Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Government Reducing Unwanted Populations

By making life difficult, and railroading, certain segments of a population to prison, it is a form of State Birth Control. This blogger's beef:

I placed the below comment in [this Opednews.com article, called, "Mass Incarceration: A Destroyer of People of Color and their Communities"]:

"The Black Treatment"
I have heard Connecticut State Police who are know for their brutality and misconduct in the Stafford Springs area talking about giving citizens "The Black Treatement". I am told it started after Jim Crow laws were done away with. To keep minorities away from the American Pie and good neighborhoods, it was policy to have police run the drug sales, gangs, and crime in downtown areas. Police would then target individuals on their enemies list, not crime and criminals.

So, any citizen trying to get remedy with elected officials, gets mouthy in blogs and in newspapers, or interferes with the US kangaroo courts run by the lying lawyer mafia or the organized crime which are mostly gangs wearing uniforms carrying badges. Anyone can now get "The Black Treatment."

It is about breaking up your family, making it so you can't get a job, can't own a home, and you are devastated for life, hoping you commit suicide. Try doing a word search on my name.


I placed the below comment in [this Opednew.com article called, "Sexually Dangerous Can Be Imprisoned Indefinitely: Can Politicians Be "Sexually Dangerous"?"]

Kangaroo Courts should be given no more tools
Politicians should not have so much influence that they aren't investigated and jailed.

It is dangerous to give politicians any more tools to hold political prisoners. I proposed legislation to elected officials in Stafford Springs, Connecticut, to improve the quality of policing, downtown life, and to make the courts more user friendly for the public. I was then told to shut my mouth and leave the state or go to prison. The problem was I was a home and small business owner.

I almost got prison for a retired police officer flooding my rental property with sewage. Then the police tried to get a mother with two kids who was on probation to make a false sexual complaint against me. She knew me and liked me, and refused to go with the cop plan. She then lost her kids and got prison, as the cops retaliate when you don't break laws and make false statements under their threat.

I then got prison for resisting being mugged. I could have spent the rest of my life in prison for that "offense", if I didn't agree to leave the state upon release from prison. If the cops had got that woman to make the false complaint, I would have had to register as a sex offender. The quality of courts is such crap, no state in the US should be trusted with the death penalty or any more tools to abuse the public. Do a word search on my name. What they are doing can now happen to anyone. The US Constitution plain, and simple, doesn't apply.

Many whole segments and groups of the American population are targets for a distressed life. If you're falsely arrested, have been railroaded to prison, or have had, or fear having your children arbitrarily removed on Department of Children and Families Lies, you don't have kids, you stay out of the good neighborhoods, aren't small business competition and the good jobs stay in the hands of the connected.

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