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Repost of Drug Dealer Shoots Pig in Head

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Click photos for larger view. Stephen Weatherwax shoots a pig in the head with his 25 caliber pistol in busy downtown Stafford Springs, Connecticut. He would have his two sons out selling marijuana, crack cocaine, prescription drugs, and items they stole breaking into houses and businesses.

Tipping off the Connecticut State Police meant police targeting the individual that tipped police off for false arrest and even imprisonment for reporting crimes.

Connecticut State Police, Troop C, would even threaten rape victims with false arrest for allegedly making a false statement as most officers are too lazy or arrogant to do their jobs in downtown Connecticut. Suburbanites have a different impression of police.

The links in [this re-post] no longer go to posts intended.

I, Steven G. Erickson, was threatened with arrest for turning in rapists, drug dealers, vandals, prostitutes, and common criminal parasites. Troop C State Police then enlisted the criminals that I had turned into them to terrorize me, assault me, help them set me up for false arrests and prison, and to scare me into fleeing Connecticut.

My posts were suddenly pulled after I went out live on CT-N television with this: [video]

Ritt Goldstein also advocating of Civilian Oversight of Police in Connecticut. He was so terrorized by Connecticut Police that he fled Connecticut to seek political asylum in Sweden. Ritt hasn't been seen since as far as I know. The hearing Ritt held in Hartford for Connecticut Judiciary Committee Legislators at an official hearing at the Capitol:

Donald Christmas of Enfield, CT, also got mouthy to reporters about police misconduct, and judicial abuse of landlords and small business owners, and also advocated Civilian Oversight of Police in Connecticut. Don also got arrested on his property after a police informant attacked him on his property. Like me, Steven G. Erickson, Don's attacker faced no rigged trial or punishment, just Donny faced a year and a half in prison, no deals. Retaliation of police against citizens that want quality in law enforcement and in courts, face arrests, loss of property, family unity, their income, and all they ever worked for to be railroaded to prison. Don Christmas speaks:

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The Connecticut Judicial Branch brass and employees are involved in bid rigging and in defrauding taxpayers of millions of dollars. [more]

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[click here] for:

The Double Standard

[click here] for Bad Cop News, Connecticut. Police Misconduct at its finest.

Former Danbury mayor receives warning after crash
Eriquez hit utility pole

By Eugene Driscoll | Staff Writer
Article Last Updated: 06/28/2008 08:18:05 AM EDT

DANBURY, Connecticut -- Police issued a verbal warning to Gene Eriquez Monday after the former mayor crashed into a utility pole, leaving 530 nearby customers without power for two hours.

Was he drunk?

Saturday, June 28, 2008

Steven G. Erickson goes to Washington, DC

I plan on being in DC before and after July 12 Events.

Steven G. Erickson testifies live on CT-N television:

I bought up how if you do a word search on: Judicial Police Attorney Connecticut Misconduct Public Corruption one of my posts comes up as #1 or close to it. Someone of power saw to it that all of my posts on were removed detailing the abusive of citizens by all 3 branches of Connecticut Government and the domestic spying perpetrated by police.

I posted videos of the Free Press, Minneapolis, Minnesota event from June 6 - 8 [here]. I plan on posting the future DC videos [here] too.

[click here] for Connecticut Judicial Misconduct and Public Corruption stories.

[click here] for my recent email to former Connecticut Governor John G. Rowland

[click here] for spilling the beans on "Uncle Joe" D'Alesio of the Connecticut Judicial Branch

Connecticut's Eminent Domain precedent on the nation:

[click here] for my videos

I was in Connecticut yesterday and was in close proximity to 3 Homeland Security Officers [more]

Stafford Springs, CT, Resident State Trooper Mulcahey and Constable Frank Prochaska allegedly offered Peter Coukos help in obtaining a pistol permit if he assaulted me, terrorized me, set me up for a 2nd false arrest, or caused me to flee Connecticut. A typical Peter Coukos threat left on my voicemail [here].

