Monday, June 17, 2013

Miss Alabama on NSA Prism Scandal

Domestic spying was completely illegal prior to 9/11. It still is against everything the US Constitution stands for. International bankers and corporate organized crime wants to complete domination of all governments, all resources, and to control you.

It is so trendy to love being spied on. But in the real world, do your really know who is sifting through your data? Spying can go back in time. All conversations that are recorded and all emails can be sifted through at a later date. Anyone can be framed for anything. Anyone's data can be used to get that person fired from their jobs, lose their home, their family, and to face state sponsored terrorizing, beatings, jail, and even being murdered.

Farmers who even give away raw milk are being treated like drug dealers and arrested as felons losing everything. Bankers and organized crime do not want community leaders, self-sufficiency, or any transactions that do not involve them. In Louisiana it is a crime to buy an item such as a lawnmower from a neighbor for cash at a yard sale. It that really a crime or something international criminals do not want us to be able to do? Small business owners and the self-employed are enemies of the state. Farmers are terrorists.

Prior to 9/11, police tried to recruit me in Stafford Springs, Connecticut, to be part of their cop gang. They wanted citizens interested in becoming police officers and others who were on probation for having committed crimes to work for police. Police wanted criminals to break into houses to steal legal guns from gun owners. Police wanted small business, the self-employed, and investment property owners who were not affiliated with police, lawyers, or organized crime to lose their business, property, and be railroaded to prison if they got mouthy. I refused to break laws for the Connecticut State Police. I refused to lie and make false statements to break up families and for police and lawyer revenue collection and asset confiscation.

[Peter J. Coukos] was allegedly given dibs on my rental properties for sexually harassing my then 14 year old daughter and helping set me up for prison and to lose my properties. Coukos maintained good credit while becoming a crack cocaine addict. Knowing this, police offered Coukos a gun permit for assaulting me and helping police terrorize me out of Connecticut upon my release from jail for having resisted being beaten on my property by a police informant. [my open letter to Connecticut Governor Dannel P. Malloy].

So, spying is about ripping you off. Spying, wholesale, is not about making you safe. It is about making you a slave.

[NSA, CIA, you, and Operation Phoenix]


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