Saturday, June 01, 2013

Taxed for Feeding Trees?

The global elite want to tax you to breathe. Taking in Oxygen, you exhale Carbon Dioxide. The Carbon tax is a tax on breathing. Since when do bankers own all the air because they say so? They keep taking miles, not inches. We the people keep cowering in the corner in massive numbers. Bradley Manning stood up, turned in criminals for War Crimes and where did that get him? Do you remember Nixon, the Pentagon Papers, and the War in Vietnam?

I do.

Where are we today?

[This is where I ended up, and this is why I posted the above, below, and all that I do].

stevengerickson At

Monsanto is truly an evil corporation. I lived under the uncomfortable umbrella of Monsanto. It paid my father's paycheck. My father's father broke it down for me in one pickup ride he and I took when my age was still in single digits. We took a long drive near his farm in Fargo, North Dakota. Something my father said he never got with his own father. That is too bad, maybe my father would not be the equivalent of a Nazi sympathizer today. My grandfather, a family farmer, told his grandson, me, in the early 1970's what was to be ahead in my life. He was right. I owe it to him to be at least half the man he was. I am not a pandering whore to the international organized crime banker syndicate, the global corporate police state.

* * * *

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Bilderberg to Greet Alex Jones with Extra Security

Text with video:

Published on May 31, 2013
Hertfordshire Police are wary of potentially violent provocateurs that could hijack peaceful protests at the site of the 2013 Bilderberg Group meeting in Watford, UK.

In a conversation with Hertfordshire police liaison officer Steve Lee, Alex Jones was told that authorities will be vigilant in ensuring that any such provocateurs were shut down immediately and will not be allowed to ruin the event for law-abiding demonstrators.

Jones told Lee that the prime suspects for staging anything violent would be the Bilderberg Group itself, given that they staged a fake bomb threat at the 2011 meeting in St. Moritz.

Police from more than three jurisdictions will be involved at the event which is expected to attract hundreds if not thousands of demonstrators who will protest against the secretive Bilderberg Group's complete lack of transparency and its role in shaping world affairs behind closed doors with total contempt for the democratic process.



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Subversive Home Beer Brewing, Fun and Informative?

Text with video below:

Do you want to take control of what you put in your body? Do you trust corporations to handle, provide, and decide your food and beverage choices? Do you like quality, doing things yourself, and making like-minded friends?

Well, joining a beer brewing cooperative might be for you.

I think I might really start breaking the law, and start "cow sharing". Getting raw milk from cows is considered a major crime by the international corporations. Police Raids on farms are like they are going after drug factories. Corporations like Monsanto don't want you growing your own non-GMO poison crops. Do some word searches on the terms in this paragraph.

If you hate the big corporate world police state, then grow a garden, brew your own beer, make your own wine, can your own food preserves in glass. I intend to hike in the woods of upper state New York, Vermont, New Hampshire, and Maine while the UN and our international corporate organized crime owners still let us use and enjoy the vast lands. I know I need to pay the world criminals taxes to breathe under our current armed occupation. I don't have to like it. I can have fun, protest, and live all at the same time.

I am currently, and still, a [target on the police state enemies list] because I blogged critical of a governor, rigged courts, and police in the state of Connecticut. [We are all corporate inmates of a world police state].

In Louisiana, bankers saw to it that it is illegal to buy items from your neighbors for cash, especially at tag sales. Bankers and international corporate organized crime wants their hands in every transaction. They want complete control. That is why all telephone calls are recorded. That is why all internet traffic is monitored. They do not trust us to just go about our business and enjoy liberty.

Live free or die.

I will enjoy my life as long as the police state graciously allows me to breathe. 


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