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Grateful Dead, LSD, Acid Test, Society, Changes, 1960's

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If you ever wondered how the great experiment started watch the documentary, "Magic Trip". This is only a clip. [more here] scroll down in post.

Do you know who Ken Kesey is? Have you seen the movie, "One flew over the Cuckoo's Nest"? Did you know that the CIA was experimenting using anyone they could find to test the effects of LSD, willingly and unwillingly?

Let the genie out of the bottle and bust the people who take a sip ...

If you want to see what is was to walk out in public, hang out in groups, and have a good time, watch this clip. See what is missing today? I am not glorifying the drugs, just look at how far the Police State has advanced.

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Safe-Use Condom for getting Constituent Services from Government, Vote Independent!

Cartoon condom image stolen [from here].

Safe-Use Condom for getting Constituent Services from Government, Vote Independent!

Republicans and Democrats have sold out to billionaires, international bankers, and corporate organized crime. Politicians like California US Senator Diane Feinstein can go into government worth 10's of thousands and become worth 100's of millions while still "IN" government!

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Cops can get free drinks, lap dances, and sex at Strip Clubs

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[This Video Blogger] has seen where cops got free admission, free drinks, free food, free lap dances, and free sex near Bourbon St., New Orleans, Louisiana, during the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina 2006.

When I worked a 24 hour convenience store in Springfield, Massachusetts, years ago third shift while I attended college during the day, officers would pull over women, especially over weekend nights, and let women get out of DUI and/or marijuana arrests for giving officers oral sex, or for spreading their legs in back of the cruiser, one rear door open to the woods side of the car, submitting to police officer coerced sex which should be considered sexual assault and rape.

Officers would bring prostitutes into the dairy case of that Pasco Rd., store sit on dairy crates 3 high, and collect "protection" from prostitutes in the form of oral sex. Springfield Officers investigated a "solved murder" an extra 6 months of overtime spent at home and out drinking at bars. Officers would bring mostly minority suspects to the enclosed dumpster area, letting off frustration, and beat and torture suspects until bleeding hanging flesh could be seen hanging off off the brick wall.  

3 off-duty Linden New Jersey/New York City are police officer drank heavily at Curve's Strip Bar and ended up in a wrong way crash versus a tractor trailer truck on Staten Island Long Island New York. 2 officers are currently dead from their March 20, 2015, Friday crash. [Story and video on yahoo].

During my time being considered as a police officer or operative for the Troop C, Tolland, Connecticut State Police, I learned a few things in Stafford Springs, Connecticut, best revealed [by this post].

Officers can do drugs, drink and drive, and even rape women, and underage girls, if they are White, Male, and in good standing with other officers and the International Police Union and/or SEIU, goon union. Officers who drink on duty, or off duty, are almost immune from DUI and other laws the rest of us worry about, and/or have respect for.

Should there be Civilian Oversight of Police where officers would need to submit to Civilian Arrests and prosecution by a People's Grand Jury?

John McAfee breaks down how police can spy on everything you do and say, especially scooping up any sexy pictures or videos on your phone or computer:


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Operation "Toto" Pulling Back The Curtain: Full NSA Interview

Text with below video:

Published on Mar 18, 2015
Alex Jones talks with NSA Whistleblower William Binney about his experiences and what he thinks needs to be done to fix the country.

Help us spread the word about the liberty movement, we're reaching millions help us reach millions more. we all want liberty. Find the free live feed at

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The Art of Giving Killer Terminator Drones Human Rights ...

I watched the movie Chappie. [IMDb listing]

I watched the movie based on the IMDb listing, currently a 7.3 rating out of 10. I would not give the movie that high of a rating. The movie is worth watching for other than entertainment value. Although, the movie can be considered entertaining for most of you reading this.

Jeremy Jahns' review of the movie, and embedded youtube [video link found here].

It is beyond international banker and corporate organized propaganda giving a police terminator drone robot the protection needed we would want to give any baby who is loveable, and who is in the possession of criminally insane parents.

Let's just love the killing. Drone killing of most of the population is great, right? Let's give human rights to Terminator Drone Human Killing Robots, right?

The Defense Industry Propagandists teach us that the killer robots are just babies, with human intelligence, who just need to be loved. That is good. You need an international tax to breathe. It used to be classified as "Global Warming". But now, citizen, you are responsible for "Climate Change". You should apologize, and pay, for breathing, right?

