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A Target Rich Environment?

When a sniper fires, each shot potentially could be a kill. Check out how many shots are taken. Imagine the death count in the arenas of US Government military occupation.

Blackwater Sniper.flv

Pakistan: The Intersection

Text with video:
videonation April 21, 2010As mounting instability in Pakistan challenges the authority of President Pervez Musharraf, VideoNation correspondents Sam Graham-Felsen, James Jacoby and Ali Sethi travel to Lahore to assess the troubled nation's future through the eyes of students at both the progressive National College of Arts and Punjab University, where Islamic extremists hold sway.

Pakistan: Press Statement by Naveed Butt on Blackwater & Bomb Blasts

Note: sound cuts out of above video at just after 4 minutes in

The Former President Of Blackwater Has Been Indicted

Wayne Madsen former NSA worker speaks out. Billions of dollars of contract fraud. Journalists trying to expose CIA, NSA, and Blackwater Xe fraud are put under surveillance and worse. Should spooks in the US Government have unlimited power and ability to conduct domestic spying using warrant-less wiretaps?


Involving Private Contractors in Wars, means they want to keep wars going, keeping up the killing, robbing, raping, detaining, and abusing citizens.

Blackwater Hearing Part 4: Dennis Kucinich, John Mica and Erik Prince Testimony (2007)

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thefilmarchive April 24, 2010October 2, 2007

Dennis John Kucinich (born October 8, 1946) is a Democratic member of the United States House of Representatives and was a candidate for the Democratic nomination for President of the United States in the 2004 and 2008 elections.

Kucinich currently represents the 10th District of Ohio in the House of Representatives, which he has been serving since 1996. His district includes most of western Cleveland as well as suburbs such as Parma and Lakewood. He is currently the chairman of the Domestic Policy Subcommittee of the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform. He is also a member of the Education and Labor Committee.

From 1977 to 1979, Kucinich served as the 53rd mayor of Cleveland, Ohio, a tumultuous term in which he survived a recall election and was successful in a battle against selling the municipal electric utility before being defeated for reelection by George Voinovich.

Through his various governmental positions and campaigns, Kucinich has attracted attention for consistently delivering "the strongest liberal" perspective. This perspective and his actions, such as bringing articles of impeachment against President George W. Bush and Vice President Dick Cheney, and being the only Democratic candidate in the 2008 election to vote against invading Iraq, has often been in sharp contrast to the moderate to conservative tone the Democratic Party has often adopted.

John L. Mica (born January 27, 1943), American politician, has been a Republican member of the United States House of Representatives since 1993, representing Florida's 7th congressional district. He is the brother of former Representative Daniel A. Mica, while his other brother, David is a former ranking staffer with Senator Lawton Chiles.

Erik Dean Prince (born June 6, 1969) is the American founder and sole owner of the private military company Xe, formerly Blackwater Worldwide. Testifying before the United States House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform on October 2, 2007, he gave his title as chairman and CEO of the Prince Group and Blackwater Worldwide, then named Blackwater USA. On March 2, 2009, Prince announced that he was stepping down as CEO of Xe.

The below video has received more than one and a half million views.

Blackwater: Shadow Army

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videonation March 14, 2007The Nation's Jeremy Scahill describes the rise of Blackwater USA, the world's most powerful mercenary army.

Blackwater: Leaving Iraq, Chasing Pirates?

Text with video:
videonation February 04, 2009After $1.3 billion in government contracts and controversy over the killing of innocent Iraqi civilians, Blackwater Worldwide is moving on. The Washington Post reported this week that Blackwater, the for-profit military company contracted by the Bush government to provide securities services in Iraq, will not have it's Iraq contract renewed. But the powerful military corporation has no plans to slow down after what has been an extraordinarily profitable decade. Nation contributor Jeremy Scahill, author of "Blackwater: The Rise of the World's Most Powerful Mercenary Army", discusses the legacy and future of Blackwater Worldwide, including its expansion into hot new markets: Chasing Somalian pirates, and total intelligence gathering.

"Total Intelligence Solutions" is Blackwater's version of the CIA, a private spying and thug service, operating internationally and IN THE USA.

Soldiers speak out about their service in illegal US Wars of Occupation.

Winter Soldier

Text of video:
videonation March 24, 2008In three days of wrenching public testimony in Washington, DC, Iraq War veterans shared the horrors of war.

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Israeli Bad Behavior?

When do good intentions go bad? Protecting one's national interests is considered good. When there are no real checks and balances, and anything goes, there is no stop to the downward spiral until there is an intervention.

'The Metastasizing Cancer Cell'


Schizophrenics, Liars, or Something Else?


Text with video:
dumbbell33 April 22, 2009Phil Schneider, one of three people to survive the 1979 fire fight between the large Greys , US intelligence and military at the Dulce underground base.was found dead January 1996, due to what appears to be an execution style murder. He was found dead in his apartment with a piano wire wrapped around his neck. According to sources, it appeared that he repeatedly suffered torture before he was finally killed. Seven months prior to his death , Schneider did a lecture on the forces he had discovered at Dulce.

This brave man's final acts should not go unnoticed..........................

