Thursday, February 27, 2014

CIA morphing with Police in US

When is it okay for the Police to use CIA tactics inside the US? When are CIA and propaganda campaign inside the US ever legal? The answer is that they are not legal. The CIA is using our tax dollars to lie to us and conduct operations inside the US.

I can't currently post or log into my Stark Raving Viking blog.

Pre-9/11 I was asked to work with police to break laws, terrorize the public, ruin the self-employed and small business owners, and help track, rip off and set up legal gun owners. This was, and is, a domestic CIA like operation and is anti-American. I told elected officials. [Things then did not work out well for me].

The police threatened me with not ever seeing my daughter, making me lose my home, my contracting business, railroading me to prison, and even torturing and killing me if I exposed illegal police activities. I exposed them and they toasted me.

I was railroaded to prison. I lost everything. My only daughter does not talk to me. Most of my family will slam the door in my face if I show up at their doors. Most of my family I may never see alive again. I broke no laws. So, through my personal experiences I find that absolutely none of the US Constitution actually applies in the real world. 

If you are politically active, US tax dollars are used to estrange you from your family, make you lose your job, freedom, and even your life. When is NSA spying ever to protect you and your rights and NOT the interests of international organized crime and bankers?

You are being spied on so that the corporate banking cartel can wreck your family, ruin, and even kill you for knowing too much. Why are you funding your own abuse.

This Snowden leak is telling. [Click Here]

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