Monday, March 12, 2012

The Fukushima Story You Never Knew About: Greg Palast Reports

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Alex talks with investigative journalist Greg Palast about the Fukushima cover-up and the latest on Obama's psyop campaign in Africa.!/RealAlexJones


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Lawyers are Needed to Bribe Judges, Disadvantages of Pro Se

I talked with a legal reform advocate for over 2 hours tonight. He is well versed, and English Common Law goes back to 1066, and most states' laws are based on this law.

A lawyer can lose gambling with a judge. Bet on a round of golf and lose a grand a hole for whatever number of holes, purposely playing badly. The cash may not even need to be handed, hand to hand, with some excuse. There are favors and other things that can be done to pay for rulings in cases. Let's call the guy I talked to tonight, Mr. X.

Mr. X says that if you are involved in a property dispute in a civil case with a mortgage company, or another individual, it is good to get an organized crime lawyer. The lawyer has preferred judges that he, or she, works with, called a "judge in the pocket". Organized Crime lawyers can predict the outcomes of cases, civil and criminal.

A Pro Se litigant can't just bribe a judge.



Military use of DU, Depleted Uranium:

Global Research dot CA on the subject of DU:


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