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September 28, 2016, Liveleak video embbed video to go with text:

I am not saying moderators censored me, but what I tried to post about Hillary Clinton, it was being messed with in real time. The last video and post that I tried to post here on, critical of Hillary Clinton, showed up before posting as having no links, no video, no photos uploaded, and the text was truncated, and the video and post was then not allowed here on this site for "lack of content". The post was complete, but showed up as being a partial paragraph with nothing else. So, some entity was active preventing me from posting what I wanted to for the moderators here to then take a look at, and have an impartial opinion of to then probably post just as I had intended.

in 2007, I was hanging out with the co-host of a young comedians special that she hosted with John Candy, who was also on Saturday Night Live with Joe Piscopo, Eddie Murphy, and others on Saturday night live at that time. I had access to getting in, and possibly submitting writing for the show. We were looking over Alec Baldwin's screenwriter's screenplay for "Solitary Birds", in 2007, when she told me that I was not allowed to go to a Bill and Hillary Clinton benefit, even if I paid $500 for a plate of dinner, or if I asked to use my press pass, to go to New York City to go to the benefit that she, the Saturday Night Live alumni, invited me to. So, the Clintons have their own Black List, and yours truly, Steven G. Erickson, is on it, and she told me to be careful.

I've interviewed Elena Sassower, who is critical of Hillary Clinton for rigging her New York US Senate campaign and for rigging the New York Appellate Court with judges who would rig court cases for the Clinton agenda. [video]. Elena Sassower out Eliot Spitzer, Hillary Clinton, and the New York Times for election rigging. Check out the video, there are boxes of documents, and I saw a lot of them.

After writing about what Hillary Clinton was up to, I then got a lifetime ban to not be a writer with an account on, and was banned there in about 2012. I have tried to post videos critical of Hillary Clinton on and was blocked from being able to upload BEFORE I even tried to post any.

Word search my name, or Stark Ravring Viking blog, and you'll find out why.

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Published on Sep 28, 2016
These were Dr. Michael Savages last interviews with Infowars before he was banned from radio.

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Savage's Last Interview Before Being Banned

Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Zero Hillary Clinton for President Signs Seen, 8 hour drive thru Neighborhoods

No Hillary for President signs or bumper stickers seen in New Hampshire USA. I traveled from Maine into New Hampshire having made 4 appointments today, traveling mostly on back roads. I saw absolutely no Hillary for President 2016 bumper stickers on cars and I saw not one Hillary for President lawn sign. I did see Donald Trump for President sign at about every 40 to 100 houses I drove by. There was one Hillary for Prison 2016 lawn sign that I did see under a Donald Trump sign. I seen polls done by the mainstream media where Hillary is said to have about 80% of the voters willing to vote for her and about 20% for Donald Trump in the not so long ago, past ... that's horse hockey.

I'd vote for a sick criminal cow as much as I'd want to shoot myself in the head. I love life and if I commit "suicide", I hope someone asks for an honest investigation. If you want to word search "Clinton Body Count", I suggest that you don't use Google and their paid for whore in the ratings, fixed word searches.

The nation seeing Hillary Collapse at a 9/11 event and my own thoughts on Hillary [Stark Raving Viking blog post] pretty much sums up Hillary's chances of being "elected" US President.

The Electoral College was okay when you had to show up on horseback in Washington DC to represent others all over the then small nation who could not show up in person to vote at the Capital. With Bernie Sanders seemingly to be the front runner with popular support in the Democratic Party. Why did Hillary Clinton with the Super Delegates get the top slot on the Democratic Ticket? Well, it is all about pay to play no matter what "party" we're talking about.

The Republican Party wanted to just vote out the popular candidate and install Mitt Romney or Ohio Governor John Kasich in for their top slot on the ticket. How much outrage nationwide would have occurred had the Republican Party pulled this scam against humanity?

What the Republican and Democratic Parties are saying is that you, the average person don't matter, your vote is meaningless, and they'll decide behind closed doors what happens. I don't like Donald Trump. But, because the Republican Party is trying to torpedo their most popular Republican candidate in the history of the Republican Party, I like Donald Trump.

I, Steven G. Erickson, have been asked why I hate Hillary Clinton so much.

Well, if there was evidence of Hillary and Bill Clinton obstruction of justice in the White Water Scandal, of murder for hire, CIA involved Clinton cocaine trafficking, peddling of influence, bribing of the Clintons, treason, and evidence of other crimes the Clintons have perpetrated stored at the Oklahoma City Federal Building and that building conveniently blows up and there is no further investigation, what does that say?

