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Racism in Connecticut Schools

Justice Delayed Is Justice Denied. Plaintiff Milo Sheff at the time of the filing and in a recent photograph.

[This pdf] on the Milo Sheff v. William A. O'Neill spells out in black and white about the past and current racism in Connecticut's schools.

If there is racism in schools, police, judicial, prosecutorial, official, and attorney misconduct is prevalent also. The "skippy" on the racist Connecticut State Police [click here]

There is rampant racism and sexism in the Connecticut State Police and in the Judicial Branch.

200 Connecticut State Troopers converged on the Judiciary Committee legislators, whining that they were treated unfairly by higher ups. The Internal Affairs Division in Connecticut is still lacking, even for police officers complaining about being abused by other police officers.

[This video] explains why Connecticut courts don't work. Two judicial branch employees blow the whistle. If there wasn't overwhelming abuse, beyond any measure, the Sheff case would not have had a positive outcome in court. In Connecticut, cases can be decided illegally in back rooms before trials and hearing are even held.

Jim Crow, Apartheid, Racism, and Separate and Unequal are alive and well in Connecticut. Connecticut might be the most racist and abusive to its citizens in the entire union.

* * * *

A "Free" America?

America's Prison and "Drug War" policies are about racism, bias, and abusing those that aren't rich and connected. Those that help facilitate cocaine and heroin being imported into the US might be those running the courts and police. [more]

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Monday, April 14, 2008

Connecticut Bob on the subject of "Domestic Spying"

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Garbage - Stupid Girl

Taxpayer paid police antics

KKK prank has troopers in trouble

By MIKE FITZPATRICK | Thursday April 10 2008, 11:32am


Two troopers at the Sandusky post of the Ohio State Highway Patrol nearly lost their jobs after one snapped a photo of the other dressed up in a Ku Klux Klan-like outfit and sent the picture to another trooper.

The third trooper, who worked at the Norwalk post, was also in hot water for his role in the incident.

The picture was taken with a cell phone camera at the Sandusky post on Jan. 20, 2008 -- the day before the national holiday to honor slain civil rights leader Dr. MartinLuther King Jr.

Troopers Eric E. Wlodarsky and Craig T. Franklin, who were both on duty at the time, told an investigator the picture was taken as a joke and modeled after a skit by comedian Dave Chappelle.

The investigation began when the highway patrol's Administrative Investigative Unit received an anonymous letter postmarked Jan. 22 from Mansfield.

In the letter were two photographs of uniformed Franklin "in a handmade outfit, which resembles that worn by Ku Klux Klan"members, according to an interoffice memo.

Also included in the envelope was a note that read "Sergeant Wlodarsky on duty at the Sandusky Post on January 20, 2008. What a way to represent the Ohio State Highway Patrol!"

Franklin, a 12-year veteran, is pictured "with a white cone sitting on his head, white paper mask with eye holes in front of his face and white cloth covering the shoulders," according to a patrol document.

The well-known KKK outfit with a white hood and mask is an iconic image of racism.

The report added that one can see equipment including "a handgun holster, vehicle audio microphone, double magazine holder, mace holder and radio as issued by the Ohio State Highway Patrol."


Wlodarsky told an investigator he forwarded the picture via text message to Sgt. Jason P. Demuth at the Norwalk post.

Demuth forwarded the picture to dispatcher Gaby Highlander, who works at the Toledo post, according to an investigation by Sgt. Jeffrey P. Bernard.

Wlodarsky told an investigator there was "no malicious intent" behind the picture and Franklin was a "joker" and posed for the picture "with a joking intent."

Franklin, Wlodarsky, another trooper and a dispatcher were discussing MLK Day at the post on the day the picture was taken.

Wlodarsky told the investigator it was "his bad" to allow Franklin to dress up in the Klan garb.

"Sgt. Wlodarsky said there was no specific reference to the outfit looking like KKK, but supposes it would to the average person," Bernard wrote in his report. "He said after Franklin had thrown the outfit away, he told Franklin the gesture was not the best thing to do at work or in general."