A joint alien/U.S. military underground base exists, perhaps devoted to genetics. The theories regarding Dulce sometimes state that alien technology was traded for permission to engage in human and animal mutilations. A battle was said to have taken place there between aliens and humans, though the time of this alleged encounter varies from the 1970s to the 1980s. Some sources allege that horrific genetic experiments are conducted in lower levels of the facility (usually level 6 or 7, depending on the source); these levels are sometimes referred to as "Nightmare Hall."

According to the legend, Project Aquarius (1966) was a plan for investigation of UFOs, carried out and funded by the CIA. Bishop (Bishop, 2005) notes that Bennewitz is the earliest source for the Project Aquarius tale. This project was slated to begin after December 1969 when Project Grudge and Project Blue Book were closed. In 1969, the base was built northwest of Dulce in joint agreement between CIA and aliens from space. The base is allegedly located on the Jicarilla Apache Indian Reservation. The entrance is on Mount Archuleta (or Archuleta Mesa). The base gets water and electricity from the Navajo River, and dumps waste water back into the same river. The U.S. government occupies the upper levels of the underground base, while the aliens control the lower levels.

Vibrations from the ground near the town of Dulce have allegedly caused speculations of an underground facility; however, these are more likely minor earthquakes, which are known to occur in the area. Military helicopters have also been said to be "unusually milling" around the deserted area, although these claims are, at present, unproven.

There is a claim that the area was partially scanned with ground-penetrating radar, producing 'interesting' results, but these results are not currently available.

Some less substantial evidence includes supposed 'leaked documents', videos and witness reports. Allegedly, a collection of security camera tapes and technical documents were stolen from the base by a disgruntled security officer. These were stored in an unknown location along with the officer's 'flash', a weapon, resembling a flashlight, which is claimed to emit some form of directed radiation. The actual documents which were stolen have not been revealed to the public, however a collection of drawings based on the documents and surveillance footage is available. Sometime in the 1990s a Japanese documentary producer had a 1-minute animation produced, based on the alleged contents of the stolen information. This animation is available on the internet and was never claimed by its creators to be actual footage. There are also a small number of black-and-white photographs available, which are signed "TAL". It has been suggested that these photographs are actually from the Cheyenne Mountain facility.

Many people have supposedly witnessed UFOs in the area.

Many details of the lore surrounding the Dulce base—vast underground bases with many subterranean levels, battles with alien or underground creatures, etc.—resemble those of the alleged Montauk Project.
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Would a New World Government want to ban any citizen gun ownership?

Ban threat: Fins to stick to guns?

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RussiaToday May 30, 2010Finland has one of the highest concentrations of gun owners per capita in the world. However, after three deadly shooting sprees in the past couple of years, campaigners say it is about time the issue was reassessed.

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New World Government leadership exposed for misconduct?:

Police State Abuse of a Citizen?:

keywords: Connecticut State Police Misconduct Brutality Judicial Abuse Kangaroo Court Public Corruption Scandal Killing Registered Confidential Informant Drug War CIA FBI NSA IRS SBA HUD

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Slimy Connecticut Officials, lack of ethics

Former Ethics Board Chairman Agrees To Pay $3,500 Fine

| , The Hartford Courant

Former Citizen's Ethics Advisory Board Chairman G. Kenneth Bernhard, of Westport, has agreed to pay a $3,500 fine for making three prohibited political contributions while serving as a board member, the Office of State Ethics announced Friday.

The fine was agreed to in a settlement of a case involving three political contributions totaling $250 by Bernhard in 2008, including two to state legislative candidates and one to Gov M. Jodi Rell's exploratory campaign committee.

Bernhard, a lawyer and former Republican state legislator, resigned from the board March 4, shortly after The Courant disclosed he had made the donations, which members of the ethics board and the staff of the state ethics office are not allowed to make to anyone who is subject to the group of state laws known as the Code of Ethics for Public Officials.

To maintain impartiality in the investigation of their former colleague, members of the ethics board in late March approved spending up to $10,000 for an outside attorney, Jill Hartley of Hartford, to look into the three contributions. Friday's annnouncement of the settlement was the result of her work.

Bernhard has said he was unaware that state laws prohibit ethics board members from making campaign contibutions when he made three adding up to $250 in 2008. At the time, he was he was on the board but not yet chairman. The donations included one for $100 to the committee of Rell, and two to GOP state legislative candidates, one of them Bernhard's law partner.

Rell has said that Bernhard "made the appropriate decision" by resigning.

When Bernhard quit, he said he board's work would be impeded by the continuing controversy over the contributions. Bernhard said from the beginning that he expected to be fined for the violations but called them "technical," "inadvertent," and "not conduct which can be characterized as unethical."

According to Friday's announcement, Bernhard settled without admission of guilt and stated in the written settlement that he had no knowledge that the contributions, made in his private capacity, might constituted a violation of the Ethics Code. He further stated he received no personal gain from making the contributions.

