Sunday, December 16, 2012

Mentally Ill flagged for trying to buy gun

Mentally Ill, playing violent shooting video games, this kid was a perfect tool. Millions have been spend since George W. Bush to end the 2nd Amendment. [Links with video below] Put a professional shooter in a mask with a bullet proof vest, leave the kid's body shot in the head on the scene. Maybe, probable, convenient you decide. If any of the below comes true, I told you so.

If the other thing political activists comes true we are really in for it. What happened in Newtown is something that was predicted to make occur. Guns will probably be banned in a signing statement by Obama on the 27th or 31st. The hand held missile launchers that are to be given to CIA' Al Qaeda in Syria will allegedly find their way to the US to be used on an airplane taking off. It will be the excuse to block roads and for the military and police to search persons and cars at random all over the US.


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