US Marine arrested in Connecticut for being stabbed 13 times! [more]

[click here] for the text of my letter to the Washington, DC, FBI

[click here] for my complaint to Connecticut Attorney General Richard Blumenthal about Attorney Michael H. Agranoff containing my docket #

I was pulled over walking in the Hartford Capitol building in Connecticut [video]. I was among others there with video cameras and still cameras, yet only I was singled out and detained.

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Thursday, June 26, 2008

Do you remember Jonny Quest?

Cartoons are just not the same now as compared to THEN. The signs of the times and the political climate can be seen in cartoons.

A Glowing Example of why we need our Grand Jury System back as it was:

From the Robert Lawlor propaganda [website]

Lawlor has shot 3 African American suspects in the back in 2 incidents. Should he be called an "American Patriot" or should he have an inmate number?

Connecticut courts are notorious for fixing cases and protecting their own. Connecticut Police Officer Scott Smith stood on an African American's back, put his gun near his boot, and executed the man. The Connecticut prosecutor intentionally botched the case so Smith could skate on appeal.

Lawlor will probably be granted the same Corruptikourt favor.

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New Trial Ordered for Officer Convicted in a Suspect's Death

Published: October 18, 2002

The Connecticut Appellate Court today ordered a new trial for a former New Milford police officer convicted of using unreasonable deadly force during a confrontation with a suspect almost four years ago.

In its decision, the court said that the Superior Court judge who presided over the trial of the officer, Scott B. Smith, erred by not allowing the jury to hear testimony from two defense witnesses -- both experts on the use of deadly force -- and by not properly instructing the jury.

Mr. Smith was the first Connecticut police officer to be charged with murder for fatally shooting a suspect while on duty. His trial was rife with racial overtones, and took place at a time when similar cases were in the news in New York City and elsewhere. Mr. Smith is white; Franklyn Reid, the 27-year-old ex-convict he fatally shot in the back after a foot chase on Dec. 29, 1998, was black.

Mr. Smith, 30, was convicted in March 2000 of intentional manslaughter and given a sentence of 5 to 40 years in prison. While sending the case back to a new Superior Court judge, the Appellate Court today also affirmed that the evidence presented against Mr. Smith in the first trial was enough to establish guilt and unreasonable use of deadly force.

Still, today's decision delighted Mr. Smith and outraged Mr. Reid's relatives.

''My client's elated,'' said Jack Kelly, the lawyer for Mr. Smith, who has remained free on $250,000 bond since his conviction. ''Since March 31, 2000, he has had to sweat out the prospect of spending six years of his life in a prison cell.''

From their small ranch-style home in New Milford, less than a mile from the spot where Mr. Reid was shot, his parents, Dwight and Pearlylyn Reid, said they were devastated by the decision.

Mrs. Reid said her father came to the store where she works to deliver the news.

''My heart was like it fell on the floor,'' she said. ''I had to leave work right away. I was in total shock.''

John A. Connelly, the state prosecutor in the case, said he had not yet decided whether to ask all nine members of the Appellate Court to reconsider the decision, made by a three-judge panel, or to petition the State Supreme Court to hear the case.

On the day he was killed, Mr. Reid, who had served time in prison for stabbing an uncle and for having sex with a minor, was wanted for failing to appear in court to face charges of harassment and violating probation. He had been driving through New Milford when Mr. Smith, then a police officer, spotted him while searching for a suspect in a separate incident.

Glimpsing the officer, Mr. Reid jumped out of his car and ran. After the chase, Mr. Smith ordered Mr. Reid to lie on the ground and placed his foot on Mr. Reid's back. At some point a little later, Mr. Smith fired his pistol once into Mr. Reid's back, killing him.

Mr. Smith has said he fired in self-defense because he feared that Mr. Reid was reaching for a weapon. A folding knife was found near the scene, but the jury concluded that Mr. Smith had used unreasonable force and convicted him of manslaughter. Mr. Connelly had wanted a first-degree murder conviction.