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Connecticut Governor not running next election

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Secret UN talks on UFOs

Navy officer faces arrest if he doesn't disavow secret UN talks on UFOs

By Dr Michael Salla (about the author) Permalink

On May 20, an article was published outing the original source leaking information about secret UFO discussions at the United Nations that began on February 12, 2008. The source in question showed this writer and up to six other researchers credentials revealing his identity as Richard Theilmann, Lieutenant Commander in the US Navy. The military ID badge he showed me in October 2008 was valid for a three year period and had a bar code for scanning purposes. He also showed a service album showing many photos of his career in different military commands, including his name on a fighter plane on an aircraft carrier. Theilmann (aka Source A) explained that he was on reserve duty and would be activated for different covert missions including a stint at the United Nations after he was reactivated in 2005 up to 2008. I was also aware of a meeting Theilmann had with Dr Bruce Maccabee at the Naval Warfare Center in April 2008 when he arrived at Maccabee's laboratory unescorted. He did so by showing his military ID badge which was scanned and he was given the go ahead to bypass normal base security procedures for visitors. This led to Maccabee concluding that Theilman had sufficiently high security clearances and valid credentials in order to visit him unescorted. All this was used to support Theilmann's claims that he was present at a secret set of UN discussions on UFOs.

Photo of Richard Theilmann, (Lt Commander) at New York Naval Commandery

In the period immediately after Theilmann's February 2008 leak, other sources came forward to disclose the existence of secret discussions at the UN. The most important was a French UFO researcher, Gilles Lorant, who claims to have participated in closed door discussions on February 13-14. He described a new openness policy had been adopted by up to 28 nations, and this would begin in 2009 provided two conditions were met. One was that UFOs would continue to appear in large numbers, and that liberal democratic societies would not be destabilized by official openness on the UFO issue. Lorant's testimony was supported by other sources including well known UFO researcher Dr Stephen Greer who knew of the French interest in disclosing the truth about extraterrestrial life.

A number of sources revealed that Lorant worked closely with French military intelligence. He quickly became the first major casualty of the UN UFO story when it was found that he had overstated his professional credentials. Lorant was quickly discredited in France but his story nevertheless was now in the public realm. For many, this was how plausible deniability worked in the covert world of UFO programs. The discrediting of Lorant was an example of how when the cover of covert operative is blown, they are discredited, disappear and are reassigned. Based on the outing of Source A as Richard Theilmann, the public may soon witness a repeat of the public discrediting of another covert operative who disclosed that the UN began having secret discussions on UFOs in 2008. More disturbingly, Theilmann is being threatened with arrest if he doesn't disavow his earlier revelations about secret UN UFO discussions.

On May 24, I had a telephone conversation with Richard Theilmann about how he would respond to the outing of him by Stephen Broadbent, and the attempt to discredit him as a hoax. Theilmann explained that he was being coerced, and that as we were speaking, his military records were being expunged in case a failsafe contingency was activated to protect more senior Navy officials involved in the sanctioned leaking of the UN UFO discussions. The failsafe, if activated, would lead to him being arrested for impersonating a military officer and his public discrediting by the mainstream media. It had earlier been explained to me that the failsafe would lead to him serving a short stint in prison before being released, and reassigned for another covert mission involving extraterrestrial life. "Coincidentally' a case of an ex-Navy Commander impersonating a military officer appeared on May 2. Was this rare occurrence just a "coincidence', a veiled "warning' to Theilmann, and/or was the public was being conditioned to accept a failsafe contingency in case Theilmann was outed? Another question worth asking is whether Broadbent and his investigatory team was being assisted in their outing of Theilman by opponents of the Navy's effort to disclose the existence of UFOs?

In another "coincidence' it was announced one day later on May 21 that Dennis Blair, a former four star Navy Admiral, was forced to resign as Director of National Intelligence. Blair was someone with the background experiences on UFOs that would be open to supporting a covert Navy effort to disclose the existence of UFOs and extraterrestrial life, and briefing President Obama. Among the stated factors that went against Blair was that he wanted to promote closer intelligence ties between the U.S. and France. That's another curious "coincidence' given the role of Lorant (and French military intelligence) in disclosing the existence of UN UFO discussions back in February 2008. Theilmann supported my suspicion of a link, and stated in our conversation that Blair's resignation was part of a "pushback' against the Navy. If a pushback is indeed occurring, it very likely is being orchestrated by the same forces that were earlier involved in silencing UN diplomats from discussing the secret UFO discussions. Along with Theilmann, two other sources confirmed that such coercion was being used against diplomats. One source was a serving European Ambassador who requested anonymity in revealing that such coercion was indeed happening.

In order to avoid the activation of the failsafe mechanism whereby his military records would be expunged, Theilmann explained to me that in a forthcoming telephone conversation he would have with Broadbent, tentatively arranged for May 25, he would discredit himself by saying that the UN UFO story was something he had fabricated based on events that occurred while he was at the United Nations in February 2008. His strategy was that by telling Broadbent that he made most of it up, based on conversations he had overheard, that further investigations by Broadbent et al would end. Theilmann hoped that the UN UFO issue would die away, and the failsafe would not be activated. Basically, I was being told that Theilmann was prepared to backtrack and lie to Broadbent about the reality of the UFO discussions at the UN in order to avert the failsafe mechanism. Theilmann's intent was to protect his superiors in the covert world, the regular Navy and his own public humiliation if he was arrested for impersonating an officer.

