Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Who's your Daddy?

Is this the new official stereotype image of the average American Father?

Regardless of the sex of Connecticut police, judges, DCF, and appointed family officials, they figure they're the Daddy.

Divorced father William "Bill" Mulready, who has co-custody was allegedly told by Woodbury Police Officer George Romano on March 18, 2008, at a public event at the Nonnewaug High School Library Media Center, that Mulready would be arrested if he tried to respectfully express Free Speech at a public meeting, and if he was on public property, the school. What!!!???

It seems to me the officer is also overstepping his bounds, not only on Free Speech rights, but also interfering with the custody, interaction, and mentoring of one's own children.

Is the police harassment of Bill Mulready due, at least in part, to Bill's activities on [this subject], a video I shot last December?

How would you feel if a police officer said he was going to follow you out to see what you were driving, rudely questioning you, harassing and threatening you, telling you that you would be arrested if you tried to exert your rights as a parent at your local school?

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Should police officers and Homeland Security operatives installed at schools in Connecticut terrorize, interrogate, and even threaten 13 year old girls and ask them if they are lesbians for passing notes in class?:

Seymour parent and married father, Stephen Murzin speaks out about the abuse of children and parents at the hands of police officers and Homeland Security installed at schools. Stephen was threatened with arrest for exercising Free Speech and if he went on school grounds!

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[click here] for reasons, I think, there should be Civilian Oversight over lawyers, judges, prosecutors, Department of Children and Family workers, police, and others.

[click here] for Citizen Relief, abused in US Kangaroo Courts?

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Subject: Custodial Interference by Police

To Connecticut’s Children’s Committee Legislators:

Should married and divorced fathers be subject to arrest by police for exercising their rights to mentor their children, trying to participate in public events at their children’s school, and for attempting to respectfully exercising their Constitutional rights and Free Speech?

Should police and Homeland Security installed in schools, use military style interrogation and intimidation techniques on children without supervision in our US schools? Should 13 year old girls be grilled by a 6’5” Homeland Security thug on whether they are lesbians, or not, for having passed a note in class?

I would like you to look into the cases of Stephen Murzin and William Mulready, two Connecticut fathers. More information [posted here]

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