Thursday, February 27, 2014

CIA morphing with Police in US

When is it okay for the Police to use CIA tactics inside the US? When are CIA and propaganda campaign inside the US ever legal? The answer is that they are not legal. The CIA is using our tax dollars to lie to us and conduct operations inside the US.

I can't currently post or log into my Stark Raving Viking blog.

Pre-9/11 I was asked to work with police to break laws, terrorize the public, ruin the self-employed and small business owners, and help track, rip off and set up legal gun owners. This was, and is, a domestic CIA like operation and is anti-American. I told elected officials. [Things then did not work out well for me].

The police threatened me with not ever seeing my daughter, making me lose my home, my contracting business, railroading me to prison, and even torturing and killing me if I exposed illegal police activities. I exposed them and they toasted me.

I was railroaded to prison. I lost everything. My only daughter does not talk to me. Most of my family will slam the door in my face if I show up at their doors. Most of my family I may never see alive again. I broke no laws. So, through my personal experiences I find that absolutely none of the US Constitution actually applies in the real world. 

If you are politically active, US tax dollars are used to estrange you from your family, make you lose your job, freedom, and even your life. When is NSA spying ever to protect you and your rights and NOT the interests of international organized crime and bankers?

You are being spied on so that the corporate banking cartel can wreck your family, ruin, and even kill you for knowing too much. Why are you funding your own abuse.

This Snowden leak is telling. [Click Here]

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Friday, February 21, 2014

Will international corporate occupation ban police from having weapons off-duty?

After the general UN Agenda 21 gun ban in the US takes effect, police will probably not be allowed to have weapons off-duty, or at home either. The international corporate organized crime and banker cartel which has the US and other countries under armed occupation has pirated taxes for their own use. Police who are part of communities or who have any national pride are a danger to the globalist occupation. They too must be disarmed. Returning veterans who do not re-enlist or become tools of the US Police State are being ripped off, used as medical guinea pigs, and are being touted as domestic terrorists. We the people are starting to see that globalists are lying occupiers. 

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Text with video:

Published on Feb 20, 2014
Minnesota police are suing the NFL because the league bans off duty officers from carrying weapons into stadiums. It goes to show how once the general public is disarmed the police and military are next.

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Thursday, February 20, 2014

Newtown School Shooting Sandy Hook Hoax Unraveling?

The Connecticut State Police were put on probation and almost lost their police charter for acting like organized crime, lying, thieving thugs. A Connecticut State Police helicopter pilot of the Trooper 1 helicopter threatened to kill police officers and made terrorist threats to blow up aircraft at the airport and he remained flying! The Connecticut State Police Internal Affairs was shut down for being ineffective to help officers who were harassing each other, put rat traps in each other's mailboxes, threatening each other's lives, and were sending each other racist emails with captions after Connecticut CSI placed chicken bones and watermelon rinds around dead African Americans at crime scenes which is beyond belief! A State Police Major had unexplained 100's of thousands of dollars and then shot his wife on court steps, shot her lawyer, and allegedly took his own life as to not implicate other police in their drug dealer protection and skimming operations.

A Connecticut Superior Court justice was threatened, harassed, and forced to retire for questioning questionable Connecticut State Police testimony and manufactured evidence in the famous Peter Reilly case.

My contacting a US Connecticut Senator Chris Murphy could end up in my arrest imprisonment because I am questioning the Connecticut State Police ethics and procedures. [Text of my letter to him].

If the Connecticut State Police lie, commit perjury, and falsely arrest citizens everyday in Connecticut why wouldn't they also not be lying about the Sandy Hook Newtown Connecituct schoolyard shooting?

Check out the vehicles police may use to better rape, rob, abduct, torture, give you forced injections, indefinitely detain, and/or murder you, [picture and post]. 

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Published on Feb 20, 2014
Wolfgang Halbig

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Thursday, February 13, 2014

US Police kill more Americans than "Terrorists" or died in Iraq "War"

Scroll down in post for video.

We all live in the same America. If you don't live in the US, the same international criminals have your nation under siege too. When corporations that are nations without borders are declared people, they abuse people, and hijack what could be legitimate government.

I personally had no beef with citizens in Afghanistan, Iraq, or Libya.

[Those people didn't show up in uniform and didn't tell me that I did not own my house that I was just the current occupant]. Those people didn't show up in uniform and tell me that I made too much money as a contractor and should make no more than $10/hour and should not be able to have a house and new 4x4 pickup. Those people didn't show up in uniform and say I should not have my wife and daughter in my life as one overweight mentally challenged Stafford Springs Connecticut Officer living with his mother had the pipe dream that my wife could possibly be interested in him. Those people didn't show up in uniform and tell me what I had for dinner the previous night or mocked me for private conversation in my bedroom, on my cell phone, and content of my email blocking me from going to work in their cruisers in the morning. Those people didn't show up in uniform and didn't refuse to answer 911 calls and then send police informants to my house to attack me where I got arrested and year in prison for using pepper spray to end the beating I took on my own property. "Terrorism" is just an excuse to divert all our taxes to international organized corporate criminals and bankers, a cartel, who have us under armed occupation, and who use minions, the police, and they too will be thrown away like trash when they are no longer of use.

