Thursday, December 19, 2013

Got Freedom?

Text with below video:

Are you paying plus, or minus, $100 a day to some foreign corporate organized criminal banker cartel who are warring, bombing, killing, torturing, raping, robbing, indefinitely detaining, and committing war crimes, crimes against humanity, and genocide all over the globe? Are you paying for the illegal corporate and banker occupation of your nation? Are you paying taxes to be officially terrorized and be domestically spied on? If so, why don't you do and say something?

It wasn't terrorists who told me that I was not allowed to have my contracting business built over 2 decades, my rental properties I spend 5 year and 100's of thousands of dollars fixing up from a boarded up condition after saving 20 years, that if I spoke at crime watch meeting or talked to newspaper reporters about police criminal activity and drug trafficking I would lose my daughter and take my last ride in a police cruiser trunk with my teeth kicked out in handcuffs or spend the rest of my life in prison etc, etc, etc... it was police who terrorized me, stalked me, harassed me, and ripped me off and saw that I was beaten and humiliated, not terrorists.

I broke no laws and police and police informants laughed in my face after I was released from prison, penniless, alone, and then told I was kicked out of Connecticut or would spend the rest of my life in prison if I did not leave that state. Does this sound like a Free Country with Liberty and Justice for All? Connecticut former Governor John G. Rowland conspired with the head of DCF and the Mafia to franchise "Kiddie Max" prisons for kids and take as many kids away from good parents as was possible to that he got bribes from the Mafia and the Mafia got to run, build, and supply facilities. After getting caught for this John G. Rowland got a fat pension, bought a mansion, and is living the lifestyles of the rich and famous. I almost froze to death homeless and penniless in the snowy Vermont woods after honestly working my entire life.

Police encourage police informants to wait for me on my properties, stalk me, threaten my life, and tell my tenants they would kill me when I got home. I wasn't quick enough running from my work van to my door with my keys one night, so I was attacked by a police informant. He demanded my walled, he had a knife, I had pepper spray and used it. So, without a record I got a year in prison to lose my family and everything I ever worked for. So, around the holidays, I am especially pissed off.

I paid taxes for what? [For this?]

The whole terrorists are coming to get us so give up all your money and freedom is just a scam. [Click here for more of my videos]

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