Thursday, October 18, 2012

2 Whores Race

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Both Barrack Obama and Mitt Romney are shameless international banker and corporation pandering whores.  [This] explains the race.

There is more drum beating that there might be LA style riots if Obama is not elected.

The courts, lawyers, and police who are tasked to collect revenue, to protect and serve the state, not us is what is wrong. When credit card companies policed themselves what happens? The same is true for government, the courts, and police. We need to take back representation for our taxation. Corporations are not people. Monopolies need to be broken up into manageable parts.

Corporations have more money to spend than a lot of nations. They then can have their own spies, lawyers, thugs on the streets, and are just out to make more money no matter how negatively it impacts you, your family, and your ability to own a home and have a good paying job. The true enemies need to be identified and handled.

Why vote for either whore who have sold their souls to international banks and corporations? Does the UN own independence Hall, the Statue of Liberty, and most of the important land in the US? [post]

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The Biggest Lie, Then ... and Now?

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Are corporations, including Monsanto, out to poison your food? [post and video]


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