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Oliver Stone: Obama's America

Oliver Stone in Vietnam photo found here.

Create a little controversy and maybe some people will do some research for themselves. When truth is discovered, it is true enlightenment.

Truth should not be a lie yet undiscovered. 

I only just recently watched Oliver Stone's movie, "W." about George W. Bush. I thought Stone was too kind. But, to understand where Obama's administration is now, you might want a point of reference.

What do international bankers and corporate pirates have in store for us? We can pay attention to what is said at the UN.

The Chinese people were killed in the 10's of millions just after they were disarmed.

Central bankers were the cause of the Opium Wars. The Central Bankers now ask the offspring of the their victims to act as their muscle if the US is to be taken over. Will the Chinese turn on international organized crime, the American people who are told they owe the Central Bankers' debt, or both?

We are occupied.

The American people who were still subjects of the British Empire, a front for Central Banks, rebelled because of the "Writs of Assistance". Soldiers could invade your home and look for taxable items. The soldiers acting as police could take a detour and be distracted by any females they wanted to rape or items they wanted to steal and not declare as taxable. That is why the 4th Amendment came about. There is now no 4th Amendment.

Would you like to be beaten, raped, robbed, or murdered in your own home? Well, Obama's masters at the UN and international bankers and corporate pirates who run the US government expect you go along until you have no other choice anyway. 

So, with no 4th Amendment will modern Americans rebel against their international organized crime owners?

Look at the contradiction, here.

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OBAMA'S AMERICA: Oliver Stone: 'USA has become an Orwellian state'

Thursday, December 27, 2012

Armed and Israeli

The below text and pics was placed as a comment in [this article] on gun control.

Click on below images to make larger.

I heard a report that Israel got an additional 70 million US tax dollars, over the whopping
amounts they already get to be further armed. At the same time the Israeli lobby wants
all Americans disarmed. Piers Morgan is in from the UK trying to dismantle the US
Constitution. That is not free speech, it is 5th Column behavior. John Lennon talked about
peace and the FBI wanted him deported. Here is an Israeli teacher (with gaggle of small

Here are teenage women relaxing on an Israeli beach:

If the UN and international bankers want to disarm the public, why don't they start with
Israel? Why are Americans paying taxes to arm Israel and to US domestic spy and thug
agencies to covertly disarm Americans? So, why should US taxpayers pay millions after
millions to arm Israeli citizens and then get disarmed themselves? Does this make sense?


FBI Citizen Kill List?

I got the idea to post on this subject after reading [this post by Scott Baker].

Are US taxpayer paid officials loyal to foreign powers and willing to spy on, harm, torture, indefinitely detain, take property, rape, make suffer, break up families, and even murder citizens for their international banker and corporate owners?

If foreign powers are calling the shots are we being taxed without representation? Has America been invaded and is their a secret police and military occupying force? Having armed drones flying over your head, police departments being armed with pain ray guns and tanks, does that tell you anything?

FBI Citizen Kill List?

If the above video does not have the same title as this post, then pleas check [my video uploads] or [my video uploads].

Text with video: author Scott Baker asserts that there is allegedly an FBI plan to kill citizens who engage in Free Speech. He asserts that there were plans to kill Occupy Wall St. OWS planners and organizers before the movement took off. [link]

Corporations aren't people, they are foreign powers. If the FBI and State Police met with Wall St. bankers and foreign corporation owners to plan covert operations, they conspired with foreign powers against Americans in America for outsiders. Are for police, the FBI, NSA, TSA, DHS, the UN, US courts, and the US Government for protecting outside interests, not Americans?

If you want an explanation for the Natalie Portman and other pics, my writing [can be found here] and you will see a pop up that will ask you to donate to the site where you can easily close out and see links to stories.

Was the War of 1812 really an invasion of World Banks into America, where we lost our sovereignty? In 1815 Rothschild bank spies rushed into London to seed false news reports that the UK had lost the war against Napoleon at Warterloo. It was false information so that the Rothchilds could Financially invade the UK, as after stock plummeted in the UK, the Rothschilds took ownership of the UK. We in the US are owned by a cabal of international bankers, probably part of the same Rothschild conspiracy. Lawyers and judges allegedly sold all of America out during the War of 1812 with secret agreements.

