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The Film Industry, Vertical Integrated Monopolies

Look at the tyrants involved. Is the movie enterprise "Free Enterprise" and "American" as should be intended for an entity inside America?

If you were in a union back in the day, you were accused of being a communist and were blacklisted. People were beaten up, railroaded to prison, their families broken up, they were financially ruined, and even murdered.

What is different today with the NDAA, Patriot Act, and was seems to be soft absolute Martial Law?

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Corporate Stranglehold on Movies/Media, the documentary film 

The clip is a 10 minute teaser from the documentary film, "This film is not yet rated". If you want to understand corporate censorship, their monopoly, public abuse, and the preventing of free and unbiased information being disseminated, I suggest you watch the full version on Netflix or obtain a DVD.

John F. Kennedy, Richard M. Nixon, and history all plays in the clip.

Check out the rundown of the corporations who control what you see and are out to mold what you think. These people are against independent thought and the blocking of artistic endeavors not under their direct control.

[Check out this Judicial Misconduct blog]

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Children taught by Disney TV that CIA/NSA spying is needed to play and learn
Part of channel(s): Connecticut School Shooting (current event)

I happened to see what propaganda Disney is putting out. International corporate media, movie makers, and those who make cartoons are slipping stuff by us right in front of our faces. So, when do children need spy satellites and ladybugs with surveillance cameras and microphones just to skip rope, play, or learn?

The latest film with Brad Pitt, which I won't see, is about how the UN is the world power that will save humanity when the opposite is obviously true.

The surveillance/spy/police state is right in our faces. Even on programming meant for small children. The clip is from Special Agent Oso, season 1, episode 3, a Disney release.

Since there has been a corporate world takeover, should anyone who is self-employed be treated worse than a sex offender who rapes 3 year olds? Well, police in Stafford Springs, Connecticut, and other communities were covertly spying, listening to phone calls, and trolling your internet use prior to 9/11. [post]

If you are against the US Constitution being dismantled and the US becoming the Northern American Union section of the UN World Government, you could be whisked away as a terrorist never to be seen again. Is Edward Snowden a hero, or villain. How about Bradley Manning? How about Julian Assange of Wikileaks?

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US Corporate Infiltrators Dismantle Governments Worldwide

The elite with their bankers and international corporate organized crime operatives are out to dismantle the constitutions and government of all nations. Police, the military, and the rubber stamp on the abuse, courts, all have their wagons circled against we the people no matter what nation you live in.

US taxpayers are paying for their own abuse. We are paying for our own abuse.

Much of what is on RT America can be considered BS. [Thom Hartmann] is a shameless Democrat and Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton supporter. Republicans are equally as bad. Both political parties in the US have sold out to the offshore elite.

I contacted Vermont US Senator Patrick Leahy's office. [my letter] Leahy does not interfere with operations between branches is what I got back from his office. The real answer is that he has sold out. You can look Leahy up on the IMDb database. It is for those in the corporate movie industry. Leahy was in Batman movies. State and federal elected officials have mostly sold out to get elected. Corporate and international money flows into campaigns. It is money stolen from you and then used against you.

If you want to know about more on these subjects, check out other videos on my channel. Or check out [this blog]

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Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Asking Elected Officials How History will judge them

Elected officials have sold us out. When lawyers are legislators they serve each other, the courts, and the state, not us.We need to vote out all Democrats and Republicans and only vote for independents and we the people may have a small shot of getting our country back.

Trillions of taxpayer dollars are being used to put secret cities, fuel dumps, rail lines, and highways underground. Corporate organized crime and international criminal bankers are not spending our tax dollars on our needs. [Bases underground in the Ozarks, post]

Pre-9/11, police were setting up for having police informants infiltrate towns to find out who has guns, is self-employed, and who are, or were, potential community leaders. Citizens had all of theire phone calls listened to, all their emails, and were targets of police using tax dollars to fund the illegal domestic spying and abuse. [more]

The Trayvon Martin/George Zimmerman fiasco is just a mainstream media and corporate organized crime distraction. [more]

I intend on contacting legislators in the State of Connecticut. I intend to contact legislators on the Children's committee as there are probably less lying lawyers on that committee. How does spending maybe $50,000 for each person to be spied on for storage and infrastructure. We are all being spied on 24/7. Are you willing to pay more than you make in a year just so corporate organized crime and their police state can spy on you? How does that benefit you? So, why are you paying for it?

