime in the late Summer of 1998 or 1999.

I got noticed, obviously.

Connecticut State Police immediately followed me around wherever I went, threatened me with arrest and worse if I didn’t leave Connecticut, and shut my Big Mouth.

Barbara Sattal, was assigned to take me down by Connecticut State Police brass. She was allegedly offered $10,000 to ruin me and make me lose my property. She is pictured below in this blog and obviously is still in the ruin citizens that complain about police, business.

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