The idea to dress up in the Klan outfit was hatched from a skit done by Chappelle, a black male comedian, Franklin told Bernard. Bernard wrote in his report he was able to find the skit on the Internet.

Franklin told investigators he was in the outfit for about a minute and "truly sorry." He admitted "it was the wrong thing to do" and was "embarrassed that he did it," Bernard wrote in the report.


Henry Guzman, director of Ohio Department of Public Safety, intended to fire both Wlodarsky and Franklin based on Bernard's investigation.

Thanks to their union contract, both were allowed to keep their jobs under a "last chance discipline agreement," following a pre-disciplinary hearing March 24.

The agreement provides an employee a last chance to correct his behavior. The employee can be fired if he violates patrol rules in the next two years. If an officer who enters into the agreement maintains a clean record for that period of time, record of the incident will be wiped from his record.

Both Wlodarsky and Franklin will be terminated if they violate rules of "conduct becoming an officer," a patrol spokesman said. He said conduct issues are "very broad."

Wlodarsky was demoted from sergeant to trooper and transferred to the Norwalk post. He can never be reassigned to the Sandusky post and must attend a diversity awareness class.

Franklin was placed on a five-day unpaid suspension. He must also attend diversity awareness training, according to patrol documents.

Demuth was given a one-day suspension for failing to report the incident to a supervisor and forwarding the photo to a subordinate.

"Obviously, we're extremely disappointed in the action of the three officers," said Lt. Shawn Davis, a spokesman for the patrol. "This kind of conduct cannot and will not be tolerated."


Thirteen troopers are assigned to the Sandusky post, which patrols highways in Erie and Ottawa counties. None of the 13 are black.

The patrol worked swiftly to investigate the incident, realizing the sensitivity of the issue, Davis said.

"It's not acceptable," he said. "That's why we took action."

Lt. Greg Greggila supervised Wlodarsky and Demuth at the Sandusky post.

"I've never had a problem with them, they are good officers," Greggila said. "They made a mistake and unfortunately they got what was coming to them as a result of that."

Greggila said neither man is a racist.

The state attorney general's office does not plan to look at the case as a potential hate crime, said spokesman Ted Hart.

"If a local police department or prosecutor asked us to look at it, that is something that we would take a look at," he said. "We would not step in on our own."

Gov. Ted Strickland knew of the picture, said Keith Dailey, a spokesman for the governor.

"The governor was extremely disappointed to learn of these troopers' actions," Dailey said, adding Strickland called the actions of the troopers "inappropriate" and "unacceptable."

None of the troopers had been in trouble prior to the Jan. 20 incident, according to documents released to the Register.

Wlodarsky was involved in a preventable patrol car crash when he ran into the rear of a semi truck that was stopped for a school bus. He was given a verbal reprimand for that incident.

The personnel records for Franklin and Demuth showed no entries prior to the KKK prank.

Davis could not recall any similar incidents at other patrol posts.

He said minorities should not lose faith in the patrol, despite the inflammatory nature of the picture.

"The integrity of the patrol is held to a high standard and is something that concerns us," Davis said. "These three (officers' actions) don't represent the 1,500 hard-working men of the highway patrol."

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IRS Retaliation

The IRS is federal.

If your former spouse owes the IRS, and they aren't easily found, or if the money isn't easily collected, they go after you. If they can't readily go after you, they will go after your new spouse for your former spouse's tax bill, plus interest, plus penalties. If the IRS makes a mistake, accidentally refunds you money, or doesn't bill you timely, they tack on interest, penalties, and fees. They don't stop and they will get even meaner if you dare complain.

Seeing how the IRS works tells us how our central US government works. When the employees of government are found to be committing illegal acts often nothing is done. The internal whistle blower gets transferred, fired, and/or there is other retaliation.

Actions speaks volumes.

So, if you are being abused in a state by police or other officials and you go to the federal authorities, you are going to those that also retaliate for complaining.

If you wonder why the local, state, and federal government has gone to hell, it is because they have no quality control.

* * * *

[click here] for my Connecticut State Police, judicial, attorney, prosecutorial, and official misconduct complaint.

