Monday, December 30, 2013

Push for All American Drivers to be Taxed by the Mile?

If I can show up at a McDonald's restaurant for morning coffee and talk to groups of elderly sitting around, they seem well versed on the subjects below. Some are beyond pissed off about the US Police State and want to take action. So, what is in this post should be considered mainstream news and political views.

When one state gets away with a new tax or more abusive and invasive way of doing things, others follow the lead. Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick has long been pushing for ALL AMERICANS to be fitted with GPS on their motorcycles, scooters, cars, trucks, and even watercraft, to be taxed by the mile and charged for wherever they are parked! The baby step towards this might be taking away cash lanes on toll roads. The incentive would be to get your own GPS transponder. The State will know your every move 24/7. The State cares about YOU, right?

When isn't the state climbing up our butts trying to tell us what to do and finding another way to rip us off? Even if you do not live in Massachusetts, I suggest you call Massachusetts State Representatives and tell them your dismay and willingness to boycott the State. California state reps need a call too, and it about their dismantling the US Constitution.

If you elect to not get a GPS transponder right away, you can just drive through and you will be mailed the fee for the toll road. It sounds innocent enough? Or, does it?

States will revoke your driver's license and the tags on your vehicle, no matter what other state you owe outstanding fees or fines to. If you owe child support, if your insurance just lapsed, or you are days late getting an inspection sticker, guess what? There will be an officer waiting to fine you, arrest you, and/or tow your car.

Scanning your license plate on the road or through tolls is a background check. When I considered moving out of Vermont to another State, I was told that DHS and/or TSA had to approve whether I was allowed to get a driver's license, or not. WTF!!!!???

[Take the poll with this video]. Do you think all tolls should be eliminated nationwide?

You are already paying state and federal fuel tax for road use. It is plus or minus 50 cents a gallon. That is a huge amount of money that they rip off daily. The state and federal government waste money. They will take as much as they can get away with taking.

Let's take our US Constitution and OUR COUNTRY BACK. [Scroll down in this post for audio link to how to do it in your state at bottom of post]. It is time to go after those who swore an oath to outsiders to do in Americans in America.

Deval Patrick post and picture shown in video [found here]

More Steven G. Erickson videos on this channel [found here]

Did the NSA, CIA, FBI, or their operatives use GPS embedded in Michael Hastings' car or a license plate scanner to know when to hack the car's computer to make it drive at high speed and then blow up? Hastings was a Rolling Stone Reporter with a hot story exposing the NSA and CIA before his untimely death. Check 2nd embedded video. The US Spy Grid cares about us and freedom, right? It is also easier for police and/or FBI to allegedly get away with false flag bombings and shootings such as possibly was the case with the Boston Bombing and the Newtown Connecticut Sandy Hook Hoax. Are armed drones flying over the US for our protection, or for further abuse?

[This is how 1970's policing morphed into what we see today, my personal rant]

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Text with video:

Published on Jun 21, 2013
Authorities and media outlets have predictably moved to dismiss claims that Rolling Stone journalist Michael Hastings -- who complained of being under investigation by the FBI before his death in a fiery car crash on Tuesday -- was murdered as a result of foul play, despite the vehicle's engine being found 100 feet away from the scene of the blaze.


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