The Appellate Court today ruled that Judge Charles D. Gill had improperly excluded testimony from two experts that could have placed Mr. Reid's actions in a better context.

One of those experts is Reginald F. Allard Jr., a former instructor at the Connecticut Police Academy who trained Mr. Smith. The other is David M. Gross, a former New York City police lieutenant and a lecturer on police use of force. Judge Gill did allow a third expert, Emanuel Kapelsohn, an F.B.I.-certified firearms instructor, to offer limited testimony.

Correction: October 22, 2002, Tuesday An article on Friday about the Connecticut Appellate Court's order of a new trial for a former New Milford police officer convicted of having used unreasonable deadly force misspelled the surname of an expert whose testimony was improperly excluded from the first trial. He is David M. Grossi, not Gross.

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About the Grand Jury System:

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[click here] for the email I recently sent to former Connecticut Governor John G. Rowland known as "Johnny" to both Presidents, Bush.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

March on Washington, DC, July 12. Be there

If you are fed up with the war for corporate profit, the lying, the nullification of the US Constitution, and the Worldwide Human Rights abuses orchestrated out of the White House, join us July 12, 2008. Don't ask, demand.

The event probably started out with a Ron Paul label. It has grown to more than that. Some that are going don't even know much about Paul, they just know that we as Americans might be at the most critical point in our history.

Fail, and we might as well just have one more request. That would be to rename the country to reflect what it is really about.

No excuses.

Will I see you at the Washington Monument at 9 AM?

Sunday, June 22, 2008

3am Reminder or 4th Amendment Violation? · 2008-06-22

Terrence Brown
MN We Are C.H.A.N.G.E
June 21, 2008

Troy Molde
was woken up by Lakeville police in Minnesota at 3 am. on Thursday. Lakeville police stopped in front of his residence when they noticed the garage door was open. The officers rang the doorbell and knocked on the front door but when this didn’t work they felt that this was just cause to enter his garage and investigate further. According to the Pioneer Press, the officers told Molde his garage door was open, the TV was on, keys to his truck were left in the ignition and the door to his house was ajar. Police said the intrusion was justified because the officers’ initial door knocks went unanswered. Police went inside to check if anything was wrong, Sgt. Jim Puncochar said.

The day after the incident Troy spoke about his ordeal on the Chris Baker radio show. He talks about what he did prior to the incident “…my car was in my garage with my keys in the ignition but I’ve always done that so I don’t lose my key. Normally I shut my garage but I just happened to forget to shut it that night.” He also disputes the some of the claims made by police and media “…the article says that the door was ajar, it wasn’t, it has a spring on it so it wouldn’t stay ajar and so the door was closed.” He goes on to say “…they actually came out again last night for damage control and the Sargent said that the story was they looked in the window and saw a child sleeping on the floor which wasn’t the case. It was never mentioned when they were there and it was a hardwood floor …when the sergeant came out last time he apologized, well not really apologized but he said heres our story it kind of pissed me off when the story changed.”

Troy feels that his constitutional rights were violated and under the fourth amendment which guards against unreasonable searches and seizures he may be right. The police retort that they were there to prevent a crime. The mainstream media has been covering this story since it broke but at the same time they’ve spinning it with the “what if” scenarios verses the basic questions they should be asking. Is it constitutional for a officer to walk into my home without probable cause? Do I have rights and were they violated? Police officers swore an oath to uphold the constitution and at what point does prevention become violation.

— Anthony

© 2008 We Are Change Minnesota
| Privacy Policy

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Should judges and lawyers have a license to steal? [more]

[Monkees] Last Train To Clarkesville lyrics

The Monkees were almost not allowed to record this song, as it was considered a protest to the Viet Nam War. Amazing that the same type of covert censorship and freedom of expression curtailing still exists. They're just a little more slick and devious nowadays.

