Monday, March 31, 2008

The American White Supremest Police Underground

There are variations of the Blue by Day, White by Night bumper stickers.

If racist officers have their own bumper stickers, is this a national problem that is not "underground"?


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Do American police get away with trolling for little boys, raping children, downloading kiddie porn on police computers for their own jollies, and for other crimes? [more]

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Masked Police Beat/Abduct Citizens

Former Norwalk, Connecticut, Mayor William "Bill" Collins talks about police officers abducting citizens while wearing ski masks to beat the suspects at abandoned waterfront warehouses.

Police were showing citizens and elected officials who was really in charge.

Bill Collins testified in front of Judiciary Committee member legislators at the Hartford Capitol. Click link below for the complete Ritt Goldstein, Civilian Overight hearings:

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[click here] for a google video of a CT State registered confidential police informant, making a statement under oath, who beats up and terrorizes citizens for police. Todd Vashon will beat up citizens and police will arrest his victims, not the informant. He need not have a driver's license, registered car, insurance, or an inspected vehicle to drive on public roads with full knowledge of police.

Police murder for hire plot exposed. A US Marine makes a police misconduct complaint, and police pay Todd Vashon $10,000 cash to kill the US Marine, Stephen Murzin. A felon on , David J. Taylor, stabbed Stephen 13 times. Stephen was arrested for causing a disturbance for being stabbed, and the felon, Taylor, wasn't even violated on probation. [more]

Picture of a married woman offered $10,000 to set me up for a police beating, false arrest and imprisonment. [click here]

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Are American Police used as "Domestic Spies"? [more]
Above link contains other links to my beef with the Connecticut State Police and Kangaroo Courts.

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Anonymous Mr. Ghostwalker said...

It's sad that you spend so much effort trying to create conspiracy where it doesn't exist.
Morelli DID commit suicide. The facts prove it.
King and Couture had nothing to do with molesting boys.
No one is getting away with having sex with underage boys.
Where do you get this stuff?

Wed May 14, 09:48:00 PM 2008  

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