Love population reductiton, UN Agenda 21. It is a baby who needs love, right?

I write for [The Stark Raving Viking blog].

Thursday, March 19, 2015

Police steal your cash, you don't die or spend life in jail

The IRS can make any excuse they want to steal your retirement, bank account, property, and all you have ever worked for. If you have cash, the police can just pull you over and steal it.

The below video was uploaded today. 

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Sunday, March 15, 2015

Ken O'Keefe proves Israel and Mossad Culpable for 9/11?

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This might be a video you should view and not regret not seeing it if the FCC cracks down on anything that does not march to the party line. Slide into 1:00:00 in. Try not to then not watch the video to the end.

There is stuff, very compelling, I have seen nowhere else.

O'Keefe claims [Michael Chertoff] is a dual citizen of the US and Israel. Chertoff was a US Attorney who went after mobsters in NYC who co-authored the Patriot Act before 9/11. O'Keefe claims Chertoff helped coordinate the attacks on 9/11. Chertoff became head of US Department of Homeland Security DHS after 9/11 where Chertoff ordered billions in equipment such as radiation scanners for airports. Chertoff then went to work for the company he placed the order at pocketing millions.

Were there multiple vans with Mossad agents caught with undetonated explosives on the day of 9/11, who were let go? The mainstream media, made up primarily of Jewish owners, according to O'Keefe, did not report on the Mossad operatives. Reporters were vague and did not report ethnicity of those in the vans. Were there murals of a plane smashing into buildings on the outsides of the Mossad NYC vans used during 9/11?

Was it determined in 1990 it would be less expensive to tear down the twin towers than to deal with the asbestos problem? Did Larry Silverstein who is heavily involved with the Israeli government and Mossad lease the twin towers 6 weeks before 9/11, raising insurance to 3.5 billion dollars and for 1.5 billion dollars on Building 7 where if the buildings were destroyed he would be paid 5 billion dollars in cash? O'Keefe answers those questions.

Please check out more videos on my liveleak channel and/or check out this blog for more of my video favorites:

Overwhelming Evidence that 9/11 was an Inside Job, Who did it and Why - Ken O'Keefe

Saturday, March 14, 2015

The True History and Purpose of NASA

[youtube source of video]

Note: This blogger makes no confirmations, and did no vetting of the information presented.

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Text with video:

Uploaded on Nov 24, 2011
My Dailymotion channel [gmoore50] was recently shut down, so this is now the only copy available.

Did You Know that NASA has an esoteric agenda to help bring about a one world government, a New World Order?

JFK Moonlanding by end of decade speech, Rice University,


Launch of Apollo 11, July 16, 1969.

Part 1: Project Paperclip and the NAZI Infiltration of NASA

Interview with Bruce Gagnon.


Part 2: NASA Moon Landing Hoax

The Apollo 16 Stagehand Video Hoax

My video "The Apollo 16 Stagehand Video Hoax" can be found here:

Brief excerpt from video showing wires were used on the Apollo astronauts, controlled by wire men in a studio.

Moon Landing Hoax - Wires Footage

Proof is shown of the moon landing video being faked in a studio, using rear screen projection.

Apollo 17: the moving magic mound

Part 3: Why would NASA need to fake the moon landings?

William (Bill) Cooper will explain this, in excerpts from his 3 part presentation called "MAJESTYTWELVE"




STS-121 Space Shuttle Discovery Launch

"To make interstellar travel believable NASA was created....."

Part 4: The Esoteric Occult Purpose for the Space Shuttle Program

Just take a look briefly at the names of the space shuttles, and you will see their hidden agenda: 1) Enterprise, 2) Columbia, 3) Endeavor, 4) Discovery, 5) Atlantis, and 6) Challenger.

Part 5: The Great Alien Deception

Ronald Reagan Alien Threat Speech at the United Nations

Part 6: The Fake Plane UFO Phenomenon

Fake plain videos from:

May 13, 2010 ~ Maple Ridge BC, Canada
Fake plane UFO chemtrail stunt over small town BC?