These offshore don't want Americans to have Free Speech or guns. These criminals own us all on paper. Do you want to be educated as to not be a slave?

Are bankers building a bunker of 1000's of miles of underground highways, bunkers, and stockpiling weapons and fuel to squash America using trillions of dollars of US taxpayer dollars? [story and video]

The Dissolution of Basic Rights

Text with video:
My basic right is my right to bear arms. I am sad that children have died but that is not an excuse to take away my 2nd Amendment right to bear arms. I also share an excerpt from a book my Father and I are writing called "The Distress of John and Jane Q. Public".

CT: How cops helped school shooter

Text with video: - CT: How cops - and government in general - helped school shooter. Just the parts they'll admit to, not the conspiracy theories.

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Steven G. Erickson's reasons for writing, and contact information, can be found in [this post].

Monday, December 24, 2012

What if cops refuse to enforce laws?

The below text was placed in an piece written by Michael Moore

There were so many rules not enforced for the Newtown Sandy Hook School yard shooting to occur in Connecticut. If cops refused to come when called, refuse to take statements, and are using tax dollars to break laws, and to get informants to break laws so that maximum fines, fees, court fees, lawyers fees, from those who are able to pay with the bonus for departments when cash and property is seized, how does that behavior prevent mass shootings? Why do we the people have to suffer when there is systemic failure.

Police in Stafford Springs, Connecticut were given names, dates, and addresses of drug dealers who had illegal guns, had stashes of heroin and cocaine, who were breaking into houses to steal guns, a forty year old who raped a 14 year old, prostitutes, underage sex, and about the Diaper Gang of teenagers who were robbing and beating citizens with baseball bats for months before they almost killed Richie D.

Citizens who complained were charged in multiple towns for the same vehicle, were threatened with $100/day fines when informants through trash on their lawns, $140,000 in all of a sudden taxes when they have $140,000 in equity, have their small business ruined by police if they don't know the right organized crime figure or who to bribe, have informants beating them up and trying to extort 10's of thousands of dollars out of the victim so they don't make false police reports. That all happened to me after I proposed Civilian Oversight of Police to Sen. Tony Guglielmo and gave him a list of criminals and crimes police refused to investigate.


Gun control isn't the answer, Cop Control Is.

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"Getting Made" in the Cop Mafia?


Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Obama's MO

"Presstitute" Anthony Freda Art

The below text is a comment I placed in [this Paul Craig Roberts piece]:

Obama probably promised his handlers at the UN and the international banksters and corporate pirates who had previously purchased him that the time frame to start the process of taking all guns from Americans would be the end of December 2012. The NDAA was signed by Obama last December 31 and with the NDAA Americans can be just rounded up, their guns taken, they can be tortured, their kids taken away, their property and cash revoked, and covert murder and burial is also what the NDAA is, or could be, about. NDAA is war declared on Americans.

Before 9/11 police in Stafford Springs, Connecticut, knew illegal surveillance cameras and microphones were being strung up everywhere. Police were trolling emails and phone calls to stalk the young girls and women they thought hot, and to go after targets on their secret police enemies list. It is about revenue collection, property confiscation, racketeering, crime farming, and retaliation.

I told Connecticut State Police which cocaine and heroin dealers were carrying pistols and what caliber. I was threatened with felony arrest for interrupting police work and told I was interfering for reporting crimes. Police followed me around after I proposed Civilian Oversight of Police to elected officials. Officers threatened my life, with my getting beaten, losing my property, never seeing my daughter again and sending me to prison even though I committed no crimes. They lied and set me up to give me prison. I believe there is NOTHING just in America any more.

Monday, December 17, 2012

British Accreditation Registry BAR association

Have you ever wondered who won the War of 1812 where the British invaded and started the White House and other buildings on fire? Well, have you heard of the Ghent Treaty? Did we give concessions and did we offer to defer and pay taxes to the Crown? Is the Queen of England the biggest land owner in the world? Are all our papers saying we own anything having to do with British paperwork? We are still under British Common Law.

Lawyers and Judges hold titles as granted through the bar. They are beholden to a foreign power. So, we have no right to bear arms and we may have no right to squat on the Queen's land unless our rent is paid.