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The bug zapper in most back yards that have pests such as mosquitoes, now has a military equivalent for zapping crowds of protester or "Enemy Combatants" anywhere the American military or officials don't want them. Genocide could be more efficient than ever before. [more]

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Project Mercury: 1958 October

This is a snapshot of how far forward we were just a little more than 10 years after the close of World War II, just plain amazing ...

[click here] for more youtube videos from this v-blogger

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Editorials from Hell's leading daily newspaper

The below found in its entirety [here]


I took the shuttle from my brownstone this morning for the brief ride a few blocks to the office this afternoon and the small clump of people waiting at the shuttle stand were having a conversation about how much better off they are to be Imperial citizens vice Americans. The two engaged in the conversation were both women and both white. From their speech I could tell one was from the South and the other from New England. Being the type of demon journalist I am I engaged them. "So what is wrong with terra these days ladies?"

I was met with two faces that looked like they had been munching on a certain variety of citrus fruit. The shorter, blonder and chubbier of the two, whose name is Marcy Underwood spoke first. "Well look at that mess in London and Paris with the Olympic Torch! That's a travesty those people should be given medals for running with that thing under those threats of violence." I stroked my Van Dyke pensively and stopped my tail.

"The runners, yes I see. The brutality of the Chinese government in Tibet then isn't a concern?" I said unblinkingly. Once again the woman frowned but her friend Brenda Campton spoke this time. "I've been trying to tell Marcy that the Tibetan monks so want freedom and liberty from the communists but all she can think of is that her granddaughter needs the cheap stuff at Wal-Mart."

"Those protestors are hippies!" Underwood spat.

"Hippies? They were waving American flags and sought the human rights for Tibetans that everyone on Terra should have." I said in a low soft growl. I can be quite pleasant when I want to be.

"The American people know where their bread is buttered," Marcy said as the shuttle appeared soundlessly in the distance. "We have a consumer economy that is suffering back in Statesboro, Arkansas and having a Wal-Mart nearby where you can get the necessities of life cheap is a blessing. If America alienates China then what will they do?"

"Well that's one side of it," I said. "Were you a supporter of the Grand Old Party in your first life?"

"Hell no I was Democrat from the womb to the tomb and I went to the tomb in 1998. Brenda is a Democrat too but she got here a little later." [more]

* * * *

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Who's your Daddy?

Is this the new official stereotype image of the average American Father?

Regardless of the sex of Connecticut police, judges, DCF, and appointed family officials, they figure they're the Daddy.

Divorced father William "Bill" Mulready, who has co-custody was allegedly told by Woodbury Police Officer George Romano on March 18, 2008, at a public event at the Nonnewaug High School Library Media Center, that Mulready would be arrested if he tried to respectfully express Free Speech at a public meeting, and if he was on public property, the school. What!!!???

It seems to me the officer is also overstepping his bounds, not only on Free Speech rights, but also interfering with the custody, interaction, and mentoring of one's own children.

Is the police harassment of Bill Mulready due, at least in part, to Bill's activities on [this subject], a video I shot last December?

How would you feel if a police officer said he was going to follow you out to see what you were driving, rudely questioning you, harassing and threatening you, telling you that you would be arrested if you tried to exert your rights as a parent at your local school?

* * * *

Should police officers and Homeland Security operatives installed at schools in Connecticut terrorize, interrogate, and even threaten 13 year old girls and ask them if they are lesbians for passing notes in class?:

Seymour parent and married father, Stephen Murzin speaks out about the abuse of children and parents at the hands of police officers and Homeland Security installed at schools. Stephen was threatened with arrest for exercising Free Speech and if he went on school grounds!

* * * *


[click here] for reasons, I think, there should be Civilian Oversight over lawyers, judges, prosecutors, Department of Children and Family workers, police, and others.

[click here] for Citizen Relief, abused in US Kangaroo Courts?

* * * *

Subject: Custodial Interference by Police

To Connecticut’s Children’s Committee Legislators:

Should married and divorced fathers be subject to arrest by police for exercising their rights to mentor their children, trying to participate in public events at their children’s school, and for attempting to respectfully exercising their Constitutional rights and Free Speech?