As a researcher, I am committed to finding the truth about extraterrestrial life, and exposing official government/military/corporate policies to cover up its existence. I cannot therefore simply stand by and watch as Theilmann was point blank going to lie about his true role in leaking information about secret UFO discussions at the UN. Furthermore, I do not accept the coercion that is currently being used against Theilmann to make him contemplate discrediting himself in order to avert an even more severe failsafe mechanism from coming into play. Something similar had already happened with Gilles Lorant, the other major primary source revealing the existence of the UN UFO talks. The coercion used against covert operatives may be accepted by them as part of the standard MO of life with high security clearances. As a member of the general public, I am not obliged to play along especially when it comes to distorting the truth and preventing the public from learning more about what the UN has been secretly doing on the UFO/extraterrestrial issue.

Based on conversations subsequent to the outing of Richard Theilmann, nothing has deterred me from the conclusion that the secret UN discussions on UFOs occurred as Theilman, Lorant and other sources have described all along. Theilman's visit to the Naval Warfare Center in April 2008 to meet with Dr Maccabee reveals that he did have a current military ID badge and security clearances, as he showed to me and other researchers. The documents witnessed supported Theilman's claim that he had been reactivated from reserve status. Theilmann's advance warning to me that he is about to admit to deceiving the Pickering brothers, who first told me about the UN UFO discussions, is itself a lie where he will directly seek to discredit himself.

I understand Theilmann's predicament given the failsafe contingency he claims is hanging over his head that entails arrest and publicly discrediting him for impersonating an officer. The existence of such failsafe mechanisms is certainly one of the more inconvenient aspects of working in the covert world. Perhaps this article may prevent such a mechanism from being activated, and even dissuade him from disavowing his earlier stated positions as relayed by a number of intermediaries including this writer. I fervently hope so. His testimony is important and was a key part of an unfolding puzzle of official UN interest in UFOs and extraterrestrial life. Nevertheless, Theilmann has always been one among a number of sources revealing the existence of secret UFO discussions at the UN. The policy implications that such meetings have had at an international level are important to investigate more closely. That is especially so if there is a current pushback against UFO/extraterrestrial disclosure going forward, and primary sources are being silenced and/or threatened with arrest if they don't disavow their testimonies.

Related article:
Exposure of US Navy source on UFO UN discussions omits retired Navy Scientist testimony

Dr. Michael Salla is an internationally recognized scholar in international politics, conflict resolution, US foreign policy and the new field of 'exopolitics'. He is author/editor of five books; and held academic appointments in the School of (more...)

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Francis C. P. Knize documentary on a similar subject:

Part 2:

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ET on Public Radio Vermont

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Being Dick

Is Richard Blumenthal the current Attorney General of Connecticut, who is running for US Senator Chris Dodd's seat, tainted?


The below from the Hartford Courant [found here]

Blumenthal: "I have made mistakes and I am sorry."
Daniela Altimari
on May 23, 2010 10:11 PM

After nearly a week of criticism following revelations that he misrepresented his military record and five days after a press conference in which he expressed regret for his misstatements, Democratic U.S. Senate nominee Richard Blumenthal apologized.

"At times when I have sought to honor veterans, I have not been as clear or precise as I should have been about my service in the Marine Corps Reserves,'' Blumenthal said in a statement emailed to the Courant late Sunday by his spokeswoman, Maura Downes. "I have firmly and clearly expressed regret and taken responsibility for my words.

"I have made mistakes and I am sorry. I truly regret offending anyone,'' Blumenthal said. "I will always champion the cause of Connecticut's and our nation's veterans."

Blumenthal, who has been Connecticut's Attorney General for the past 20 years, has been under intense fire since the New York Times reported last week that he had, on several occasions through the years, incorrectly stated that he served in the Vietnam War. In fact, Blumenthal received five draft deferments, the Times reported, and was a member of the Marine Corps Reserves who served in the U.S. during the war.

On Tuesday, less than 24 hours after the story broke, Blumenthal held a press conference at the Veterans of Foreign War hall in West Hartford and tried to put the issue to rest. He expressed regret for those occasions when he has "misspoken" about his service, but never uttered the words "I am sorry.''

The lack of an apology provided fresh fuel to his critics, with several veterans groups, editorial boards, Democratic state Sen. Ed Meyer and New Haven Mayor John DeStefano urging him to say he is sorry. The Courant sent an email to his campaign Sunday afternoon asking if an apology would be forthcoming and, several hours later, the campaign released his statement.

For most of his career in the public eye, Blumenthal, who is 64 and lives in Greenwich, enjoyed an unassailable reputation. Since entering the race, he has been the clear frontrunner, although one poll taken last week showed a sharp decline in his popularity since the Times story broke.

Blumenthal was nominated by Democrats at their convention on Friday. He is running to fill the seat currently held by Sen. Christopher Dodd, who is not seeking reelection.

Republicans endorsed former World Wrestling Entertainment CEO Linda McMahon, though her two GOP opponents, former Congressman Rob Simmons and money manager and author Peter Schiff said they intend to force a primary.
UPDATE: McMahon campaign spokesman Ed Patru said Blumenthal's statement does not indicate he is sorry for "a calculated pattern of misleading statements."

