Sunday, May 12, 2013

The U.S. Government is Broke!

The [Rothchild Dynasty] and other bankers have told massive populations that they owe us on paper and we have to pay them to breath.

In June 1815, Nathan Rothschild, after being told by his agent that
Wellington had defeated Napoleon at Waterloo, immediately dashed to
London and ordered his agents to dump consuls. This triggered a selling
panic, with traders believing that Wellington had lost. Only when
stocks plummeted and could be bought for a song did it emerge that
Wellington had in fact won, something that Rothschild knew all along,
and by this point his agents had bought up cheap stocks for next to
nothing. The stock market soared again and the Rothschild family made
obscene profits, enabling them to become the richest family in the
This gargantuan Rothschild ploy was documented in the excellent documentary, The Money Masters. Watch a clip below. [source for more]


The government of the UK did not prosecute and then hang the bankers who pulled a scam on paper. Elite criminals have populations war on each other so we are all debt slaves on paper. I did not agree to be owned by international bankers on paper. I owe them nothing except helping others who have been likewise abused to manage a rope.

Do you know who won the War of 1812? The UK who was by then taken over by international bankers and what would become global corporate organized crime invaded the US and burned and sacked Washington DC. Sailors (American) were kidnapped by the British right off of US ships. Then the US doubled in size soon after. Who really "won" that war. Secret taxes are collected then after to go to the Crown and to bankers. US judges and lawyers sold us out back then. The story of the missing 13th Amendment [click here].

Small Farmers, also known as Family Farmers, had their phones tapped, mail read, and were spied on by Town Hall Mafia, police, riggers of courts, the FBI, CIA, international bankers, and corporate organized crime. Their taxes were raised. So, farmers paid huge taxes, corporations paid little to none. Corporations then bought up all the land. Corporate organized crime bribes and owns US officials and decides who is to hold office. We only think we have elections.

Small farmers were set up for false arrests, family break ups, prison, and property confiscation.

Having our phones tapped, all our conversations recorded, and video surveillance is for our protection right? International bankers care. When we are spied upon at will we are owned as slaves. Slavery to the elite is good, right?

[The self-employed and small business are under siege].

International bankers loath the US Constitution. They want it dismantled piece by piece. Give up your guns, your free speech, your liberty, property, family unity, and be a slave to bankers because they tell you to through their liar corporate owned mainstream media. Obey.

Bankers need to end religion so that there is no resistance. They are God. Worship your new Gods.

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Corporate Organized Crime is out to poison us with GMO "food":

Text with video:

Published on May 11, 2013
Lee Ann Mcadoo Interviews Jeffrey M Smith on the Dangers of GMO. His documentaries shattere the biotech industry's claim that genetically modified (GM) foods are safe.

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