Should police and Homeland Security installed in schools, use military style interrogation and intimidation techniques on children without supervision in our US schools? Should 13 year old girls be grilled by a 6’5” Homeland Security thug on whether they are lesbians, or not, for having passed a note in class?

I would like you to look into the cases of Stephen Murzin and William Mulready, two Connecticut fathers. More information [posted here]

The above sent to these email addresses:

Meyer@senatedems.ct.gov, Faith.McMahon@cga.ct.gov, Harp@senatedems.ct.gov, Joe.Mioli@cga.ct.gov, Judith.G.Freedman@cga.ct.gov, Anne.Ruwet@cga.ct.gov, Marilyn.Giuliano@housegop.ct.gov, Mary.Mushinsky@cga.ct.gov, Jack.Thompson@cga.ct.gov, Christel.Truglia@cga.ct.gov

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More Proof, Officials Lying us into War w/ Iraq

Even when George W. Bush insiders write books on how they are not accountable for war crimes, mistakes, fraud, and other crimes ... they just prove that they are ... whenever they type, open their mouths, or hang with other conspirators.

Excerpt: [from CBS 60 Minutes website]
Kroft begins by asking, “Why did the United States invade Iraq?” Feith responds, "The President decided that the threats from the Saddam Hussein regime were so great that if we had left him in power, we would be fighting him down the road, at a time and place of his choosing."

If Feith doesn’t look or sound much like a warrior that’s because he isn’t; he's an intellectual, a hawkish, neo-conservative defense policy wonk, who occupied one of the top rungs on the Pentagon ladder, playing a key role in shaping the military's response to 9/11 and the decision to go to war with Saddam Hussein.

Asked why was the decision made to go after Saddam Hussein after 9/11, when even then, the United States government realized Saddam didn't have anything to do with the attacks, Feith answers, "What we did after 9/11 was look broadly at the international terrorist network from which the next attack on the United States might come. And we did not focus narrowly only on the people who were specifically responsible for 9/11. Our main goal was preventing the next attack."

Kroft follows up, asking, "So you're saying you didn't think it was that important to go after the people who were responsible for it -- more important to go after people who weren't responsible for it?"

"No,” Feith explains, “I think it was important to go after the people who were responsible for 9/11. But it was also important to disrupt the international terrorist networks and prevent whatever plans there were for follow-on attacks."

Kroft observes that using those standards, the U.S. could have invaded North Korea or Syria or Iran.

* * * *

Has George W. Bush recently taken acting lessons? [more]

* * * *
* * * *

keywords: CIA George Tenet Richard Dick Cheney Colin Powell Joint Chiefs of Staff NSA terrorist terrorism terror perjury lying obstruction of justice war crimes tribunal Iraq America World

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In by email:

A past Hartford Courant aricle [no date was provided with it]:

Ex-Chief Of Staff Leaving State Police
By TRACY GORDON FOX, Courant Staff Writer

Capt. Greg Senick, the former chief of staff accused of charging thousands of dollars in bills to the state while he was living at a state-owned property, has resigned from the state police.

Senick, who had been former Public Safety Commissioner Arthur Spada's chief of staff, will leave the department as of Jan. 1, said Sgt. J. Paul Vance, a state police spokesman. Senick had been on a paid leave of absence since his arrest in July.

The 27-year veteran will leave before an internal affairs investigation into his actions could be completed and before he could be tried on criminal charges. Senick is facing two counts of first-degree larceny and a conspiracy charge - both felonies. He has pleaded not guilty.

Senick, 47, is accused of conspiring to bill the state for $10,321 in work on the state-owned house in Meriden that he should have paid for himself under the terms of his lease.

James Wade, Senick's lawyer, declined to comment Monday. Senick could not be reached for comment.

Andrew Crumbie, chief of staff for Public Safety Commissioner Leonard Boyle, said the commissioner declined to comment on Senick's departure.