"The statement Dick Blumenthal released in the dead of night yesterday cannot be construed as an apology because it ignores what is at the heart of the controversy surrounding him: false and misleading statements designed to deceive,'' Patru said via email.

"He is sorry for not being 'clear or precise' in his word choice and he is sorry for 'offending anyone,' but until Dick Blumenthal is sorry for purposely embellishing his military record and deceiving the people of Connecticut, his apology is a hollow one. The people of Connecticut are tired of career politicians not leveling."

State Republican Chairman Chris Healy criticized Blumenthal for making his apology by email, calling it an "electronic mumble.''

"Maybe he can't look the Vets or people in the eye and really admit it,'' Healy wrote on his Facebook page.

Here is video of Richard Blumenthal's 5/18 press conference:

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Is CT Atty Gen a lying coward lawyer?

Connecticut Attorney General Richard "Dick" Blumenthal

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Pedicure or Toenail Painting?

Richard "Dick" Blumenthal, the Connecticut Attorney General.

Blumenthal responds to Chris Shays about

Text with video:
radiovice May 18, 2010Former Congressman Shays said that he thought someone might eventually check Mr. Blumenthals record and find that he was in Vietnam, but in a desk job

Connecticut US Senator Christopher "Chris" Dodd [found here]

Former Connecticut Congressman Rob Simmons photo [found here]

I, Steven G. Erickson, had campaigned hard for Rob Simmons in his races. I told him about the below. He didn't act on the below. I didn't call all those I know to vote for him, I didn't research his rival, and stayed out of it. Simmons lost to Courtney by about 20 votes. I may have gotten Simmons hundreds of votes with my efforts. I am going to ask the McMahon camp to look into the below and cases of other victims of Connecticut's rampant judicial and police misconduct.

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Attn Connecticut State Police Commissioner Leonard C. Boyle:

Connecticut State Police Commissioner Leonard C. Boyle

Former Connecticut State Police Commissioner Arthur L. Spada [more]

This blogger's email:


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Don't vote for connected insiders and incumbents ...

The below Connecticut candidate for Governor's son, a drug dealer, committed, or tried to commit armed robbery and didn't get prison because of his father's political influence. That is public corruption, that is police misconduct, that is judicial corruption. That is rigging the system, please do not vote in insiders who corrupt and rig the system.

I got sentenced to a year in prison for resisting being mugged with no record, I used pepper spray in my dark driveway. Self-defense isn't legal in Connecticut and the courts are rigged, and police retaliate against targets, and fix cases for the connected. What we don't need is another rich insider with connections hooking up friends, .

There was enough corruption with former Republican Connecticut Governor John G. Rowland. M. Jodi Rell is allegedly as bad, or possibly worse.

Steven G. Erickson's beef:

Hartford Courant photo

Dannel Malloy Wins Democratic Nomination Over Ned Lamont; Wins By 68 Percent to 32 Percent

Christopher Keating
on May 22, 2010

HARTFORD - Former Stamford Mayor Dannel Malloy won the Democratic gubernatorial nomination Saturday by more than a 2 to 1 margin over challenger Ned Lamont - setting the stage for a hotly contested primary in August.

The victory marked the second time that Malloy has won the party's endorsement, coming on the heels of his 2006 nomination that later ended in a defeat in the primary.

This year, Malloy says the outcome will be different against Lamont, who burst onto the national political scene four years ago by defeating U.S. Sen. Joseph I. Lieberman in the Democratic primary before losing the general election.

On Saturday, Malloy captured 68 percent of the delegates to Lamont's 32 percent. Malloy's running mate, state comptroller Nancy Wyman, also defeated Lamont's running mate, Simsbury First Selectman Mary Glassman. The vote count was similar to the Malloy count as Wyman received more than 1,200 votes.

In his acceptance speech at the Connecticut Expo Center, Malloy noted that he was the first candidate to qualify for public financing at the statewide level. He could receive as much as $2.5 million in public funds for the primary to battle against the millions of dollars of his own money that Lamont is expected to spend.

"We made history!'' Malloy said of the public financing. "They said it couldn't be done, and you did it.''

"I will not let you down. We will win this battle,'' Malloy said. "I am prepared for this job. ... Some other candidates do not have the experience.''

Sounding one of his campaign themes, Malloy said he sharply improved his hometown of Stamford during his years as mayor.

"In 14 years, what did we do? We turned it around,'' he said.

The official count from Democratic officials was 1,232 votes for Malloy and 582 for Lamont.

Even while Malloy was delivering his victory speech, Lamont came to the press area at the convention center, where reporters peppered him with questions instead of watching the end of Malloy's speech at the other end of the hall.

"This is what we did four years ago,'' Lamont told reporters. "We won that primary. ... It's a primary that [running mate] Mary Glassman and I will win.''

While Malloy is touting the work he did in improving Stamford as mayor over the past 14 years, the mayors of the state's three biggest cities - who have all worked with Malloy - have all endorsed Lamont.

Bridgeport Mayor Bill Finch and New Haven Mayor John DeStefano stood on the stage during one of the nominating speeches for Lamont, although they did not make speeches themselves. Hartford Mayor Eddie Perez, who was a strong supporter of Malloy in 2006 and helped swing the Hartford delegation in his favor, has now switched sides and is supporting Lamont.