If the 13th Amendment was actually ratified in Virgina, does that mean giving our rules that up to 80% of elected officials would have to step down for being members of the BAR and for being elected officials in the US too? I would like to make judges scurry like the black rats they are and lawyers should get what they give.
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The below is cut and pasted from here.

Treasonous BAR (British Accredited Registry) Assoc.!
By Harsah Sankar.

From: Dear Citizen,
All Americans need to be introduced to the Treasonous International Bar Association. In its role as a dual membership organisation, comprising 16,000 individual lawyers and 180 Bar Associations and Law Societies, the International Bar Association (IBA) influences the development of international law reform and shapes the future of the legal profession. Its Member Organisations cover all continents and include the American Bar Association, the German Federal Bar, the Japan Federation of Bar Associations, the Law Society of Zimbabwe and the Mexican Bar Association.

The IBA, based in London, states it works to promote, protect and enforce human rights under a just rule of law, and to preserve the independence of the judiciary and the legal profession worldwide. If one believes this, then he or she must also believe in non-democratic governance. If the law is left to any special elitist groups, then imperialism will result no matter how noble their stated intentions may be.

Americans currently live in a faceless, nameless, and decentralized bar associations kingship. Their dictatorship has derailed the rule of law and has rendered the People helpless. They have been lawyered to abject submission by this subtle yet sinister totalitarianism. Moreover, these unaccountable associations which desire to internationalize their aristocratic clutches are affiliated with the unelected International Bar Association. The IBA obviously does not need to respect The Bill Of Rights.

The IBA is the foulest form of the New World Order. Concerns about the Iluminati, the Bilderbergs, and The Council Of 300 need to be momentarily cast aside. This Association is actively seeking conquest of the entire world's legal system like thieves in the night and priests during the day. All three government branches and all its personnel must serve the People only. One cannot have two masters. One cannot cannot have a spouse and a whore and expect to receive credit as a good spouse. All Americans pledge their allegiance solely to this nation and its republic under God.

These conflicting loyalties of lawyers is the gravest threat yet to the liberty and security of all citizens. This collaboration is treacherous, traitorous, and wholly destructive of representative self-rule. This complicitity is still another a despicable crime, taken to the next level, against the Constitution and the People. The voices and genuine rights of the individual are one the verge of being drowned by this nexus. The three branches of government will soon no longer need the consent of Americans to operate. Please review for more information.

Bar is an acronym for British Accredited Registry or British Accredited Regency. A young M. Gandhi, an Indian subject of the British Empire, passed the Bar Exam in 1893 to become a Bar attorney and member. So a question that has to be asked is why American legal professionals belong to an organization with a foreign name. Another question which requires an answer is why lawyers are called esquires despite the Constitutional ban on Titles Of Nobility.

All laws should no longer be written exclusively by attorneys in "legalese".They should be written by non-judicial advocates in plain English.Also judges and prosecutors should be banned from belonging to organizations comprising only of judicial advocates due to obvious conflict of interest.

Very Truly Yours,
Harsha Sankar
201 Interstate Drive
Covington, Virginia 24426


An Expose'

An introduction by the "Informer"
This is the latest from a man who visits me quite often. He and another man researched my theory that we have never been free from the British Crown. This disc shows the results. I have states that we will never win in their courts. This shows conclusively why. We have the hard copy of the treaties that are the footnotes. 

This predates Schroder's material, my research of the 1861 stats by Lincoln that put us under the War Powers confiscation acts, and John Nelson's material. All our material supports that the real Principal, the King of England, still rules this country through the bankers and why we own no property in allodium. This is why it is so important to start OUR courts of God's natural (common) Law and break away from all the crap they have handed us. 

This is one reason Virginia had a law to hang all lawyers but was somehow, by someone, (the King) set aside to let them operate again. Some good people put in the original 13th amendment so that without the lawyers the King could not continue his strangle hold on us. James shows how that was quashed by the King. I am happy that James' research of six months bears out my theory, that most people would not listen to me, that we are still citizen/subjects under the kings of England. 

My article called "Reality" published in the American Bulletin and the article of mine on the "Atocha case," wherein Florida in 1981 used it's sovereignty under the British crown to try to take away the gold from the wreck found in Florida waters supports this premise. James makes mention of the Law dictionaries being England's Law Dict. you will not is lists the reign of all the Kings of England. It never mentions the reign of the Presidents of this country. Ever wonder Why? Get this out to as many people as you can.

