Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Chem Trails, Fact of Fiction?

1959 Image was [found here]. If a specialized mission was trying to be accomplished, I doubt they were up there spewing Chem Trails trying to poison people. But, you can crop dust out of any aircraft at any height spraying anything. What bothers me is that whenever someone sees trails up in the sky, some may think it is something nefarious. Well, this picture from 1959 is probably not the government trying to poison populations to make you docile. What I am asking is not to see photographs where I can see high altitude exhaust in near, or at, minus degree temperatures, where something is said to be going on, but not necessarily so.

What is in the below video might be something, and it may not. Alex Jones videos can remain up a number of days, and either he, or youtube.com, remove them and something else appears. So, the video below after time might not be the video that I posted originally.

There could be something to this if something is detected in the air, and water afterward. There could be something if residue if found in numbers on airplanes. But, don't show me photos of exhaust in the upper atmosphere and tell me that pilots are pissing poison on me without more information.

[This is something] that I do think is really raining down on us, and it is not rain.

I like Alex Jones. I love his general message. I don't like the preaching. We all have to make a living, but some are calling his network, "Infomercial Wars".

[I have a beef], and it has nothing to do with making money. 

Chemtrail Assault Amazing Time-lapse!

Text with video:

Published on Nov 25, 2012 by
You can actually see the clouds form out of thin air. I walked outside on the morning of November 21st 2012 to the sites of several grid and X chemtrails. I took the first two pics on the iPhone and headed to the office. Jakari shot the video in the beginning and I ended with a 59 minutes time-lapse compressed to 42 seconds. You can actually see the effects the chemtrails dispersed and clouds immediately formed. On Friday The Nightly News will show an amazing 1 hour interview with Rosalind Peterson from California Sky Watch. We also carry two movies What In The World Are They Spraying and Why In The World Are They Spraying. Thanks for watching please subscribe and and rate!


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