"Lamont reached out to me and people in Hartford,'' said Perez, who is a Hartford delegate. "Lamont understands the importance of the cities.''

Overall, the Hartford delegation voted in favor of Malloy by 45 to 20, said Matthew J. Hennessy, a Lamont supporter and former Perez aide who was walking the convention floor with Perez.

Perez has had his own troubles lately as he is in the middle of a bribery and extortion trial after prosecutors charged that he received $40,000 worth of repairs at his home on Bloomfield Avenue. When confronted with the allegations about the repairs, prosecutors say that Perez lied when he said he had already paid for the repairs 18 months earlier.

Preparing for one of the biggest days of his political career, Malloy arrived at the Connecticut Expo Center to survey the hall on Saturday at 5:30 a.m.

Noting that he might have the chance to speak at the state Democratic Party convention later in the day, Malloy wanted to get the lay of the land. Overnight, the cavernous convention hall had been cooled down because more than 1,800 delegates were scheduled to arrive only three hours later.

"The place was like a meat locker,'' Malloy said of the 5:30 a.m. temperature.

While other candidates have switched races on a regular basis this year, Malloy has been focused like a laser beam on the governor's office. He has captured support because he has been running for governor for about six years - dating back to his August 2006 primary loss against New Haven Mayor John DeStefano. He is challenging Ned Lamont, who burst onto the national political stage by defeating U.S. Sen. Joseph I. Lieberman in the 2006 primary before losing in the general election.

For Lamont, the goal Saturday was to qualify for the primary. Most party insiders expected Malloy to win the nomination, and even Lamont's supporters conceded that he was behind in the delegate count.

Once the voting began Saturday morning, it reflected the hard-fought battle between the two combatants.

The day started well for Lamont with the first vote of the day showing that Bridgeport delivered 74 delegates for Lamont and none for Malloy. The count then began a roller coaster ride with each candidate showing strength in various communities. Malloy won all 52 delegate votes in his hometown of Stamford, along with unanimous wins in Shelton and Trumbull.

Malloy supporters broke out into loud applause when it was announced that he won all 49 votes in Waterbury.

Lamont won all 28 votes in Democratic-leaning Meriden, where House Speaker Christopher Donovan is a strong Lamont supporter. He also scored a huge win in New Haven by 79 to 2 in the city with the largest delegation at the convention and the highest number of registered Democrats in Connecticut.

But across the state, the delegate votes were close. That was shown in Farmington, Canton, Weston, Goshen, and Redding, where the votes were tied. In Lamont's hometown of Greenwich, he eked ahead with 14 votes compared to 12 for Malloy.

In West Hartford, a key town that is known for its political activism, Malloy captured 25 delegates and Lamont had 17. In Enfield, another important town for Democrats, Lamont won by 16 to 6.

When the names of Hartford and Middletown were called, no delegates were there to report the votes. As such, the vote continued for other towns.

The first speech of the day came from Secretary of the State Susan Bysiewicz, who received an ovation from the crowd.

"I'm going to remember that my bad week was nothing compared to the thousands of Connecticut residents who don't have jobs,'' Bysiewicz said. "And so I'm going to fight for the Democrat principles and policies that we all share.''

"Let me say something to Republicans who think they had a good week,'' Bysiewicz said. "Dick Blumenthal has never backed down from a tough fight. Connecticut Democrats have never backed down from a tough fight.''

With the nominating speeches in alphabetical order, the first speeches came for Lamont. Surrounded by a rainbow coalition of Lamont supporters, state Rep. Mae Flexor said that Lamont is the best candidate for the party to recapture the governor's seat.

"For far too long, our governor's office has let us down, but in Ned Lamont, we have a leader with the ideas, the experience, and the determination to help dig us out and get back on offense,'' said Rep. Christopher Lyddy of Newtown.

Numerous other Lamont supporters came to the stage during the speeches, including Donovan, DeStefano, Senate President Pro Tem Donald Williams, and Bridgeport Mayor Bill Finch. Since the rules allowed only a small amount of time for speeches, none of those four addressed the convention.

The first nominating speech for Malloy came from West Hartford Mayor Scott Slifka. He sounded Malloy's theme by saying that running the state government of 169 cities and towns is similar to running a small city.

"With one huge difference - Stamford is working,'' Slifka said. "Connecticut needs a Democratic governor who does know, who does care.''

Carmen Boudier, the leader of the powerful New England Health Care Employees, District 1199, union, said, "We can do it. We can win in November!''

State Rep. Gary Holder-Winfield of New Haven noted that Malloy has taken a stance on issues by favoring paid sick days and gay marriage.

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No Jail For Ex-Stamford Mayor Dannel Malloy's Son

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If insiders will corrupt the system to fix cases and give their friends jobs, they're also involved in getting others fired, making others lose homes and businesses, breaking up families, and even initiating false arrests and imprisonment. Connecticut and other states don't need this kind of constant culture of corruption. Vote smart. Vote independent, and for non-insiders.

Friday, May 21, 2010

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From the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly blog:

Crazy people in Connecticut? Now that's a stretch ...