Take the last train to Clarksville,
And I'll meet you at the station.
You can be be there by four thirty,
'Cause I made your reservation.
Don't be slow, oh, no, no, no!
Oh, no, no, no!

'Cause I'm leavin' in the morning
And I must see you again
We'll have one more night together
'Til the morning brings my train.
And I must go, oh, no, no, no!
Oh, no, no, no!
And I don't know if I'm ever coming home.

Take the last train to Clarksville.
I'll be waiting at the station.
We'll have time for coffee flavored kisses
And a bit of conversation.
Oh... Oh, no, no, no!
Oh, no, no, no!

Take the last train to Clarksville,
Now I must hang up the phone.
I can't hear you in this noisy
Railroad station all alone.
I'm feelin' low. Oh, no, no, no!
Oh, no, no, no!
And I don't know if I'm ever coming home.

Take the last train to Clarksville,
Take the last train to Clarksville,
[repeat and fade]

the above found [here]

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"Last Train to Clarksville" The Making of A Hit

Entertainment Tonight segmeant on The Monkees "Last Train to Clarksville" from 1987.

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Waist Deep In The Big Muddy - Pete Seeger

[from the Smothers Brothers program?]

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The Smothers Brothers
[from here]

Ironically enough for an act built around the tensions of sibiling rivalry, the Smothers Brothers were the longest-lived comedy team in history; originally a folk duo, the brothers tempered their childlike, irreverent musical humor with enough sly satire and subtle political commentary to earn both an ardent following from the counterculture and considerable backlash from more conservative quarters.

Tom (born February 2, 1937) and Dick (born November 20, 1939) first teamed professionally while attending San Jose State University. After a tenure in a folk group dubbed the Casual Quintet, the Smothers broke off as a duo in 1959; while their act initially consisted of straightforward folk tunes, audiences responded even more favorably to their between-song banter, and gradually all of the brothers' material reflected their offbeat comic sensibility, a perennially wide-eyed worldview steeped in playful sibling rivalry primarily directed at Tom's supposed dull wit.

By the time of their 1961 live debut At the Purple Onion -- released concurrently with their season-long tenure as regulars on The Steve Allen Show -- the Smothers' act still skewed towards straight songs, and the comedic content of their performance resided primarily in the introductions to the musical performances. As indicated by its title, 1962's Top 40 hit The Two Sides of the Smothers Brothers reflected the dichotomy even more clearly; while one half of the record was devoted to serious, if lightweight, songs like "If It Fits Your Fancy" and "Stella's Got a New Dress," the remainder focused on comic numbers like "Cabbage" and "Chocolate," the latter penned by frequent accomplice Pat Paulsen.

With 1963's (Think Ethnic!), their transformation into pure comedy was complete; all of the songs were performed with tongues planted firmly in cheek, punctuated by breezy banter and light-hearted bickering. Curb Your Tongue, Knave! followed later in the year and was the duo's biggest hit, falling just short of the Top Ten, while 1964's It Must Have Been Something I Said! reflected their continued growth as performers capable of everything from love song send-ups ("Jenny Brown") to cracked history lessons ("Civil War Song").

With 1964's Tour de Farce American History and Other Unrelated Subjects and the following year's Aesop's Fables the Smothers Brothers Way, the duo turned towards music aimed specifically for younger audiences, while 1965's Mom Always Liked You Best! (its title the brothers' definitive tag line) crystallized their sibling squabbling antics. A short-lived sitcom, The Smothers Brothers Show, debuted that same year, while Golden Hits of the Smothers Brothers, Vol. 2 -- there was, of course, no Volume 1 -- featured re-recorded renditions of favorite bits, and appeared in 1966.

