Thursday, May 13, 2010

Can Hillary Clinton strip you of your US citizenship?

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Movie about murdering racist White People?

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This blogger has been resisting even beginning to listen to Alex Jones for a long time. Many think what Alex Jones says is just nutjob conspiracy theorist propaganda. Some say he is a paid government provocateur. But, at least some of what he, and his guests, have to say, is making some real sense.

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TheAlexJonesChannel May 11, 2010Alex talks with historian, author and journalist Webster Tarpley about recent economic developments. Tarpley is the author of numerous books, including Barack H. Obama: The Unauthorized Biography and Obama - The Postmodern Coup, both availabe at the Infowars store.

Webster Tarpley Discusses Nwo Funded Group "La Raza" on Alex Jones Tv 1/4

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FBI Sponsored Racist Radio

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(13 1/2 min) Steven G. Erickson narrates first minute, 10 seconds. More info:

It is hard to imagine in a supposed civilized society, that tax dollars would be used to pay a provocateur with a radio show to spew racist hatred, inspiring others to commit acts of violence. Hal Turner said judges should be killed on the air. He was arrested and is facing a trial for a 3rd time for the same offense. The whole scene is a total zoo.

I can’t stand to listen to Hal Turner. The guy is an admitted paid FBI informant and provocateur. I have included Hal Turner from his radio show after my narration. Be warned, it is very racist, unpleasant, and you might not be able to get through it all. I suggest you check out the link to this case provided with this video. If you truly want to know the depths of sleaze the US Government, courts, FBI, and police have sunk to, check it out.

This very case is a shining example of what Americans are facing to have to clean up. Americans need to clean their own toilet bowl of their own government, law enforcement, courts, and intelligence before any thoughts of interfering in other countries business should even be contemplated.


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