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No US High Speed Rail & 27 Trillion Dollars Missing?

The same scams to steal your identity, pay for wars you didn't agree to, and hijacking your tax dollars has gone on a long time. The Lee Emil Wanta story involves setting a large amount of money in secret to build a high speed rail system to covertly move nuclear missiles around and have a mobile launch system as advocated for by US President Ronald Reagan. Here we have big bankers, the Federal Reserve, a battle between the CIA and ISA (Intelligence Services Agency) spy agencies, and the public would have a high speed rail system in the US.

Wanta allegedly won a multi trillion dollar lawsuit against former US Treasury Secretary Paulson and/or US Government.

What is my take on what evidence, video, and text I have gone through to date?

Well, it is the anatomy of how bankers and spy agencies are bankrupting countries all over the world.

Maybe Reagan actually wanted the high speed rail service in the US not for the public show, but for missile transport. The way to end the USSR happened not with a military action, but with bankruptcy.

If the US and USSR were two poker players, the US showed a hand with space weapons, satellites that could use laser or particle beams to shoot down missiles, airplanes, and wipe out armies and soldiers on the ground, a rail mounted nuclear missile system, stealth submarines, etc. So, the USSR public, their taxpayers could not foot the bill for the war in Afghanistan AND to come up with all the programs that the US supposedly had to wipe the USSR off the map. The US didn't even have to have the weapons, they didn't have to even be possible, but the paper trail for USSR spies to follow did exist. International criminals could then pocket trillions of dollars that was set aside without providing anything AND destroy the USSR.

Patsies holding the bag for transacting the money were either killed or jailed. They could not say anything, because like Snowden, Manning, and others faced being covertly murdered by the CIA or jailed for letting out "state secrets".

This is my take. If you are so inclined, read up, word search, watch more videos, and make up your own decision. But if you want to know why you have less and less and war criminals and bankers have more and more, well maybe you can start to see what has been going on way too long. Maybe you can then act, not just sit in front of the computer type comments and view videos. That will not obtain any results, actions will.

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Excerpt [found here]:

In the late 1980s, United States President Ronald W. Reagan gave a mandated order/directive to Leo Emil Wanta* (Presidential Executive Order No. 12333). President Reagan authorized Wanta’s company, New Republic/USA Financial Group, Ltd., Jackson, Mississippi, USA (a Mississippi intelligence operations group under Title 18 USC Section 6 (line 11) to build or otherwise obtain a rail system capable of moving MX Mobile Missiles.
Reagan’s directive had to do with an Operational Plan to lawfully purchase the Santa Fe & Southern Pacific Railroad in the U.S. Bankruptcy Court for authorized mobilization and deployment activities.

One of those authorized activities involved the movement of MX Mobile Missiles to an underground storage facility at Redstone Arsenal in Huntsville, Alabama. Redstone began as a chemical weapons manufacturing facility for WWII but became the Army’s focal point for rocket and space projects (including the development of the first U.S. ballistic missiles and space launch vehicles).

Ambassador Lee Wanta was asked by President Reagan to assist with the transportation of MX Missiles.

MX Missiles transported in disguise inside specially constructed Railroal Cars.

Though using an old bankrupt railroad called Santa Fe & Southern to move MX Mobile Missiles is a far cry from planning a national high-speed rail system, that is how Ambassador Lee Emil Wanta got involved in planning a national high-speed rail facility for the American people. It began as a means to quickly and efficiently move MX Mobile Missiles and ended as the dream of an engineer who could see the long-term benefits to his nation if such a system were implemented.

For those who have no idea how far-sighted President Ronald Reagan and his intelligence team were, a mid-December 2013 news story might help you understand. It’s about Russia and an announcement made by President Vladimir Putin. These paragraphs were included in the Associated Press news article:
“Russia is developing a new intercontinental ballistic missile mounted on a railway car in a bid to counterbalance prospective U.S. weapons, a senior military officer has said.
“Colonel General Sergei Karakayev, the chief of the military’s Strategic Rocket Forces, said in remarks carried by Russian news agencies on Wednesday that the new weapon would be much easier to camouflage than its predecessor. The Soviet-designed railway missiles were scrapped in 2005.
“Karakayev said the Yars missile intended for the project was much lighter than the Soviet-built system and could be put inside a regular refrigerator car unlike its predecessor, which required a heavier and bigger car that could be detected by enemy intelligence.”
All Putin is doing today is a mirror image of what Reagan and Wanta were doing back in the 1980s and 90s. There is a long and not-so-glorious history for a high-speed rail program that has yet to be implemented in the United States… but let’s start at the beginning.

Wanta purchased the Federal Land Bank Building in Jackson, Mississippi.

