Saturday, November 30, 2013

Bitcoin collection to assassinate Obama? A Black Op Con?

This video uploader does not advocate violence or any illegal activity. The 1st video is about the NFL being a tax exempt non-profit organization, how Bitcoin might be under attack by central banks so crypto-money is eliminated. [my most recent blog post].

Central Bankers and international corporate organization have something called "pump and dump". Manipulating the mainstream media to report stories in certain ways and rigging prices, the elite inner group can pump in massive amounts of money into a stock, currency, or commodity, to then dump the commodity at a much higher price, the commodity price then crashes, and the target is either eliminated, ruined, or bought up for pennies on the dollar.

Currency out of the control of Central Bankers is something these elite will not put up with. The online collections of Bitcoins to assassinate Barack Obama, Ben Bernanke, etc. are probably just a ruse. If the elite can't pump and dump Bitcoin off the market, they will associate Bitcoin with illegal activity, so the public thinks they are funding criminals and so that the public could get behind prosecuting purveyors of independent alternative electronic currency.

The former Libyan dictator wanted the Central Bankers out of his country and wanted to start a currency backed by the real value of African oil, mineral, and other natural resources. The UN and Central Bankers then saw to it that things did not work out for the Libyan leader.

Max Keiser breaks down how Jamie Dimon of J.P. Morgan and others are ripping us off like never before. [Click here for that video]

[Click here] for view more video on this uploader's channel.

[Source for 1st video]. Text with 1st video:

Some say bitcoin's nefarious connotation with the virtual black market is fading, however a new website may prove otherwise. We’ll tell you about the ‘Online Assassination Market.’ Meghan Lopez joins Erin to discuss the NFL. Is it a sports league, a trade association, or a not-for-profit? Over the past couple weeks the S&P and Dow Jones have surged to new highs. Do rising-markets signal a recovering economy, or is this simply another bubble just waiting to burst? Kyle Harrington talks about the underlying health of our global economy. Finally in Big Deal, Rachel Kurzius and Erin discuss the economics of Thanksgiving. Gobble, Gobble!

Jordan Maxwell Exposes Strawman Slavery

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