Tuesday, June 04, 2013

Defending the practice of beating baby seals in head?

Video, is embedded below. [Steven G. Erickson's LiveLeak.com video channel]

Destroying the family unit, population control, winning the minds through control, and Agenda 21, the elite UN policy to end independence, self-sufficiency, and self-employment globally.

Spy agencies like the CIA aren’t tools of the government. They are the government. Crossing the Rubicon is having CIA operate domestically conducting Black Ops and having Military check points inside a country. Citizens are being conditioned to be inmates, not citizens. Yes, the TSA molests children right in your face.

In Alaska, remote Russia, and other points on the globe, some populations are dependent on seals to live remotely. Should all citizens, using any excuse be kettled in cities which will become prisons. There is 100% trapping of all cell calls and internet usage. Surveillance cameras are strung up everywhere. Police are under no obligation to protect and serve you, they are guards for international organized crime, bankers, the cabal of lawyers, and the government.

"Cow Sharing" or providing others with raw milk is a crime. International corporations are out to control all farming, all land, all business, all government, all resources, all energy. We have been invaded by a country without borders. The UN is international corporate organized crime. The elite have long used and filled the ranks of the CIA and other organizations.

I was told by Tolland Troop C Connecticut State Police Sgt., now Lieutenant [Samuel Izzarelli], that I was a target of police for being a contractor, as all contractors are drunks, and for being a landlord, because all landlords are slumlords. I broke no laws. Pre-9/11 in Stafford Springs, Connecticut, and in other test cities there was allegedly 100% tapping of phone, 100% official trolling of internet usage, and 100% looking at what you own, what you have, and if there are any young hot women or girls. Police were taking inventory, going after potential leaders, illegally confiscating guns, property, and assets, and were financially wrecking small business owners and the self-employed who are not mafia, police, lawyer, or government affiliated, pre-9/11. It has only gotten worse. [my saga]

[Target on the Secret Police arrest on sight, Enemies List for blogging critical of a governor]

[Getting Made in the Police Mafia]

[Corbett Report: Jan Irvin on CIA, MK-Ultra, LSD and more]

[RT America, Baby Seal Documentary, source]

It has only gotten worse after the elite almost eradicated the family farmer. Agenda 21 is killing off populations, jailing us in new city "living", sterilizing us, dumbing us down, making us sick, killing us, and robbing all that can be taken. Hail, Hail our masters in the UN.

What happens to the US economy when the Fed quits just printing 85 billion dollars a month to prop up the economy? What is already happening in Europe? What is happening in China? [James Corbett of the Corbett Report and Dr. Stan take your questions]

[History of the banking elite ripping you off, video here]


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