Wednesday, December 11, 2013

FBI admits using your devices for video/audio domestic spying

I made the below comment to [this post, containing videos, about the FBI admitting to the Washington Post that they use people's cellphone, smart TV, laptop video camera turned on without the red light going on, and capturing audio FOR YEARS without warrants, probable cause, and without the public knowing].

@Swirnoff It is your right to be secure in papers, person, and in your home. The all out spying is a complete violation. Pre-9/11 I was told by police I was under 24/7 surveillance for being self-employed. So, police then told me I did not own my house, my wife should be theirs not mine, and that if I complained to a news reporter or elected officials they would make sure I went to prison and never saw my daughter again. I started mouthing off to elected officials complaining about surveillance cameras and microphones being strung from poles pre-9/11 in Stafford Springs, Connecticut. Police informants were then sent to my various rental property locations to then attack me so I could get prison for resisting being attacked on my own property. LiveLeak video: I proposed Civilian Oversight of Police and that was the tipping point. Ritt Goldstein did the same thing, but in a bigger way, and was so terrorized by police he fled to Sweden seeking political asylum after making this video:

This what type of abuse is going on if all of us are being spied on 24/7:

Children used pre and post 1975 to test weaponized Lyme Disease?

[More to go with above video, click here]


[Click Here] for:

Jesse Ventura, Plum Island, West Nile Virus, Lyme Disease



I inform the Connecticut "Children's Committee" Legislators [in this post]. My mugshot used for the Connecticut State Police Secret Enemies List shown in post.

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