Saturday, April 12, 2008

IRS Retaliation

The IRS is federal.

If your former spouse owes the IRS, and they aren't easily found, or if the money isn't easily collected, they go after you. If they can't readily go after you, they will go after your new spouse for your former spouse's tax bill, plus interest, plus penalties. If the IRS makes a mistake, accidentally refunds you money, or doesn't bill you timely, they tack on interest, penalties, and fees. They don't stop and they will get even meaner if you dare complain.

Seeing how the IRS works tells us how our central US government works. When the employees of government are found to be committing illegal acts often nothing is done. The internal whistle blower gets transferred, fired, and/or there is other retaliation.

Actions speaks volumes.

So, if you are being abused in a state by police or other officials and you go to the federal authorities, you are going to those that also retaliate for complaining.

If you wonder why the local, state, and federal government has gone to hell, it is because they have no quality control.

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[click here] for my Connecticut State Police, judicial, attorney, prosecutorial, and official misconduct complaint.

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The bug zapper in most back yards that have pests such as mosquitoes, now has a military equivalent for zapping crowds of protester or "Enemy Combatants" anywhere the American military or officials don't want them. Genocide could be more efficient than ever before. [more]


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