November 8, 2010 ~ West Coast of Southern California,

United States
Raw Video: Mystery Missile Appears over Southern

California. Helicopter CAM "no audio"

November 8, 2010 ~ Coast of South-California, United

UFO & Missile Launch Off California

October 3, 2010 ~ Wittlich, Germany
ufo ovni - ufo at fake plane

December 9, 2009
Norway Spiral Light 12/09/2009

FakePlane (Rod Hilderman)
April 17, 2008 ~ Lloydminster Alberta, Canada
Solve 9/11 Solve The Chemtrail Phenomena

Part 7: Project Bluebeam: Holograms, HAARP, Chemtrails, and GWEN Towers.

We have the technology now to project holograms in the sky.

Blue Beam Holographic Testing in Sierra Vista, AZ FT

Huachuca 1/2


Chris Morris and Janet Morris interview

Chemtrails contain Barium and Aluminum, necessary ingredients to produce realistic holograms in the sky, when activated by HAARP.

2012 NWO Agenda, Part 14

Project Blue Beam Documentary part 1

Project Blue Beam Documentary part 2


Sound affects video, torture from CIA

Strange sound in Kiev again Aug.11.11.

GWEN Towers will be used to broadcast Silent Sound Spread Spectrum

Silent Sound Spread Spectrum Mind Control Explained

SSSS Technology and Microwaves 2 of 2

Digital TV, HAARP, GWEN, Silent Sound & Mind Control

Technologies Part 1

Clips from Beneath the Planet of the Apes, which was filmed the same year as the Apollo 11 mission (1969). It was the first major motion picture to feature realistic depictions of holographic, sound and telepathic deceptions for use in warfare, another example of "Predictive Programming" in Hollywood.

More information on my website located at:

Music by Kevin MacLeod

Licensed under Creative Commons "Attribution 3.0"


The world is changing much faster than most realize. Are you ready for what's coming?

Glenn Moore
Jubilee Countdown Ministries

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NASA: The End Of Mankind "Leaked Document" 2013

Text with video:

Published on Jun 26, 2013
This is a very important video with Deborah Tavares and Trevor Coppola discussing the newly revealed NASA FUTURE WARFARE DOCUMENT. People need to be informed at least given the chance to see this information and make the decision themselves to believe and act on it or not. Please circulate far and wide and make sure you download the pdf document.

Anthony Hilder Youtube:

Original Video Here:

ADG Facebook:

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More About Trevor Coppola Here:

The woman being interviewed website:


Disturbing video from the National Vaccine Information Coalition


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Ukraine is Billionaire and International Banker Owned

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Ukraine is International Corporate/Banker Screwed. James Corbett of the Corbett Report and Luke Rudkowski of break it down.

The US is also screwed by corporations, billionaires, and corporate international crime. But, most Americans really aren't that smart, and don't pay attention. So, Americans don't know what they have lost until military checkpoints are set up on the highways and autonomous drones with new silent, and cheap, electronic stealth weapons installed, just seem to all of a sudden, show up.

The US soon could look like the Ukraine does now, war torn, forced to pay even more debts for money they did not agree to borrow. The Federal Reserve System type scams, the biggest heists in the history of the world, continues.

Beware of what the UN wants. Who really runs it? Why did Hillary Clinton run to the UN to seek help for her latest self-inflicted scandal? [more]

[More of this subject on the Stark Raving Viking blog, check out rise of the robot killer drones, link in right side panel]

Ukraine: Coup, Corruption and Catastrophe

stevengerickson at

Son of Carl Sagan is a 9/11 truther: ‘It’s a cover up, basically’

I found the video on [here]. Steven G. Erickson's video uploads and favorites are [found here on]. [Stark Raving Viking blog].

Text with video below (scroll down):

Published on Mar 1, 2015
DescJeremy Sagan is a computer programmer, AE911Truth supporter, and the son of the late astronomer Carl Sagan and biologist Lynn Margulis, who appears in 9/11 Explosive Evidence, Experts Speak Out. He and Andy Steele discuss the 9/11 controlled demolition evidence, the work of both his parents, and the state of the media and government establishments as they try to cover up the facts surrounding the 9/11 crime in New York. ription

Text someone else posted in the embedded video:

The interview was highlighted by Gizmodo on Thursday.

Jeremy Sagan, the son of Sagan and his first wife, biologist Lynn Margulis, told Free Fall host Andrew Steele that he grew more suspicious about the collapse after watching video at a friend’s house, months after the attack that killed almost 2,700 people in New York City that day.

