Tuesday, December 17, 2013

SEIU Thugs

Check out videos, scroll down. 

What happens when you do a word search using YouTube's search engine? Well, I found the below videos. I am no fan of Glenn Beck or any mainstream international corporate organized crime and banker cartel news as they are responsible for the stealth occupation of the US. The SEIU may appear to be against big bankers. Some offshore elite group pulls the strings for both sides. So, individuals in the ranks, outside the ranks, anyone can be set up to be mobbed, 400 to 500 angry protestors can be organized to come and show up at your house, where you work, wherever. This is not an organic protest, it is not of the people, it is orchestrated for the one globalist plan. [Click here for Part 1 of this post]

If you break ranks with the union, are against any union policy, suggest legislation limiting police or the courts injecting ethics, fiscal responsibility, morals, or in any way limiting the unlimited checks taxpayers are supposed to write to the system run offshore, then you too, can become a target of the goon union, SEIU. 

Beatings, family break up, loss of your job, reputation, being stalked, harassed, and bad luck comes in increased taxes, fines, fees, the Town Hall Mafia, police, members of the court, elected officials and all their minions acting in concert to retaliate against anyone who dares stand up to their collective abuse. 

If the FBI is also part of the union, I can understand the whole Boston Mob (Winter Hill Gang), Whitey Bulger, the Massachusetts State Police, the FBI, bankers, international corporate interests, drug traffickers, elected officials, and their important friends all in bed together to blame innocent people for Mob Hits (Murder-for-hires) so that the real killers could keep going out beating and murdering citizens to terrorize the public and keep their huge gang together. Members have to fear for their lives and families not to rat out the most important people, so there is continuity. 

This is how police, police informants, and riggers of the courts protect the integrity of the system. The system is about ripping you off and keeping you terrorized. Be a good little citizen, or else!

Union dues for millions of people is billions of dollars. This can leverage trillions. So this "union" is an invading force infecting entire nations.

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CAUGHT ON TAPE - SEIU Union Rep Secret Plan To Destroy The US Middle Class

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The Chicago Way: SEIU Thugs In Action

Uploaded on Mar 22, 2011
"CAUGHT ON TAPE: Former SEIU Official Reveals Secret Plan To Destroy The US Middle Class, Balloon The Nation's Sovereign Debt, And Bribe, Steal And Embezzle All The Wealth In America" Reveals Secret Plan To Destroy JP Morgan, Crash The Stock Market, And Redistribute Wealth In America"

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Uploaded on May 21, 2010
Is THIS what America voted for? Is this what "Hope" and "Change" means? Andy Stern, former leader of the SEIU is the most frequent visitor to the Obama White House. He is a slimeball thug, and SEIU is a slimeball thug organization. These bastards broke all sorts of laws by protesting on this mans property, but even the police chose not to help this citizen out. What country are we living in today? This is bullshit America, and it needs to stop. Take a stand and vote these liberal bastards out of office in November. I wonder what the president's comment on this would be.

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A SEIU Union Boss can show up where you work and demand that you be fired and can physically threaten you. A December 14, 2013, video upload:

1199 SEIU - My Horror Story with the Union - Part 1

Text with video:

Published on Dec 14, 2013
1199 SEIU has got to be the worst union I've ever dealt with. Victor Rivera, a vice president over my local chapter, is an awful, terribly aggressive bully who really went after me and tried to have me fired from my library job. Any organization that sends thugs like Rivera after employees shouldn't be trusted by anyone. [Click here for Part 2 of video]

[This woman was also a victim of SEIU union goons] as she was maybe #2 in the union in Connecticut and didn't do what she was told:

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[Operation Paper Clip, the Lyme Disease testing and treatment conspiracy, Lisa Masterson and Kathleen Dickson being sent to mental hospitals in retaliation for causing Yale University and Big Pharma billions in lost fraudulent profits]

[Anne Kristine Blake set up by State of Connecticut paid doctors to be prescribed harmful conflicting side effects drugs to go crazy to be put in mental hospital for being a DMR Whistle Blower]

[Google Alerts for Whistle Blowers to be Arrested]



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