Sunday, March 18, 2012

It is not Whether the Internet will be Censored, It is When

Is Gobble or Google?

I figure that blogger, google, youtube, and the whole NSA family of government spy on you products will run their course. Almost nothing is really free. Those who were committed to providing honest services for a fee, even a reasonable fee, most of them were put out of business. If trillions of your tax dollars are being used, the "Free Stuff" you are getting really isn't free. We paid to be enslaved.

If smart toasters, smart washers, and smart lighting hearing sounds is hooked up to the internet, how far will the CIA and their international corporate and banker sponsors go? You need not even have a computer in the house to be spied on. "Free WiFi" can be provided through your smart meter through any outlet or electrical connection. Low voltage communication can share the same wires as high voltage with new ways to separate out the signals, although this technology is far from new, your house is being set up to spy on you 24/7.

Looking for alternatives to "gobble" aka google, youtube, blogger, and their other products is to diversify. Use other video upload and blogging sites. Start actually meeting people and don't use any electronic means or communications for, or at meetings. That would have to drive your lazy, local domestic spies really nuts.

If I find a way to pay for it, I have college students and others willing to stand in front of my camera to help me report news. I have a number of people raring to go to shoot an independent film. Sharing videos and files hand to hand might be a modern reality if thing continue. Hell, if I had to, I would build, and man my own printing press. Let's not let them beat us. The elites can all go to hell for all I care.

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I checked out Alex Jones Youtube Channel, and this is what I found as the lead video this morning:

RT Suspended by YouTube!! is Alex Jones Next?

Text with video:

Uploaded by on Mar 18, 2012

YouTube suspended Russia Today on 3/17/12. Here is a Link so you can read the crazy reason why they did. I guess the Purge has started!

RT's main YouTube channel was suspended for about eight hours, returning online about 2 p.m. Moscow time (10:00 GMT). YouTube chalked up to the temporary blackout to a "technical mistake."

During the temporary suspension, anyone who attempted to access RT's main YouTube channel was greeted with a startling message:

"This channel has been suspended due to multiple or severe violations of YouTube's policy against spam, scans, and commercially deceptive content."

During the temporary blackout, all of the content on our main YouTube channel was inaccessible.
RT's YouTube account manager has confirmed it was the YouTube team's mistake, and they have since apologized for the incident.

RT's web promotion chief particularly stressed RT has not violated YouTube's terms of service in any way, shape or form.

"There have been no copyright or community guideline violations on our part which could result in this kind of measures," he said.

RT is the most popular of all the news broadcasters present on YouTube, having racked up about 700 million views and 275 thousand subscribers since the channel's inception.

RT has a long-running relationship with YouTube and Google, and its channels are part of YouTube's Premium Partnership program. This is the first such incident in the history of our close partnership.

In 2007, RT became the first Russian media outlet to open its channel on YouTube. In 2009, RT pioneered the use of YouTube's Content ID program in Russia.

YouTube's director of video partnerships Patrick Walker had previously lauded his company's relationship with RT.

"RT is our trump card, one of the, if not the biggest news provider on YouTube worldwide," he told the MIPCOM 2011 conference.

The blackout sparked frenzy among RT viewers around the world attempting to access the channel and provoked speculation it had been intentionally taken down.

Viewers speculated that everything from censorship to a hacker attack could have been behind the incident. Some of them said this is "ACTA in action", while others focused on the timing, which coincided with an NYPD crackdown on an OWS protest in New York which was being covered by the channel.

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Lawyers can be paid thousands, tens of thousands, and maybe 100's of thousands and they still might sell you out or just plain rip you off. Telling your story, embarrassing the abusers ... priceless.


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