In the mid 1990's in Stafford Springs, Connecticut, a fat police officer who was living with his mother, and was known around town as "Fat Frank" Prochaska became infatuated with my wife, a model that I met while traveling in Poland and Lithuania. Fat Frank said that he is Polish and I'm the wrong race to be with my wife, that he is taller, makes more money, and that he should be with her. He didn't ask her, he just shoved me at a Crime Watch meeting, would assault me in the morning if I had made love to my wife, as he was listening to all our conversations, trolled our interned use, and followed me around to work and where I shopped. The morning after I fed my wife macaroni and cheese he attacked me as I walked out to my pickup to go to work saying how fattening butter is and that I dare feed that to my wife. How safe to you feel if every word you speak or whatever you do is monitored like sex offender like creeps such as Stafford Springs Connecticut Constable Fat Frank Prochaska?

Police were given new powers after the Oklahoma City Bombing. They were to go after the self-employed, small business owners, gun owners, pistol permit carriers, the outspoken, those who complained about police and the US injustice system, and/or talked about being in, or creating a militia for their state. Police would financial ruin, have police informants beat up or kill police targets on the police enemies list now called the Terrorist Watch List or No Gun Buy List or Arrest on Sight List or the DHS No Fly List. So 1, 2, 4 and even 10 officers at a time who were on DHS taxpayer funded payroll making 100's of dollars an hour followed me around wherever I went to work, shopped, or ate out. So, if they spent 100's of thousands of dollars of your taxpayer money harassing and ruining me, making me from a taxpayer to non-taxpayer, how much money is being wasted nationwide?

Prochaska told me he'd call my father and have me disowned if I didn't leave my wife and the state because I was kicked out of Connecticut by police. He told me he'd put me on "The List" and I would have no luck in courts or with police internationally and that if I was put on the list, I would wish I were dead, or commit suicide. So, can a citizen be put on the Terrorist Watch List/No gun buy list if a cop wants what you own or wants to F' your significant other?

My father then told me out of the blue that he was writing me out of his will and my father told me it was worse to piss off police officers and judges then to commit actual crimes. Prochaska then told me that he'd see to it that I would be estranged from my daughter permanently, lose my contracting business, credit, home, ability to buy a home or get an apartment, and would never get another job if I didn't leave my wife as he should be with her, not me. My wife didn't even have him on her radar.

I complained to State Senator Tony Guglielmo in Stafford Springs, Connecticut, and learned that complaining about one cop is complaining about all cops and then they're all after you. Guglielmo told me that Steve Spellman of the international police union told him that my life was going to become a nightmare for having written letters to the editor about police and for having proposed Civilian Oversight of Police legislation.

My father told me that if I continued complaining about cops and the judge who sentenced me to prison because I was trying to have Judge Jonathan J. Kaplan removed for bias against the self-employed in civil cases, before I was ever attacked on my own property, that he (my father) would see that my only daughter would never talk to me again. My father kept his word. Prosecutor Keith Courier told me that if I evicted his prostitute, Lana Thompson, for not paying rent, he see to it that I was arrested and would go to prison. So, I was paying $750/month so he could get free oral sex at the courthouse. Courier made sure I got no deals and would have to go to trial for having been attacked on my own property where I was the potential mugging victim.

I'm on the Terrorist Watch List because a Fat Cop wanted a chance to F' my wife. I am estranged from my only daughter, my father and most of my family, lost my contracting business, rental properties, home, credit, retirement, and the sum total of my life's work because of a Fat Cop, the new secret agenda after the Oklahoma City Bombings, and because of that F'n C-word, Hillary Clinton.

If you're put on the list, you'll be charged huge amounts of taxes that you don't owe, police will have no mercy, and court cases against you, civil and criminal, can't be won. So, the list is B.S.

Please let Donald Trump I'd like a pardon for having "over reacted to being mugged in my own dark driveway" having used pepper spray, and where the felon druggie police informant who tried to rob me at knife point was called my victim by police, and in the courts, and that self-defense isn't legal in Connecticut. I got a year in prison and had to pay the felon who tried to rob me for being "my victim". If Hillary and Bill Clinton went to prison for their crimes, there would not have had to been an Oklahoma City Bombing, the TSA, the DHS, and all the crap we all suffer now. If Hillary Clinton got prison, I would not have gotten prison for crimes I did not commit. I would not have lost everything.

Is 9/11 part of the Clinton saga? Building 7 which was not hit by a plane fell to the ground at free fall speed, that of gravity, and was alleged to have has evidence of the perpetrators of the Enron Scam, massive ponzi schemes, and where the trillions of missing Pentagon taxpayer funds may have gone to blows up and then all those investigations cease. If you're connected, a billionaire, and a building blows up with the records of your crimes, there is then no further investigation.

My open letter to the Attorney General of Connecticut [Click Here]

I tried to post the above on my liveleak channel and it seemed my computer was hacked when I tried to post it.

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