“Well, on first seeing it— I mean anyone seeing it can see that there’s something suspicious about it. I remember and –I think it was New Year’s 2002, I was at a friend’s house, you know, and some parents of another friends, and they were saying Bush could never do something like this because he was incompetent. But in retrospect, now that I think about it, it’s true,” Sagan explained. “I don’t think Bush could really do it, but that’s why they had him skirted off into Florida, to, you know, get him a bit out of the way. In retrospect, you look at that and its obvious it was a controlled demolition.”

Asked by Steele, who said he himself relies upon “instinctive evidence,” with regard to 9/11 how he came to his conclusions, Sagan said he was basing it upon “visual evidence.”

“I think the visual evidence is the most compelling. I mean you have like falling, free fall. You have molten steel coming out of the building. I mean, obviously, also — the evidence of thermite is very compelling,” he explained. “The other thing I should say, if you look at building seven, the way everything was known before it happened. And the way it was reported in the media before it happened, that doesn’t happen. [laughs] You know?”

Sagan, who is a computer programmer, lamented the fact that not all computer model data on the collapse has been released to the public due to public safety concerns.

9/11 Free Fall 2/26/15: Jeremy Sagan

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Smedley Butler's Testimoney At The McCormick-Dickstein Hearing And Media Blackout

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Text with video:

Uploaded on Mar 14, 2011
This is the second part of a series Vyzygoth did called the 1934 Coup Boo.


FDR's Political Career And The 'Regulation' Of Big Business

Part 2 is the same as blog post title


The Money Masters - How International Bankers Gained Control of America.

Scroll down for video

[Steven G. Erickson's video uploads and favorites]

Text with video:

Published on May 3, 2012
The Money Masters explains the history behind the current world depression and the bankers' goal of world economic control by a very small coterie of private bankers, above all governments.

"The purpose of this financial crisis is to take down the U.S. dollar as the stable datum of planetary finance and, in the midst of the resulting confusion, put in its place a Global Monetary Authority [GMA - run directly by international bankers freed of any government control] -a planetary financial control organization" -Bruce Wiseman
"Banking was conceived in iniquity and was born in sin. The bankers own the earth. Take it away from them, but leave them the power to create money, and with the flick of the pen they will create enough deposits to buy it back again. However, take it away from them, and all the great fortunes like mine will disappear and they ought to disappear, for this would be a happier and better world to live in. But, if you wish to remain the slaves of bankers and pay the cost of your own slavery, let them continue to create money." -- Sir Josiah Stamp, Director of the Bank of England (appointed 1928). Reputed to be the 2nd wealthiest man in England at that time.

For more information and videos from the creators of this documentary, visit:

Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for "fair use" for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research."

Tuesday, March 10, 2015


[click here for rest of post]:

Hillary Clinton email-gate and $6 Bill Missing at State Department Scandals

The meaning of Fornaclintonification: noun. the act of disregarding the law, catering to billionaires, international bankers, corporate organized crime while screwing we the people, elite sexual predation, deviant backroom behavior, lying under oath to Congress


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Monday, March 09, 2015

Police Informants on Probation are for Sexually Satisfying Officers

... this has long been the case nationwide.

White Male police officers in almost every state can rape women, and girls aged as young as 14, and get away with it. Other officers will then terrorize, or worse, any witnesses. As long as an officer doesn't break ranks, isn't a woman, homosexual, bisexual, a minority, or breaks ranks with courts, police, lawyer and the state's revenue collection system, all is good, and the officer keeps on working.

Police running brothels and collecting their tax for illegal booze, narcotics, and gambling goes back to the birth of the nation.

Police can coerce women over years, and decades, getting oral sex and fornicating on demand.

I, Steven G. Erickson, know police can want to sleep with your wife, even if the officer is overweight, dumb as a box of rocks and has no chance, will arrest his perceived rival for sexual gratification, making the man lose his home, marriage, children, credit, job, retirement, and future. And, there is no recourse or compensation. Courts are rigged for the revenue collection system and to make lawyers and judges richer.