October 12, 2008...2:37 am

Crazy People and Me

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I think I have a knack for meeting the oddest people out there. Either I emit some type of a signal that says…”come talk to me crazy people” or it could be I am like catnip for the crazies, not sure which yet.

When I lived in CT, I tended to meet all kinds of wackos. Once, while working at a nameless job in CT, I worked with a girl who used to mimic me all the time. No I am not kidding. At first, I thought she was just talking to herself, no biggie. But, I soon noticed the words that came out were usually statements I had made about a minute ago. This girl was NUTS. I can recall one conversation with her: (I will call her CL for Crazy Lady)

CL: I love Garlic bagels, I eat them every day. I am sure they make my breath stink, but I LOVE them.

Me: uh huh (then answering phone) Hi. How can I help you.

CL: mimicking, “hi, how can I help you.”

Me to CL: Can you tell me why you are mimicking me, while I am on the phone?

CL: I like to mimic and copy you. It is just what I do.

Who does that?

One time the hubby and I were in Blockbuster. We walked in front of a lady who was looking at movies, so the hubby says….

H: Excuse me, maam.

CL#2 grabs him by the arm while declaring in a very, very loud voice: YOU AREN’T FROM HERE, ARE YOU?

H: No maam. (Hubby looks scared, I whisper to him, just play along, she is probably crazy—at this point I am unphased).

CL#2 states (still shrieking loudly) you just made my day! For saying excuse me, no one does that anymore! Then walks away cackling loudly.

Where do these people come from?

Lastly, when first moving to CT, we lived in a duplex. (Us on the bottom, crazy neighbors on top). First night we move in, I unknowingly parked on his side of the Carport. CN (crazy neighbor) comes barreling down the road and proceeds to stop by the carport and starts screaming at me:

CN: What the F*** are you doing in my spot! Get the H*** out. That is MY SPOT.

Me: (thinking he is about to burst a blood vessel in his forehead) Hi, I am your new neighbor, didn’t know this was your spot. Nice to meet you!

So, as you can tell by the above events I attract crazy people like ants to a dropped piece of candy on the ground! I don’t know how I do it! Hopefully, I can stop this soon, but I have a feeling they will find me sooner or later, they always do. (TWILIGHT ZONE theme music)

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Check out video and link below for some real Connecticut craziness


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Tick Pictures

© 2002 - 2009 by John Moran, Newtown,CT, USA

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Deer Tick Nymph, Live

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Thursday, May 20, 2010


Text with video:
ArmadilloTheMovie May 12, 2010This is the official trailer for the movie "ARMADILLO".
This film premiered in Cannes on May 16 2010 in the prestigious "Semaine de la Critique".

For the first time ever you will not only see the war you will feel it.

Director: Janus Metz
Company: Fridthjof Film A/S

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text with above video:
SvenVonErick May 20, 2010more info:

Vince McMahon's wife Linda is running for Chris Dodd's Connecticut US Senate seat. The McMahon's are known for their WWE Worldwide Wrestling Entertainment franchise.

I, Steven G. Erickson, had campaigned hard for Rob Simmons in his races. I told him about the below. He didn't act on the below. I didn't call all those I know to vote for him, I didn't research his rival, and stayed out of it. Simmons lost to Courtney by about 20 votes. I may have gotten Simmons hundreds of votes with my efforts. I am going to ask the McMahon camp to look into the below and cases of other victims of Connecticut's rampant judicial and police misconduct.

* * * *

Richard I. Fine

This blogger hopes Attorney Richard I. Fine ends up victorious against the tyranny of judges in Los Angeles, California. Fine has been falsely imprisoned while fighting in the behalf of the general public exposing public corruption, bank fraud, and gross judicial misconduct.

I applaud Leslie Dutton for this:

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[click here] for:

The Greatest Fraud Ever Pulled, A Kids' Story?

What do these below pictures have to do with a 3rd Grade Children's fairy story? Well, they don't, I am appealing to the reptilian part of your brain to create interest in reading what is written below.

Justice Alex Kozinski's hobby of portraying nude women as cows [post]

Justice Alex Kozinski [post]


WWE US Senate Candidate?

Linda McMahon pic [found here]

Her official campaign for Connecticut US Senate seat, running as a Republican, found:

(L-R) WWE COO Donna Goldsmith, WWE CEO Linda McMahon, WWE EVP of Creative Development and Operations, Stephanie McMahon Levesque, WWE Marketing EVP Michelle Wilson and EVP and COO, U.S. Products, NYSE Group, Lawrence Leibowitz tour the floor after ringing the opening bell at the New York Stock Exchange on March 27, 2009 in New York City. (Photo by Michael Loccisano/Getty Images) *** Local Caption *** Donna Goldsmith;Linda McMahon; Stephanie McMahon Levesque; Michelle Wilson;Lawrence Leibowitz, photo [found here]

World Wrestling Entertainment CEO Vince McMahon pic [found here]

WWE CEO Vince McMahon pic [found here]

Linda McMahon pic [found here]

[click here] for:

Is CT Atty Gen a lying coward lawyer?

Connecticut Attorney General Richard "Dick" Blumenthal

[click here] for:

Pedicure or Toenail Painting?