The direct mandated order that Lee Wanta got from President Reagan told him to purchase the Federal Land Bank Building in Jackson, MS, which would be used for logistics and satellite feed. The funds to buy the building and the Santa Fe & Southern Pacific Railroad came from the Department of Defense to Wanta’s company, New Republic. The money was placed in Deposit Guaranty Bank in Mississippi and the credit cards for field operations were issued by Merrill Lynch to the New Republic/USA Financial Group.

If you have read Chapter 9 of Wanta’s biography, WANTA! Black Swan, White Hat (1) (available at Kindle), you are aware that the prosecuting attorney in Wanta’s civil/criminal tax evasion Kangaroo trial, J. Douglas Haag, a Wisconsin Assistant Attorney General, made much to-do about a $500,000 deposit made to the Mississippi bank, informing Wanta’s civil tax evasion jury the funds were Wanta’s personal property, but then misrepresented them as evidence of his guilt as a tax evader in the State of Wisconsin.

Wanta is wrongly set up in one of the biggest miscarriages of justice ever.

These funds, of course, came from the Department of Defense and represented nothing of the kind… but Haag had Wanta in a box. The money had been provided to purchase a railroad that would be used to haul MX Mobile Missiles to defend the nation. The railroad and building for which the funds were provided both were linked to a highly secret mandate from the President of the United States and Wanta could not make that information public at his phony criminal trial for tax evasion. Instead, he had to eat a 22-year prison and parole sentence.

At the time of Wanta’s Mississippi attempt to purchase the Santa Fe & Southern Railroad for moving the MX Mobile Missiles to appropriate locations for the national defense of the country, the Central Intelligence Agency (for which Vice President George Herbert Walker Bush had been Director until becoming vice president under Reagan) was America’s primary intelligence agency. Because Reagan believed that the CIA was totally corrupted, he and Wanta were in the process of implementing a new intelligence agency called Intelligence Services Agency (ISA) which would have put the CIA into competition with the ISA for its survival. Lee Emil Wanta was to be the Assistant Director of the new intel-ops group… one of the reasons he was targeted as someone who needed to be “taken down.”

High Speed Rail (HSR)  blocked by Political Cronyism.

As is almost always true in the world of political cronyism, the CIA was threatened by the presence of the new ISA group and was probably behind the failure of the acquisitions program – the railroad and the Federal Land Bank Building – to implement President Reagan’s plans. The result: the CIA did not want the MX Mobile Missiles being moved around by the Department of Defense via Wanta’s company – a Title 18 USC Section 6 (Line 11) intelligence gathering corporation. They wanted to control the operation complete with “set-aside allocations” and other financial motivation to be enjoyed by the participants at the expense of American taxpayers.
Today’s politics include guaranteed employment for well-known public employees called upon to perpetrate fraud upon the people of America while being paid by those very same people… they get set-aside allocations (like university positions funded by the government) and other revolving door professional courtesies like honorariums that bring with them power and position.
Surely you’ve noticed how the doors at Goldman Sachs swing open to place Henry Paulson as Secretary Treasury and how the government doors swing open so Robert Rubin can join Goldman Sachs… or how easily Janet Napolitano walked into her new job in California’s University System. Reagan’s and Wanta’s ISA made no such concessions to politicians and bureaucrats and so completing the mission was made impossible for Wanta. To make sure completing the mission was impossible, Wanta was put in prison in Switzerland – no charges were ever filed during his 134 day prison stay in Lausanne’s du Bois prison. They just kept him in an isolated dungeon cell likely built about the time Rome fell.

High Speed Rail (HSR) can provide Civil Defense capabilities not otherwise possible.

The public was to be told that the rail system Wanta was told to purchase was that people could quickly be moved to safety when the need arose… a hurricane evacuation route for Florida, Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi and Texas and that high-speed rail filled that need nicely. The hard core reason that justified the costs involved was, however, national defense: the movement of MX Mobile Missiles to critical locations.
So there you have that’s the synopsis of why Putin is, in December 2013, taking advantage of the original plan for Mobile MX Missiles born during the Reagan Administration under the management of Secret Agent Lee Emil Wanta… a plan that would have saved us from the USSR at that time. Wanta was working in concert with General James A. Abrahamson, Central Intelligence Director William Casey, former Central Intelligence Director William Colby, and Reagan’s Attorney General, William French Smith. Gen. Abrahamson was Director for the F-16 Multinational Air Combat Fighter Program at Aeronautical Systems Division before being assigned Administrator for the Space Transportation System, and was responsible for the nation’s space shuttle program. In 1980, he assumed the duties of Deputy Chief of Staff for Systems, Air Force Systems Command Headquarters.
And there you have the reason behind the birth of high-speed rail and the many positive ways it can be used for the good of the people to escape natural (and other) disasters rather than being trapped in big cities and forced to face possible death… and, of course, as is always in the very busy mind of Secret Agent Leo Wanta, the national defense.

