Sunday, October 06, 2013

Worst War Criminals in the History of the World?

Text with video [source]:

The international elite are not being punished for using weapons of mass destruction. We are talking about depleted Uranium, White Phosphorous, and other chemical and biological weapons. 1 in 3 US Troops are contaminated and injured as well as their families, children, and grandchildren.

Head of the US Corporate Occupation of America is puppet leader Barack Obama ruling with an Iron Fist. This was supposed to be the most transparent government in history. Obama won the Peace Prize. When the occupiers have used up all the money they have stolen they punished the people with a "Government Shut-Down". Corporations and bankers show the people who owns what and whom.

Once we are completely ripped off, we will be re-located, made sicker, sterile, and we will be eliminated.We are the willing. We are the stupid masses.

Text with RT America video "Truth Seeker" series:

One in three American servicemen permanently disabled, 'the worst genetic damage in any population ever studied', and 'confirmed' US govt behind world record Afghan opium crop.

Seek truth from facts with Iraqi-Kurdish activist Houzan
Mahmoud, Afghan war specialist Prof. Anatol Lieven, former intelligence
officer Scott Rickard, Foreign Policy In Focus columnist Conn Hallinan,
and the author of Questioning the War on Terror Dr. Kevin Barrett.

[Link] to story on Drudge Report, Obama Regime the most closed and retaliatory ever.

[Engineering Wars, Strife, and Terrorized Populations]

Is Barack Obama the head of the CIA's Al Qaeda? Is Obama funding Al Qaeda arming them? Is Obama disarming America, making the US Constitution null and void? Are US Troops for UN Agenda 21 and to protect international banker and corporate organized crime interests, not ours?

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More Steven G. Erickson uploaded and re-posted videos [found here]


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