Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Asking Elected Officials How History will judge them

Elected officials have sold us out. When lawyers are legislators they serve each other, the courts, and the state, not us.We need to vote out all Democrats and Republicans and only vote for independents and we the people may have a small shot of getting our country back.

Trillions of taxpayer dollars are being used to put secret cities, fuel dumps, rail lines, and highways underground. Corporate organized crime and international criminal bankers are not spending our tax dollars on our needs. [Bases underground in the Ozarks, post]

Pre-9/11, police were setting up for having police informants infiltrate towns to find out who has guns, is self-employed, and who are, or were, potential community leaders. Citizens had all of theire phone calls listened to, all their emails, and were targets of police using tax dollars to fund the illegal domestic spying and abuse. [more]

The Trayvon Martin/George Zimmerman fiasco is just a mainstream media and corporate organized crime distraction. [more]

I intend on contacting legislators in the State of Connecticut. I intend to contact legislators on the Children's committee as there are probably less lying lawyers on that committee. How does spending maybe $50,000 for each person to be spied on for storage and infrastructure. We are all being spied on 24/7. Are you willing to pay more than you make in a year just so corporate organized crime and their police state can spy on you? How does that benefit you? So, why are you paying for it?

[Steven G. Erickson video uploads and posts]



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