Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Republican Sluts and Democrat Whores?

The former US Attorney General John Ashcroft is now a top paid lobbyist,with a whole lobbyist firm. He and other official criminals are for sale for gold bullion and wads of stacked cash. The former head of FEMA makes millions for international corporations. It is all a game. It is a big rip off. When sluts debate whores, does it really matter what they say?

Ann Coulter debates Al Franken, seemingly in the State of Connecticut. The origin of Barack Obama's questionable Social Security Card is Connecticut. What ties to the State of Connecticut, the CIA, and all the BS, did Obama have, and when?

Can you say "Hail, Obama", and "I am a UN, Agenda 21 Slave"?

Steven G. Erickson videos and links [found here]


[click here] for:

"Roth Cop", the Slang Definition


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