Saturday, September 29, 2012

Elmo Gone Bad!

The below video is a story about a viral video on, it really shows what a shameless sham elections in the US really are. I know that even on the Town Hall level that workers, police, lawyers, and judges are in a loose-knit conspiracy based on an understanding. It it them against us, where they take inventory of our families, our women/daughters, what we own, and what can be stolen from us. Step out of line and there will be police informants to beat you up, set you up, and/or kill you. [This is their plan and how you can fight back]

This is what it looks to be [a target on a secret police arrest on sight list].

Text with below video:
Published on Sep 29, 2012 by
A video clip posted by the Drudge Report that has since gone viral which shows an Obama supporter semi-incoherently blathering about how she is voting for Obama because the government gave her a free phone tragically underscores how the state exploits dependency by offering poor people trinkets while simultaneously stealing their entire economic future.
Once you have recovered from the hilarity of the video clip, the awful truth behind it begins to sink in. While this Obama voter screeches about her government-provided cellphone, Obama has been busy screwing the poor at every turn.

To clarify, the "Obama Cell Phone" program has provided 269,000 poor Americans with free phones and monthly service at a cost of over $1.6 billion dollars to the taxpayer, a figure that keeps rising every year.


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