In February 1967, the duo launched The Smothers Brothers Comedy Hour, a variety program for the CBS network. An immediate hit, the series was topical and irreverent, poking fun at institutions ranging from the government to motherhood. As a result, it was also highly controversial, and the Smothers frequently butted heads with network censors. While very much a traditional show in terms of format and structure, the Comedy Hour won a devoted following from the burgeoning youth culture; while not overtly political, the show was far more topical than anything else on the air -- co-star Pat Paulsen launched a 1968 Presidential campaign, while blacklisted folkie Pete Seeger, a frequent guest, made waves by performing his Vietnam protest song "Waist Deep in the Big Muddy."

After a 1969 sketch satirizing organized religion drew fire from the nation's clergy and forced an on-air apology, CBS threw in the towel and cancelled the show despite high ratings and a recent Emmy Award for writing. A year later, the program resurfaced on ABC, but its momentum was destroyed, and it again disappeared a few months later. Ultimately, the controversies crippled the Smothers' career; they did not return to recording, and toured sporadically over the next several years. Another variety series, The Smothers Brothers Show, debuted on NBC in 1975, but lasted only 13 weeks. After over a decade of low-visibility touring and nightclub performances, CBS brought back The Smothers Brothers Comedy Hour in 1988; after little more than a year on the air, it too was cancelled, and the team returned to the live circuit once again. ~ Jason Ankeny, All Music Guide

Written by Jason Ankeny

"Dick Head" Connecticut Senator Chris Dodd

Dodd is on the World Domination Elitists roster, the Bilderberg [list]

The below found [here]

Big Brother: Connecticut Senator Christopher Dodd’s “Housing Legislation” Has Hidden Wholesale Data Dump - Targets U.S. Citizens And Businesses - Nearly Every Online Purchase, Sale, And Credit Card Transaction To Be Reported To The Federal Government

June 19th, 2008

WASHINGTON, DC - Hidden deep in Senator Christopher Dodd’s 630-page Senate housing legislation is a sweeping provision that affects the privacy and operation of nearly all of America’s small businesses. The provision, which was added by the bill’s managers without debate this week, would require the nation’s payment systems to track, aggregate, and report information on nearly every electronic transaction to the federal government.

FreedomWorks Chairman Dick Armey commented: “This is a provision with astonishing reach, and it was slipped into the bill just this week. Not only does it affect nearly every credit card transaction in America, such as Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express, but the bill specifically targets payment systems like eBay’s PayPal, Amazon, and Google Checkout that are used by many small online businesses. The privacy implications for America’s small businesses are breathtaking.”

“Privacy groups like the Center for Democracy and Technology and small business organizations like the NFIB sharply criticized this idea when it first appeared earlier this year. What is the federal government’s purpose with this kind of detailed data? How will this database be secured, and who will have access? Many small proprietors use their Social Security number as their tax ID. How will their privacy be protected? What compliance costs will this impose on businesses? Why is Sen. Chris Dodd putting this provision in a housing bailout bill? The bill also includes the creation of a new national fingerprint registry for mortgage brokers.

“At a time when concerns about both identity theft and government spying are paramount, Congress wants to create a new honey pot of private data that includes Social Security numbers. This bill reduces privacy across America’s payment processing systems and treats every American small business or eBay power seller like a criminal on parole by requiring an unprecedented level of reporting to the federal government. This outrageous idea is another reason to delay the housing bailout legislation so that Senators and the public at large have time to examine its full implications.”

From the Senate Bill Summary:

Payment Card and Third Party Network Information Reporting. The proposal requires information reporting on payment card and third party network transactions. Payment settlement entities, including merchant acquiring banks and third party settlement organizations, or third party payment facilitators acting on their behalf, will be required to report the annual gross amount of reportable transactions to the IRS and to the participating payee. Reportable transactions include any payment card transaction and any third party network transaction. Participating payees include persons who accept a payment card as payment and third party networks who accept payment from a third party settlement organization in settlement of transactions. A payment card means any card issued pursuant to an agreement or arrangement which provides for standards and mechanisms for settling the transactions. Use of an account number or other indicia associated with a payment card will be treated in the same manner as a payment card. A de minimis exception for transactions of $10,000 or less and 200 transactions or less applies to payments by third party settlement organizations. The proposal applies to returns for calendar years beginning after December 31, 2010. Back-up withholding provisions apply to amounts paid after December 31, 2011. This proposal is estimated to raise $9.802 billion over ten years.