Makers of Bio-Weapons "Accidentally" release them. Don't worry, they also make the mandatory vaccines

Scroll down in post for video. Click on top banner in most blogs to go to nearest posts

How crazy does it have to get in America? The story of bio-weapons being manufactured is not new news. The regular "accidental" release of some of the most dangerous strains ever is nothing new. Should those who profit from manufacturing bio-weapons then force us to spend even greater wads of money for medical treatment and vaccines?

Sounds crazy, because it is crazy. David Knight of Infowars breaks it down in embedded video [found here].

Lyme Disease and West Nile Virus might have been manufactured at Plum Island, a bio-weapons research facility in Long Island Sound, between Connecticut and New York. Prevailing winds allegedly come past the island to Lyme, Connecticut. [blog post]

Kathleen Dickson, a scientist in Connecticut, exposed the Lyme Disease testing and treatment fraud, where Yale University, Glaxo Smith Kline, and Baxter stood to make billions, scamming, rigging tests, and committing fraud. Lisa Masterson, a scientist from the London UK area exposed the Lyme Disease testing and treatment fraud. Both women on opposite sides of the pond were then arrested, their children taken away, and they were whisked off to mental hospitals. Word search it.

[Steven G. Erickson video uploads and favorites]

Bio-Weapon Escapes Tulane Lab

The Skippy on Lyme Disease Fraud

Unseen, Far Away, Silent Lethal Weapons

If a person, car, boat, truck, house, or tall building suddenly starts smoking, bursts into flames, or crumbles to bits in front of your eyes and there is no weapons to be seen, what is it?

There will be a time when there are more of us going blind without explanation, loosing our wits and health due to radiation, more unexplained disappearances, and less reports of shootings and bombings.

Well, the weapons mounted on satellites, then drones, are getting smaller cousins. They have existed at least since US President Ronald Reagan's Star Wars program.

Microwave and laser weapons have become smaller, more powerful. Stealth technology was already in use over a decade before any real information was released to the public. The Pentagon stolen trillions is going somewhere.

Yahoo post shown in video [location].

Youtube video shown as small clip on my computer screen, [full video on youtube]

The "new" technology is touted for use on ISIS. From what a Department of Homeland Security architect told me, when this advance weaponry is revealed to the US public, "It won't be long."

[Stark Raving Viking blog]

Obama is a CIA Front:

Text with video:

Published on Oct 22, 2014
Former U.S. Naval officer and NSA employee Wayne Madsen, on how the CIA created ISIS

Friday, March 06, 2015

The difference between "your" and "our" is one letter

The difference between "your" and "our" is one letter, but if that is just one "hiccup" the government puts in your text, your whole page of writing can take on a different meaning. Imagine your cursor going anywhere, and then erasing everything. I do not have to imagine.

My computer, and ability to communicate, is jacked.

It is a difference of having friends or enemies.

The most, least of conscience, understands this, and uses this to their advantage.

So, those of you who make it impossible for me to type while connected online, or in a software program, and who crashes the system when something is controversial ...


Have elected officials made the US too crappy to live in?

I ask elected officials whether they are making the US too crappy to live in., I am forwarding them, [this Stark Raving Viking blog post]. Have elected officials in the US so sold us out, that the US is becoming too crappy to live in?

In the US, the TSA and/or the DHS decide whether you are allowed to get a driver's license. They, or the IRS, can arbitrarily block, or seize your accounts and retirement. You own nothing. The NSA records all they can off your phone, trolls your internet, and spies on you through your television and game consoles. Who you are close to, or where you work or live, can be ended by someone unseen. You can be robbed, raped, indefinitely detained, or even murdered by your voyeurs.

In Connecticut there is a law being proposed today, March 6, regarding "upskirting" taking videos up women's skirts and being a peeping tom. This legislation sounds benign and beneficial. But, who are the real peeping toms? Police use Stingray to lift all video, photos, texts, who you call, and all of your locations you go to with phone's onboard GPS, all without a warrant.

Do you think police aren't sharing your nude photos, and sharing with each other, the girls and women they are going to sexually target?

Wednesday, March 04, 2015

Blacks and Hispanics are passed on the US to rule by the Whites?

America is an experiment.

Do any citizens have rights?

The last bastion of citizens' rights might fall, that is the US. Word search the Bill of Rights.