[Steven G. Erickson video uploads and posts]

Monday, July 22, 2013

Do you want to Smuggle Drugs? Well ... the TSA takes bribes ...

Note: I do not think that anyone should not even try drugs. I am not advocating the smuggling of drugs. Nor, do I, suggest that you bribe any official, ever. 


"Three Transportation Security Administration agents allowed a drug trafficker to smuggle tens of thousands of dollars in cash and prescription painkillers from Florida to Connecticut on domestic flights in exchange for hundreds of dollars in bribes, the U.S. attorney for Connecticut said Tuesday afternoon ..." [more]

Connecticut Stasi (State Police) want a raise

Before 9/11 these scumbags were, and still are, involved in domestic spying and abuse of the public. They are armed revenue collectors and lie so you can be processed in the system, get arrested, need to hire a lawyer, lose your home, job, break up your family, and have your kids taken away. It is fun for them and they'll laugh in your face. [More

The below is cut and pasted from the

The End Is Near For State Trooper Contract Negotiations

by Hugh McQuaid | Jul 17, 2013 4:00pm
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Posted to: Health Care, Jobs, Labor, Legal, Pension

CTNJ file photo
State Troopers protest at state Capitol in 2011
State troopers have been working under an expired contract for more than a year, but that likely will change later this summer when an arbitration process draws to a close.
State troopers’ labor contract with the state expired in July 2012. A few months later, Gov. Dannel P. Malloy’s administration and the Connecticut State Police Union reached an impasse in the process of negotiating a new deal. The case was sent to an arbitrator to be resolved.
State Labor Relations Director Linda Yelmini said that reply briefs are due from both sides by Friday. Then it will be up to the arbitrator to make an award. After a decision is made, the legislature will have a 30-day opportunity from the next time they gavel into session to approve or reject the new contract. If lawmakers take no action, the contracts will go into effect, she said.
Yelmini said the language of the expired contract remains in effect until a new one is established.
Connecticut State Police Union President Andrew Matthews said the expired contract does not cover any wage increases for troopers.

CTNJ file photo
CTNJ file photo
Connecticut State Police Union President Andrew Matthews
Troopers last received a raise in the summer of 2011 when they were one of two state employee bargaining units to reject a two-year wage freeze under a concession agreement with the Malloy administration.  Since then, the administration and the union have clashed over staffing levels and efforts to consolidate dispatch centers as well as initiatives to “civilianize” certain positions within the agency. Last year, the union voted no confidence in Public Safety Commissioner Reuben Bradford and state police Col. Danny Stebbins over the issues.
The union also asked a court to force the administration to adhere to a previously-ignored statute requiring a minimum number of state troopers. The case prompted Malloy to propose and later sign a bill which removed the requirement from statute.

CTNJ file photo
CTNJ file photo
Public Safety Commissioner Reuben Bradford and state police Col. Danny Stebbins.
On Wednesday, Matthews said that he was “cautiously optimistic” about the process, but declined to discuss the contract sticking points citing the ongoing arbitration process. “What the union leadership does not want to do is impact that process,” he said.
In May, Matthews testified before a legislative panel investigating the agency’s staffing levels and told lawmakers that he was concerned the state was trying to remove off-duty use of patrol cars from troopers’ contracts.
Matthews said state police often respond to emergencies while they are off-duty because they hear calls broadcast over their vehicle’s radios. He told lawmakers he had a similar experience when he stopped to help a man having a medical emergency while he was using his patrol car off-duty.
“I would not have been doing CPR on the side of the road as my wife watched if I was in my personal vehicle going to the airport,” he said.

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The Original Writings of The Illuminati Discovered

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