Saturday, December 15, 2012

Reasons not to give in to gun control

Lack of Trust in Government [Comment place in this post]

I was told that I was not allowed to own property in Stafford Springs, Connecticut, by the selectman as somebody more important wanted them. This was at the same time a police officer who lived with his mother, should have my wife not me. She had no interest in him. So, I was told I would not get any police protection and service and was not allowed to ask for their help and if I did not leave town I would be arrested.

I had a pistol permit. A police informant had threatened my life for weeks. Another one was threatening my 14 year old's life and sexually harassing her, he ended up owning my properties as a reward for assaulting me and terrorizing me out of Connecticut. I got charged $140,000 for taxes I didn't owe. I got charged taxes in multiple towns for my vehicles. I was told I had to replace good sewer pipes for $30,000 and the man who eventually owned my properties told me that if I did not pay him extortion money of $30,000 he as a police informant would make up a story that I threatened him with a gun. His threats to my daughter.

Before I had any problems with police I was asked to work for police back in the mid 1990s and they wanted to take away legal guns from gun owners using illegal means. They wanted to take property, ruin businesses of those who rival organized crime, and collect revenue. I was so appalled I declined and proposed Civilian Oversight of Police. It did not work out well for me. Do you really want to give away anything to those out to take everything?


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If I personally think boxers should wear headgear to save their brains and my tax dollars if they are brain injured, I am not going to lobby about that. I tried rock climbing once going straight up 200' without a harness and won't do that again. If I wanted to outlaw everything I didn't like and my neighbors did too, none of us would be able to eat meat or leave the house. There would be no golfing for married men on Sundays if a vote was taken.

I don't have a gun now, but think it is a right. I think voting should not even be taken away from those who are in jail, that and free speech should not be something that can be taken away. If you can't stand in front of or inside what you own, you don't own it. A drug dealer chased me inside my house in Stafford Springs, Connecticut, he had a snub nosed revolver, I had a .45 that sounded like a tank racking a round inside my house with hardwood floors. He did not want to stay in my house or shoot me when I had a gun. He was a 19 year drug dealing punk nephew of a cop. My long time ago girlfriend didn't get raped in the outback of upper state New York by Larry and his two brothers, Darrell, because of a .22

Mexico has strict gun laws. So doors get kicked in, houses are robbed, and women and girls are raped in staggering numbers. When I was in Lithuania in the early 1990's I was told I could get a permit to have a gun there to run a downtown shop. The US Constitution is not something the international bankers and corporate pirates should make null and void.


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