Wednesday, April 03, 2013

NYPD's Sadistic Pepper Spraying of Babies Program?

Love or hate Alex Jones, you got to love some of the topics on his channel. Note: after time the video embedded might not be the one originally cross-posted on [my as an embed].

When New York City Police use pepper spray to assault citizens and babies, that is a crime if the officer is not fearing his, or her life, and if the citizen is not a threat to others or public safety. Police Officers should be prosecuted when they commit perjury, file false reports, and commit crimes. Police investigate police, so almost everything is swept under the rug. Courts are for protection and revenue collection for the State.

Ritt Goldstein proposed Civilian Oversight of Police in the State of Connecticut. He then was so terrorized by police that he fled to Sweden seeking political asylum after making [this video]. I, Steven G. Erickson, found out that police can just refuse to protect and serve, can assault you at will, tell you don't own your home, your kids aren't the parents', that a police officer can threaten you with arrest and prison if they are attracted to your spouse, and can threaten you with taking your last ride in handcuffs in the trunk of a police car with your teeth kicked out if you contact elected officials about the abuse or spout off in newspapers printed in letters to the editor. That happened to me in Stafford Springs, Connecticut. [My letter to Connecticut Governor Dannel P. Malloy]

Malloy seems to be buds with Billionaire Club's NYC Mayor Bloomberg. They are UN, Wall St., bankster, and international organized corporate crime butt kissers. Should the elite tell you what to eat, what you can do, and that your US Constitution does not protect you anymore? Should these lying scumbags take your guns, bank account, and your property in the name of Agenda 21, the UN, and for banker profits? [That argument made in video, post, links]

Connecticut State legislators are now deciding on making UN international law part of Connecticut's laws. Who is in charge, we the people, or international banker and corporate puppets in the UN? Are we Americans and citizens of other countries, or are we slaves to a world power consisted of the world elite. Let State of Connecticut Officials know that you do not want them to set the precedent that States are now answerable and under the control of the UN.

If you like the UN, applaud the NYPD habit of pepper spraying babies. Offer NYPD your donation for more pepper spray so they do not run out.

Cops need to be desensitized and be taught to lie, commit perjury, rip off the public, and to be made into the "Cop Mafia" put an innocent person in jail after he or she, or he is, assaulted by police informants, loses his or her family and job, his or her home, and is railroaded to prison. Police can then allow a new recruit in to trust him, or her, to be a Central Banker, UN, and corporate organized crime minion. [Post about lying cops being made in the Cop Mafia]

I, [Steven G. Erickson], was told by Stafford Springs Connecticut constables and State Police that I did not deserve my wife, did not own my home, should never see my daughter again, have my contracting business built over 2 decades put out of business, that I should lose my home, and be railroaded to prison because I proposed legislation that police did not like and because I tested Free Speech. I broke no laws and am now suffering for life. That is why I posted this.

I believe that the [Sandyhook Newtown Connecticut Schoolyard shooting is a hoax]. As when aren't the Connecticut State Police lying and being douchebags? Why not end the Second Amendment and the sovereignty of all nations because of some lies perpetrated by the Connecticut State Police, Barack Obama, and lying piece of crap US Attorney General Eric Holder?

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