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Barbara D. Sattal?


Is this Barbara D. Sattal with a birth date of May 21, 1960 or 1954, she has used various birth years? She is probably now 52.

She has frequented Stafford Springs, Connecticut, also the towns of Enfield, Windsor Locks CT, West Springfield Massachusetts, various campgrounds, and with anyone that will take her in and pay her bills.

Barbara is allegedly a freelance confidential informant or may do contract work or be employed by the Connecticut State Police and/or Feds.

She has been known to help take down businesses and individuals targeted for a downfall by Police and/or anal members of the Connecticut Judiciary.

She allegedly has posed as a prostitute and other occupations to set up stings and has been known to have "sticky fingers". Two Stafford Springs Bars were allegedly taken down with Barbara's undercover work. She helps the police with their vendettas and harassment of citizens that get too mouthy about police misconduct or that propose laws to elected officials that police or the judiciary don't like such as Civilian Oversight and accountability for wrong doing and to act in the Public's best interest and Constitutionally.

Barbara may have attended this Police Brutality Protest in Stratford, Connecticut.

My email is stevengerickson@yahoo.com and my address is Steven G. Erickson, PO Box 730, Enfield, CT 06083

A past www.freespeech.com post:

December 12, 2003

Anatomy of the Good Ole Boy Network

I have provided more information and history on my Stafford Springs, Connecticut, nightmare.

Anyone that wants to know dates and full names, instead of just the initials below, I can email you more information. I am not afraid of libel, nor slander, as long as I am diligent enough to be 100% accurate. If you are sick of this, just skip this post. Thank you,
Steven G. Erickson

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I talked with the Stafford, CT, selectman in the Fall of ’98 after I had bought the boarded up 3 and 4 family, at the beginning of the main drag, near the town’s cannon. The selectman told me that to deal with the drug problem, 2 bars in town were going to get closed down, the Springs House Cafe, the Finish Line Cafe (Stafford has a NASCAR speedway in town), and possibly even Munn’s Pub which was on the outskirts near the lake.

The owner of the Finish Line ended up with his business closed and in prison. It was alleged that the bartender, a tall, stunning model, at the Finish Line was going to go down to, but she at some point started dating a Connecticut State Police Officer.

Before the highly publicized, and political, raid of the Finish Line Cafe, it seemed that drug dealing was allowed to go on, and go, even though many complained and gave names. Properties and businesses can be taken under the nuisance statute. I think the drug dealing was used to take the bar and allowed to go on promoting crime and getting even more caught up in the crack cocaine scourge.

The Finish Line had better heat, and Lark’s Cafe in the center of downtown seemed to be lacking customers and was in danger of closing.

But, the owner of Lark’s was a close personal friend of the then selectman of Stafford.

The Springs House offered a varied menu and did a good lunch time business as it was located in one of the oldest bed and breakfast areas in possibly our nation’s first resort town, because presidents and others came for the reported healing powers of the Spring’s waters.

The Spring’s House ended up getting closed over and over for infractions. It was alleged that there were efforts to take the owner’s house and property. It is alleged that the owner decided to go bankrupt, in order not to end up as others, in prison. But, it did allegedly take a toll on his marriage and his former financial security and retirement.

Meanwhile Lark’s is doing extremely well, and it is alleged that the Stafford Town Police and Connecticut State Police cut back the DUI patrols on Mondays and Wednesdays. Which are Lark’s two biggest nights due to the pool leagues, and important members of town are possibly involved in the league, and the business at Lark’s doesn’t need to be hurt by someone getting a DUI or busted for drugs.

It is alleged that drugs have been used and dealt openly, more so than in the other bars that were allegedly seized or forced to close for that very reason.

Pizza Parlor owners new to town were said to hurt the main Pizza Parlors with history in the town of Stafford. These newcomers allegedly got extra ‘attention’ from the building inspector and health department and were then closed down. I guess THEY weren’t grand fathered in.

An art dealer was alleged to be mouthy and did not have relations or powerful friends in town, the building inspector went after him, and that couple’s business closed. The owner did not go quietly as he blasted Stafford in interviews saying it was not a business friendly place to be.

