Sunday, December 01, 2013

Our US Taxes are not being used for us, Wars are more important

I placed the bottom text as comment for the below video:

I am a frequent passenger on Metro North going from Connecticut into New York City. In New Haven walking across the street is more scary for me than doing the same thing when I was in the former USSR. Their trains are cleaner, easier to use, safer, and cost less money to travel. I walked to the train station in Wilton Connecticut and that city is so pedestrian unfriendly there were not sidewalks to train station. I was nearly killed walking over a squeeze point at a bridge. Vehicles don't slow down from over 50 miles an hour and I was hit the back of my arm with a pickup mirror and the driver didn't even slow down. The trains wag back and forth on the tracks from lack of maintenance. Most train systems in other countries are better. If more than 68% of our taxes are being spent on wars, spying on us, and for the police state, upkeep on trains is being neglected. [Check my video channel].

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Should Barack Obama be removed as US President and prosecuted internationally for War Crimes? (Yes or No?) [Please take poll by clicking here, and then pass on to others


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