What is this national high-speed rail system that is so high on Lee Wanta’s list of things that America needs done so the Constitutional Republic can be restored? Is it something we should do?

First, it’s not a “should do” thing – it’s a MUST DO because HSR will increase employment and the career opportunities – full-time, well-paid jobs with full benefits – will help stabilize economic recovery nationally, and do it quickly. Well, if it’s done properly and is a privately-owned, national project rather than another cronyism project of either political party, economic recovery will stabilize nationally.

Building a high-speed rail system will cause local, state and federal tax revenues to stop their drop into oblivion. Is there a city or town that didn’t think the gravy train would go on forever – and are suffering mightily from their over-spending and lack of saving for economic downturns? How many cities in California alone have gone bankrupt? That disease of bankruptcy has spread to Detroit – with Chicago next? How many municipal bonds are at risk as this is being written? Far more than you’re hearing about is the answer to that question. Who do you think will be asked to pick up the tab for these failed cities?

Other major nations have High Speed Rail including France, Japan and China.

The rest of the world is passing America by in the world of transportation. This isn’t about winning a competition, it’s about increasing our capacity to produce and compete with other nations to sell American goods effectively both nationally and internationally. Japan implemented its first HSR train in the mid-1960s. On any given day in France, more than 450 high-speed rail trains are running. In France, they are known as TGV (Train a Grande Vitesse). French HSR offers about 150 destinations and the trains travel at 200 miles per hour. The TGV Atlantique carries over 40,000 passengers each day.
China has opened more than 42 high-speed rail lines and has the world’s biggest train network, with 56,000 miles (91,000 kilometers) of passenger rail. Even with so much traditional and high-speed rail access, trains are overloaded with passengers and cargo.
Chinese rail technology dominates that nation’s foreign diplomacy, extending the country’s regional influence as well as addressing its growing energy demands. During this same time, US Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood played Tinker Toys with Amtrak, thinking he can hornswoggle the American people into accepting the equivalent of Amtrack’s Acela line as “high-speed rail” – which it is not. The U.S. Government appears to want to charge American taxpayers for the larger costs of high-speed rail, but provide instead the same failed system that keeps Amtrak in the red by a billion plus dollars every year.

Amtrak is old, inefficient, slow and is government owned and controlled.

Amtrak is the National Railroad Passenger Corporation and it is 40 years old. It is government owned and controlled. It is Union operated and employs more than 20,000 workers and its CEO is appointed by the President of the United States… a political appointment. The Amtrak budget is allocated by Congress (and it is thus dependent upon its friendly relations with Congress – keeping elected officials happy for its existence – do I hear echoes of “cronyism” here?).
Does this sound like the best possible expertise source to build a new, high-tech rail project? Amtrak can’t even run its own company in a business-like manner. In fiscal year 2010, Amtrak earned $2.51 billion and expensed $3.74 billion… a net $1.2 billion loss. The Amtrak system is antiquated, bloated and inefficient and its total cost to taxpayers for its 40 years of service is $50 billion.
Yet, Amtrak which has absolutely no experience in the world of high-speed rail is the expertise source selected by the Obama Administration. It was the expertise source for George W. Bush, too – and Bill Clinton and George H.W. Bush. Why? Remember those “set-aside allocations” we discussed above? Since Ronald Reagan left office, both elected politicians and unelected bureaucrats can control the goodies handed out by a government-controlled entity.

No cronyism would be allowed by President Reagan and his Secret Agent Wanta in the construction of the High Speed Rail System (HSR).

Wanta and Ronald Reagan were determined there would be no set-aside allocations, no cronyism – no favors given to former college roommates to develop the Obamacare computer software, no $528 million loan losses to Solyndra. You remember a major backer of the solar energy company, billionaire George Kaiser, don’t you? He was a major Solyndra backer and was heavily involved in soliciting donations for Obama’s 2008 presidential campaign. To complete the disgusting picture of cronyism at its worst, Goldman Sachs, was Solyndra’s financial adviser. Lee Wanta is determined that the American people will not pay for set-aside allocations for politicians or freebies for bureaucrats. Not on this railroad!


People talk about the cost of high-speed rail, but it is tens of billions less costly than the alternative – expanding highways and airports to accommodate population growth. And, the environmental advantages to HSR are phenomenal – far better than jets, buses and cars. People who think it’s costly to build a high-speed rail system need to check with Boeing to find out the cost of building jet airplanes (that carry far fewer people) for the airline industry. Of course, the government doesn’t own the airlines – yet – but wants to own high-speed rail. And the airlines don’t want the competition of a well-run high-speed rail line and lobby effectively to prevent Lee Wanta from gaining access to
his own funds that will make it possible for him to build such a system for the American people.

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