Independent discount and specialty stores, and even some chains, came to Stafford, to find out the hard way, their mistake.

Those that lived downtown involved in prostitution, living at landlord’s and taxpayer’s expense, in the heroine and cocaine trade, break-ins, and fencing stolen prescription drugs and heirlooms of the elderly, were shoplifting whatever they could and occasionally getting jobs, embezzling cash and even more items left the stores, not paid for.

When I was on the crime watch in Stafford Springs, Connecticut, sometime shortly after I had bought the single family house with my wife at a HUD auction in late ‘94, I attended a meeting where the selectman said that the riffraff, drug, and crime problem would be dealt with by squeezing out landlords.

Getting rid of landlords, that are not the bigwigs in town, would be accomplished by going through financial records, sending the building inspectors out, tearing down properties as soon as possible if the owner was foreclosed upon, using the nuisance statute or similar, and further squeezing landlords by taking away, on street, parking wherever possible.

I stood up and complained about not enough being done about the vandalism and about the drive thru drug market going on all hours on my street back in ‘95. A town policeman had harsh words with me. My wife fell down the stairs as she had too little water and not enough fluids.

I called for an ambulance. That same cop, slammed me against my house, treated me roughly, and asked what did I do. If that officer was a civilian, how he roughly handled me would constitute assault.

He threatened to arrest me if I resisted and said he believed I pushed my wife down the stairs. He went over my wife and was dismayed when she said I was no where near her during her fall.

The same officer, told me, he doesn’t serve landlords and refused to take my felony property damage complaint when 2 heroine and crack dealer tenants and their children skipped after doing thousands in damage, even ripping wires out of the walls. He is allegedly just as arrogant and disrespectful to other property and business owners that are not politically connected in town.

Months later, after my wife and I were in Europe, Poland, Lithuania, Latvia, and Estonia for over a month for vacation going everywhere all hours with no problems.

I resumed my nightly walks as part of the crime watch. I happened upon a powdered cocaine deal. I was called a ‘Narc’, ‘Undercover cop, and asshole and the biggest one maybe 6” taller than me and maybe outweighing by about 100 pounds picked me up by my neck and started beating me and bit into my ear.

I dialed 9-11 from a payphone as blood ran down my neck, down my chest, soaking my underwear. The drug customers on the scene said they did not know who the man was who attacked me.

I kept being a pain asking police what they were doing to find my assailant. I agreed to take a tour of all of the bars with a number of police officers and we found my assailant. They had driven me to all the bars, but then got extremely rude and told me to walk home. I was then permanently labeled ‘cop caller’ by the teen drug dealers and the adults criminal that Stafford seems to be a breeding ground for.

I inquired what was being done. About 6 weeks later, the officer that tried to arrest me after my wife fell down the stairs, arrested me in front of my wife and neighbors. I asked what I was being arrested for.

Police talked to my assailant and his two friends, that did not know who he was just after P.P. attacked me, later remembered. The 2 signed statements that I had attacked their friend, and my attacker told police that HE was afraid of me, so only I was arrested for Assault and Breach of Peace. So for taking a beating and having my ear bit into because I had happened on a crime in progress, only I was arrested.

Police told me that I was not allowed downtown and not to interfere with their ongoing investigation. An officer told me I did not belong downtown unless I was involved with drugs. It was alleged the guy who attacked me was one of the key players, unwittingly, in closing the Springs House and possibly being able to seize the bar owner’s house also.

I had countless court dates and finally got the prosecutor to nolle the charges. I told her I would have my assailant stand next to me in court. That I would demand that my 9-11 call be played in court. And, I refused to even pay a fine, which started with some ridiculous number in the thousands and went down each work day I had to waste, waiting in long lines in the court, too many days in a number of weeks.

My wife got fed up with Stafford and total me I had poor judgment, we got divorced.

We sold the house and soon after I bought 3 multi family houses containing 9 apartments. The 3 and 4 family houses, that were boarded up, adjoin the single family house I used to own.