Besides facing criminal charges, Senick is also being sued by Attorney General Richard Blumenthal for "tens of thousands of dollars" in rent, plumbing repairs and snow-removal costs he "illegally avoided" by living in a state-owned home for as little as $1 a year, Blumenthal has said.

The lawsuit questioned the rent and also the services Senick received, and says that Senick misrepresented himself in April 1999 when he first inquired about renting the blue colonial home on the former Altobello School property. The suit contends that Senick had not received any authorization to enter into the agreement on behalf of the state police.

Soon after his arrest, Senick was suspended without pay by order of Gov. M. Jodi Rell. But Senick quickly was put on the payroll after he applied for and received a reduction in rank from major to captain. Under the captain's rank, a classified position, the state police contract ensured he was only suspended without pay for 30 days.

Now Senick will be eligible for a pension, the amount of which will have to be calculated by the state police, Vance said.

* * * *

entrenoos@aol.com wrote:
Hi Steven
I came across your blog re: Greg Senick however it is not viewable at this time. I am trying to help someone who was wrongfully convicted for a crime in Conn. in 1994. Finger print evidence was "lost" alledgedly and I am looking for any and everything to help this person who has done 13 plus years so far and looking at a total of 35 years for a robbery conviction where he was absolutely screwed. I hope you email me.
Senick isn't the only thing I'm looking for. But I'll wait for you to email me
Thanks in advance

* * * *

I just reread your email. Ok so someone did remove them. Greg Senick I'm surmizing is someone or was someone big in Conn.back then. Did alot of the articles that were removed relate to the police/evidence/ prosecutors/ Danbury judges/?
Over several years of looking at Conn case law, I've noticed that not very many people get any relief from the Appelate courts. The sentences are out rageously high. I wish I had come across your blogs when you first started doing this.

* * * *

Hi Steve, Thanks for responding. I did look at the freedom of speech link , saw alot of stuff. But I found it very interesting that every article that I clicked onto was still available from 2006 except for this one particular one. Senick was the police chief who was convicted of theft of services so to speak. Would it help if I go back to your blog and copy and paste the title for you. You post so much I'm sure that it's hard to remember all. Is there any way that someone could demand that you remove something if they didn't like it?
My interest is again in trying to help someone who is serving a sentence in NY but also has a sentence that still to be done. The case was an armed robbery in 1994 , the victim was Paul Levine (resident of Conn}, As I said, Conn is claiming the evidence has been lost or distroyed. I plan on doing alot of reading of your past blogs in order to become more familiar with Conn. and its politicans. I'm trying to research who is who in Conn. to better help a friend. I dont know what you would like to know. I've been at this for 13 years, and there is too much to try to put in an email. But feel free to ask, and I'll answer.

* * * *
* * * *

The William "Bill" Doriss vs. Connecticut saga continues:

Subject: Oral Hearing

Connecticut native, and now Massachusetts resident, William Doriss appeared before a three-judge panel of the 2nd Circuit Court of Appeals, New York City, April 3, in an oral argument of his appeal of the Harford District Court ruling against him in Doriss v. City of New Haven and State of Connecticut, 2006.

Doriss filed a multimillion dollar lawsuit against the City and State in 2005, where he alleged false targeting, false reporting, multiple false arrests, false seizure of private property, excessive force, and obstruction of justice by the City of New Haven, 1998-2002. Doriss additionally alleges the false testimonies ot two New Haven police officers in Ct. v. Doriss, which went to jury trial in Superior Court, New Haven, Nov. '02.

Doriss repeated his accusations that the State of Connecticut, in co-conspiracy with the Court, gave him a false trial where two misdemeanor convictions were engineered by the trial court, in co-conspiracy with the State, in order to deny him the true exonerations to which he was legally entitled. Doriss claims the State suborned the perjured testimonies of two police officers and five civilians when it hit him with 13 criminal charges--nine felony--and 69 years prison over two separate dog accidents involving Doriss two dogs. He claims to have been falsely convicted of the misdemeanor charges and falsely sentenced by Judge Bernadette Conway at Superior Court, New Haven. He claims the judge misread the law and misinstructed the jury about the law in order to achieve the two convictions in the trial cases. He claims she displayed intemperate judicial demeanor, and violated his 1st and 5th Amendment rights when she shut off his testimony on direct examination two successive days in a row.