The international criminals are stealing the police pensions, just not our pensions and way of life.

There is nothing exceptional about me, Steven G. Erickson. If it can happen to me, it can happen to any of is, and it is in alarming numbers.

Are we the people that stupid that we don't see it AND are unwilling to take action to stop it?

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U.S. Cops Have Killed More Americans Than Iraqi Insurgents

Text with video:

Published on Feb 13, 2014
Americans Killed by Cops Now Outnumber Americans Killed in Iraq War

Second Possible Terror Attack on U.S. Power Plant Uncovered

Holder urges 11 states to restore the voting rights of former felons

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Saturday, February 08, 2014

Pink Floyd's Roger Waters outs the US and UN at the UN, NYC

I found the below video [here]. The then placed the below comment to the video:


Roger Waters really outs the US and UN. UN Agenda 21 will virtually erase all borders. International corporate organized crime and bankers will be able to plunder at will. Barbecuing and having campfires will be illegal for particulate pollution. Bankers and international criminals are stealing farmland and your home. They then as the real government make homelessness illegal to put even more of us in containment prisons.

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Should US taxpayers fund Israel's Apartheid in Palestine and the surrounding regions?

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Added February 9, 2014:

My own State of the Union address

Text with video:

What I talk about in the text of this video, and in the video, is all the America and world you all live in too. Some of you are just getting it. Some have already got it. Some of you have yet to get it.

In the early 1970's my Grandfather took me for a ride in his pickup truck outside of his farm not too far outside of Fargo, North Dakota. I was in single digits for my age. He told me how corporations and bankers were conspiring to take away land from family farmers. I learned that sheriffs and deputies were illegally wiretapping and spying on farmers for corrupt officials in town halls to take land for land developers. My grandfather taught me to open my eyes, get multiple sources, and not to trust the words of international corporate organized crime and their local town hall mafia goons.

My father was a cog in the wheel for Monsanto. You, may have guessed that we have never seen eye to eye, ever. The corporate world offered me the same Kool-Aid. I am not drinking it.

This is my LiveLeak Yoursay. It is my view of the State of the Union, USA, right now.

I plan on sending a link to my Vermont US Senators (Batman movie actor) Patrick Leahy and Bernie Sanders, and to my Congressman, Peter Welch. I also plan on contacting the Governor of Connecticut, [Dannel P. Malloy], about UBS bank alleged laundering of State Police and/or DCF drug money. I will be making him, and legislators in Connecticut aware of this video, referring to [this text emailed and faxed into them].

With all I have written published in newspapers, blogged on, and done videos on, not one question about what is online or in videos from police, elected officials, and what is supposed to be mainstream media. No one will even dare sue me. I even brought such serious accusations at a public hearing about a judge, I had to swear and oath to tell the truth, [still nothing happened and no questions were asked about this].

[Check out other videos on my LiveLeak channel]

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UN & EPA to make woodstoves, campfires, BBQs illegal?

Text with video:

Societies living out on the land are being forced to go to urban areas. "Seal Beaters" and those who fish to survive are being kicked off their land. American family farmers were forced off land due to an international corporate organized crime and banker conspiracy. Using cash to transact between neighbors and family can become illegal. It is a crime to pay cash at tagsales in Louisiana already. Hiking, fishing, canoeing, hunting, and recreation is being made illegal all over due to the UN and Agenda 21. There is a move to get populations off the land to better serve corporate and banker interests, not ours.

We aren't represented for our taxes, but bankers and corporate organized crime is.

Banks foreclose on homes. Central bankers print money out of thin air and then tell us they owe our land, jobs, and even us. Corporations and bankers write the laws that elected officials sign unread. It is a crime in a lot of places to be homeless.

If the EPA and UN outlaw wood stoves, campfires, and BBQs after Obama's gun confiscation is complete, the abuse will have just begun. Should it be illegal to be poor and keep warm and fed? Having a ban on fire due to particulate pollution is pure tyrannical abuse.

My fax and email to the Connecticut Judiciary Committee with video is [found here]. A hub of links to my activism is [found here].

Remembering my surviving in Winter, in the woods and snow, in Vermont [video found here].

Ritt Goldstein revealed to the Connecticut Judiciary Committee Legislators, in Hartford, Connecticut, December 1996, what police and court riggers were up to preparing for the aftermath of 9/11. It led to his fleeing to Sweden seeking political asylum after making the below video. Many officers didn't know what they were preparing for, just that some event, concocted or not, was going to lead to the suspension of the US Constitution. Police were training for what they could do without a US Constitution, pre-9/11! Should we the people let international criminals, and armed occupiers, get away with what they have long planned for?

Wednesday, February 05, 2014

Need to Know: Radiation and Risk

Text with video below:

Published on Feb 5, 2014
Nuclear Scientist J.W. Petermann of evaluates the hazards of EMF radiation vs ionizing radiation, and the risks of the nuclear industry as a whole.

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