I started dating a woman, that I found out, according to her that she had a part in closing the Springs House and the Finish Line Cafe in town and assisted in other assets, property, and cash being seized working as a police informant and sometimes undercover in prostitution stings for the john’s cash and assets.

The woman with the initials, B.S., also claimed she was offered $10,000 to compromise me by finding out if there was any way to link me to drugs or obtain any other information to be used to take my property, but I had played it straight. It was alleged that the church owners would like my property for extra parking, a new library location was being looked for, and a national drug store chain was looking for a convenient site, such as my property.

A ‘Good Ole Boy’ that obtained my property on the ‘cheap’ could have made a windfall, and a killing, with the inside connections of making such a deal possible.

I dumped B.S. when I also found out she was married and had lied about her age. She got divorced, lost her show horse, sold their Enfield, CT, house, and her husband had primary custody of the 6 year old son. B.S. said she could have me arrested for DUI whether I was drinking or not, and that she could protect me with police, or be my worst enemy if I did not take her back.

Barbara stalked me for as many as 2 years. I brought a date to the Stafford properties when my date requested a look at them. My date claimed she was stopped and her person and car were searched after she came out off my property in Stafford, was followed all the way to Avon/Canton area by police and searched again and harassed. The woman said she did not want to be hassled by police just to date me and refused to see me again telling me that was the ONLY reason she would not see me again.

I had worked over 3 years fixing up the properties sometimes ordering tractor-trailer loads of goods from Home Depot.

I had just started making money on rents and looked forward to taking my daughter to Paris with the 100,000 Amex points and buying more property, when I was arrested for resisting a robber, who had been leaving threatening messages and telling my tenants he was going to kill me. I pepper sprayed him when he finally caught me out in the open in my yard after he jumped out of my bushes catching me from behind.

For this I went to prison, losing contact with my daughter, my property, credit, home, business, dog etc, etc.

With no previous record, I went to prison for 2 misdemeanor charges as I was given no option, but to plead guilty and go to prison for 18 months, or face trial at taxpayer expense. You the taxpayer got ripped off for the trial and having to pay the $73/day to keep me locked up. All while the parasites in Stafford were free to commit crimes and suck up tax dollars and whatever they could steal.

Your tax dollars were used to take me off the list as a tax payer, consumer, business owner, and father figure, punishing good, moral behavior, by rewarding bad behavior by ignoring it as it did not produce immediate revenue for the police.

While I was in prison I met the owner of the Cadillac Ranch, a country music and line dancing bar. He claimed he did not pay a person off that had demanded money for ‘protection’. A police informant allegedly set up a drug buy. 3 arrests are needed to take a property under the nuisance statute. The owner was arrested, making 3.

The bar owner had a choice of losing his bar, home, and contact with his family for as much as 9 years, or plead guilty to charges, that he says, he was not guilty of, pay large fines, and serve 18 months, most of which he could serve out in a halfway house where he could still have contact with his wife and kids. He claimed not to have a record before and in now a felon unable to ever own a bar again, losing countless other rights.

I don’t know how the rest of the United State operate their law enforcement, but what I saw in Connecticut for years and years, the rampant corruption, and the lawlessness, especially in the downtowns makes me want to vomit.

-Steven G. Erickson
Connecticut Political Prisoner # 305662, temporarily on the outside, as I refuse to shut my mouth about subjects such as the ones above.

Disclaimer: What is in this post is to my best belief and knowledge.

Links to more information within the Arther L. Spada post


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sent to:
Anthony.Guglielmo@po.state.ct.us, Kevin.B.Sullivan@po.state.ct.us , Looney@senatedems.state.ct.us, John.A.Kissel@po.state.ct.us, Coleman@senatedems.state.ct.us , Jim.Amann@po.state.ct.us , Penny.Bacchiochi@housegop.state.ct.us , Annette.Carter@po.state.ct.us , William.Dyson@po.state.ct.us , Moira.Lyons@po.state.ct.us , news@journalinquirer.com , newsdesk3@wfsb.com, public.information@cnn.com , cavuto@foxnews.com , rhonda.stearleyhebert@jud.state.ct.us

Wrongful imprisonment, crippling small business, and property investors costs Connecticut, residents and tax dollars.