The Informer.
Mark Davey
The Superpower for Peace Movement

"Aware that the establishment of a lasting peace on
Earth represents the primary condition for the preservation of human
civilization and the survival of humankind, recognizing that the
maintenance of a peaceful life for peoples is a sacred duty of each
state, solemnly proclaims that the peoples of our planet have a sacred
right to peace.

(UN General Assembly resolution 39/11 of 12 November 1984)

Will the US be disarmed starting Jan. 2013?

Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, puppeteers of the UN, and others have declared war on US gun ownership. Make an order with a couple of key strokes and you are done.

If the order goes down, special operations does the rest. For a modest outlay of tax dollars guns can be confiscated. If UN troops to include foreign police and troops starts showing up to American homes to take guns, then there will have been an excuse first. The Connecticut State Police have an intelligence unit for carrying out illegal clandestine black ops under the Department of Administrative Services.

The European Union was a scam to blur sovereignty so international bankers and corporate pirates could bankrupt member nations. We are in process or already almost cooked as the timer is buzzing.

The above is a comment to this piece.

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Mentally Ill flagged for trying to buy gun

Mentally Ill, playing violent shooting video games, this kid was a perfect tool. Millions have been spend since George W. Bush to end the 2nd Amendment. [Links with video below] Put a professional shooter in a mask with a bullet proof vest, leave the kid's body shot in the head on the scene. Maybe, probable, convenient you decide. If any of the below comes true, I told you so.

If the other thing political activists comes true we are really in for it. What happened in Newtown is something that was predicted to make occur. Guns will probably be banned in a signing statement by Obama on the 27th or 31st. The hand held missile launchers that are to be given to CIA' Al Qaeda in Syria will allegedly find their way to the US to be used on an airplane taking off. It will be the excuse to block roads and for the military and police to search persons and cars at random all over the US.

Saturday, December 15, 2012

Reasons not to give in to gun control

Lack of Trust in Government [Comment place in this post]

I was told that I was not allowed to own property in Stafford Springs, Connecticut, by the selectman as somebody more important wanted them. This was at the same time a police officer who lived with his mother, should have my wife not me. She had no interest in him. So, I was told I would not get any police protection and service and was not allowed to ask for their help and if I did not leave town I would be arrested.

I had a pistol permit. A police informant had threatened my life for weeks. Another one was threatening my 14 year old's life and sexually harassing her, he ended up owning my properties as a reward for assaulting me and terrorizing me out of Connecticut. I got charged $140,000 for taxes I didn't owe. I got charged taxes in multiple towns for my vehicles. I was told I had to replace good sewer pipes for $30,000 and the man who eventually owned my properties told me that if I did not pay him extortion money of $30,000 he as a police informant would make up a story that I threatened him with a gun. His threats to my daughter.

Before I had any problems with police I was asked to work for police back in the mid 1990s and they wanted to take away legal guns from gun owners using illegal means. They wanted to take property, ruin businesses of those who rival organized crime, and collect revenue. I was so appalled I declined and proposed Civilian Oversight of Police. It did not work out well for me. Do you really want to give away anything to those out to take everything?


The below text was place in [this piece]

If I personally think boxers should wear headgear to save their brains and my tax dollars if they are brain injured, I am not going to lobby about that. I tried rock climbing once going straight up 200' without a harness and won't do that again. If I wanted to outlaw everything I didn't like and my neighbors did too, none of us would be able to eat meat or leave the house. There would be no golfing for married men on Sundays if a vote was taken.

I don't have a gun now, but think it is a right. I think voting should not even be taken away from those who are in jail, that and free speech should not be something that can be taken away. If you can't stand in front of or inside what you own, you don't own it. A drug dealer chased me inside my house in Stafford Springs, Connecticut, he had a snub nosed revolver, I had a .45 that sounded like a tank racking a round inside my house with hardwood floors. He did not want to stay in my house or shoot me when I had a gun. He was a 19 year drug dealing punk nephew of a cop. My long time ago girlfriend didn't get raped in the outback of upper state New York by Larry and his two brothers, Darrell, because of a .22

Mexico has strict gun laws. So doors get kicked in, houses are robbed, and women and girls are raped in staggering numbers. When I was in Lithuania in the early 1990's I was told I could get a permit to have a gun there to run a downtown shop. The US Constitution is not something the international bankers and corporate pirates should make null and void.

