Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Domestic spying before 9/11 is real

Domestic spying before 9/11 is real. A homosexual prosecutor lived in Longmeadow Mass with his partner. I painted for them. The prosecutor told me he lived in Mass to not be spied on by Connecticut State Police who would use what they know to then rig cases. Another CT prosecutor lived in Springfield, Mass, I painted for her. She was, or is married, then, and attractive. A Connecticut State Police Officer pulled her over for being attractive because he wanted to date her. Cops can use their spying to put boyfriends and husbands in prison because some dip wad cop wants a date. A person who is self-employed can be a target for prison. [Check my links in this posted video]. Cops are taking inventory to rip you off. Cops are identifying attractive women and girls to stalk them to have sex. Spying is not benign.




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