Appeared Here

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Official Connecticut, lawyers, and judges want to rip off the elderly just driving through. [more]

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Is the World Bank Responsible for infecting the 3rd World with HIV?

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A Dwarf Throwing website?

yes, [there is]

Monday, June 16, 2008

Is it Grand Jury Time?


I believe there is a need to have a grand jury field citizen complaints. Laws are being broken by judges and members of the Connecticut Judicial Branch, the State Police, DCF, and other officials. I am asking that you take action.

The State Police are an absolute embarrassment. Laws being broken, overwhelmingly by police, and taxpayers being defrauded by State Police should be looked into. The bad apples need to be prosecuted. Police have been doing an extremely poor job of investigating each other.

The same goes for judges and members of the judiciary. The bid rigging, felonies being committed, defrauding of taxpayers, the fixing of court cases, and the retaliation and abuse of citizens, colluding with the State Police, needs to end.

If you are not the ones to initiate a grand jury, please forward my request to the proper persons. There are a number of people on the inside and outside the system that could present evidence to help clean up the police, courts, and DCF.

It isn’t until the bad, law breaking judges, police, DCF, and others are indicted that the rest will understand that they have to obey laws, serve the public, earn their pay, and actually serve the best interest of the public.

Thank you,

Steven G. Erickson

I am posting this letter to you [here]

Post on Grand Juries [click here]

The need for Grand Juries, video:

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Sunday, June 15, 2008

Reclaiming Elections and Prosecuting Bush

Should corporations be considered "individuals" with the rights of people in the US?:

David Cobb speaks at the June 6 - 8 NCMR Free Press, the national conference on media reform. Liberty Tree [website]

* * * *

We interview the President of Common Cause, Bob Edgar

* * * *

The ACLU at the NCMR

* * * *

Walking the Minneapolis, Minnesota, Skyway

Minneapolis certainly is a world class city. The Skyway keeps downtown residents warm or cool and dry, year round. Downtown is vital and it is only a $1.50 to take a clean, quick, and safe train ride from the airport to downtown.

Steven G. Erickson and Francis C. P. Knize, documentary producers, are currently looking to film subject matter for their film, "In the Interests of Justice", and are also looking for financing to finish, produce, distribute, and promote the work, a documentary series.

[click here] for my videos on youtube

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YouTube vs. LiveLeak

It seems that I get at least ten times more views of my videos when I post them on LiveLink, so I will probably be posting less videos on YouTube, and more on LiveLink.

My LiveLink videos [click here]

My YouTube videos [click here]

Saturday, June 07, 2008

The China Warning for the US?

Without independent media to report what is really going on, do we "really" have any freedom?

Links that Jane "Jin" mentioned in the above video:
(in Chinese), also

keywords: China Chinese Human Rights Violations Judicial misconduct political prisoners US America American secret torture detention camps Martial Law abuse rape obstruction of justice dictatorship communism police wiretaps spying jail prison guard beat up

CodePink Women for Peace

Medea Benjamin speaks at the Minneapolis, Minnesota, Free Press event this Saturday. These women are testing the limits of Free Speech and testing how far you can go as an activist and protester.

There message is that they support the troops by not wanting them unnecessarily killed over bad policies and profiteering of the war corporations and corrupt, uncaring politicians.

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Sunday, June 01, 2008

US Public Transportation

There isn’t as much of it as compared to other countries. It does not reach as far into the outback. This was all for a variety of reasons.

The car companies bought up the trolley and train companies to put them out of business. The White elitists were happy not to provide minorities in downtown areas cheap, and available, transportation to anywhere in the US.

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