Judge Conway instructed the jury that "date and time" [of the dog accidents] were "not elements of the crime that the State has to prove." Doriss has consistently maintained that date and time are elements of every crime which it is incumbent upon the State to prove beyond a reasonable doubt.

Doriss claims the State gave him false appellate procedure where a hack out-of-state attorney was appointed to file an appeal on his behalf. Doriss never met this attorney before the filing and did not participate in the appeal. The Appellate Court rubber-stamped the trial court without examining the true issues in the case. He now claims that a concatenation of "harmless errors" committed by the State now amount to a serious crimes against him by both City and State. Doriss claims NO crimes were committed by him in the state.

Connecticut was represented by Attorney Maura Murphy Osborne, of the State's Attorney General's Office, and the City of New Haven by Mr. Michael Wolak. Both gave weak performances in reiterating key elements of their respective briefs in response. Ms. Osborne asserted that Doriss's claims were barred by statute of limitations and "absolute sovereign immunity."

Doriss argued in rebuttal that the statute of limitations argument was "bogus," and that his claims had met the requirement of the statutes. He additionally argued that "sovereign immunity" was a limited concept, which prohibition against tort claims should be lowered for pro se litigants where Constitutional issues were in question. Doriss cited John S. Doe v. State of Connecticut, 1998 #4105865, and briefs in that case were submitted to the Appeals Court at the end of argument in an unusual move.

Doriss argued that seven of his Constitutional rights had been violated multiple times by City and State. He further argued that if the district court's decision were not overturned at the appellate level, that that would send a signal back to the City and State they they could charge anyone with any crime, anywhere, any time--without consideration for the facts of the case--and get away with it without true oversight or proper accountability.

Former Chief of Police, Melvin Wearing, a defendant in the federal complaint, was represented by Mr. Rene Martineau of Del Sole and Del Sole, attorneys in Wallingford, Ct. Six police officers, the Chairman of the Civilian Review board and the mayor of New Haven were represented by corporation counsel of the City. The State's attorney, Ms. Osborne, represented two prosecutors, three superior court judges and other current and former officials of the State.

The trial justices in New York were justices Leval, Calabrese, and Wesley. Doriss was accompanied in court by his step-mother, Ct. resident Vivian Pellicano Doriss, widow of Lieutenant Commander William H. Doriss, U.S. Navy, ret., Greenwich, Ct. and Arlington National Cemetary, 1965.

Doriss is the father of two daughters, and he is a grandfather. He was a registered antiques dealer in the state for over twelve years before the State put him out of his own business through these illegal and unlawful prosecutions. He is now retired and lives on Cape Cod, Massachusetts where he is an activist for criminal justice and corrections reform.

Regardless of the outcome of the Appeals Court, Doriss will pursue efforts to clear his name and achieve a true and complete exoneration from the State.

* * * *
* * * *

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Police, Sex for Protection, Racket?

Investigators: APD Officer Cruised For Sex

[from CBS]

ATLANTA [Georgia]-- An Atlanta police lieutenant was caught on tape cruising for sex acts from people while on duty, Internal Affairs investigators said.

A resident of midtown Atlanta shot a video of Lt. John Oglesby, who is seen with several neighborhood cross dressers and prostitutes. The resident told CBS 46 he shot the video because he was tired of seeing Oglesby with cross dressers and hookers so often.

When the police department’s internal affairs unit began investigating, it found Oglesby was routinely out of his assigned zone in Buckhead for hours at a time and even recorded him soliciting for sex acts.

“When are you gonna beat me again?” asked Oglesby on the tape.

“Hmmm?” asked the second person.

“When are you gonna beat me again?” Oglesby repeated.

CBS 46 also obtained audio tape of some of the conversations that investigators said Oglesby had while on duty in his patrol car.

"Did you know that if everybody didn't do anything that was bad for them they wouldn't get out of bed in the morning? Like for instance smoking a cigarette, chewing gum, sucking (expletive)," Oglesby said.