What is wrong with Connecticut, its police, legal system, and attitude towards small business? Please click these 2 links for answer:

http://www.freespeech.com/archives/001492.html and http://www.freespeech.com/archives/001489.html#more

Posted by: Steven G. Erickson at December 12, 2003 12:56 PM

Truth is the best defense against a claim of defamation.

Translation, you can mention names and facts as much as you want, as long as they are just that - facts. You dont want to use emotion, exaggeration, or anything else though. But you can say whatever you want as long as its the truth.

Posted by: Godfather at December 12, 2003 03:36 PM

Here is more for you Viking:

Panel accuses judge of breaking rules with affair

Tuesday, December 9, 2003
By STEPHANIE RICE, Columbian staff writer

A Clark County District Court judge who was disciplined in 1996 for
having an affair with a court employee has been accused of violating
judicial conduct rules again by having another affair with a staffer.

A statement of charges against Judge Randal B. Fritzler, 59, was
released Monday evening by the state Commission on Judicial

Fritzler, a Hockinson resident, could face punishment including
suspension or removal from office.

Fritzler was first elected to the bench in 1986 and has been
instrumental in creating the county's domestic violence and mental
health courts. He has lectured at conferences worldwide on the
challenge of restructuring the criminal justice system so offenders get
an opportunity to recognize and correct their destructive behavior.

According to a statement by the commission, rumors of Fritzler's
behind-the-scenes behavior have caused a stir at the Clark County
Courthouse that has been "destructive to the reputation of the court."

The employee was not named. But she is widely known to be a
40-year-old who was hired by the District Court in March 2001 and
quickly passed over employees with more seniority to fill coveted clerk

Fritzler, who is married, met the woman when she was in a class he
taught at Clark College in 1990 and '91.

"Since the time of her hiring to the present, rumors of (Fritzler's)
close personal relationship with this employee and apparent favoritism
based on that relationship have disrupted the orderly administration of
the court workplace and adversely affected morale for court
employees, administrators and fellow judicial officers," the commission

Fellow judges warned Fritzler about the relationship, according to
the commission.

The commission alleges that Fritzler violated three canons of the
Code of Judicial Conduct by failing to "uphold the integrity" of the
judiciary, failing to "avoid impropriety and the appearance of
impropriety" and failing to "perform the duties of the office impartially
and diligently."

The commission says the relationship violates the terms of its 1996
disciplinary order, in which Fritzler was censured for having a sexual
affair with a judicial secretary whose attorney husband was arguing
cases before Fritzler.

Fritzler was ordered to take a course on judicial ethics and not
"repeat such violations."

Censure is the strongest verbal discipline the commission can
invoke short of recommending suspension or removal from the bench.

The Washington Supreme Court has final say on all punishment.

According to the commission, it received a complaint about Fritzler
in September 2002 and subsequent complaints in February and
September of this year.

Investigations are kept confidential until the statement of charges are
released, but the matter has been anything but a secret at the Clark
County Courthouse. Rumors of the pending investigation have been
swirling so long that attorneys have been speculating who the Clark
County Commissioners will appoint to replace Fritzler on the five-judge

Fritzler, who could not be reached for comment Monday evening,
has three weeks to respond to the charges.

Unless Fritzler stipulates to the allegations, there will be a public
hearing on the matter, after which the 11-member commission will
recommend a punishment to the Washington Supreme Court.

The commission consists of six nonattorney members, three judges
and two attorneys who are appointed by the governor, the Washington
State Bar Association and judicial organizations to serve four-year

Another service from
Citizens for Legal Responsibility
P.O. Box 232
Morton Grove, IL 60053-0232
email: clr@clr.org

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CT PD, Eat Shit

Posted by: at April 27, 2004 07:43 AM

Mark Gordon, formerly of 5 Church St, Stafford Springs, Connecticut 06076, allegedly part of an engineering firm that were contracted to build the buildings at the Stafford Town Dump, told me that officials openly demanded and got a $100,000 bribe from his bosses.

Posted by: Steven G. Erickson at May 4, 2004 09:29 AM


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