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10 years in prison is excessive. Many real criminals commit real crimes and are sentenced to far less time by the police state rigged courts. Anyone who fights tyranny should be held up as an example of a selfless human risking everything to help others and should be considered a hero and true patriot. No matter where you live in the world, we are like the Native Americans before the European banksters sent their goons ashore to discover and plunder the New World. The elite mean to rob, rape, pillage, torture, and send us to re-education camps if we haven't already been killed in the mass genocide. CorpoRape can be stopped by not allowing international corporation owners and bankers to police themselves and to severely regulate their maximum size. Let's break up the monopolies before they finish breaking us up. 

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Text wtih below video:

There is no evidence of blood having been needed to have been cleaned up at Sandyhook School, Newtown, Connecticut. Prove me wrong if you can.

Video starts out slow. Give it a chance. Facts. Yes, it is a long video, buck it up, this one is worth it.

There is no video or picture evidence of child victims shot. The story changed as it was officially reported. There was a drill being conducted at the time of the alleged school shooting. Newtown, Connecticut, has world government proponents and black op perpetrators in high percentages. Why were actors hired to be on the "news" before the event? Why were charity and donation websites created days before the event? Why were events on the news reported before they happened? Shouldn't black ops have their watches set to the same time zone to have prevented reporting events before they were planned to seem to occur?

Were people made up and pictures faked to support non-existent people? Why were EMTs and Ambulance personnel not busy and gagged into not appearing on camera? An elderly patient dead for 20 or more minutes gets a ride to the hospital. Why weren't shot up children being rushed to the hospital? Why weren't medical helicopters ordered to the scene? Children talked about "the drills" about school shootings. Isn't this convenient for the coffin nails to freedom that the Obama Regime handlers hold in their hands?

I advise that you make a copy of this to keep. It won't last online long. Will this help unravel the Obama Regime? A real reporter from a real newspaper decides to report news as it should be reported. The narrator could be an English teacher at any school or a professor at a college teaching philosophy or political science.

The media spokesman for the Connecticut State Police has warned the world. If you don't agree with the official story and have facts to contrary, you can be prosecuted and your evidence, and maybe your life, destroyed.

Let this be the first domino to strike another to take back our country.



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