Wednesday, September 04, 2013

Wealth Destroying US Police State

Wars that have been fought in Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya etc. have made the elite rich. Syria is obviously next. The American Homeland is on the list too. When will we the people stop making payments to international criminals who take so much pleasure in doing us harm? Why are we paying so much to make them so comfortable when they prefer we "live" in environments such as the one in the picture above? 

Police, the courts, and elected "members" have aligned themselves with foreign powers. These powers are corporate entities and bankers. Lawyers, judges, police, town hall mafias, and their friends are all getting bribes and other perks. They have sold out. They will get toasted too.

Going after small family farmers in the 1970's, gave international corporate organized crime "the balls" to do all they are doing now. It is war on Free Speech, the self-employed, self-sufficiency, and free thinking worldwide.

The asshole powers that be want to heard us in as small a space as we will put up with. They want to kill us off. They want to sterilize us. They want to poison and torture us slowly. All while we fund them doing this evil to us. How smart are we?

[Rand Paul hands John Kerry his ass]

[Max Keiser breaks down how China is the new Superpower and the US is descending into 3rd World Obscurity]


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