[Stark Raving Viking blog]

[Steven G. Erickson video uploads and favorites]

Dr. Paul Craig Roberts breaks down more than I could ever hope to, here:

Text with video:

Published on Jan 21, 2015
Dr Paul Craig Roberts Unaccountable Executive = Police Warfare State

Tuesday, March 03, 2015

George Soros funding killing of Police in Ferguson & War in Ukraine?

Scroll down in post for video

Should billionaires erase borders, control media, profit hand over fist from abusing us, and stomp all over the Bill of Rights? Alex Jones of infowars, rants. [source of embedded video]

Please comment on the subject of post, George Soros and billionaires, not that Alex Jones is yucky or whatever trolls type. Warning: putting the word "tinfoil" in a comment might get you blocked.

[This Wikipedia listing on George Soros] does not even begin to expose the evil that is George Soros.

Billionaires like Michael Bloomberg want to tell you what size soda you are allowed to drink, that you can't have salt and pepper shakers on the table at restaurants. The George Soros, Michael Bloomberg, Ted Turner, Bill Gates etc are stealing your money and making you fund your own abuse.

In order for there to be Black Police Sites, like in Chicago, where citizens are kidnapped off the streets and then tortured, indefinitely detained, and some even murdered, there has to be police without oversight, rigged courts, and elected officials who turn a blind eye while profiting from the bribes, freebies, and campaign funding from international bankers, billionaires, and corporate organized crime. Word search the subject, it will blow your mind.

Either all citizens are equal under the law, or they are not. Denying one specific group means we are all denied.

George Soros and other billionaires are represented for your taxation. If you don't care, just take your Bill Gates vaccine, eat your special Monsanto GMO "food", and shut up. [my Stark Raving Viking blog]

Scum of The Year Award Goes To George Soros

Text with video:

Published on Mar 3, 2015
"The biggest money in this debate is from the liberal foundations that lavish millions on self-styled grassroots groups pushing for more and more regulation and federal control”
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Jew on Jew. The covert Jewish agenda is unraveling. Dr. Steve Pieczenik breaks it down

Dr. Steve Pieczenik lets fellow Jews have it. Israel is a hot spot. Israeli opinion is not one, it is many. When there is infighting, there is a hint of truth.

No matter what news source you view, view more. There are so many lies, somewhere in the middle, if at all, lies the truth.

Dr. Steve Pieczenik is allegedly the inspiration of many novels and movies. Dr. Steve Pieczenik is allegedly played by Harrison Ford in the movie, "The Patriot Games". Propaganda is king, you decide what is actually the truth in a truth deficient world.

[Stark Raving Viking blog]

Monday, March 02, 2015

The Corporate/Banker Computerized Prison Complex

You don't need many reasons not to buy a new car nowadays. Should the government, police, corporate powers, and international bankers be able to shut your car off, or run you into a tree, or be able to spy on you at will?

Where is liberty and freedom?

Where is having use of products you buy without having internal black boxes which can turn them off at the will of some secret elite?

Where are any of the Bill of Rights protections?

Do you want to buy a new 2015 car? Well if you are thinking about it, check out the video below.

Steven G. Erickson's favorite videos and uploads [found here]

My main blog, [The Stark Raving Viking]

David Knight of breaks it down:

Sunday, March 01, 2015

US Black Bag & Tag Sites brought to you by International Police Goon Union, SEIU?

US media did not break the black site, Chicago Police torture center story. Police can kidnap citizens off the streets and then torture them, starve them, heat and chill for more uncomfortable conditions, deny water, and leave prisoners hanging in stress positions. Police killing citizens goes unpunished. If police murder is okay, so it rape. Is this a national scourge yet unreported?

Is it okay for police to step on a secret detainee's genitals while hurling insults. Is it okay for police to stick objects in a detainee's anus?

The SEIU is an international union collecting dues from DHS, TSA, Police, court employees, legislative aids and employees, teachers, firefighters, military recruiting centers etc. Dues goes out, tyranny gets inserted back into the US as employees get secret directives from the union. [The FCC taking over the internet can help squash stories like this].

US Veterans who don't re-up or become police, FBI, CIA, NSA, TSA, or a military or police contractor are labeled terrorists, targeted to be disarmed, for family breakup, false arrests, and even being shepherded away to prisons or mental hospitals. Wave the flag!

The Infowars video, hosted by US Veteran, Joe Biggs is [found here] on youtube.

Shocking! Torture & Murder in America's Black Sites Revealed

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