"I'm a lady," the other person on the tape said.

"Well, all the ladies I know do it," Oglesby replied.

CBS 46 reporter Joanna Massee confronted Oglesby on Thursday.

“Did you make any sexual comments to anybody in your car at all?” Massee asked.

“No," Oglesby replied.

“We heard you ask ‘When are you going to beat me again?’ What did that mean?” Massee asked.

“I never said that,” Oglesby said.

“You made many references to oral sex,” Massee said.

“You said it, not me,” Oglesby answered.

Oglesby retired from the Atlanta Police Department before administrative charges could be filed. Maj. C.J. Davis emphasized Thursday how hard the department is working to cut out allegedly corrupt officers.

“We have noticed a pickup in the number of tips we get internally, and we feel that our officers want good officers working alongside them,” Davis said.

Davis said she was disturbed by Oglesby's sex talk and concerned that a supervisor would leave his watch for such unprofessional pursuits.

Investigators said Oglesby's behavior wasn't criminal, because there was no mention of money or favors in return for the sexual activity.

Copyright 2008 by cbs46.com. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed.

* * * *

Is it felony theft, just for the above officer to cash his paycheck. He wasn't working, he was trying to score hookers, and most likely for free, for some sort of "favors"?

* * * *

Veteran Mobile County Alabama Court Police Officer Terry DeWayne Johnson Arrested, Charged After Seeking Sex With Child Whore

MOBILE, AL - A veteran officer of the Mobile County [Alabama] Court Police was arrested Sunday in Mobile and charged with enticing a child and soliciting prostitution, according to a judge who oversees the police unit.

The officer, identified as Terry DeWayne Johnson, 44, also was charged with possession of a forged instrument, according to a news release issued by Circuit Judge Joseph “Rusty” Johnston.

The Mobile County Metro Jail log indicated Johnson had been released on bail, but the amount was unclear.

Judge Johnston was out of the courthouse and unavailable for further comment.

“We are aware of the arrest of Terry Johnson,” Judge Johnston wrote in the news release. “This incident happened on Sunday, and we are in the process of ascertaining the facts. Mr. Johnson has been placed on administrative leave with pay while we investigate this matter.”

Mobile County Assistant District Attorney Steve Giardini, who specializes in prosecuting sex crimes against minors, said Johnson was discovered in a public park off Dauphin Island Parkway with a 15-year-old girl in his pickup truck.

The girl was apparently selling herself, or attempting to sell herself, as a prostitute, Giardini said, when a Mobile police officer came upon them.

The prosecutor said that the first two charges stem from those allegations — that she was an underage minor and Johnson was soliciting prostitution from her.

The third charge — possession of a forged instrument — stemmed from an allegation that Johnson was carrying counterfeit money, Giardini said.

The prosecutor said Johnson had his uniform in the truck, along with a bullet-resistant chest protector and other items related to his police work.

One courthouse official said Johnson had been a member of the court security staff for nearly 11 years and was for the past few years stationed at the Mobile County Community Corrections Center.

The corrections center, located near the jail, serves among other functions as a probation office whose officials perform sentencing investigations and drug testing.

It also serves as a processing center for sex offender and drug treatment programs, along with supervising people placed there in jail diversion programs.

Court police officers provide security for the corrections center, the Strickland Youth Center and Government Plaza in downtown Mobile.

Court Police Chief James Collier deferred requests for comment to Judge Johnston.

“Considering this is a personnel matter, and a matter which will be in the criminal courts, there will be no further comments made at this time,” Johnston wrote in the news release.

According to the jail log, Johnson lives in west Mobile.

Mobile Police Department spokesman Officer Eric Gallichant noted Monday afternoon that since at least one of the allegations against Johnson involves a minor, “there’s not much more detail we can provide, other than the charges he is facing. That’s all we can do.”

Appeared Here

* * * *

Connecticut Bad Cops News [click]

Is complaining to the Connecticut State Police

about police misconduct an act of futility? [more]

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Will Legislators act to prevent a US Police State?


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