Sunday, December 08, 2013

Blow Horning the White House

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Text with below video:

Warning: Video contains swearing, disturbing actions, and subjects. Discretion advised. Did I actually moon the White House? Watch the video.

Protesting, carrying a sign, videotaping police, taunting officials, blogging, and having an opinion that does not go along with Obama Regime can get you arrested, or worse. Mocking Obama can have grave consequences. The NDAA means that ANYONE in US can be secretly kidnapped, tortured, indefinitely detained, and even murdered with the orders of any designated official without trial or a hearing. Welcome to the new USA.

Obama’s porn mother naked [liveleak video].

O’Drama being crapped on and the mess being set on fire. Start to play music video to get sound with embedded video. Play at same time. [Videos found here].

My 9-15-01 letter to George W. Bush with answer, click on documents to make them bigger are [found here, scroll down in post]

[Obama’s Beer binge in Martha’s Vineyard talked about here]

Steven G. Erickson's videos and favorites can be found here:

stevengerickson At

All Americans are being F'd over. What would you say in the front of the White House if you had a blow horn and the guts to just let it all out?

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Obama Expands Militarization of Police

Text with video:

Published on May 22, 2013
Among items transfered to local law enforcement agencies have been assault rifles and grenade launchers, even Blackhawk helicopters and .50 caliber machine guns ; In fiscal year 2011 alone, the Pentagon transferred almost $500 million worth of materials to domestic law enforcement -- near double the previous year's total

Credibility of the Ruling Elite is Being Shredded -- Chris Hedges on Reality Asserts Itself pt2

Text with video:

Published on Dec 7, 2013
On RAI with Paul Jay, Chris Hedges says that while people are disgusted with the centers of power, unless there is a constructive alternative, any eruption will be nihilistic and could be fascist


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