Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Alex Jones on Greece: It's Robbery, Not Bailout!

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RussiaToday May 11, 2010Greece has kick-started talks on implementing its new economic austerity measures despite warnings of new union rallies. The plans will see pensions slashed and the retirement age increased. The measures were a pre-requisite for an international loan to pluck the country from the brink of bankruptcy. But investigative journalist Alex Jones says the bailout is a crime and will only hit tax payers even harder in the pocket.

The Cashless Society - Alex Jones on Economics 101

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corbettreport March 25, 2010Syndicated talk radio host and documentary filmmaker Alex Jones joins us on Economics 101 to discuss the cashless society. We discuss the looming reality of the scientific control grid and how people can fruitfully resist it.

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