Take away guns from Connecticut State Police?

In Connecticut, maybe guns should be taken away from Connecticut State Police. The pilot of the Trooper 1 Helicopter threatened to shoot police officer and blow up aircraft at the airport. Isn't that a terrorist threat? What about Connecticut State Police murder suicide incidents. A Major shot his wife and her lawyer and had hundreds of thousands of dollars of unexplained cash. Another officer could not have sex with the women he wanted so he shot her and himself. [story]

Connecticut Trooper Matthew McCullough is, or was, the pilot of "Trooper 1", a State Police helicopter when he allegedly made terrorist threats to crash the helicopter, blow up aircraft, destroy airport property, and kill police officers. McCullough remained on the job allegedly after making these threats! [source]

If the above are an example of too many police officers in states like Connecticut, who would protect us if we don't have guns?


This is my opinion on what should be done about the Newtown Connecticut Sandy Hook Schoolyard shooting:

[click here] for:

TSA to Stage Mass Killings with Dump Trucks?

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Jesse Ventura Gets A Visit From The CIA After His Election

Do you have to have CIA permission to be an elected official in the US?

Text with below video:

Jesse Ventura, ex-wrestler, hollywood star, ex-governour and freedom fighter got visited by the CIA right after his election to the governour of Minnesota. They had one particular question, you won't guess which he's stating to his friend Willie Nelson.

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Cops want to troll your text messages for your protection

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

They can hear you: US buses fitted with eavesdropping equipment

The below was found here.

Cities across America are equipping their public transport systems
with audio recording devices, potentially storing every word spoken by
passengers onboard. Rights activists say the surveillance plan by far
exceeds what is necessary for security.

­The multimillion dollar upgrade is underway in several US cities,
including San Francisco, Eugene, Traverse City, Columbus, Baltimore,
Hartford and Athens, reports The Daily, which obtained documents
detailing the purchases.The money partially comes from the
federal government.

San Francisco, for example, has approved a $5.9
million contract to install the eavesdropping systems on 357 modern
buses and historic trolley cars over the next four years, with the
Department Homeland Security footing the entire bill.

The interception
of audio communication will apparently be conducted without search
warrants or court supervision, the report says.The systems would
be able to record audio and video from several locations in a bus for
simultaneous playback. In Eugene transit officials explicitly demanded
microphones capable of distilling clear conversation from the background
noise. The recordings would generally be retained for 30 days. One of
the systems produced for transport monitoring supports up to 12 high
definition cameras, each with a dedicated microphone.

system may potentially have additional capabilities added like timing
the recording with GPS data from an onboard navigator, using facial
recognition technology to identify people recorded or connecting
wirelessly to a central post for real-time monitoring.

technology is sadly indicative of a trend in increased surveillance by
commercial and law enforcement entities, under the guise of improved
safety,” Ashkan Soltani, an independent security consultant whom
the online newspaper asked to review specifications of equipment
marketed for transit agencies, told The Daily.Transport
authorities gave various explanations for beefing up surveillance.

A San
Francisco contractor says the system will “increase passenger safety
and improve reliability and maintainability of the system”. An Arkansas
transit agency official said it is needed to deflect false complaints
from passengers, describing it as “a lifesaver for the drivers”.

Maryland officials openly called it a tool for law enforcement.In
some cases the systems are being installed despite resistance of civil
liberties activists and lawmakers. In Maryland a legislative committee
rejected a bill that would allow the local transport agency to proceed
with its plan over concerns that it would violate wiretapping laws. The
state’s attorney general advised the transportation agency to use signs
warning passengers of the surveillance to help the system withstand a
court challenge.

Privacy law experts say audio surveillance systems on buses pushes the boundaries of what is necessary to protect the law.

one thing to post cops, it’s quite another to say we will have police
officers in every seat next to you, listening to everything you say,” said Neil Richards, a professor at Washington University School of Law.With the microphones, he said, “you have a policeman in every seat with a photographic memory who can spit back everything that was said.”

transport is not the only place where citizens are worried about being
constantly monitored by keen-eared recording devices. Similar systems
combining audio and video recording with wireless connectivity are being
installed in lampposts across the US.

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