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TylerWardMusic April 19, 2010Download this song on iTunes:

Thank you EPPIC ( ) and Joel Burns (drummer), for helping me with this track! They did a WONDERFUL job! Make sure you check out EPPIC and sub to his channel: (we are recording together in June).

This video was shot live, we did three takes and picked the best one. Joel is playing to a click track and we are groovin' with him. After the third take, I went back and laid down some electric guitar, bass, keys and vocal harmonies. What a GREAT SONG! I really hope you enjoy this as much as we enjoyed creating it!

CHORDS: capo 2 - Emadd9, Cadd9, G.

For all of you drummers or engineering, I had a hard time getting the ghost notes to pick up on my system without making it sound awful..eff!

Please, check out my original album and cover album on iTunes:

Airplanes - B.o.B. Ft. Hayley (Paramore) (Tyler Ward Acoustic Cover) - Music Video - Eminem - BoB

California Gurls - Katy Perry Ft. Snoop Dogg (Tyler Ward and Crew Acoustic Cover) - Music Video

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TylerWardMusic May 20, 2010First of all I want say thank you to all my friends who helped me on this video (in order of appearance):

Joel Burns (drums)
Darius Pope (Bass: )
Julia Sheer ( )
Jeff Hendrick ( )
Eppic ( )
Lance Gregory (guitar)

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The below found:

Chris Dodd: ‘The Mad Hatter’ of Derivative Regulation

Perhaps it was being compared to the Mad Hatter that pushed him over the edge, but Sen. Chris Dodd has stripped out his 11th hour amendment that would have diluted a proposed ban on commercial banks trading derivatives.

Everett Collection
The Mad Hatter

This afternoon, Dodd backed out of the proposal he made late Tuesday to suspend the ban for two years while a council of regulators essentially studied the issue.

It sure seems like Dodd, the chief architect of the financial system overhaul proposal, is a one-man academic stimulus plan. As the blog “Economics of Contempt” pointed out the Dodd bill calls for 28 studies over two years. “Sixteen of the studies have to be done within the first year after the bill is enacted. The GAO alone has to do 11 new studies. (Have fun)”

One of the most blistering critiques of Dodd’s last minute amendment came from Sen. Judd Gregg in a speech this morning on the Senate Floor:

“The way the derivatives language of this bill has evolved, is that it just gets worse and worse in an almost incomprehensible and irrational way that is rather surreal. It’s almost as if we were at the Mad Hatter’s tea party the way that this derivatives language is evolving.”

The New Hampshire Republican is opposed to original ban on derivative trading that was introduced by Arkansas Sen. Blanche Lincoln, a Democrat who failed to win her state’s primary and now is locked in a run-off in a bitterly contest primary with a liberal opponent to be decided in June. Gregg argued that the ban could raise the cost of lending and hurt small businesses because it prevents banks from being able to hedge their risks properly. Key regulators and White House advisers such as FDIC Chairman Sheila Bair and Obama adviser Paul Volcker oppose the ban.

“I guess the Queen of Hearts would be proud of it, but I can tell you the effect on the American people, on commerce and on Main Street is going to be extraordinarily negative should we pass it,’’ said Gregg.

Of course, another interpretation of Dodd’s about face has nothing to do with Alice in Wonderland, or sound financial principles, but with politics. With Lincoln still not out of the woods, it might not be prudent to water down her derivatives proposal just yet.

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Martha Stewart v Chris Dodd

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MrSlappyCard April 08, 2010More info:

Did Martha Steward really do anything to be a convicted felon and then be locked up in prison? If Connecticut US Senator Chris Dodd on the Senate Banking Committee was taking bribes from banksters, isn't his conduct more illegal? Didn't Dodd do actual harm to citizens? Didn't Dodd do something one million times more illegal than Martha Stewart, if she did anything wrong at all? Why isn't Dodd arrested waiting his prison sentence? Why is Dodd still a US Senator? Why is Dodd still on the banking committee? Hasn't he done enough damage already?


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