Richard "Dick" Blumenthal, the Connecticut Attorney General.

Blumenthal responds to Chris Shays about

Text with video:
radiovice May 18, 2010Former Congressman Shays said that he thought someone might eventually check Mr. Blumenthals record and find that he was in Vietnam, but in a desk job

Connecticut US Senator Christopher "Chris" Dodd [found here]

Former Connecticut Congressman Rob Simmons photo [found here]

I, Steven G. Erickson, had campaigned hard for Rob Simmons in his races. I told him about the below. He didn't act on the below. I didn't call all those I know to vote for him, I didn't research his rival, and stayed out of it. Simmons lost to Courtney by about 20 votes. I may have gotten Simmons hundreds of votes with my efforts. I am going to ask the McMahon camp to look into the below and cases of other victims of Connecticut's rampant judicial and police misconduct.

[click here] for:

Attn Connecticut State Police Commissioner Leonard C. Boyle:

Connecticut State Police Commissioner Leonard C. Boyle

Former Connecticut State Police Commissioner Arthur L. Spada [more]

This blogger's email:


Video with almost 2 mil hits

The below youtuber subscribed to my videos:

Text with video:
TylerWardMusic April 19, 2010Download this song on iTunes:

Thank you EPPIC ( ) and Joel Burns (drummer), for helping me with this track! They did a WONDERFUL job! Make sure you check out EPPIC and sub to his channel: (we are recording together in June).

This video was shot live, we did three takes and picked the best one. Joel is playing to a click track and we are groovin' with him. After the third take, I went back and laid down some electric guitar, bass, keys and vocal harmonies. What a GREAT SONG! I really hope you enjoy this as much as we enjoyed creating it!

CHORDS: capo 2 - Emadd9, Cadd9, G.

For all of you drummers or engineering, I had a hard time getting the ghost notes to pick up on my system without making it sound awful..eff!

Please, check out my original album and cover album on iTunes:

Airplanes - B.o.B. Ft. Hayley (Paramore) (Tyler Ward Acoustic Cover) - Music Video - Eminem - BoB

California Gurls - Katy Perry Ft. Snoop Dogg (Tyler Ward and Crew Acoustic Cover) - Music Video

Text with video:
TylerWardMusic May 20, 2010First of all I want say thank you to all my friends who helped me on this video (in order of appearance):

Joel Burns (drums)
Darius Pope (Bass: )
Julia Sheer ( )
Jeff Hendrick ( )
Eppic ( )
Lance Gregory (guitar)

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This blogger's main blog:

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The below found:

Chris Dodd: ‘The Mad Hatter’ of Derivative Regulation

Perhaps it was being compared to the Mad Hatter that pushed him over the edge, but Sen. Chris Dodd has stripped out his 11th hour amendment that would have diluted a proposed ban on commercial banks trading derivatives.

Everett Collection
The Mad Hatter

This afternoon, Dodd backed out of the proposal he made late Tuesday to suspend the ban for two years while a council of regulators essentially studied the issue.

It sure seems like Dodd, the chief architect of the financial system overhaul proposal, is a one-man academic stimulus plan. As the blog “Economics of Contempt” pointed out the Dodd bill calls for 28 studies over two years. “Sixteen of the studies have to be done within the first year after the bill is enacted. The GAO alone has to do 11 new studies. (Have fun)”

One of the most blistering critiques of Dodd’s last minute amendment came from Sen. Judd Gregg in a speech this morning on the Senate Floor:

“The way the derivatives language of this bill has evolved, is that it just gets worse and worse in an almost incomprehensible and irrational way that is rather surreal. It’s almost as if we were at the Mad Hatter’s tea party the way that this derivatives language is evolving.”

The New Hampshire Republican is opposed to original ban on derivative trading that was introduced by Arkansas Sen. Blanche Lincoln, a Democrat who failed to win her state’s primary and now is locked in a run-off in a bitterly contest primary with a liberal opponent to be decided in June. Gregg argued that the ban could raise the cost of lending and hurt small businesses because it prevents banks from being able to hedge their risks properly. Key regulators and White House advisers such as FDIC Chairman Sheila Bair and Obama adviser Paul Volcker oppose the ban.

“I guess the Queen of Hearts would be proud of it, but I can tell you the effect on the American people, on commerce and on Main Street is going to be extraordinarily negative should we pass it,’’ said Gregg.

Of course, another interpretation of Dodd’s about face has nothing to do with Alice in Wonderland, or sound financial principles, but with politics. With Lincoln still not out of the woods, it might not be prudent to water down her derivatives proposal just yet.

* * * *

Martha Stewart v Chris Dodd

Text with video:
MrSlappyCard April 08, 2010More info:

Did Martha Steward really do anything to be a convicted felon and then be locked up in prison? If Connecticut US Senator Chris Dodd on the Senate Banking Committee was taking bribes from banksters, isn't his conduct more illegal? Didn't Dodd do actual harm to citizens? Didn't Dodd do something one million times more illegal than Martha Stewart, if she did anything wrong at all? Why isn't Dodd arrested waiting his prison sentence? Why is Dodd still a US Senator? Why is Dodd still on the banking committee? Hasn't he done enough damage already?

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