Tuesday, December 24, 2013

1970's Police, "Detain and Identify"

From age 2 to 10 years old I lived in Ludlow, Massachusetts. I was not even in kindergarten yet when my father shot a rabbit with his 22 caliber rifle in our postage stamp size lot.

This would have been about 1968, the same year I went aboard a B-52 Bomber loaded with goodies that came back from Japan, Vietnam, and other parts overseas. My father bought a cranking stereo from a B-52 Pilot, our former neighbor Ray O'Mara (sp?).

A Police Officer took me aside and asked me what I saw regarding the rabbit shooting incident, taking me out of my bed where I was asleep. At four, I knew my father had shot a rabbit out in our garden and that a neighbor had called the police. I, at 4 years old, lied to the police officer who had taken me aside by myself trying to get information out of me. I didn't give my father up, even at age 4.

In the first grade we went on field trips to see the Ludlow, Massachusetts, Fire Department and Police Department. In the Fire Department they had a brass pole that if you pulled on it from the bottom a 4 part black clam shell wood open from the top. Slide down from up top, the clam shell would open. I guess they didn't want exhaust fumes and noise to be up where they slept, played cards, drank, and had sex.

It was the 1960's and I saw the wild parties going on and naked men and women in back yards whooping and hollering on LSD. So when one of the Firemen got yelled at for having a bra and panties beside his bunk when kids were coming up to see the firehouse, I knew what he had been up to and what the firehouse was like when the public was not aware.

When I talked to police officers at age five or six, they gave me pistol casings during the school tour, they opened the unlocked gun lockers. This was not odd as my school principal gave me 30.06, 3030, 308, 22, 45, 38, 32, 9 mm, and other caliber brass and nickel casings for gun cartridges. So, did the janitor. One or two of us were allowed to go in the basement to bang chalkboard erasers over rabbit cage and chicken coup wire. It was a common thing and other kids collected empty shells too for their collections.

One of the higher ranking officers, maybe 2nd or 3rd in command at the police station, told me to tell my father that police don't have big enough guns compared to the criminals. He told me that his 6 shooter, a 38 Special shot bullets that bounced off windshields and criminals could just laugh at police. The officer told me to tell my father that the police department needed more tax money and need bigger and more powerful guns. He suggested that cops be allowed to carry Colt Automatic 45s.

I ended up spending some time away from the group of kids touring the police station, and that officer showed me the lock-up, where fingerprints are taken, and pictures of suspects they were currently looking for. He told me that there was a new program that police had, it was called, "Detain and Identify."

So police, even back in the 1960's were out to try and get away with what they are now getting away with using the most advanced technology in the history of the world.

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P.S. I found out from [my former lawyer] that my father started talking to Stafford Springs, Connecticut, town and State Police as informant against me. I had broken no laws. They were pissed off that I had an attractive wife and was self-employed. I found out police prior to 9/11 and since are out to break up families, end home ownership, and cart the self-employed or family farmers off to jail on any lame excuse. My father told me when I was in prison for resisting being mugged on my property, that I should not have pissed off police. So, it isn't about breaking laws, it is whether you piss off police that you go to jail? Maybe if the jackass police weren't illegally domestically spying on core America, we would not be in this financial crisis. What did my father do as a traitor? [I talk about this subject more, click here]


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